Swear That Stress Away

Monday, April 23rd


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On Monday morning Mikey CLA heart wake the haves. Out outs while nice. Well tip the meaning fizzled out pretty tired yes they did but in fairness I mean they they've they really did considering Daschle was the number one seed. They are very good runs good body seeking sex is dead yes absolutely they need to do was not the. Most fantastic and yet milk is they did not give them a run for their money yes yesterday that was just easy for national cumin and when it was a. Italy is now and lots Ian wheels kind of came off there but overall a good series nice to see them back in the playoffs. And make him a little bit noise hopefully the an indicator of of things succumb. Absolutely. Taxis and actually nearly Dina yesterday standings because I haven't paid attention to the NHL on in a long time. On me. Is season yet it is inspiring to breed like how it went over all sits along. How he Soria on it starts again like tomorrow yeah pretty much know they take a break just for the draft and then if. You know it's don't all of again yeah throws a little bit of a bummer but Zogby and Alex are good decent to have. Decent run on their parts are 7:10 this morning question almost impossible we have tickets to see killer queen the media queen tribute band. And red rocks that show is in July will give it a question about an hour from now. Some one else's we go over there to south some things some news. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. By night he died for us the mountain. They used to mean used to mean something really significant call me now via ambulance. Snaps at nearing Seagram I don't know destiny calls you it's because yes you owe them my money or people are dead brain with cholera do you like now I'm not answering I don't know this. A different time different place called me blogging on that 995 the mountain speaking at different times and places it was. 33 years ago today Tuesday April 23. 1985. That's on an incredibly big change. Happened in the world of soft drinks in the world of showed it was on this date in 1985. That New Coke. Was introduced your you've never heard this week you know what this is I was. Born a year I understand that this is still this is a big thing to explain it to me the picture are so Coke is the Coca Cola's basically dominated. The soft drink landscape for our goal and on a hundred years at this point in time but. Let's say over the last ten in fifteen years on preceding 1985 Pepsi starting to gain market share little by little by little in the early eighties Pepsi. Introduces this these series of commercials blind taste tests right where people are tasting the two side by side. And of course everybody's choosing Pepsi so they have this this big marketing thing is happening true. And and Coca-Cola decides. That may be what they need to do this is based on their own research they need to change. The formula for Coca-Cola which has been in existence for like a said 99 years at this point in time huge deal there's this big marketing push. And it gave make this. That you know announcement there's going to be new Coca-Cola coming out and they introduce it on this day in 1985. And it flops. Like big time so here's this is one of the commercials. Preceding the launch. And then will pick up the rest of the story I was spoiled. It is catching on to these is better and you're the event and I. Is the keyword. I don't know if your drinking Coke. Who's drinking Pepsi. If you get. If that has split a special. Soon New Coke launches on April 23. 1985. Customer outcry follows 79. Days later July 11 the Coca-Cola company makes this an ounce. I'm darn Keogh president of the Coca-Cola company. When we brought you the new taste of Coke we knew that millions would prefer it and millions do and we knew that it would be good taste of our major competitor and it does. Well we didn't know was how many thousands of you would phone right asking us to bring back the classic case of original Coke cold. Well we read and we listen and you know the rest they're both yours the new taste of Coke and Coca-Cola classic your right of choice is back. Seven. Once sorry about that here's the regular thing back it's this incredibly if you've ever taken a college marketing class of any kind. And probably still to this day. This will be one of the test cases that you'll study because this is like the biggest marketing disaster marketing and product disaster. In in history. Well and you have no knowledge of this you've never. Burton did not really I guess just a year later people had forgotten about it. I don't think so it's introducing new product called telling her he's a pretty excited yeah is that what you stole the thunder from adding total joke and something Eleanor remember art while silly about Max Headroom afterwards that was the person that was doing that this they'll have to adapt and both issues and I'd call nine you know. This morning in millennial enlightenment I learn about its new Kyle Casilla very exciting stuff. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always skip a purse how much are giving life. Morning's quick Mike Jaycee on 995. The mountain. Coming to town but now we'll see it's. Like almost a year from. February of of of nineteen. Elton John will be in town you can always get complete concert information as you know. On the website and on or app which you can download your phone and tablet you have break there with you all the time you'll be in the know in a meat. On 710 question almost impossible we've got to get to see killer queen the queen tribute band at red rocks in July. Are we are in elect not a presidential election year but we are no end in election year nonetheless. Our recent survey revealed that 35%. Of American workers would give up their right to vote for ever. In exchange for immediate 10% increase in their annual salary. I guess if you wanna know how America is a deal about the right to vote ask. I mean 10% increase I mean that's I mean that's of it's not nothing. But to give up your right to vote forever while on 9% they said they would give up their child or future child's right to vote for that same bump in pay. Off 40% say that we give up dental care for 10% raise. In 19% said to be willing to give up their health insurance for the next five years so when you look at the grand scheme of things we'd rather have the money in our pocket and just abouts. Anything out there including the right to vote with that information on what you will. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like trivial it's for treatment and 995 and amount. Okay up for grabs today pair of tickets to see killer queen the queen tribute band. Red red rocks being July. Now he's got questions were hoping you have the answer we got. 17%. Of women see their significant other always complains about yes. The men. Do you endless list and it's a pretty long list a surprise it's only 17% of women movements and their significant other always complains about this. Maybe the other 83% suggest I did ask them them. Annika has got a clue right there. 70% of women say that their significant other always complains about this. What do you think the answer is let us know 6312995. If my finale minority. Our question this morning 17% of women say their significant other always complains about this what are they complain about. The questioning that the men complaining. How much. That women and other hair. Yeah. Or else you got it now that's all you need it was that clarification. Well that's different scenes that one thing that is very common. Common this is only 17%. Of sentimental about them is because I get back complaint not sound. Like. Because it's so hang guys don't get why it takes a long time and costs can they do their twenty dollar haircut every few weeks to married. Exactly that's I was gonna say the I think it's one of those things where. The price differential. Is so huge for something that's a most guys did it seems the same though like all was a cost me twenty and it cost you 200. Asked hate little one don't look good don't they. And men and like when women look good so it's as long as we have to pay for its great. Congratulations. You are you want you paired tickets to see killer queen at John red rocks in July what's your name that hole. Are doing good work kind of figure to be woman who did you answering on that one. Question almost impossible back tomorrow morning 710 here on the mount. He recently that we watched was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain today's April 23 tween teen. I did not know this William Shakespeare who bore on this day in 1564 yells he died on his birthday. Yeah I didn't know that so Yeltsin was born on this date you'll look died on this day in 1616 I also did not realize although 52 was. In relative terms that was pretty old for. The sixteenth century yeah but I didn't 52 years old doesn't it it's still unseemly to very long time for all these the amazing work that you leftists. He did I do he wrote so many plays in such a short amount of time posting his sonnets or some people out there who argue whether or not he did all the work himself. Com. Yeah pretty torn got sent an impact on homeless I believe in 52 short years so born in on the state and died on the state lynch expert you know how and inspired by hammering. Gonna go that that's you know. I don't know what that means but sure go ahead. He thinks the why aid and winding route from north to south it greatly slowed curse is Val shouts must we be stalled from now until eternity I guess I'm doing Shakespearean news in traffic. Forcing the law on Internet stocks changed that dengue schools a bureaucracy has decreed ward told the Bard if money go before always to line open and alas our band a fetus ice warriors have fallen at home they leave their net wide open and predators move swiftly toward victory. A year we waged to claim the company count. Those sun does shine or our fair city deceived we face both rain and sleet longing for sunny days beach I'd lived a warm and wanton breeze returns need week. Wow that was voted out really good at what how he now. I was a cool kid who ran all I think she is very well this may be studied it for a little bit and one native finally paid off the matter yeah I do now when people saying I'm gonna go to school for English literature and really concentrate and cheeks Gary making bogey you can deal with. Will one day ten years later. Ill radio yielded writing user part. It's lucky color thing you do that does for twenty minutes now. All right Shakespeare I believe you view of paid significant tributes to our two or booklet Shakespeare today well done if you live to create X. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Seven GG GO Monday morning congratulations. To Kate Middleton duchess of Cambridge and the royal family. Kate's show arm and he norms boasts a caller. He Middleton does he told Ted title against. On arrived. As say Mary's hospital this morning. Having. Gone into the early stages of labor and has now. Had a baby as yet unnamed but it is a boy eight pounds seven ounces he probably is named they just haven't pulled some sort of things have to happen formally. William was there as you would imagine prince were in this is their third child. In this new baby becomes the fifth in line. Fifth that's way back their fifth the line of the British throne behind he's just two older siblings George in Charlotte. Willie Prince William. And their grandfather Prince Charles so not a whole lot of running your fifth in line but the CIA you know as a malignant grand scheme of pressure. Not a bet but some congratulations to duchess of Cambridge. And prince William and the royal family. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 99 by. Them out. The story out of from Massachusetts. A mom there is none too thrilled with the word ban. Imposed by her daughter's preschool Christine Hartwell says her four year old daughter Julia. Came home from school from the pen tuck it workshop preschool. In Georgetown Massachusetts came home from school are unhappy because she was informed by her teacher that the term best buddy. Was forbidden. King use that in school best buddy the school explained the heart wells. That the term best friend best body anything like that can lead other children to feel excluded. And ultimately can lead to the formation of clicks. And outsiders. And quote you've probably heard I think we probably all heard in recent years. A similar. Philosophy. Has some started at some schools and in in Europe and in England's the whole best friend be your best buddy idea. You know they'd be trying discourage that because for those reasons because again clicks from outsiders and people feeling left out. And I get believe me I do I guess they're particularly apparent I get to you don't you don't ever want kids to have to have. Experience hurt feelings if you can help it but you know what's. That's part of being alive that's part of the human condition. You're gonna get your feelings herded some points. And part of what you do. You know part of learning to be as successful human being is learning how to manage that learning how to navigate that rights and I just this single word would we're talking or bidding. Four year olds can't say best friend. I mean forty years old like maybe everybody's your best friend when your for it I mean it means something but it's not exactly. So they're written on stone tablets or anything I just I wonder idea I understand again. Trying to avoid people having their feelings hurt that's not an inherently bad things it's just inherently few child like you can't do it so why. We you know whites started to richer for five years old teaching people that you're not gonna your feelings hurt and life because you are. You know all I do this and losing it just doesn't make any sense to me you know maybe I'm on the outside looking at maybe I'm just in the wrong click maybe that's the problem. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. Mike Casey an idea. The mountain. It's the mechanical hand clapping the duck in a really doesn't for me as I always loved that songs particularly from that early seventy's 1979 carters and let's go. On the 995 amounts and if you curse to relieve stress. In only four letter words. On your not alone according to a new survey swearing is the most common way to deal with stress 63% of people saying they swear to express their frustrations. The average American. Says their first curse word of the day around 11 o'clock in the morning. One and fortunately that long encourage before 9 AM. I imagine for us the statistic true loft is Republican up earlier yes that most people seem to shifted a little get a shifted forward to those who served 11 o'clock. Our minor damage your new rights which is would. Yet push is that thing forward what's weird about this and I do and I'm certainly guilty of it I think a lot of people are obviously according to the survey. It's just a word or words. With letters arranged in a certain way that we've assigned meaning to. All words I guess they argue that's a very good point but there isn't any reason that one of those words. Should relieve stress anymore then. The words surveyed or found relate if I just went around your legs jail this time that wouldn't that wouldn't help. I get where you're coming from but words have power in words have meaning and there are so many where it's that is meant so many things to so many people throughout history. They can't ignore that I get I get when young break it down to it's teeny tiny as arts it is we let. We know the power for its. I yeah I agree it just I it always seems odd to me that one. Words should have should should be able to like relieves stress. Well you are you trying makes survey catch on as a bad where it's. Gonna have to change our show is pretty much we do our talk about survey isn't. It catches on as the new old curse alerts. You heard it here first Q went to be an investors yen and Jeremy. When he play and it's something tells me the rest of us aren't the next. Might chase these final thought. Service till 10 o'clock she is strong Colorado she may think twice before accepting anything from the delta flight attendant ever again. She was flying from Paris back here to Colorado. And one of the flight attendants and leader in Apple's. During the flight and she put it there carry on bag and didn't think much about it fully to discover and customs that having the apple on her. Would cost her 500. Dollars. 500 dollars according to customs agents she asked if she'd just through the apple router she kitty it's the agents said no. 500 dollars. The idea that it's. She of course flames delta for handing out the through without warning and says customers should have cutter break. Customs and Border Patrol responded by saying that all agricultural items must be declared. She failed that protocol of their fork out with a 500 dollar fine for apple. I would be if I were I would feel a little upset about that too like maybe if you're gonna hand those out on your flights you should let people know hey. Either wanna eat dinner Garrett and it before he gets a customs. He could little pro tip there for the folks at delta for all other airlines to. Soccer's two deadlock which we feel for you. Now you've governor bush would feel for. His. Life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mountain.