Super Sleepy Monday

Monday, February 5th


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On Monday morning in my case Shelley heart which it seems like. Everything that most of America wanted happened in the big game yes sure is a lot of offense. Very few penalties in the patriots lost yeah which is I think what most people were bidding for. Blue teal ever was I couldn't believe I was half times like this scheme is flying by eight. Could easily it drags on for ever and ever and ever yeah I felt like that for some reason nom I fell to third quarter took a really long time but other I don't know what all the corners it actually did take a longer than the first and second. Flew I was crazy and a you know we very few people I think thought it could be done although when gene and I talked about a Friday we've I think we both considered that it was. Perhaps more likely than people thought. The Eagles won their first Super Bowl and a guy who was at beginning of the season the back of quarterback is the MVP now nick falls so. Great group of guys so it's great coaching staff. We feel confident coming in and you know we just another play football you know we play this game and through little did we dreamed about this moment. This footage is watching his game right now dreaming about this moments and they will be here and to be here when my daughter my wife my family of my teammates the city. Regardless. Yeah pretty exciting Dayne pretty exciting season for Rebecca unfolds he's the only added cornerback to have thrown a touchdown pass and score a touchdown. In the Super Bowl berth yet mysteries of the engine and job I have producing Finley in Philadelphia serves checking in with them. Apparently things were things were getting pretty crazy tour idea I didn't love I love Eagles fans because I get them I understand them and Nolan it's like saying lovely team cell rabbit lead you have no right to because they're terrible as the times I'd I am so happy for every fan of the Eagles yes and I think and again without. Well you'll probably. You'll probably dig the knife in more than me I I'd I wanted to see the patriots lose so it has so you know in my mind they didn't lose hard enough. The slider Sudan aid they did this and it was great Tom Brady at teen cry publicly which I was really really helping markets like new Lovett. When he such a wind that would be your. Zero accidents Super Bowl there aren't a lot statistic it's all how I mean it's like I Shannon for. And America. Play it was it was so it's like to lose it was like a great to watch him on not catch a fast yes he's very bad at that. News so I you know everything I wanted to and I got some gloom rates Super Bowl ads those are my team and I love the. Yeah we'll talk we'll talk more about those are coming up this morning congratulations to Philadelphia Eagles know world champion football superstar team. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. 645. Right now of course the you know the Eagles won and that's a that's a big deal for a Donald for the Eagles fans the lot of people who just wanted see the patriots lose. The big game. The other part of the story is always about the the commercials. And I that you Larry talked about a couple that stood out to new. What was your I think I know what your favorite one was. Cool I so I have the read it really stand out Soka. I am I at first I was like tide did they crashed his day in harbor is amazing and stranger thinks they did this brilliant thing where you kind of fun. Every commercial might be it high tumor so that we have I was really pretty huge waiting every time like is it tight is it tied I don't know it appears to be something else yeah okay. I'm so that I thought was great and and Jeff Copeland came along I was like fools never minded that I rarely definite problem here. On that's the one I would just look at him which was celled night. And then and the NFL came with their own advertisement in hinds just blew everything else in the line of students with the dirty dancing because you would watch Eli Manning throughout most of the Super Bowl every Allen and pop up. And say something like. Manning like he had no chance of ever being part of this game why you might look at him now. And and then they Mimi at this initiative just trusted. He's got these days they said it properly will. Well two witches and then it was perfect yeah I like Bob I like to all the all of the that you did I also did like the to read those Mountain Dew one. With Peter to legend and a Morgan Freeman and is the one I kind of hated to admit it. Because we saw that last week and you know I did but I thought I really did think this was agree commercial to via elects a loses her voice. Also on its sixty degrees with a chance. Amazon's Alexa lost her voice this morning causing likely lots of links possibly impossible to have their replacements probably just seeing the way. This show me a recipe for grilled cheese sandwich up. Take two thirds into the rallies I don't know how to make your crew chief Sam we'd hit tonight and recipe if you. But how far in my thought. How well as much as well and I look and I haven't been DA did the IFF. Like set the mood. Fascinating to me to. During the bush today and you just do a daddy and science. Today because it's hot in that bush. Three bush three reboot of the damage that this country music. And. Hi angels who knows how to play for country music. Do about either that was agreed spot soon it was really funny I enjoyed it I remember the first my son last week as they did and and release on a little bit early. I thought oh my yes this is brilliant I was really exciting racing happen again yet out there those are great what's in the one that I think probably everybody whether you're whether you felt the outrage yesterday or you've just cutting noticed it today the B ram trucks. Using the Martin Luther King Jr. and let me. That seemed to. Now OK I think every year and I mean I know dodge has been working on it since they did thank god made a farmer and yes that was a great. Yet that really works and I think they've been trying to touch on the at a tanning get something that really calls that people. But if you are using eyes civil rights activist to sell trucks. Somewhere you know context yet something has gone wrong. Yes I should not be to and it seems like that's fairly unanimous across across yeah monies starting I thought. All alone no known known on now and I was worried that it is just meeting overly sensitive but I am I am pretty glad that it seems like the consensus yet. Not cool. Okay well there ago there's a big go big commercial overview from yesterday. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that we want to criticize your a mile away and have issues you welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. If you are already at work and if you were I have networking feeling productive you are probably. Way ahead of most of the people. That you were it will encounter at work today the day after the big game 59% of employees admitted she uses a recent survey ski admitted to skipping work. Or showing up late. The day after the Super Bowl 72%. Of human resources managers said they think that the day following the Super Bowl should be paid national holiday from work. 6% of Americans just call in sick today about fourteen million people expected to call out a call in sick with some sort of post Super Bowl illness today not surprisingly. Men were more than twice as likely as women to call in sick today and after big sporting events so I said if you are at work. Good for you and if your work good feeling productive you will be by far in the minority today and after the big game things be moving a little slow for most of us. Question almost impossible with Mikey now in the. I don't know what is Europe's next I forgot everything we assume I'm ready to get thank you could pick placebo plus possible. You've got a hundred dollar gift card to the shop vows for Denver restaurant week it's coming up at the end of this mud down he's got questions. I'd be answered this question may have been useful yesterday and will ceiling now. Eating this before drinking can reduce the severity of the hang out there. Okay. That's important to also be Kabila things it took a lot of things I wanna hear what you think those things are remember how good golf. Do you miss before drinking can reduce the severity of. You write this would have been good information to have him. I love for you this series 6312995. Questioned almost impossible. We might now a minority. Our question this morning eating this before drinking can reduce the severity of a hangover. Morning mainly cheering you need to look legit answer it's almost impossible problem. It's so close you're really close it's in the fruit family and it starts with the same letters pineapple. Law are you. Yet again. How. Well our whole again. Air. You it's well. And finally got the one we were looking for pear is that correct answer congratulations. What should have. All right Tim way to go we've got a gift cards you chop house for you part of Denver restaurant week coming up at the end of this month hundred dollar gift card as a matter of fact. Will do this every day this week seven tent question almost impossible here on the mound to have you ever heard that about pairs before I never have. You know I had a expire because it was our questions today I did a little bit of resurgence and apparently it really works it's just Asian pear Ers. But also not just any player not just any pair Asian players. He can have it in G useful or you can habits as as just a fruit but it's believed that the unsung names. Not necessarily help break down alcohol but inhibit absorption into your body I guess people are done amateurs study steel and just journalists. Yeah doesn't it out and it's worked so I think I need to stock. Her parents is that say home plate TF. You like eight urges and I think it's just wanna and normal regular human amendments and I'll delay can an idea of energy users like that Boca what seems like grown very valuable information get it done is I think you can use this to have. Hey technology's information like that our congratulations Tim thank you for a knowing your fruits. And your hangover well the answer sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait Mike Casey mornings on 99. Showed the the big commercials that are getting. A lot of attention this more than from the big game yesterday to get a lot of attention to Rios Mountain Dew one. Peter. The Lindsey Vonn commercials gotten a substantial amount of attention as has the the Jeep commercial with Jeff Goldblum the one that seems like kids. There's really grabbed all the accolades or the biggest accolades is that the touchdown celebration one with Eli Manning and although Beckham junior the dirty dancing spoof that was that was pretty good too I. I like the the tide won with David Harbour from stranger things the country saw yesterday is just typical super. Move over. War there is being around. But. It's time end. Liked cats died at. What makes that a president Daniel stands looked at those clean clothes were also has been pork. Diamond. The gift the glass for an. This tropical Colbert. Died at very extreme. Died tired to meet our union each time and so does is make every Super Bowl. And. He knows there is pretty obvious it was a clever spot and then as Ellie we've seen earlier it. It actually did economy keeps executed every commercial was inside cumbersome very effective. From that standpoint too. Our commercials always part of the big game a big part of the tradition. As is the halftime show which were gonna talk about coming up at 830 here on the on the militant yes or no on Justin Timberlake. That's cash and that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. We talked about the commercials we talked about the game we did not talk all that much about the the big halftime performance. From Justin Timberlake I feel like it was probably more. Indeed it into your demographic in mind so so you go first would you vigor. I need to us this morning and a bit of an anomaly and that and one of the few people on planet earth is just really not an Indy Justin Timberlake I think the only boy on planet earth it's just like black. I just like a guy so really any minute and a future he doesn't don't army never has I've never been that excited about am I think he's funny and great I just think he doesn't throw. Enough and you while you yeah I wasn't expecting him about me through a crack. I up even though wasn't necessarily aimed at me your or my demographic are I think either very talented guy things of phenomenally talented. Artist. I just I think the same thing I think all the time when I've listened to artists like that and that is that they they don't they don't have any songs like it was a day it was like it did show basically is what. It's incredible he's a great dancer but it wasn't the show only ass and get a beat cancer far more than he sang. But yes I mean when your dancing to that level you can say you can't sit here exhausted yeah so makes cents. He's a great performer but I'm with you like. And we heard a little bit as sexy back we are a little bands like most of his heads for nearly 2000 snared a little bit of cancer at the feeling to do you like but I think honestly I could've sang that song in it would have been hippies it's a. Yes and so catchy yet the only thing that stood out for me musically what and this is a little bit gratuitous but still comic who was. Drop and prince in there and and I would die for you. And apparently like he can even have. Really necessarily that they have permission like princes Stanley didn't really they weren't crazy about him doing that yeah there was talk about him do some with a hologram yeah molecular it was quite like controversial I also did not like. So this is brought to many people's attention. The last time Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl halftime gel was with Jenna that she is at the infamous wardrobe malfunction happened on the specific line. DT during this performance stopped. Brittney for that line sets and get a little knowing smile like high exposed some woman during this part. Hello we OK like are probably right it is just stand yet you've struck NC we all remember you can eat instead bring the other end. There you knew starlet demographic of them on. I've the other thing is ours is when I expected to see his dimples during the performed I did he have a wardrobe malfunction apparently not an elegant in March this healthy kid was the most exciting part is not excite and US is not funny mean it was like life is doing right now on had Google cool it's just different. Expect that's Rudy yes yet he seems like hey dude can do but I'm trying to tune about the moment you have back office isn't very unimpressed don't mean I can redeem the same thing in the same elements oh got enough days ago. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Obviously we talk about the Super Bowl morning because he's a big cultural event yesterday to jump sports for a moment I think this is probably important to note. Of all thirty Major League Baseball teams. Will have protective netting extending to at least the far ends of both dug outs installed by. Opening davis' announcement Major League Baseball me at the end of last week commissioner rob Manfred released a statement serve fairly lengthy one but this is the gist of it. Major League clubs are constantly evaluating the coverage in design of their ballpark netting. And I am pleased that they're providing fans and increased inventory of protected seats and quotes you may remember pure baseball fan. There were some pretty substantial. Pretty significant. Spectator injuries. At games last year due due to bomb foul balls in some cases you know bats. Breaking your board or losing control bats in that I know there really purist baseball fans up there with the world's attraction new experience. I get it but it's just they've they have to do this is she's weak too dangerous amateur remembered when my kids were little if we ever you know got. Seize up close I was always petrified. You know focus you've got to pay attention to every tuck him. A ball is abolished pretty ghetto kids are gonna do that you think of balls come off the about a 120 miles an hour and eight. It is time to react to it so yes coarse field will be. All Major League team so coarse field will be one of the fields that will. Have that netting modification. Next year and now it's really this year as a football season's over right right. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to him it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.