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Monday, August 7th


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Spurrier lose. Girl's softball team and they ended June then posted again sort of a semi offensive thing on snap chatting got them eliminated from the tournament. They you know dude the did the behaviors ten million poor sportsmanship story and this is what I'm trying to check up with that in mind I thought he finished this morning wish. A really great sportsmanship strings from comes from Maine it was part of the ten K the beach to beacon ten K. In Maine. Guy named Jesse aura QBs for easy serious runner he retriever she named and he won the race last year. He apparently. EM I guess he may have started out there to quicken pace any also have. He suffered heatstroke toward the end of the race I mean literally collapsed. I don't know I mean do you know three or 500 yards from the finish line and figured OK I've I've collapsed I'm not gonna win. Then it turns out Jesse or it felt someone picks him up. That was his second place runner Robert Gomez of Wyndham orange in the hell of wind and rather. Help Jesse or to his feet together they crossed the finish line with the exact same time 31 minutes. 31 seconds here is soon Robert Gomez the man who helped just Stuart finishes race. It was the first thing that came in in my mind it was Davis just when I saw him I ice so I had to pick him up because he deserved to win you ran out of my daddy ran a better race and I did. He needed to win so I just help them cross a line that's that's it. Well I would say that say this kind of an undersea minutes as well as things that you don't see in this day and age I don't think it's frequently is maybe we should but when we do is finish reminders that it's. At that at the core of sports and competition. Is the idea of community in celebration when you when you winner or loser in this case whether you win together.