Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays

Monday, September 18th

Perfect form on this Monday morning.


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I was feeling he can make a pretty good argument that that's the go and definitive. New wave song. Of these. You know I mean even though wasn't a charts. We've joint. I'm taking a picture of you because your hair looks at its US he. Would you had a couple up on it looked so damn well good I'm glad you're focused and indeed in the broadcasting zone I do multiple things have absolutely gaga modern English I'm melt with you. On 995. Mountains Monday morning Mikey Shia are we big. Big win for the Broncos yesterday. Foods size he's handled the cowboys which was soon agree to see and then. As if the the majority of the game bulletin grade and tested to watch to see you know the dominance. Aqib Talib putting the final touches on it was just a couple minutes left in the. Goes over the blips we've thrown pass on fourth and yeah. It. Okay yeah I was about though that was more than the end of that on it occurred to me watching the game yesterday that I think. But not to the same degree. But I think I feel about the cowboys about the same way you feel about. The patriots already like I really don't I don't like anything about his organizational. Like I just really dislike I. Everything about him so it was really enjoyable. To watch some of the Broncos just. Just completely dominate him yesterday. Yeah I mean and had to feel really get it I very rarely get to see that the team I eat. At Canada so I have media got to have that moment. I do I want to have a world sold soccer ball we will talk about them moma pulled talk about the game itself with the G men Eddie 10 this morning. A question almost impossible at 710 we've got some CU football tickets for you up for grabs about an hour from now and your back as you were jet you were out jet set and again. I take a little like wake trip to buffalo. Just out Mac. Moved Friday to Sunday and I'm back here just I spent the weekend labels say. Yes beckoned back in the you know stop and I assume your argument I did it was my cousin thirtieth birthday so we went out for that we went to an escape for. It was amazing and sell it escaped. I thought I was going to be good but now I know that you know for a fact I had confirmation from the people who work that I was. Okay. Okay I've never done what I've heard I've heard that there really cool oh they're so much Evernote I think you begun and it's yet. Feel if we teamed up for an escape for around in a deal like last week gave escape from awards you guys again. But to try to act as I'm I'm unsure as to how that. How that works logistically there may be too many people who wanna be in charge there really give you lesson in. Yeah well that's the thing. See the whole system would break we're not even in the room yet and that the system would bring only seaboard is just teasing out some important things before we go down you skated round yet. I think I'll probably be given extra impact on via. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain it. We've been in some small technical difficulties that try it sits Dallas you though on works I get some call about a okay great Poland will this will go with that the danger I do I need all the stuff that I left out and give year let me give your news we are minding our yes we are like if ever there was a Monday today is that your amending it. Speaking of well this is not a Monday thing but it it occurs to me it's I still haven't fully recovered yesterday. I was at the grocery store. This is before Broncos kickoff. Dangerous. The groceries and it's it's the dome like yeah. It's it's it's insane like I don't eat it the whole thing really trips my anxiety because nothing. Every time you walk into a grocery store particularly it's crowded it's almost as if no one has ever being in a grocery store before yes rare public. Yet like they don't know how to interact with human. Yes the whole thing is it it is it does for surge there isn't enough this is a fairly new one American called sit by name it is a fairly new this is now in hole will grow register. Most of the -- there isn't enough room for two carts to pass each other so it's sort of designed poorly to begin with. Obviously there's no there's no designated traffic flow. Right it's almost as if there are a bunch of intersecting freeways with no rules whatsoever yup. Eight it took me at the deli counter to get a pound Turkey I was there for like seven hours. And is at least. It felt like that is it Lisa Amos the brackets that yes Kasikov at least seven hours. Ray in the have to be able there it knows those who grabbed the little. Number and then it's very disorganized I think I'm still little. I don't know if you like I had to run the gauntlet or something it was brilliant pleasant. Tiny really I aides trying to avoid going to grocery stores. At all times I'm against you and I two I think you got a system while not a system at a rule that's pretty consistent. It's better should go to grocery stores closer to downtown area S. Because the further out she gets from downtown. The more people you find that are completely oblivious to answer. When you're used to having a lot of space in my Clinton really matter where it you or space and you move a little bit slower seeking a lot of people. In like games with 45 children just meandering through the aisles as if they've got nowhere to be and no one else is around. Whereas when you go to grocery stores closer to the city you've got people who are busy on a mission wanna get in wanna get out wanna be efficient. That's you you just shoot you did just remind me and I guess are Arab we were probably only. Farms six miles from from downtown proper the story yesterday. There was a lot of just. Randomly stopping us like it would and I'm I'm look at these people like you did did you not see. Any big they announced yeah paying attention right in the middle of denial and no one to move around you in any direction my least favorite is when somebody's like. Honestly wins sickly pushing a cart forward. Leaves their cart I'm one side of the aisle and then wanders to the other side of the aisle often times we'll still holding onto their heart the yeah so one person is taking up any higher I'll sit and knowing can get by. And those are always to be able to take 45. Minutes to decide which type of means they apply yes the price shopping beads yes. Yeah I mean ever recover from the news it's been it's been listed twelve roughly 24 hours now and I've I mean obviously no I never did that work quickly because I do you understand how traumatic experiences and if they can just you know not to belabor the point anymore but I'm Joseph I am going to briefly. It seems like if we could just set up a system that works lake. Everybody moves in this direction or there's probably I'm sure and efficiency expert to figured out only twenty minutes here here's what you could do to makers just. Could we do that's could we don't do that would that be hard. We like to think he'll Wear these enlightened beings the when it comes to things like grocery stores. We're cattle. Every it would move animals around just do it that way. Writes the cattle are probably more efficient probably and I'm I'm I'm still not over. Ever try and we composed was deep breaths and looking out through the use area and knowing you are. This just isn't just people say it's much much much worse mornings when Mike TC on 995. The mountain. According to some number crunchers the Census Bureau. American household income is rising that of course news good news the bad news. Is that so and they've broken missed him by gender is that men are still earning less. Then they did before the recession in fact men's paychecks on the whole. Are actually shrinking the median income for guys who works full time. Drops to 51640. Dollars last year which is about. Half a percent less. Than in 2015. And in general if you if you do it in you know you factor in inflation and all that stuff in terms of take home pay. Men are actually doing worse financially than they were in terms of household income and pay scale than they were in 1973. So I guess had a little a little bit of good news and then a lot of on that doesn't smell only good news to go along with that so from a CBS earlier this morning. He recently edit doing squats to his work simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. No question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Yeah possible yet so. On 1995 and. All right we've got some CU Gigot story that played Washington in a little over a week judge Folsom field should get the answer rights. Tickets are your. We have for questions about. OK so hot average Americans do this 500 more hours per year. And friends stick. It's the same thing can be done an American student 500 hours more each cheered and French people. It's the thing that can be done part that really helped clarify for me. Because. I'm just I'm trying to help people out there I'm sorry that episode I they're ahead. It's a meeting that can be good yes yes and Americans do it a lot more than French feet. Boca sixer would shoot another five question almost proved only question almost impossible. We Mikey now eight minority. Our question this morning on average Americans do this 500 more hours per year than the French do what are we talking about I don't get it yet watched TV it. It is that's not the answer we're looking for him for some reason don't feel like it's probably even higher than that if I had to give us our great. Thank you good morning what's your guest question almost impossible. Is it work. It is as a matter of fact did you feel confident that answer did you feel like use kind of a wild guess maybe he'll be right. No actually my wife and I we watch this show on. And they had an episode about how people in America workplace at least 400 hours more. The people in Europe. Do you actually remember some things from a show me your wife made you watch this amazing. Well are werder I get to the taking into the game. Making her out of the game he can run who acquitted attention he. What's your name it. My name under RD degree job question almost impossible until tomorrow morning 710 right here on the mountain. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex bitten image might be easy to find 99 by the mountain. I knew you were traveling yesterday to your come back from buffalo so you missed. You miss all the football yesterday and all of the fireball yesterday which in the case of the bills game was that's fine you missed that could yes it's gonna hang with the Broncos games great. I know that's your rudeness that they are missing in the opinion is the city's finest some of the Emmys at a time I got home because. The Denver airports close to nothing in parking is really frustrating. That I got home the Emmys aren't over but enough of them it happened. And it was I'd I just figured I'd watch the good stuff in the morning to say exactly at. Did you see the I don't know if it's really viral moment but the one that was sort of the surprise moments dad says I yeah. This will be even more news. Two minutes. And these. Idiot but the influence in and around the world. Wild back. I've fragile ego. I can understand why won't one of these guys around. Let's look at the everybody given out. Yeah. The actual Sean Spicer who took time out of who's gonna city's busy life from the course or when he's at home yet a series doing now put John made a committee cameo appearance in the Emmy Awards show last night which I think a lot of people were talking about. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Best comedy actress six years a row yeah for vive and easy not I have not it's not some I should show all relying curse on your analog across your outline that would I don't Alley it's on HBO are there. Had nursing now but that was another big winner and the they're the ones Elisabeth Moss and they had made sale to seem like physical a lot of words don't based on the Margaret went yeah. I didn't I just saw little bits and pieces of the show. And then it occurred to me that I'd never seen most of the shows that they act like a better call sauls was like seeing that showed that there was always. That's one of the few that was nominated that I haven't watched I've tried it in a better call solid I just can't. I want to breaking that breaking that I do last show that was ever on television but you know identical so it's so I don't like it I just haven't gotten into him. OK well then I've got that on covered you have all the rest of every other one of them there and congratulations to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize or you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC and 99 plus the mountains. You made out wanna admitted that if you do sleep with a stuffed animal that nights. You're not alone a new survey reveals 40%. Adult Americans still sleep with a Teddy bears 944 intent. And down 56% of those who sleep with a stuffed animals say it's the same stuffed animal. The they slept with as kids I had a did not come in realize that those numbers would be that high. I personally find it if you have if you just go to bed with your bureau bitterness and frustration. That keeps you warmer in makes you feel more secure. And identity overdosed but to each their own forty pursue governor adult Americans to sleep with a neighbor. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete wait wait. Mike Casey mornings on night. Showed occurred to me this morning that when the cowboys Ezekiel Elliott when he left the rock but locker room. At so in my life field and walked to the boss you know get on the bus through the airport. He actually probably quadrupled his rushing total from. From the just walking into the bus she's like come on who really broke ones that are bleeding or lose they have probably India I've that he thought gray nineteen. From Syria did not only a solution brings up. Story from. Hoover Dam from you know also Las Vegas a guy named Erin Hughes he's so British. He was in Las Vegas with some friends in August. Forty. Bachelor party. Exchanged you know as one dies as one done all of asking Don balloons launched in the exactly yeah big debate about August and sometimes you go to Vegas so I'm he and his buddies of course or they're doing everything you do in Vegas for blew a day and a half. They decide to go out and see the Hoover Dam ridiculously hot today. So after basically after boozing for 37 hours or so mr. Hughes decides I'm going for a swim. And jumps into the water. Into the Colorado River not realizing. That in the last. Decade. Like nearly 300 people have died doing net. Because the dam is there there are some really big turbines yeah it turned. Almost. You know up around the clock pretty much all of them and people get sucked into them and that's how you die. As it turns out at the time he decided to jump in insulin from Arizona to Nevada. Only one of the hydroelectric turbines was on the time. It took about thirty minutes to make the swim now keeping in mind by his own admission he's fairly hammered at this point these home if he's making this way and he did he say one point he felt a fairly strong Tug of from the dam which was that one turbine that was on. Fortunately he was kind of strong enough to swing through its. And continue along made to the other side where he was promptly arrested. By. By deputies and police officers he was fine 330 dollars. It is complain is that there are any signs that say no swimming there oh yeah Bryce. Yeah. Right here is there are it's just assume that your rock star you have stupid enough to do it but apparently you stupid enough to do it. And lived to tell about it which is just I think in situations like this. It is fire and I wouldn't because I am probably way too cautious by nature but if I ever decided to do something like this. I would be dead before hit the water like I would I would meet a guy who like trips over the edge of the damn good. I thought that would be me this guy who's hammered out of his mind. Dives in swims from 11 state to another. Baseline. I mean no basically five I've got a friend like him who should have died nine times Albert. And the fact that this kid is not only still I'd be doing really well always amazes me because I'm like keel just thinking about. I'm probably get it yet I would never do it I would never do anything even remotely dangerous 'cause I'm far too afraid that I'll just immediately down yet but this some heap. This Yahoo! swims with will would should have been ten hydroelectric turbines are well really well really drug. Yes and obviously adds 92 he's fun to yeah part of her 300 dollars yet. So people decent some people. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before my PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Yeah I'm not saying. Catch you outside. What does it mean. I. Humorous from the Dr. Phil show she's actually launched a rap career under the moniker bad bad baby. She recently released her debut single. Which is already racked up more than 21 million views point one million views and earned her first entry on the billboard hot 100 chart on Friday Atlantic records announced. That news Brit goalie inked a deal with the company. And exact said without a doubt this girl is a real star with undeniable talents TMZ reports the the viral star will release multiple albums. As part of her new. Multi million dollar deal again this is this is how she first came. In two and a pop culture relevance let's say is this. Yeah not my name. Catch you outside. What does it mean. So we again I think was a topic we've talked about before on the show I just feel like. At some point she'll if you believe in the idea of of judgment and evaluation I hope that we as a country we as a people or not. Judged on our ongoing ability to make stupid people really famous speaks because we see you better that than a nation on the globe. And I'm not sure that they'll let it in hindsight I don't know that'll be looked as a good thing. Or positive thing 21 million views for that young lady in her new single. Give god created sleep in the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey is the love child of both. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain else.