Some Moon-Splaining

Wednesday, September 6th

Mike Casey and Allie Hartwick discuss different types of moons. Thrilling.


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And Wednesday morning that my case yell at her reputed used to I don't have she's having a phone there's food there's no phone you like him withdrawal I am. I am I don't know replacement con is being sent to meet today I don't know what time but again it. Russia adhere pretty much the second dutchess and can be seen. Monitor road yeah. And it'll be here today and then the one that I currently have I. Ordered at this point nobody can help everyone that I've gone Joost is like now it's house. So I've. Turn to the Internet as we all do in times of desperation. And the Internet has told me that I could potentially replace the battery in the phone and then maybe I can pull some of the videos and photos off his at this point that's all I want to capture and keep working. It's been soaked in salt water yes the Demi opening up and put it in rice to trying get on the water out of it of the hour on its events. The boat when I went into Verizon until the amount and one in the ocean first thing is that was OJ did the racetrack. Like I dead. I dictated. And that apple doesn't like you to open up your phone intensity yourself fortunate I really don't care much apple likes one at this point like. Yeah why not yeah lead before I changed on my screen months before it cracked my screen and getting that text is actually a lot they strangest Miki binding on site I imagine I can do this on YouTube and turns out I could do it and issue. So that was exciting stuff. And holding now that I can change out the batteries so I ordered a replacement battery after Amazon and many in the world hope liking gets on my videos off because I can't wait to show you to deal and not of sharks. And it's funny inside. But isn't wouldn't isn't all I mean this may not be question you have the answer to and understand that but. Is is it like you spilled a couple water on this lake it was even being immersed in the Caribbean yes which I'm thinking that would mean not just the battery but there wouldn't there have to buicks and circuitry issues and you've got like salt and very well I'll stop. If if the power is on and Mike. Fry is the circuits basically because the phone does have a fail safe unanimous hat when he did text water it immediately shuts down sell it won't fry it needs you have a chance of savings from the fewer staff there's a total chance that. Everything's fried in its toes and it's well worth the try but it's pretty tried and it's the 25 dollar shot dead new battery. What you are the ongoing saga your phone's it's very exciting stuff. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. Did did when you were a kid in in Western New York today. People ever referred hick Jesus love bites yes they did okay those things too that's kind of the song. They're using bites is over there really love bites not yeah right now love vice that are so initiatives he's failed us on public. That's of musical so. A summons to my head and why I said it I don't know Def Leppard love bites on 995 the mountain I realize that's. The Gregory had his you know bachelor party thing in the you know because you do that before the wedding and generally generally in the wedding was week and a half ago but I was thing in this morning. I think just because he's married you I think you should get to bachelor parties probably yeah. OK so then he should get a third one but and here's here's an idea for the third one I just saw this this morning whose company called world view. Andy will blast viewing your buddies off and high tech helium balloon from the launch pad in Tucson from there. You flow to a 100000 feet above sea level. Odd you know planes are usually what 36 to 39000 feet on this particular. Blue helium balloon trip there's an open bar. Customers are warned that there's room it's weird pressurized capsule so sometimes that can make you feel drunk faster than normal but after couple hour being in space. 100000 feet in the air the capsules disconnected from the helium balloon afloat Specter is the parachute and this whole thing wool Lisa you back 75 current. So I think that would be of wonderful. Why post what he suggestion for a bachelor party. It seems like doing we also mentioned more than your wedding probably cost. And maybe die before your. I don't seem very serious I mean world do you think getting law personable when Johnny into almost to space and plummeting backed derivative parachutes as a breath Clinton at least it would certainly be unique it would be a yeah it's our governor Ernie shore but. Maybe after a year already married. For a little while yeah and I at least now hone his thing sounds crazy aren't right I guess if you wanna do it as I had that please tell. And Ernie are you have a theme song are you have a judge Ito for a meanders. Well I mean good. Sorry. It was a great idea. So while they truly get sick despite the fact that your wife Susan B senator. On every period idea welcome to Marion Jones inane sale to fund its very failure of your goods are not me dishing down five lasted right. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools of glass of water Smart it's like KCR 9095 the mountain. The US is well represented no new ranking of the world's best universities by Britain does have a lock on the top two spots from. Tip while from ten slash 112 to number one. ET eight Zurich is Swiss federal Institute of Technology Zurich in Switzerland is tied with University of Pennsylvania. For tenth place university Chicago number nine Imperial College London UK number eight Princeton seven. Harvard six MIT at five a message you since two technology. Four Stanford three California Institute of Technology in the top two spots in the UK University of Cambridge and number one. University of Oxford the ten best schools in the country just barely missing the list just below the other top ten. Medical school of the Caribbean Lowery community college in trump university none of those made it into the top ten but they were right. Right there on the edge. Can get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own Mike GCI 99 plus the mountains. The vast and ending knowledge of useless information. That question almost impossible in 1990 by. Are yesterday's thrilled to be pretty different. The goal to go zone for the wild to go for the installation. There isn't funny it's. Funny answers which is do we always appreciate does correct dancers corporate dancer I should say winning tickets. TCU football take on Texas State this weekend at Folsom fields. We've got IRA so I don't know how this one's getting outlet. Well financed the average American does this six times per year. It's a very often but it's pretty broad I mean the average American the average American man the average American adults the average American. But does this six times for here it's like you give a clue already married in your feelings are so many things like it kinder gentler you know him very nice caucus Overland food. It. 6312995. Question Elizabeth if you do homework a day the average American does this six times thirty years. Affect the look. We might now a minority. Yeah. Our question this morning the average American does this six times for years. What do you think we're talking about. I. Now in the hello I you know what I've heard that's actually hired him that I tried to good about that is it freaks me out but I think I usually swallow more spiders that. Don't like time. In years six spiders and eating spiders and. Yeah. It is okay yep your right is scary that's not the right answer but that's a very yes. Yeah thank you take morning what you asked for most of us. That washing your car. That day. People like that garlic once every other book. Line broke out after. I immediately went into its. You people who do people ask me no that's not the answer look before but thank you for trying they let you that night. Good morning what's your guess or question almost impossible. All too worker there or not. We're like calling in sick when they're not thinks icky mean. You know that seems like you'd be pretty close to accurate that's not the answer relook at Ford though. To try and. Still mark time today's question almost impossible the average American does this six times per year if you think you know what it is kids to call. 631299. Yeah he's great at making people left. Which would be greats if he was trying to. Before my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. The average American does this six times per year we'll be talking about. It's it ardent. Doesn't make any sense they're more like six quality the year like it may well. It. This is voluntary so they autopsy. Report. That it's created yes I'll give you that our thanks to Ivan you know the major ones at Christmas impacted. Morning what you ask for class almost impossible. To getting there yeah. It yeah. It's is that the wild guess or was it based on RO when Allie said it was more involuntary. More involved third. I don't know about getting that you. Were married when. Kind gradually since Blaine Nye he'll be at a great time in the C game we are going to be playing question almost impossible again tomorrow morning justice it after 7 AM right here on nineteen and now. Sarcasm isn't as bad as people say it's. It's much much much worse mornings when Mike GAC 199 lives the mountain. You guys are just bought some I'm assuming you sponsor Maryland tickets for when you're on your honeymoon now so many airplane ticket do you gets. I think you're you seem like your pretty savvy at this sort of thing you know Internet what are did you get deep you had a pretty get it in aren't used to you know be like finding deals and stuff. Do you get excited when you've when you scored deal on plane ticket well he asked Celek site at an amazing you feel like you've cheated the system that. When you're not alone and in feeling like that there's a survey and you know if there was through It was in money magazine this morning. 44% of respondents said the feeling that they get when they save money on a flight. It is better than sex 44%. Can't wait that is bad sex that's for sure 59%. Said it was better than a great first date 61%. There was better than hanging out with friends. 69%. Said it was better than binge watching their favorite show. And 70%. Said the feeling they got from from getting a deal on airline tickets was better than beer or wine. I mean when you save a lot of money an airline tickets EU get them for points or something you tell everyone about this is an awesome job conversation. People are genuinely interest and I have friends say collaborative for five dollars because he's my points. Staying. See guys that never happens in this is why you never lets me buy even because she's like you just run out of patience and you just. Buy tickets like you don't even think about a McCain urine and on to see you know I thought you live felt Dennis exponentially more than I did because you are buying far more tickets than here. Finally have complained at this point so really not just kind of doesn't matter is the way I flip the amount of money being kind saying of odd that number of taking its. The difference between buying six tickets at 300 dollars and 6858. Or I get excited just think about it. Aid barely fit into the survey Wheldon and this is why have I'm not in charge the sort of thing as I've not probably for the yes I he's trying to patients who will work against. Screwed either way it's an 81 of these days if you get put in charge of booking tickets you'll understand this feeling. It's magic now wonder around and finds an airline and they fallen. To exaggerate something and his buddies. Yeah. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. He's my GCR 9095 to mountain. Disney announced yesterday Lucas films and pollen in truck girl who's very pronounced Trevor ultra bro I have a mutually chosen to part ways on Star Wars episode nine because quote. Their visions. For the project differ. In June Phil lord and Chris Miller were fired from the Han Solo movie over different creative visions. Ron Howard filled in and now apparently the situation sort of repeated itself no word on who will step in. For Colin Trevor I they'll it'll get made it to you know it's snowing it's gonna end I think they'll just keep going forever said the find somebody else took. To take care of the directing stuff and I'm sure there's a lot of people to be more than happy to sign on for now. He's into it looks more each arm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex bitten image might be easy to find 995. The mountain. On the list of celebrities is getting bigger for the bigger hurricane Harvey telethon George Clooney beyoncé Oprah Winfrey Julia Roberts. Just some of the big name stars who will take part in hand in hand a benefit for hurricane Harvey's press release says the event will quote. Bring the country together raise funds spirits and helped rebuild Texas in the wake of this unprecedented devastation. Proceeds will benefit several national local charities. Other celebrities who have signed on Reese Witherspoon. Jamie Foxx Rob Lowe Matthew McConaughey hey Dennis Quaid. Blake Shelton and Barbara Starr isn't as well telethon airs live on September 12 CBS AB CNBC fox and C. m.'s CM TE. On hand in hand 2017. Dot com. People get together for a bit of a worthy cause. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 101. Musher giving life. Morning's quick Mike JC on any night but the mountain. I think it was I think was around this time yesterday. When I said hey if you're if you're out tonight and you had a chance look a look at the harvest moon right. I forget sometimes that mine knowledge of things Celeste Steele let's say is is very limited like there's things I mean to see him but I'm certainly not an expert by any stretch. I agree and there are a lot of people who all our. And so if you say the wrong thing. About celestial events people. Go crazy. And send you emails and generally don't you do. Like that is so what do you were you have I've been moons planes not man slain but smoothest way. Because I said to harvest moon I read somewhere yesterday there they go on member Laura saw up there was a real harvest moon okay that makes sense about that time of year. Well they did the summary of the emails in the information I got was basically like. Dear moron. It's not the harvest moon because the harvest moon is the full moon. That's closest to the fall equinox Alan there's another one. Well there's another one it's closer yes right put it that way so the fall equinox is September 20 seconds. The full moon that falls on October 5. Is technically is technically closer so that it is the harvest moon okay and so what I said did tube to look at last night is not the harvest moon. It is sometimes known as. The fruit moon. The bar Lee moon or most frequently as the corn moon corn the corn. Ten I told you every Fulmer has a name a clear mind yes I think it was around a tiny told people to go outside and check out the beautiful new and yes. Okay you're Mikey that he can't. It's good that's part of where my system started to fall cards and that was the first time I was at removing explains. Bio war man I was womb and moves planes is you do. And I had the same sensation again today with a raft of females and seven was more on hand and rightfully so. I'm so the so I know if you saw it last night he was not the full of their daughters who it was the corn moon the the harvest moon is actually coming up on October 5. Volume of men and he. If. And that's another thing you can see that you can't. Completely blanked art and writing midnight tonight who's done explaining to buy me. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait Mike Casey mornings on 1995. I realize it's only Wednesday but I'm I'm betting this'll be my favorite story of the whole week on known Saturday. During the game between USC in the university of western Michigan. A guy named Jake Olson took the field during an extra point play as the setter and successfully snapped the ball which you would think Lou it's a big deal happens all the time. This is a little bit different in that Jake Olson is actually blind he lost to site. When he was about twelve years old due to a disease. He over the years developed a fairly close relationship with the USC football program we spent a lot of his off time. Is T it is time with the team and practicing. Have to deal long snapper despite the fact that he can't see the person that he snapping too he did get the chance to go into the game on Saturday. And his effort was a success in a perfect snap. They're going through the operates and USC won the game 4931. So Jake Olson. Is up as a blind guy who snaps of football. With amazing success and it makes me think that makes you wonder like for the rest of disorder like what are our excuses. You know. Like what is it they we're trying to overcome this guy's a blind snapper. While dungy calls and well done. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with Mike PC file and 99 plus the mountainous.