Smells Like...Beer?

Friday, February 16th


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Mike Casey Alley Hardwicke. Lit I don't know but you were coming from slightly different direction news it was icy on my way and. I it's I knew it was nice because I can see that it was icy and because of that I just. Drove like it was drove accordingly Indiana now has a good choice thanks thoughts via is definitely in my new new doubt on my foot in my driveway in the as the fortunately no one was there there's no wanted to see it there on unfortunately there's snow on CN. Depends on your perspective are we talked about it briefly yesterday like I'm not a celebrity news person but I did think it was interesting that's. Comedian and and writer director and actor. Amy Schumer. Just announced it's like two days ago she's like. Avenue boyfriend that yesterday leg and yeah I know would you tell us out. From meat because beer in the middle of having a conversation I was looking something else up on Nancy Graham. And as I opened my answer grant eyesight Amy Schumer and a dress and I just figured it was part of the movie in and I started scrolling and her comment was just yup. And sell ice suddenly realized it was real when I saw a picture of her sister in a bride's maid's dress and sisters an actor anything yet. We had to stop having our conversation you had to South Africa or are you get to participate in because I. As a guide track that's right and and as that's happening. So your off on your Amy Schumer tunes in the lucrative drugs should come back I just need to wait for this to sort of blow over not too long after that it's. Jennifer Davis then skit and separated. From what's his name Johnson 30 yeah and don't get married like to. I held they had been together and engaged for a very long time. On the they've only been officially married for two years in the worst part is when I saw that story after how was already reeling from Amy Schumer if she didn't indictment hanging out really. Yet colonial I was reeling from the news that Amy Schumer got married. The first thing I thought I saw Jennifer Aniston is likes to be so. I know. Yeah Ed and I also not I mean probably a lot of people have been on everybody I am well aware. That Jennifer's birthday who was just February 11 she's she's roughly about two weeks older than me yeah. And I understand that going through. Of separation a break up so shoot after her birthday she probably needs some consolation. Children cry out etc. setter. I'm your guy Jennifer and I realized that she said in the past. That she BO because of her upbringing and her heritage she has she has an interest in men with a Greek background. I've changed my name to Casey topless a whole lot yet that flows doesn't it and excited just yet so Bob Hope. I'm here for you. You'll be there for her I will when her tears start off. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain according to a survey from credit karma. 38% of respondents relatively high number I'm 38% of respondents. Said they would be willing to take on more debt. To avoid gaining ten pounds if that were the trade off. The question then becomes how much debt would you be willing to take on to a point gaining ten pounds according to credit karma this survey the answer was thirteen hundred dollars lonesome gym membership. We mean mid thirteen hundred dollars this that's a year of membership which would. Probably stop you from gaining ten counts so make ends. What but I don't think they're saying like you'd be willing to buy something they're saying just add whatever your debt load is right now just had thirteen hundred dollars on top of. But I'm saying like this can actually be dying you just have to move. Like this is a real thing people would probably going to thirteen hundred dollars in debt because you're putting your gym membership on your card. You avoid gaining weight you do have to like you don't work yet match. But I oh OK I didn't I guess I looked at it more like this is not of it's not a choice so much as it is a snap your fingers but it's now my fingers right now or I either had thirteen hundred dollars of debt on your debt load or ten pounds. What are you peck. Thirteen hundred dollars. When you that you realize user to lose ten pounds that would be who's thirteen hundred dollars worth of debt on your debt load. I means. You're acting like bets that the drop in the bucket drop in the bucket and I definitely. I don't think that's such you don't you don't have it fine if you can pick whatever. Since I won't even in this year's spit in the ocean at this point of difference OK I thought it was reducing. In so far as I think it's very revealing. How we as a society look at these two things rice. And it's I would guess it all depends on the check of your coming from but if we were to talk to a financial expert financial expert what's it take ten pounds. Is way easier loses out of bounds that it is thirteen hundred dollars worth of debt. If you already have a substantial debt load. Credit you know of credit scores setter it's that are. Focus is like so many people self esteem is tied to what their financial advisor says about them. Will point would be if you had to pick one of those two that would actually make more sense spoke we don't do things in life because they make more cents life is not logical or else we haven't figured out. Why haven't figured on which option would you garden with a penalty if I do not end that's straight that create I. Have you no money but I don't know like that set and not daddy that's very apparel area now we know I. Everybody in the rose sukuk you'd think it would are 20 and they should think like Casey that's dangerous advice do not incidental take you to one of those extreme she's right now majesty on thank. Casey eats his tacos over a tortilla. That way it went self inevitably falls out. While not he already has another taco might GC in the morning on 995. The mountain. On the world beer can be as you know is simpler as complicated as you'd like it to be you can do the old just grab a case to order in your favorite domestic beer is. Or you can and kind of dive into the world of craft beer learning more about it and try this one and here's there's different there I mean certainly Colorado's a great state to do that. If you're curious enough to want to learn more about beer. You might wanna consider this year for yourself for this this kind of I guess would be funny gift for someone you know who's imperial over to the scratch and sniff guide to beer. A beer lover's companion. This is it's and it's a book. That features scratch and sniff stickers to help you really understand. Not only what's happening. Being no the world different Beers the U my tribe but also in the process of thought of a beard brewing now and how it comes about of course to get them. Full value out of book like this you have to you have to give the paper version you couldn't do it could digital version or. Tablet or Smart from a soccer don't work but. It's kind of a cool idea scratch and sniff guide to beer. A beer lover's companion will put the link up on the FaceBook page and also on her blog a little bit later this morning. So vast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible and 99 by. You're just doing your imitation of news there is completely averages didn't seem anything. It was really plus it was a great image. Yes take my word for it wasn't it was seemed all right bill. Question almost impossible weekday mornings at 710 we've got tickets see Bon Jovi this morning. Our deal bows got a question hopefully you have the answer a penny for a dozen years ago this was used as a mode of transportation. There were a thousand little. Long. Time ago well I was actually used as a mode of transportation for quite some time after that I. You know starting about 4000 years ago this is used as a mode of transportation. Boca. 6312995. Vision question if you have the answer the Bon Jovi tickets are your words. Has delivered for the right it's a request signals Abbas will 4000 years ago this was used as a mode of transportation. We think we're talking about it soon. It's game was it are clues that let you you're out OK we kind of like where the tea bar pulling you right Sydney and Odyssey receded there a bit that's pretty impressive. Almost as impressive as you a year on the one of Bon Jovi tickets Richard I've. Okay congratulations Monday we've got to. Bon Jovi tickets for you. Thanks for being your minutes actually excellent reasoning on your parts. Maker. Oh well I am today I'm running the phone instead of Alley I'll go now and when you call when she's running it she will line up I am absolutely confident. Italy's is meant. I really load factor no you institutions started farm wide. Like Italy took this long it's because you're never you Eric and I just can pass on is like a nobody saw I don't know hundreds. All saw him. And it puts on hold for a second and by that I mean hang up when you question also possible Scott's good workout you the answer was skiing yes and oh you can see where people were thinking in terms of animals yeah that's that that makes sense mace completes that we were kind of thing and a little more in terms of on. The Olympics in kind of a lot of what we've been watching on TV lately and it's. The skiing thing yes primarily was a mode of transportation now it's a very very expensive recreational pursuit. For most of you know grown up in buffalo all you get enough snowing you can't drive on the road it's those ski shared it coming Andy and recently I had friends that he got nine feet of snow but the bar was still open the only way to get air. And these downhill did their address country OK I was concerned that appealed to download these stats and all Sierra yeah kimberlite. Terry all roads lead to buffalo okay congratulations Scott could work. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes when you criticized oh you're a mile away and have issues you welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. As we head into the weekend according to a near new survey 58% of all adults who drink alcohol about six intent. Are drinking to escape. In their words some other highlights are low lights of the survey include 47%. Of drinkers should they did sort of cheer themselves up. 41%. Said drinking gave them relief when they felt depressed or anxious. In 38%. Said forgetting their worries. Was one of the reasons they sometimes turn to boost we did a similar survey here the mountaineer staff we all shows all of the above. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't switch my kids. Mornings when Mike Casey Martin I know. Latest medal count from John Chiang. Norway in the lead overall nineteen medals total Germany in second with fifteen. Netherlands. In third place candidate in fourth place here in the United States currently in fifth place in terms of medal count with eight total medals I think. For a lot of the nations I just mentioned it certainly for those of us here in the United States every time there are Olympic Games we certainly expect. To win or share bid arguably even more than our share. Of medals across the the course of an Olympic game. Across the course of Olympic Games I should say keep in mind there are ten. Ten nations. That have participated multiple times in the Olympics and have never won a medal at all ten different in nations no metals are here there are Cilic. Mongolia. Iran India. Greece since they accuse agree started in 1936 was the first limp modern Olympics decrease you know participated in but no metals Turkey. Morocco. Mexico I guess in the Winter Olympics that particularly makes sense for warmer weather countries on Lithuania. They've been participating in 1920 ain't no medals from Lithuania and Iceland been participating since 1948. And no medals ten different nations all ten of those nations have a new motto and it is this at least we're not the Cleveland brown. She says this when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains. We mentioned that today. Was the 95 the anniversary of the opening of King Tut tomb. What we what I overlooked in that process was mentioning that on today is also. National. Do a grouch a favored today. And because. Of the two of us I think we can agree I tend to be the Maurer. Light hearted kind of open and more or you know warm and Fuzzy whereas years. You are green and covered with Karim limited trash standing your name is Moscow had noticed that your you guys don't see that as much more you than me that's not my truth. But because it is due out of favor today and nuclear no room to grow entered into us. I thought I would attempt to do route to favor I pulled out this old chestnut forum. I was more than a year ago now. This is the original version of your theme song you may remember. That's just out yet another is that's my name. Yeah. We're. Good thing about it. Live. I hardly believe. Okay do. I know. Traffic was failing heart with. CA I figured that would serial series Dan and I today's national. Do for you refer droughts so I've done my fear for use so. Bringing me down man. It's just to pass now finding grouchy Persian person. Some days I wanna hear no I don't wanna hear we are similar out any and I'm I'm not feeling in the only snake vaccine should if you lived inside concrete mixers. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. According to our big study that came out of Purdue university and studied like over a thing a million and a half people. On you know very big sample size it turns out there is. And optimal point. Tell how much money it takes to make in individual happy. You've heard money can buy happiness this study would seem to contradict that the ideal income points. For happiness. For an individual. Not a failure for individual. About 95000. Dollars a year in terms of emotional well being. You can you are able to achieve that at a lower income level between sixty and 75000. Dollars. The year is the optimal point according to that study should 95000. Dollars a year. The ideal income point for happiness sixty to 75000. Dollars the ideally come point four emotional wellbeing keep reminds those are for individuals. The average family in com. In the United States in 2014 that's last year the comprehensive information is available was about 73000 dollars. So clearly below that happiness index points. I'm kind of on the high end of that emotional wellbeing points but there's a pretty big gag goes toward me whatever this way thousand dollars and change in between those two numbers. I'm not saying that's the cause of all the challenges from issues that we have in this country. But sometimes I wonder if there is a little more to it than that big gap between those two numbers. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. Foot mountain.