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Thursday, January 18th


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Mike Casey Alley heart wakes you know I had a it's good I hope it doesn't selling bragging because I don't mean for two but I Kyle had a cool parents a moment last night yeah. The my young our youngest daughter Georgia over is twelve and her basketball team long involved story to basically they wound up without a coach. And I just in the last like let's say week. And show ever in her brother our son's seventeen he said wall like I can probably do it are can be you know I've these depending on schedule whatever I can probably do it. And John there was again okay sure will try and so they had their first game with Evan is coach last night. And it was a date didn't win. But it was awesome to console watch it. And the this situation with the prior coach was did did you know things didn't work out for variety of reasons but. The girls tended to walk away from the games feeling very defeated in trying to there was like a lot of positive energy and there was lot of yelling at. And Evan was just the complete opposite via a heap a strategically he understands basketball so that helps to. But he was so positive and so supportive news hi five in the girls and he was making them laugh in and they all just came out that even though they peppy and fairly badly. They came out of the game with these you know big smiles on their faces and it was such a cool moment. Did you sort of sit there and watch you know watch one of your kids coach another one your kids in do you do agree to up its writers really super proud of both. You realize there are now holds 151213. Year old girls with a giant crash on an anti death. Well election Decker yeah I mean no way surprised that nine and you came in to coach their team. Every single one of those girls left with the giants faced did you slash its the this from his Friday that just doesn't middle school now has. Well he's the collateral got an app. Instant credibility writes absolutely it was great to see now fully distributed to pull out a win at some point through our Internet dregs dairy aisle and I doubt that you and the team is much concern we'll find out when bile when a bonus that there was it was nice moment Niger that's. Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like us the mountain it seems like a fairly timely idea I don't know that that necessarily makes a good idea botched. We can discuss that it's a new app. Designed to keep people out of trouble by creating legally binding contracts for consensual sex the app is called legal fleeing. They could have named it a little bit better I think but I'm it allows you to create a contract jointly with another person. With specific details about what you're okay with and not okay with. The idea being that it's you know you come to me. Pre mincing you have this this this legally binding documents. And then were any either of the parties to. Breached either the rules that were agreed shoot them there could do. Be legal ramifications. Legal fooling says that it's not just designed to help people with one night stands over you can imagine where. It might fit that scenario a little bit better they say it's designed to protect all sorts of relationships including long term once I get. I I understand our finger understand the potential. Benefit from a protection standpoint there's no more of their there's no more gray area there's no moral well life I thought this was okay it wasn't okay. At setter etc. because it's it's written down there and in allegedly legally binding document. So I get that. It seems to me like though that's a point that's a big step. That's a that's a big bridge to cross. In terms of at him even in the one night stand sort of scenario putting him in a look in a longer term relationship. It's fiction you you should be able to talk about these things Writely you shouldn't need this yeah I mean if you need this then maybe your relationship is. I'm a questionable begin with when sank. Yeah I had the few that I'm a few problems with this idea. One of them being. Obviously. Any sexual encounter involves a lot of trust and respect and communication. And if you're pulling out a legal document that's a sign that we've got themselves far from being able to do that's. Form for many many reasons a lot of people I don't trust the other person to respect my pound creature in some ways it may be you know I don't trust this first and see you. Necessarily communicate to me what me aren't aren't okay yeah an and I understand the want to protect yourself from. You know a legal action when you thought you were acting conceptually when when maybe so that's 1 thing I am really think. Is tough here in that it just it just highlights how much booze can't communicate we currently can't trust each yes situations. And they've been around for awhile this idea was introduced back I was in college again now we got like pieces of paper and our freshman orientation and you're supposed to fill out before anyhow and almost like it's. Really like they really that though we have. I think the idea behind it. And like let's not communicating consents his consent is great and it is the ain't it just I I don't necessarily know that as the lady Dina and it kind of thing I really don't like is it doesn't leave. A lot of room to change your mind and it's if honesty consented to something. Aunts and maybe. He change your mind partly through. Legally and what are you able to dale cherry and he's forced into doing this thing because it once you can find today to again and that's the thing is. You have the ability to change your mind at any time. And again communication and you need to trust that the other person's going to listen when you save change your mind yet for mom and I don't know an and app is going to be able to help. People. Now communicate consenting and trust and. No I I agree yeah I'd say it's a feeling it introduces his many. Problems as perhaps insults yeah Arnold and it's actually started any attempts to solve I don't Donald added to this yet and I may be old school with the whole thing just feels very weird speaker like you nobody wants to sign a second person protest and it takes on led the fun and it pregnant romance out and then. It's either should Luis flight came being mean has cited intransigence. Uses early yeah. Although consent is sexy just not me me in this a thorough in this. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. The National Football League will crown their champion. After the Super Bowl after the big game if you are thinking about going. Keep in mind it's not going to be cheap the most expensive face values his face value ticket. Is actually 5000 dollars one ticket 5000 dollars the cheapest seat in the house. Currently 950. Dollars again this is just in terms of face value. Once they hit the secondary markets. And then all you know depends on who ends up did it that can affect the prices on the secondary market to. The predictions are the experts say the price will be astronomical. If the Minnesota Vikings beat the Eagles on this Sunday. Viking you know because the Super Bowl is in Minnesota. Any idea of watching. Device to watching their hometown team play in their hometown stadium for the Super Bowl. Yet you can understand where there be kind of a price were thing happening there I knew they were really expensive and always are on the secondary market I did not realize. Did 5000 dollars was actually face value for on the most expense that's well that's a lot of money. I understand it's a life experience but man that's a lot of dough for a one football games especially while we don't know is going to be any yet although we know Brock was or not and we know much Steelers are not either. If. Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99. It's overrated big investor coming up next not this Saturday next Saturday at three nickel civic center presented by buffalo tree suburban. Today and tomorrow we've got tickets for you your own question almost impossible you get the right answer we give you tickets. Pretty simple transaction. Before she got to answer the question. Today this is a little more trivia they schools day. Hookah and yet again we put other miners likened the Google town yep with the duke blue down now we're not we're not into that us. I think is so I credit for discovering this. Actually goes to shepherd Smith in Ethiopia in 800 AT. Okay. You're right that is different than las it's yesterday's super note percentages to think about X you know know would. Yeah I yesterday's his way to make pretty specific. I credit for discovering this goes to shepherds and Ethiopia in the 880. Africa 6312995. That's number you need. We've Mikey now eight minority. We think we are talking about it cops it is that it that. Well the birdie at earlier on time those silly Ethiopian planes and stuff like it's. Why do you copy written it yet. Interest you don't deliveries to you you you must have been paying attention during your view since I was knots it I got up clear now. OK so you had a lot more than a lot of that adds. Right yes. I I tend to review late in the hung over during my injuries to days. Yeah. And I that I followed mean builders dean of mean milk. What effect that's sad about the court up the answer it will congratulations government vacancies for you what's unit where my limits aren't. Okay jet enjoy Berber in bacon on us it sold out we've got another chance to take its free tomorrow seven sin no on question almost impossible. You're on the mountain. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike TC by 1995. The mountain. There are no lonely people on corners anymore while looking at our phones we're all engaged going to be world otherwise and since that whole idea loneliness it's parents a thing of the past. He was big in the eighties I tell you that men on the corner Genesis on that 995. The mountain. Our company has developed a destroyer was and asked him in this morning's accompanies develops march underwear. They can keep track of your workouts to sling a fitness tracker or Smart watch the underwear is called skin with two eyes. Monitors sleep quality heart rate breathing rate activity steps calories. And several other things the ski v.s which come at. In boxers or briefs feature 24 hour battery to power six sensors which are shown into the fabric fabric of the underwear. And then connect to your phone keep in mind for apparently come four packs. Four pair of this spectacular under rules say you back 279. Dollars what is he watched. I'm assuming you probably have to take these sensors Alps or the battery out and yes thing you can wash them. I we just like to state though for the record. Oh my god please make it stopped. Make everything big is not everything needs to be connected but everything needs to be Smart until mortgages be underwear. No I mean and do these things if I'm not mistaken most of these things. Are doing can be tracked with you know Smart watches and fitness. Why does that and it's just got a lot cooler looking. Abstract as just being your underwear what we want to do this I'm really glad I got to be a part in his home moments in the NB did you steers their phones on the corner does everything have to b.s are gonna get off smile on moments yeah money yet I am now absolutely lovely really I mean it's that we only Smart underwear yeah a little rant about idol is continental. First we have story about 6000 dollar toilet yesterday CN connected toilet he does. Voice activated flushed how hard is to just push a little let down hard apparently it's not that are I don't know what this world people living doing it for generations. Now. I now an allergy to the breeder. Hawk talk about traffic is very frustrating when we come back from match you can just go off on all the things they don't need to be Smart cut out. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools of water Smart kids like Casey in 1995 the mountain. Early we is may have followed me for being you know being in the name you know I haven't well my negative he died drive kind of moments. So it ordered midst turn that around proof that there is some. Some positive energy in the world high school student in Milburn New Jersey. Is helping young girls in Africa by sending them. Refurbished laptops nice idea seventeen year old Alexander McBride. Has sent 21 refurbish laptops. To an all girls school in Tanzania through a note nonprofit organization he started. You know 2015 Surrey would have only been fifteen years old at that time the organizations called laptops for Africa. It takes Alexander anywhere from a couple days to couple months to refurbish them. But says he's happy do it quote it's worth it in the end. And I know I'm doing something for the greater good and quote yes indeed he is it doesn't change the fact that we don't need Smart underwear. But well done Alexander Nick Price I'm I'm I'm enjoying your positive vibe. Globally. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride in the works so Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain. So good news in the hour or what appears to be good news in the business slash economic world's financial world. Apple is planning to build another corporate campus. And higher 20000 workers during the next five years. As part of a 350. Billion dollar commitment to United States. That according to apple will be partially financed. By an upcoming windfall from our country's. New tax law the new -- tax laws the pledge was announced yesterday. The reforms even if you follow this and all you know that a lot of this has to do with money being held overseas. And a one time tax break. On and sometimes these were repatriation. Bring that money back stateside so in this case apple plans to take advantage of that. To bring back about 252 billion in offshore cash. Which will generated tax bill of roughly 38 billion dollars it's something that apple CEO Tim Cook promised the company would do. If we could avoid being taxed at the 35% rates. That had been in effect under the previous tax law so you know this again could show you on the surface would appear to be good economic and fiscal news. 20000 workers 20000 jobs there are some questions about. What kind of jobs those are whether there you know. We did the quality of the jobs satirist Federer but that that dumb remains to be seen so overall. Looks like a positive. A positive picture I would just like this are out there and I'm not an accountant earn a tax attorney. Budge. I you know view drop my tax rate violate whatever two thirds are pol I don't know maybe I'd. Repay tree while reminder repatriate its targets that would work but it it's a pretty big it's pretty big benefit that's been handed. Outside the is probably the thing with their. Attempting to do something positive with it yea business world DA apple. Does he stay so horrible generally by not being good in most things. Mike DC 199 by the mountain. Glen Frye from the YouTube thing lead vocal they're passed away on some I guess unexpectedly for a lot of us. The region's lot of different things going on there'll sort of colitis was sort of at the heart and it's now just on the in the last couple days his widow Cindy Friday. Has shoot should Mount Sinai Medical Center in new York and doctor Stephen it's Kuwait's for negligence. For failing to treat Glenn Fries all sort of colitis the suit also alleges the hospital mistreated an infection and didn't advise did not advise them. On the risks in the side effects. Of these treatments showed they did statue limitations. In New York for a lawsuit like this is two years. They just filed that she sort of under that Joan under that deadline which I've I guess would have been today. I mean obviously we're not on the none of us are on the inside looking at the same things that the family is looking at. I know it was sad for tons and tons and tons of music fans when Glen Frye passed away it's always a little sad when you see some like this to think well. Yeah me. Yeah I wish you wish nobody had to go through something like this should you know once idea. It's kind of a reminder that while we see celebrities their life their death is as something that word. Attached to in some ways that really detached from and others you know this as a real person the real family and their real struggles along with that yet. Yeah one of those reminders so we'll see what comes of on. Who comes of that lawsuit just filed a couple of days ago. This just isn't just people say it's much much much worse mornings when Mike Casey on 99 lives. The mountain. Odds seems like a loaded question or maybe you really easy question to pending in perspective is kissing someone other than your partner cheating believe it or not. Is there a recent survey 19%. Of men said passionately kissing someone other than their partner was not cheating. Twin nearly 220%. Of men in your recent surveys had passionately kissing someone other than their partner. Was not cheating in a related survey right after this one came out. 19% of women put all their man stuff and garbage bag and threw it out on the front line apparently they were wrong on this one. Can get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey and 99 plus the mountains.