Skyscraper Raccoon Is Safe!

Wednesday, June 13th


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He knows the sun came out in 1980 two's on the L cab album and I feel like this could just be me looking backwards a comic rose colored glasses thing but I feel like back then. You could actually look around the world and get a sense of who was the only. You know because people were more visually engaged then than they are now oral starring in our phones. You know to me and so so you don't I don't know if you you know in the same way the use you media for months on my may be. As a for Wednesday morning after the Clinton mr. risks and sell high grade the studies bash. Genesis Mitt on the corner. And I notified the military and on Wednesday Mikey ACLU Hardwicke hot. And hazy and windy today. Every combination 93 for high. 95 tomorrow ninety on Friday we may see some marine. In the afternoon which at this point would be would be welcomed we can probably use a little bit. You would chew on and you're trying to explain this to me this morning and I'm I'm sort of pleading ignorance but essentially he went to. It's a burlesque show on it. Right and went to CD nineties last nights at the bar OK and burlesque for those of us who were uninitiated Blake mean it it's. To tell you gives IL what it is so it's it's similar. It is stripping but it's kind of like old time me and and there's a lot of performance that's involved like vaudeville vibe to occur. Have like every every number is done to basically just like. Don't know how why how warns section okay images super fun and I love because. Gimme a horn section man am I happy. It's it's much more of like an art form. But I guess there's some some music did not vote yes and seventy to nineties is well known as like do you best of the best as far as pro status. And don't have and she is coming. Now let's advance and he hadn't see I mean your fan of hers be you had no actually she dinner. No I never see orbit normally are for she does I I eight became aware of her in the early two thousands I think day around the time most people knew she was marrying Maryland and has been there for life. And back in the early tee dozens it was his Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan like those are people making headlines and associating deed Yvonne teens come up as like a celebrity that people were writing about a gossip sites I was like. It was she's refreshing and she's very interesting and I need to know more about her and is people asking me about her lesson I realized I know a lot about experience I think. Good news around about stock. I get paid way too much attention to her back and I was in college Ahmet it was awesome awesome to see her perform. We'll have something good Joan I'll I've not seen initially thought before but I like it feels like I'm. There's a throwback vibe to it I don't know which very much so everyone there was dressed up. On very pinup style vocal he has trainees something fun Tuesday is. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. In honor of Father's Day coming up this weekend Jim beam has started offering something called the bonding over Bergen experience. Offer people hang out their dads this involves a weekend trip to Louisville, Kentucky. And includes. This 'cause pretty cool round trip flight for 22 night hotel stay behind the scenes Jim beam distillery tour. A round of golf dinner for two and a decent local restaurants. In a limited edition Jim beam. Black gift box the whole package this feels like a raffle kind of thing doesn't say specifically but the whole package. Costs. Point five bucks. It's 2.5 bucks you get in on the action anyone you have to do it through Facebook's we have to keep him on your FaceBook page. This is pretty cool in my kids aren't there Ronald most of do this with me because they're not drinking but they could saying gee whiz someone else. True I don't know that seems like super Father's Day eat. Well cargoes go slow water with I don't a lot of parents that for Mother's Day Father's Day just want the guest of not around their children and snow always I can see that the judge particularly rare that with the kids were little but that always seemed like. I never wanted to be that guy never wanna for father. Are there why not spend any time with a my family yeah okay you're wearing this really cool a cool idea a cool idea yeah. Elected bonding over verb and experience. You can hang out through that would put the link on now our FaceBook page and on our blog a little bit later today. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Near Hoover driver might be a challenge in the future. Because in the near future. Who were applied for a patent. Did the the idea it would be did their patent their their technology. Would allow. A driver and the company as a whole Hoover to know if potential passengers are drunk. By analyzing everything from typos in the ride requests. To get this. Knowing whether the phone was swaying. Aunt she swaying away and you requested. The uber. This is technology that they're attempting to bomb patent in developed. And she Hoover is suggesting that you know were used to come to fruition. It might it might modify who they send to pick you up. Right if they think that perhaps you're you know you're inebriated or based on the information they have maybe they drop some may be the uber driver has. More technical expertise I don't know maybe it's it's physically it's a bigger person who might be able to have kind of so how so yeah. Our help you carry you out of the car that kind of thing I. I think for myself if I where alone I'd prefer a lady to be driving me. Auto you don't get to choose who were saying I got the drug quiet and like I'm holding over knows that I would like like a pick me up if I'm super drunk. Rather than some big. I yes. I think whoever is taking the opposite approach in that day I mean yes they could argue well we're doing this for passenger safety while being. They're also doing it for driver safety well being and company safety I suppose there'd be a thing where. They could say when you're geared to drug running and picking you. Your liability. But then aren't pay someone responsible because the person tried to do the right thing get themselves home or. I wouldn't think so leave them straight day I would fit well yes and Melanie founded to take responsibility for people being drunk within their state ams and admit like yelled we do have some sort of Brees or liability as far as we can't just turn them away and what happens. In that scenario the NFL was involved in them being served alcohol fueled her driver in the uber cause they are they are not. Refusing to take drunk person home like when she just be setting themselves. Yeah I totally out early grieve it but you there's also probably a liability that's assumed on the part of the company when you're carrying drunk people around and they made say well if you're over point 20 via hurled your liability here well I don't know I feel that's why I thought 90% of people who took -- were drug in the first place the right result is sent to other Western Sahara seems scary BC Gerri Big Brother to me but everything he does so to be I mean I know now the world we live in is this is here are excellent brother for you in Newsweek too Big Brother. It. He recently edit doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning while in 1995. The mountain. Aren't you can now say are we can all say one way shape or form we have stared into the face of god. Or at least a face that Americans believe. Resembles god. While there is no beard insights. Faces selected from pairs of photos spy more than 500 US Christians. Tasked with choosing their vision of god the true people bunch of pictures and said which one of these people you think looks more like how you picture god in your mind. On good division diversion that one ounce easy clean cut young Caucasian man who bears more than a slight resemblance to. Ryan Gosling. Really that's who we think goddess with 1080 N addicted comedian. A good Canadian who is on the Mickey Mouse club thing. Race yeah. Researchers at university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill say most believers this in this is not shocking. Imagine a god who is suited to meet their needs and who looks like them. Not a big shocker there so for example. Younger liberal. Political people ten you imagine younger more feminine in less Caucasian god. Then some conservatives who choose a more powerful and more you know Caucasian looking got a senator Reid we create god and our own image that kind of is an expose media this must be the other way around but that's the iron I needed to solve religion thing I feel like that's one of the things they tell you really all you need to know the main takeaways Ryan Gosling is god and sooner or later someone is gonna try and put forth the notion that Kim Kardashian is marry. And when that happens I'm in Guzman I mean I'd watch movies. If okay we you'll yeah I watched the movie I don't know that I'd love Andre and I read that no they got right. I don't get Ryan Gosling appeal I just don't. No and I don't don't hold him as god thing doesn't really add much to not go if you want a god looks like according to us she looks like Bryant Gaza. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. I'm 1995 than. So you know biamby arias speed wagon in the Chicago they're coming to town on known June 20 and we've got tickets for you provided you can answer this morning's question almost impossible as always know. The search engines know Google laying none of that stuff you want anything from us in the last thirty days. Give somebody else a chance top. You can move this you talent. OK so one in ten people have done miss at least once in their lives. All right relatively small percentage yeah odd one or ten people they've done this at least once in their lives Africa. What do you think we're talking about 6312995. There's your question is it almost impossible you decide this. We might finale like. Okay once and people have done this at least once in their lives what are we talking about it our all other. Really close so close what else will will observe again. They're caged. Yes exactly bullet by Libya there have you heard of that no. I had an alternate light and odds are patients. There are few things that are more true about our way Matt Jersey. Probably more than once. To gradually got tickets see Chicago area's meat wagon for you were treated. All right Brian good job yes he's an entire cake I I don't think I've ever done that either but I did not this is some like big flag to waves it's not I'm just not a big cakes and you're not a big cake. Com you think is not exert an inch and try to turn me now yeah I'm like it's not that I even you know intensely dislike him but I don't think I would ever. I've I can't think of a dessert thing that I like so much that I would get carried away and the whole thing yet I think that was pizza. I'm always amazed as people who put ice cream sample and then just eat the whole place in their time. I atop what you do this through your mood as you know like why you're a bottle when he can just eat as much as you want her right out of this handy bull's eyes. And you know and amazingly consistent that way congratulations to Brian. He's got to UC Chicago and Mario speed like you'll have two more chances this week tomorrow morning. Just after 710 on question almost impossible for his conscience is clear which. And too many. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings point 995. The mountain finally great news our long national nightmare is over. Skyscraper raccoon. The the recommends gonna sending the DUBS building in Saint Paul, Minnesota for like five days now. Has finally been rescued. By building management I'm sorry for two days or so five days. They finally the the there are no windows that opened in the building you see this I mean that's yeah so there's no it's like our building there's no windows that opened. Some people could you let the raccoon and how much. Writes in he was like fifteen stories up and they're really rule we do so they were just hoping that he would make it to the roof. And there they had traps they had done a lot you know live traps set on the roof. And that's exactly what happened the raccoon me up there he ended up in one of live traps. Building management says that the they now have the raccoon. And Tom will release him into the wild at some point I am gratified to know that the raccoon is okay. And it occurs to me that in in this day and age particularly in this country. We can we cannot really agree on much of anything I mean politics in governments in. You know the president is arguing Robert De Niro and back in forest but thankfully we have all been united. By skyscraper raccoon. And we had and skyscraper raccoon and he did it Forrest he's okay yeah. He did and he climbed is decidedly 23 story building right is huge and he's like fed a freeze so look on her of the wreck world exactly and generally speaking I'm not a fan of raccoons the skyscraper raccoon. You would be your alright pal. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. My PC on these. Five the mountain.