Seriously Cam Newton?!

Thursday, October 5th


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Mike Casey LE Hardwicke rocked over turned out to be fairly shorts he wants more from for the Rockies team a tough loss last night's here's a couple of the voices that. Persevered throughout the season in of course after last night's loss starting with manager Bud Black. I'm in right away you know all hell broke loose. You know from then on it was heavyweight fight and we got close couple times you know they stretched the lead we came back you know obviously it was like you said there is a is a crazy game there was really really something that I don't think any of us scripted. It's it's tough emotional group. You are really going to be good for the guys behind me Pleasanton is a really big situation. Really big game and I'm I'm still trying to take it and and look forward. You thought things right not everything right but a lot of things right you know I don't think you can look at the successful seasons with the negative light just because of this last game. I think we've had a lot of improvement. This year over the year before. Expect. We'll take another step forward picture. Charlie Black when their pigeon John Gray in the middle and manager Bud Black at the fraud and type of all the people I feel for. Maybe including the fans too and you know it being excited about rock toughness and having answered and pitcher John Gray who got the start last night. It just like his stuff just wasn't it wasn't work you could tell early on it was a war can last night even when there were outs the Diamondbacks are hitting him hard. End. I feel like for for him. You know getting the call to to make that certain such an important game for your team you could even see in the post game like he was just released. Really deflated like felt like he put his team in a hole and and let them down and it we talked about a little bit yesterday to one game playoff. Anything can happen yet there's you know you don't get a chance to have to bounce back from a a bad night what I did see that that I took his extremely positive is they're young team overall the Rockies are. They were down from the get go right they were down three nothing in the first inning. And they just kept leg fight their way back into the game and that it would just be a little further out of reach but they can't fight their way back into the game. And I think as a fan I don't know of anybody else but that's what I like to see particularly for young team because you think well. Maybe they don't have all the pieces in place but there's there's a spirits. And competitive. You know likely that you a lot of pride in what they were doing they weren't they were gonna roll over because it was three nothing in the first inning so. Lot of positives there. Ultimately. Now. Only when high scoring game once. Yeah I could if it was we here I think that was part of what was Bud Black was referring to is it looks like a focal score yet in this I'd I could not believe that. The eleven runs in a playoff game and then just that seemed like on especially when the Iraqis had second half. Dad yeah it just really surprised me. What a high scoring game real well in both trip by believe both starting pitchers were gone by the fourth inning and that's usually. It is at least historically what you tend to see in the post season news. Offense tends to shut down because you're dealing with some of the best pitchers in baseball. And working on a tire rotations and everybody's you know out there throwing their arms office they have to. So a lot of times he's scoring drop in the postseason so you're right it was it was totally an anomaly that. It to see that many runs and many units now in a playoff games so Iraqis come up on the wrong end of it bomber 1180 great season as a Charlie Blackmon alluded to. Steel onward and upward be big season for young team. Excalibur are right or no excelsior at that hit any exe not ever upward oh I didn't know that. Extra color that's the sort that he has had two hits really close the west regional standpoint you can tell it's not unlike. Yeah I don't know where I can and I can it's early soggy outside it's not sorry in a way for horse cannot whenever you're ready okay thank you. Mike feces coming up with a view on that he's like the mountain. They were inducted into the rock roll hall. Fame was so I'm 1994. And in somewhat typical Grateful Dead fashion or at least Jerry Garcia fashion. He refused to show up because it's true to the hippies. Ethos she's too you know we'll need. We don't need a building that signifies. Anybody's contribution Iraqi rule me answer Jerry didn't a splinter in your CN die. Secondly nineties OK in my mind he's always been dead OK so that look for your lifetime me I don't know which has been well if you in the ninety's I does Nike he'd stand in the ED US now. Now late ninety's or lesser life in any event he passed on the eating go to the induction ceremony address to the band showed up. And they brought a cardboard cutout of Jerry put put in months for the cut out on the stage when they were inducted which is hey you know being grateful that your lineup tongue in cheek. Truck and on 995 mountain speaking of the rock and roll hall of fame. Fans voting is now open we have our list of nominees. It's a big list it reads as follows Bon Jovi Kate Bush. The cars Depeche Mode. Dire straits your risen mix. Those are two bands assure apostle little more dire straits pause Eurythmics. LL cool. MC five the meters Moody Blues radio ahead. Rage Against The Machine. Rufus featuring shocker con Nina Simone sister Rosetta Thorpe link Wray and the zombies you can vote Republican vote. Until. Midnight December 5 inductees will be announced shortly thereafter. And the induction ceremony will be April 14. It seems like this is a thing every year that people like to get upset about yeah. You know like Ku and and you know I talked about a little bit this morning. I think we both agreed zombies should like that's a no brainer. I thought so until I'm trying to look up right now how many times they've been nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame. As I know it's the ceiling and I was last year and since at least three and Cassidy. And then you have intensely at times turning to DC boy I mean I don't know if it's obvious it's nominated last year and then re abducted the same year 2 o'clock and read on these aren't in the rock and roll hall of fame that's it killed Iraq general indignation I don't know girl look I. You on behalf does not b.s because I love them so much and I remembered the first time ever nominated thinking how did not already. A rock and roll hall of fame does a lot of pins are being Moody Blues and we talked this morning about journey discuss its churning got it at the same time is to block. You know a weathered your fair pandered on I think you make a pretty good argument the Japanese contributed more to the world of rock and the two octave I mean yes to Ike did contribute. Heavily. Today to music and popular yeah but not rock and roll yeah I feel like that's where it. People get a little stickler about the definition like what it was rock and roll yes sir there's always contributions he is in the rock and roll hall of fame kind you know. Own the music hall of fame. Does not end there and I gonna get mad about that. And I support your madness. And just so I'll put the link on the amount FaceBook page and on our blog so if you wanna you wanna cast your vote if you get the. I'll be anyone of throw in you know for bonds over your whoever you could do that. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile in his shoes that we want to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. Yes if you're trying to eat some healthier or clean I guess for some people say then you do need to pay attention to the kinds of meets in your diet provided your and it. Eat meat right. Summer grace your sources of lean protein while others are great sources of patent chemicals and other stuff like that according to nutritionists here's a rundown of the LT a five healthiest means that you can eat from five to one Turkey. Bison. Three chicken breast they've gotten very specific their chicken breast and number three. Number two pork tenderloin McDoogle surprise to some people in topping the list the healthiest meat you can eat grass fed. Beef on the other end of the spectrum the five worst. A six worst excuse me weekend. That's blasphemy and number six. Corned beef number five ducks number four deli meats number three. Chicken nuggets at number two I does anybody even considered should I could soon be meets. I certainly don't number one topping the list the view boom least healthy meat you can meet him. Yeah him and number one in bacon and number six again the in thing I'm okay on but I feel like. Having bacon disparaged on my show is something that I should not be in favor off. On that list if you wanna follow up on it will put that on the on the blog at 995 the mountain dot com. When he spends way too much time on the. Yeah I'll read a question almost impossible with Mikey now eight. Cards are rocks over ended a little sooner than anything gave us would have liked Blige. In honor of the Rockies making the playoffs. Sequencing we get a question almost impossible. Questions soon you didn't yet they did and I think it's I think it's a hard one. It's really hard until I think you should read and the treasury I think you should because this is solely yours you can applicants aren't. So here's the question. Bomb there's one player on the Colorado Rockies. At least one there's one player on the Colorado Rockies who shares a name. With the legendary actor slash celebrity. Whoo yeah. Should be easy should be easy but it's not it's not a little there's a little bit of a trick question. I'm gonna have to think about the effort here there's one player on the Colorado Rockies who shares a name with a legendary actor slash celebrity. Mrs. You probably Collins and yeah he's such power I like being. I missed all 6312995. Good luck Bob Dylan's it's a program. We might now a minority. Okay this morning's question there's one player on the Colorado Rockies who shares a name with the legendary actor slash celebrity who is. Her personal retirement boom. And that's write your contract too exudes. That it's. I saw rocky brought him. And I know carpet. It's my child development. Mad Mikey to pick quest again. It's going to be snow. Like Gregory's question of the world that I mean it apparently was an easy question world. They did talk about it well it doesn't like Esther Goodman and that. Yes. The last night though conceded that good that was. They went through last season. What is really got to go to bed at auto reminder man died tonight tip my proverbial cat you Wheldon. Opulence that it's yours was unit. All right so we got you tickets for Bob Dylan for you Bob Dylan whose real name is now. I know Robert Zimmerman. ER. Yeah. Now he's rate that was. Like eat us feeling yeah. Our congratulations to Hamas question almost impossible without victory yet more so it'll be more legitimate question sentence of glory of about it. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Five. It occurs to me that there are other British band secure and it looks very much like England out there today. At least what I picturing was to be in my in the foggy and bra October's over 'cause the Rockies lost in. You know. You for every don't have an a very. Funds in view of of England it's just likes and dreary and ball. Well okay that's just surely never been there not all of us are global traveler know it it's actually it's sunny and warm and luckily there now well that ruins everything I know I'm sorry that's for him and he's doing well. The cure just like Kevin here on the mountain so another day another media brouhaha PR. Problem for the NFL this one having nothing to do with them flags are anthems are kneeling or anything like that. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton this is at a press conference. Yesterday. Mean I had a there was a female reporter sports reporter from the Charlotte Observer her name's Jordan Rodriguez. And she asked Kim Newton a question. Abouts. His wide receivers in the routes that they run in here. You must listen honey carefully TNT here cam Newton's response to her question it starts with a journal every listener question. Hey take up a lot of pride in being your receivers playing well then I just to see you really embrace the fatality. Is grafts and made in the backyard. That get you a little bit of an enjoyment to see him it's that people. That's funny to hear females talk about. Ralph's I. So it. Funny how hilarious went over humbling I really well as you might imagine in world attention just sort of straight and working hospital on world news club social media and the Internet should of course the timing of it not particularly good. Apparently and I am sorry mispronounce her last names read read read read read read read wreaked. Jordan Rodrigue apparently. Approached Kim who now after the press conference and said. Pay you know as you have some problem with the way I do my job or whatever and according to her version of events there was no. Apology hear anything like that you sign sort of moved on from there Panthers director of communications got in Steve Drummond said in the statement that he had spoken with both Cam Newton. And Jordan Rodrigue and he said quote I know they had a conversation where he expressed regret for using those words. We strive as a department to make the environment for media comfortable for everyone covering the team to earn Rodrigue said in the statement that he did not. Apologize. I NL all be honest at the front and I I'm not a fan of Cam Newton he's phenomenally talented. I think time and time again he's shown his immaturity I'm sure we all remember his post game press conference after the Broncos warped. Yeah painters in the Super Bowl Loria is hoodie on Bristol loser ever exactly so pieced he showed the sort of behavior before. What I find mystifying about this. Well there's a lot of things I found mystifying. But first and foremost I think it's this even even if you feel that way. In your heart of hearts even if you feel. Whatever women don't have a place in in sports media whatever that variety of nonsense is even if you feel that way. Are you Smart enough to know that that's a really stupid sediments to expressed publicly yeah. You know how patronizing. I need just hearing this infuriated. Me made the hairs on the back my next and a larger loan it made me angry for this woman who already is doing a job in which she knows she's going to be critiqued more heavily than any of Al counter charts. She's doing something that isn't really brave because being a female sports reporter is not easy up at all and it's been proven time and time again that. People think there's no place for women in sports and so pretty athletes and it's so disappointing well disappointing. Only thing I would caution against is I would say it sort of scam Newton yeah I don't nobody but nobody nobody else I think they're hopefully he stands alone in his he points. Yeah or at least is stupidity in in being you know I again I mean if that's the way you feel let's refuel and I don't waste my time argue with you because there's just no point. But you at least have to be insightful enough to realize. You don't you don't get to say that you don't get to publicly. The demeanor patronize somebody for doing their job because using its funny. That that a woman understands pass routes mean like there's so complex that woman couldn't possibly understand what. What do down and out is so mean per month yeah. I just honestly canyon you can figure out it's not sound like fool Burt zig yeah. Hello carpet from the top. Give god created sleep in the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey. Is the love child of those Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. The ratings remain Kelly's first weeks and NBC host during and you know looking to do it might be little disappointment for the network's Megyn Kelly today debuted Monday with two point nine million viewers. Dropped to 2.3 million viewers on Wednesday. And then recovered slightly for an average. Of 2.5. Million viewers that's this is from USA today that's down 12%. From Europe from last year for the 9 AM time slot. And down 24%. Among ages 25 to 54 which is of key. He'd give a graphic for advertisers put it that way. I am that we've talked about a couple times this week I'm sure I'm not out to torpedo Megan Kelly I don't I'm anything against her think she's. Really pretty good at what she does in general I think they have I think they've taken a square peg and they're trying to putter and around hole. At NBC and I just I don't know that this is a show that's gonna have. Showcase what she does or historically what she has done past I don't think that mean she can't evolve into that role. The question just becomes. How long do viewers. How many chances did they give her before the viewing room abuses in or mean and an NBC spent a lot of money. A whole lot of money to bring her over after an issue she left Fox News show. Will see obviously still very early. Rate but Tom and and in terms of the early numbers. Look at lawyer rough start for making Cali. I feel yeah mega I'm I'm did their my so. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mountain. Well those are critics who lose their leverage when all of a sudden something good Smith's acceptance than there are no longer are byters of taste and obviously. Anything that fifteen million people like Kim the only good. But you know we just sit there with a grain of salt and you know Hillary and I just sort of let deaths that we must be shown a lot of records even they don't like it's. Glenn fry thumbing his nose at the critics as well I think he he should have playwright to do it and and did throughout the course of his career peaceful easy feeling good friend Eagles. On 995 the mountain itself I. So it's a pretty romantic story I guess. And Ebert Eurasia. Okay this date 31 on our romance job Massachusetts couple who recently got married knew they were perfect match and said they felt like they've known each other since day one and that's because. They actually had Jessica of Gomes and Erin virus. Met while they were teenagers. They later found out that they actually metal long time ago they were born on the same day evils when he eighth 1990 at the exact same hospital. And spent their first days of life in the same nursery. In those same nurse Mary they grew up in different towns for the conference set them up when they were high school. They figured out when they signed up for. The driver's education class. Which you had to have date of birth and place Bertha burst of before they figured out that way we reported simplicity in times in hospital. In fact their birth announcements in the local newspaper actually show up side by side. And all these years later now there yet Mary you could look at it I mean cedar romantic story or he's been stalking her since he was a baby. Oracle or she is bizarre incident she was a baby. Made me I just think it's a really really crazy coincidence. He's got to grab mean when you think about what that would be odds of me I guess the odds of dating somebody one town over from meal those drug pretty good those are very get you be having the same birthday it's 123. I think the it's a few having the same birthday as somebody yeah. Same year I'm not totally sure on. And then I mean everything lining up in to make that happen isn't so weird thing it kind of estranged. If they beat the view to bring statistics to a room mr. snow well. I can't play cash after it's you know I don't know bush and and I just we're born next season and then again married like well that Clinton once. And welcome to naysayers are not cellular structure. It got something you love I can I'll see what I saw. If you take away the looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex bitten image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. 854 right now on numb Thursday morning according to a study by next gen personal finance the story was business insider today 76%. Of millenniums of three for lack basic financial knowledge 70%. This is of this is a little less important statistic I think 70% of colonials are stressed and anxious. About saving for retirement I think we're all stressed and anxious about that and doesn't matter which generation your. And 34%. Of millennia is currently live with their parents that probably depends on how you define it I think my kids millennial you know they still live with their parent. These all may all point to another statistic that actually is on that I find the most important only 16%. Of students in the US. Are required to take a personal finance course to graduate high school. That's a pretty small number and I will tell you having three rev three kids in high school in one in middle school right now. I would say a personal finance class would be more beneficial than at least. I don't know 38% of the other classes that they're taking keep in mind I can say things like 30% because of actually gen X or and I understand these things. But it makes sense to me given personal finance classes one odds. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and too many. Tequila shots Mike TC morning's point 995. The mountain.