Secondhand Weed Smoke

Thursday, March 22nd


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My case CLA heart which I I would say they're big they're there's a number of them though but one of the big headlines are grabbed my attention over the last. Went for 36000000048. Hours the Facebook she ended data harvesting in Cambridge Cambridge analytic. And it seemed as this story was developing. It seemed like it took Mark Zuckerberg an awful long time. To show up anywhere to say any day I think that was part of part of people's frustration was no Camilo wears market or Zuckerberg. So he kind is it seemed like he started his. Media may have culpa tour yesterday this is from an interview he did was CNN. This was a major Richard dressed and I'm release that this happened in we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and if we can't do that and then we don't. I deserved at the opportunity to serve people our responsibility now is to make sure this doesn't happen again. Yeah he went on to say a lot of the right things. Which I think you would expect just probably why it took himself along behind yet they need they probably need to ensure the bright things we're ready to be so did they probably need to speak. A process up a little bit you know. What I find particularly interesting about this story is it seems like and I felt like you would happen eventually. A EC know when it would happen it feels like we are now at that intersection. Between. Are you really did have the value quote unquote the social media Brinks of the world. And what happens in the world data mining which is very much a part of the back end of social media analyst and I'm probably overstating it. But it feels a little bit late 21 Century Bank robbing today no you know I mean because. I don't think I don't think most of us really understands. What what can be done with our data yes particularly good falls into the wrong hands this this story would be really good example of that and I wonder. Particularly who leads the charge it in this because late I think for my kids they've just grown up in this world they don't think about it. I was meant to say that this is really generational the outrage here because. People my age are used to living most of their adult lives on the line peeling your children's age have lived their entire alliance online sell if your data is out there. And OK I knew it was there had no big deal but it's really hard to comprehend the implications that. Yes and I would also think too I mean defer the you do of the oldest people my parents' age late seventies on on FaceBook. I think for them this is one of those and I'm I'm not suggesting they're not intelligent enough to figure out they are but because this is such a foreign world to them. I don't even know that they realize that did the whole data mining part it is even going on. So residents lawful and to this level so I feel like I think like your saying the what happens from this point going forward. It is sort of the people in the middle yet was guy like me and people my age and in somewhere around there and I'm really curious to see. What happens if peopled if more people my age just start to walk away from social media altogether. I mean I'll be so bad is your generation ready to step up because a panel I take back Morrie by her own style flannel. Can you back again animal activism they are you ready for a minute when you cannot Generation X. really care about it and herself I like your fighting for days or Donna yeah. We were burned down we are 23 we have without tiring to Betsy is leading the chestnut now I your problem crew. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain if you're a person who likes to clean their home. Obviously I suppose is probably good news for you a new survey found people who enjoy cleaning their homes. Twice 5% happier than those who do not like to clean. It's a pretty big number that happiness increases 53%. For every additional hour that they clean in a week via I'm survey also revealed the people who have a clean homer not only happier. But there are more relaxed focused and productive than people with messy homes and kids who grow up and clean home study more. In a more well behaved. Interestingly I this is not an article I didn't see this story initially. You know Laura found its way. Greg sent to me he says is unique. Hit he says he wanted to do you bring it to your attention. In as publicly as possible so that I have now done that. However I. Edit I inside your ray of sunshine and I hate click I know you do are you I'd be only reason why these people are happier. Is because they enjoy doing awful stuff like cleaning so that I have ever had anything to be upset about like what can ruin your day a clean house if you like that and I mean terrible things make you happy most of your happy act there's no judgment at all in their own nine done with so much objective cleaning is terrible the. Yeah off I don't know you see the full picture there although I get richer saint I think for. For people who hadn't I'm not a big cleaner I did I do like organizing things I feel better about things when they're organized different in clean yeah I like cool likes to get out the two expressions of the floor crazy people yeah well are you may have a point there but not according to the study 53%. Increase in happiness for every additional trees people happy and incidental and I think the actress and mr. Gregg you shouldn't I don't know I can do for you night and having cannot cause your iMac cleaning our. I'm sorry that I. Might believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't switch my kids. Mornings when Mike Casey on night. If you or someone you know you know can be when your kids are having grandkids I'm looking for a new job. This list of the on top companies in top places to work. For Tony eighteen or I guess I've maybe better way to say would be the places where most job seekers here in the United States. Want to work. That makes sense so it's not necessarily be best places but the most desirable places on from ten to one Netflix at number ten Oracle's software company. I'm Walt Disney company Comcast NBC universal and number seven and I think once the higher up we go on the list the more predictable. These answers get number six apple number five Tesla. For Three FaceBook. Although that may change this week. Two alphabet slash Google and number one the most desirable place in a tube for people who wanna work in the US Amazon. It occurred to meet again probably not a big surprise when I saw the list this morning. And I can I can't say this with a 100% certainty but I've I finished college and like the early nineties. Majority those companies on the list didn't even exist the or even. They were even thoughts at that point I mean apple was around and I and he Oracle's probably around. Majority of the news that top ten. There wasn't even wasn't even a thought I suppose I've more than dated myself a little bit by saying that but it's interesting how fast. What do big economic shift that is the most desirable places to have. To work didn't did name exists all that long ago. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. On 1995 the amount. Okay Judas Priest it's up for grabs again today. That has always know Google thing you know using search in new Smartphone and that's. He won anything from us in the last thirty days to some bill's chance for use your brain use your brain power. Question. What are you guys. I guess summing and I thank you scandals that. 64%. Of Americans are unable to do this correctly. And I'm gathering by the put this assuming they should be able to do ES. They probably could do at some point like 64% of Americans are unable to do this to actually okay. High leaving you know the answer that question almost impossible let us know 6312995. Below. If my finale mind. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have concluded that secondhand smoke from marijuana. It's three times worse for you then secondhand smoke from tobacco three times. Weed smokers and those who deal with the secondhand smoke as you might imagine. Are at risk of some health related issues including damage to the arteries. Which can lead to blood clots and heart attack and stroke occurrence of on nasty things this is in US news and world report this morning. Marijuana secondhand smoke three times worse for you than tobacco secondhand smoke bite. At least you just there's some there's a buzz to be caught right so did the world the trade offs. -- field I'm not suggestion you lineup for either one but if you were to at least there's a little bit upside with one of. X five year plan and you as an emailed my minute plan Mike Casey in the morning on Friday night five mountain. Have you caught wind of these there's there's two books. On about rabbits. The same rap and actually both getting a lot of attention these days the rev its name is Marlon bundle. Very clever there that is in the name of the om pence Finley. Rabbit Mike vice president Mike Pence and his family they have a they have a rabbit named marlin bundle and his own daughter. A Charlotte wrote a brutal book along with his wife of mr. Pattinson and Charlotte wrote a book called a day in the life of marlin bundle. Right and so that book on just came came in twos couple days ago I think John Oliver. And the folks on and his show. Do you know this soon this week with John Oliver they put together. A parity version of that book called Marlon Brando's day in the life of the vice president and and he's the do you look certain elbow leg is battling it out first sales supremacy right now John Oliver's parity book. Is actually a number one on Amazon sold a 180000. Copies after being announced on now last week too nice of him Sharon last week tonight's. On Sunday. The one the one the actual book written by. Mike Pence his daughter and wife as soon currently at number eleven John Oliver's as you might didn't as you might have guests. Takes is some whites. Different approach to this story of this stuff male rabbits falls and not in love with another male rabbits and he's attempting to draw some. Attention to Mike Pence some of Mike Pence is view but it seems like there's a lot of laughter around in fact Charlotte pens was one of the many thousands of people who botched. John Oliver's parity book and my ball as you look good we disagree on all these different things that go on the roll but is people are laughing that's a step in the right direction. That's. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. He's my GCR 9095 to mountain. A little earlier this morning we were by the user question almost impossible. We were talking about curses. That person handwriting and whether or not they still taught that in school when you went to school and you said that they did. And then you'd just as an example of your pursuit handwriting you wrote your name which I'm I'm holding you sign your name which I did. And I'm I'm holding the p.'s favorite. Here are my hands. And I'm wondering first off if you're aware or this is just. Sort of one of those things you didn't think the a in in Alley youth it is a star yes you mean star. And this is on purpose gorgeous it's. Yes okay so even if it via takes living just say once again. Yeah the age is a star I now okay go ahead I'll still in fifth or sixth grade when you're. Practicing curse at PG we landed younger you Jay Wright your signature in the yet to figure out how your signature is going to be. And it time name I didn't like how an upper case me in curse of 'cause it just looks like a really big lower case day. I'll like not turn mining interests dark is that kind of looks like an Iranian community stuff. It and I just got in the habit of Reading it that way and I never heard Britney and any other way and now it's embarrassing and I McDonald's. And I still sign my name at the start but I really like you're not that compares to this is could be more embarrassed than. You know facility and so if I do the math rates on fifth grade your news hands and B 32 and one to realize right irony and Jay's or you go to work and star a signature about Tony Harris if you have the intention you played out there and alert style. Boca sell out twenty plus years time. I'm still waiting for that secret to stop working and I would just like this I think it's very original and very much you. At the same time I'm happy that you don't dot the I with a heart that's like one step at a he still put smiley faced an easy is it either when it does that reveal right now. But just start the day that subtle it's perfect it's you yeah keep going another twenty years this attitude analyst embarrassing things than I can't help but to no I think it's gonna test. Might Casey's. Final thought. Today's final thought comes from that challenge he lawyer Arizona they recently held their gay of the dinosaurs as children's events in the park. Bob police there in in you lawyers over the city received a call from a concern woman. Who asked if there were dinosaurs in the park U 911 operator answered yes there are in the woman then said. Are they real. Are the dinosaurs real the operator informed the collar that the dinosaurs were in fact not real and we're being operated by humans. The the woman who called 911 agreed that it seemed unlikely to hurt by its. She'd called because her brother is a dinosaur expert told the dinosaurs. Real the owner of dine a crew entertainment which operates these dinosaurs says this sort of thing actually happens. More than you think in fact this is one time someone reported them to animal control. So here's what we've come away with for today. 64% of Americans can't name the three branches of the federal government's. Apparently a decent percentage of people or at least a measurable percentage of people. Are unfamiliar with the events that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 odd million years ago. Combining those 2 things I am left to wonder how I'm supposed to sleep at night. Knowing this. The world we live fifth. 66 million air that is there's a big guns the FB available in 911 and at one to know the dinosaurs are real. Oh man we have jumped the charges of species. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 stemming opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.