Save the Avocados

Wednesday, June 20th


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Supertramp from reckless and breakfast in America that was the Dell in cup we were just talking about this last week the woman who is on the album cover. Who is you know she's dressed like a waitress and she stood she's holding a tray of food she's now 97 years old. Her name's Kate march off I remember correctly and she still she lives in LA. In them like a retirement home and she still does in prof classes that's a flake sees. It was kind of fascinating story she was one it was on that album cover back in 1979 Supertramp breakfast in America Dubai stranger on that 995 the militant. Wednesday morning Allen or Mike Casey did you get the job crazy any ill. Being over. You're. Last week well I wasn't at my house when the weather was happening but we didn't get it there and then I was in both Westminster. And downtown because I was like kind driving. And there was really no Hal and neither of those places when I was there there are cell. Both times that we had crazy hell amendment as a few days yet I've missed test but even there may be more chance as because. Today's going to be sunny which is going to be really nice that I have to semifinal. Getting in the eighties the afternoon rainstorms are possible for the next few days which means they can bring him out with. Yeah it could happen they look it's this just from looking on social media -- of it seems like everything that happened really significantly with the hair was like tech center in south and a little bit. Those are the pictures that I received conflict might windshields broken and I now keeps messing me it seems like it's missing UCL I hope it stays that release of knock on some kind of what are all the right. Find out if we actually have edited here. Our 7:10 this morning just after 710 question almost impossible we have tickets to see some Blues Traveler for you so we're you know throw question you and hopefully you get the answer back to us coming up next on the mountain and steal a fair from their fifth album. The first one that actually had a title though it wasn't a number. Yeah they were all numbers before that that's coming up next. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's four and 1995. The mountain. You. Is our avocados one of those things are allergic to well. Imminent transition process there for a long time yes I was an intolerant but now I'm starting to slowly reintroduce them. Okay will this could be really good news so for you to actually for anybody who likes avocados there's a company called up peel. Eight PE EL sciences appeal sciences in California. And they will are selling dollar condos for the first time this week in the United States that is being treated if I know that's a scary word. Treated with a tasteless. Edible coding. From appeal sciences. That should make out a Colorado State fresh twice as long. As a typical log coddled because that's that's part of the challenge with a thousand now McConnell might be right for like. A day gas sometimes it feels like our yet if that so this supposedly will least doubled maybe in some cases triple you're looking like four to six days. The the outcome would stay right for its in its inedible barrier. It's made from plant materials so it's not lake of you know sprayer chemical or anything like that. And what it does is it create a big to say creates like a micro climate. So it controls the rate at which the water water leaves the avocados surface. And oxygen ventures which is the two things that make avocados cocoa. I ways so it does it go on the peel on the outside yes I am fine with that because you don't need that partisan effort now you could. By secret would you eat the avocado. Well I'm sure hard to par you wouldn't want to. But yeah that's where these so geeky yet but that's where the that's for the code so fine with that that's his name is like putting it in a plastic bag or something essentially yes. Yes so this could basket big game changer for people who I mean the hipster you're gonna be happy. Appeal sciences. They will be shoulder I forget where there starting Costco and hard foods in the midwest is is where they're starting. You know shipping these and then they'll expand from there. Its other great idea probably also reduces food waste which is awesome that's a huge problem here in our country's only be able waste it's all much food yes it was a big deal that's that you just do that with bananas should be great as well personnel don't fire and Tanzania. Quite over at least a unity Ito lake. They're good weather better weather. Right and they're better when they're browns is and you can make them into bread and then they finally taste then there in a nutshell if you have valleys approach to business. When he goes to the gym key parts in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his course on which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. I I forgot to mention and I feel kind of what to combat. I have I think I had like one of the best dinners of my entire life. Yesterday. Yes we want you on tag burger bar losses which is great. And and you know I mean they're always there everything's good there what made it possibly the best meal ever. Is that our our son he bro he got his first paycheck from the job he started and he wanted to take everybody out to dinner. So he took all all six of us out to dinner on him and nobody Blake. Nobody under ordered should try to be there really do know that at the Kaiser is a tough who have. It. Isn't a lovely do you Rhode Island that you know it is your costs. But it's apparently he was prepared I say that he was split it to a C at the tip note that I got a I got it all I had to meet you really proud yeah. I was it was pretty I mean I on the one hand is proud on the other hand. I keep tell my you're going to college in two months she probably needs money for something other event today you know south. Dinner almost every every teenager. Ever young adults would not spend their first paycheck and anyone other than themselves so the fact he's done his family is pretty fantastic yeah. If that's true we out it was it was musical moment and in Leiter says it's its amazing how good everything tastes when you're not paying for. You raise hell you're punished what do you think I open semis I don't buy it. Yeah that Mitchell better it was great tag if you haven't been tempered Bruce's grizzly fourteenth in mass and on oh OK I would ceiling line off. Oh yeah the one it's like gum in the neighborhood is that evening to cap hill it's not. What is it iris park this right yet congress or how. Yeah that's great so you have been there go there and if you're lucky may be broke take you. Bill may be of the cup dinner for a although I don't know I think now he's back to be broken yet he's got to get another predicament. If you lived concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey in 1995. The mountain. It turns out that the easiest way is probably not a surprise but it turns out the easiest way to make all whole Lotta money. Is to have a whole lot of money already. Shocker writes yeah that combined net worth of millionaires around the world top seventy trillion dollars last year. It's the sixth straight year that the combined wealth. Of the very wealthy has gone up and it's the first time it's risen above the seventy trillion dollar market that marks a ten point 6% jump in net worth. Over 2016. And this is not keep in mind these numbers alone do not include. Primary residence is collectibles. Slowed consumer durables can to any of those things this is just straight you know straight ahead wealth. Experts is seen improving global economy is strong stock market. Are the primary reasons for the jump too short a mini stories pop up from time to time I always find him interesting especially when they have. The number seventy trillion. A involved involved somewhere. But sometimes do what I do sometimes people email you wherever on Twitter is sick. Why are you opposed and he will make you money I'm not I'm not opposed to people making money at all I think that's a fine thing. What worries me. Is this seemingly. Eating greatly increasing gap between. Now this did this to perhaps in the super have nots yes and that if you don't have you you don't really have a shot. Yes and having ever and any time yes and I feel like in and I will admit that I would might feel differently about. Massive amounts of wealth being held in in the hands are relatively few if I were wanted those few yeah I might feel of a different about it but I'm not but. Q when you when you get that much. Money or power or anything that's that's controlled by that small in number I don't always feels dangerous to me. You know I mean I like it feels. Politically dangerous it feel socially dangers it just. Yeah I think you need Steelers look to the history books and Ager out how it's worked in the past because they re come. Many many many times before hasn't Bengal has a very good result let the meat kick kind of thing the C warm or I mean I think that's the most recent example. You are one on seven the most glaring yes seventy trillion dollars ten point 6% increase. Year over year I don't know maybe I could just maybe I could be in Akron for Littleton who reflect well I didn't you don't already have the cash mighty proud I don't know I don't. The question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. I'm 99 by the amount. Heart has always know was search engine help if you want anything from a some last thirty days give somebody else a chance you've got Blues Traveler tickets up for grabs their red rocks on July 4 they could be yours. All you do is answer rallies question. Okay 15%. Of men. Think Sydney do this better than women do. Is everything an answer I mean age should be pissed and loans infidelity a 100% of men and so I would change as. This is some memos and say no and I now women do it better. However we've got 15% disagree yes they think they got it down. Okay what are we talking about 6312995. That these are questions. We Mikey now eight minority. Our question this morning 50% of men think they do this better than women do what he think we're talking about. Our iron and quote. Pretty sounds. My right here it all yeah. Yes you guys are exactly right. Oh yeah pretty Smart. Smart. Who's the better higher order of clothes though it whatever it is bad anymore. I don't even have an ironing board DeLia. I asked him but it appeared. In debate you know it just shows for decoration. However it. Will Tiger. Woods is Blues Traveler at red rocks on July 4. Willis who will assume you'll be there in non ironed clothes and better yeah bring you don't see certain purchases. Would cement pit bill. Our good work bill enjoy the show thanks for being here we'll do question almost impossible again tomorrow morning no chance of Blues Traveler tickets just after 710. You're about to. If you take away the looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 995. The mountain. Well today at least twelve. And fourteen hours consume we had. Hale roll through. So that's nice it's good in the right to actually be a lot longer before we even see the potential for because it's supposed to be pretty dry day today. We are gonna see a lot of sunshine and highs me percent in east. It's gonna get warmer on Thursday and Friday is when it's died in 85 on Thursday Friday 88 believe afternoon rain possible stays. Which is emir can also mean after an in yet that could happen but today looks pretty good overall I don't step below on the cool side but over a pretty good. Our according to a new study sons with a home working moms who work outside the homes I hate the term working moms causal mom to working with moms who work outside the homes. Sons who are sons with those kinds of moms end up spending more time. Doing household chores and caring for their own kids when they grow up. Then suns would stay at home moms do me. If the first part of like when I first read it I thought oh they do more if the kids do more stuff around the house with working mom like oh that would that would make sense. Really what they're saying is when those kids grow up yeah windows boys grew up to be men they take a more or. I guess you could see egalitarian approach to a but what happens around the household than a look this is probably a pretty shared job around their house yes he would think that when they grow up they're going to also share in all of the work that has to be done in house and Fam yes and I I believe this to be true also from my own experience I've mentioned before my mom worked. Not not exclusively but outside the home a lot. When my brother and I were little and my dad also set a really good example of you know your mom's she's the underdog job to do all this stuff we're here she's at work. You know we're gonna have to do do and whatever the thing was folding laundry just not there really interesting example of how the most important Ers last since iron are learning at home. Yes for sure. Which is going to be a challenge for my kids with me but I'll buy gash. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. They feel like her big number urban and make an event that we usually due late winter early spring every year you'll be excited to know that we're we're taking the concept down on the road. On tour presented by apple Jack wine and spirits coming up on Wednesday the 27. This is at Sonoma is wine bar and grill. We've got tickets on sale for Burgundy can deal that will. Include chef prepared bacon appetizers signature Bergen tasting the B surprises and stuff. LE a smaller version of urban bacon and we're just gonna take around the city it's really awesome yeah be very exciting from you can get tickets and more information. And 995 the mountain dot com from Bergen. Two beer americans' drinking nearly seven billion gallons of beer each year according to some number crunchers at vying paired dot com. The good people of New Hampshire drink more beer than anyone else in the country. Yes averaging about forty gallons per person. During his career direct trade in the state of New Hampshire no I didn't notice I shouldn't but I didn't. New Hampshire doesn't tax alcohol. Knew she doesn't have a state income tax I yes so that made those two things may factory because of you look at the rest of this list the top it's old there's a lot of midwestern. Steam mid mid western western states Montana number two North Dakota South Dakota 34 Wisconsin. Number five. Nebraska shows up in the in the top while the number seven there are some other Vermont's. And I mean also shops renewing it's like New England in the midwest. It's interesting like I I have three friends who just moved to New Hampshire independently of one another. And you'd think I'd be the line rolling in the air here and tender but apparently not now. Early it's when he seconds on this list in terms of beer consumption I'm guessing this used to guests on my part. That we because Colorado was so far ahead of the craft beer curve you know I'm guessing we're also ahead of the craft's. Liquor. Curve meaning that we have access that we in the state of Colorado perhaps experiment more. With Kraft flickers in and high in drinks I mean there's there's another substance that we're fairly well ASEAN hearings will hold yet to really forgot about that one ace. All is Mike's favorite sport because he played a professional level with food in your mouth. Mike Casey morning's Ali Mehdi. Michael Jackson the King of Pop he is the or will be the latest celebrity. To get his own Broadway musical it's expected to hit. The great white way in 20/20. According to the Hollywood reporter it's it's a biography. I guess is the idea. And it will at least according to this will go back to his Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 days c.s is starting Gary Indiana. And then worked through some of the iconic albums off the wall thriller bad mark on the thing that there would be really cool that's become a trend in the last what ten year. Oh yeah I dad and so I eight to all. I don't know if you're aware how many of my boxes this checks and checks and like glitter. Oh I bet these guys I love musicals love musical theater a jukebox musicals also big fan of them. I have banned me. Fervent fan of Michael Jackson and pretty much is senator birth of like my parents would refuse to buy Amy the dangerous outcome. I don't know why. So I would go to the library and check it out of the hybrid into the play where I would check a bag end and the like can I have Medicare and it's like you know ethics you normally. Like I just I don't know why they won I need that ten dollars CD. But I constantly and it checked out from the library yet to touch point for yes I love Michael Jackson and so sell sell my that I really can't wait to see best but I am a little bit worried wanna scare you but it won't be done well are sued like it finding somebody. Then at ten. They can perform. As Mike all. Yeah that's why it's on an almost impossible I agree with you let me also ask you this based on not only your knowledge of Michael but yours you know do the work you've done in the world dance to. It is in part is that the biggest challenge of this gonna be choreographed again I might not bar for choreography for this has got to be off the charts that you have to. Good for everything for everything you think of what an innovator he wise and I I forget sometimes one of old. Deal bellies and lies so if you're going to make a stage music colonists back to call. Out of Michael Jackson's work follower cool yeah it's gonna have to be phenomenal. This to be even passable. Yeah I don't like musicals the same way you do but this is something I would be excited about I would definitely wanna see them Almeida comes Denver could happen sometime after 220 they're working on now. He says this when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains.