Rocky Mountain Showdown

Monday, September 4th

Caset discuses his plans for Labor Day Weekend and previews The CSU vs CU Showdown with the G man!

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When he's on a series at home with his wife and kids yes he's helping to shape future generations. Mornings on the mountain Friday morning a Mike Casey. The headlines this morning JJ watt Giambi Houston Texans football player his hurricane Harvey relief effort. Has now the one that he he spearheaded. Has now passed ten million dollars. In fund are obviously he has some very well heeled friends and and and it followers in the world social media. But talk about making the most of an opportunity ten million dollars president Donald Trump according to white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Our president Donald Trump plans to donate one million dollars of his own money. To hurricane disaster relief in Texas. In Louisiana we had dubbed rockets these pre season but so Broncos finish pre season perfect to me. They beat downed Arizona last night 32 which is a strange Corbett. Things happen in pre season now you don't dude would you do you know real foot did the football season that counts. And each of tonight's rocky mountain showdown CSU and CU getting ready to go added. Downtown sports authority field at mile high will actually get a preview of that game from the G men at 750. This morning we're gonna do you have soap a lot of stuff going on this morning plus question almost impossible coming up at 710. Another chance for you when foreigner tickets. And maybe when a pair meet and greet passes. For that show as well which is of Monday Labor Day at red rocks. Pot it depends I suppose on ought maybe on how old York and where he went to high school. But I know in my high school lord of the flies was required reading I think it was freshman year. Could have been sophomore year. Bob yesterday on Twitter and various other forms of social media was announced that there will be of a movie. A movie remake of lord of the flies. But with an all female cast a sentenced to halt all girl cast which of course turned the world the social media upside down feminist writer. Roxy engage tweeted an all woman remake of lord of the flies in makes no sense because the plot of that book wouldn't happen at all in her own with the women. Another Twitter user wrote of lord of the flies is about the replication of systemic masculine toxicity. Every ninth grader knows this. The funniest one I saw and I don't know who to credit too because the name wasn't included but. The all female lord of the flies will dispute group of young women apologizing to each other over and over. Until that everyone is dead. There which I Phillies they saw the humor and people seem like they're really upset I mean social media is not always a good barometer but. You've really legitimately upset I mean at least let them make the movie first. Yeah. He kit I'm doubtful slow I'm doubtful. Doubtful too because yeah a lot of the premises. Men or boys left to their own devices that you read sort of what happens well let's hear that they do with him can make up for a way to make a movie then we'll criticizing it that will bash aren't illustrate another concho. As NASA and other space travel organizations continue to try and figure out how to take longer space trips may be even to mores for example. Scientists are working on ways to provide food and water for those trips some of those scientists particularly in this case the ones from Clemson University. Believe they can find a way. To turn astronauts'. Urine. Into food. They believe they can find a way to turn astronaut urine into food not believe that there are also working on awaited turn that very senior and in two different kinds of plastics. That can be used for tools. On the trip in and when they reach their destination which in this case might be Morris. I can only imagine I don't know what kind of science is involved in this. But I can only imagine that when you come home from work if that's your job. That's an interesting conversation starter every single time like hey honey how was your day at work it was interesting we are trying to turn astronaut paean to food. We're trying international paean to plastics that would be a good conversation starter every single time and I wish them well. In the endeavors let us know when you haven't figured out cleese. 655 funny coming up next mark rare need not go to Marty and even like being in an airplane he will explain on the 655 funny. I'm judging your. I like to judge I'm a judge here. I hate when people saying don't judge today I think if you don't take away my hobbies. An exhaustive. I've been flying so much and I used to. Be okay within its and then something went wrong. I almost died on an airplane with me rephrase that in my mind. I almost died on an airplane. I used to be like when I was younger I was terrified of flying right I was kind of person I had to get drunk. I had to take drugs and stay up all night just to get on a plane and survived the flight without freaking out I was the type of frightened flyer. That you once the plane got up I would ring the flight attendant button and and she would come over I would whisper to her that had no voice changed. Can hear it was like not. An. I mean. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so a good luck. On 1995 and now. Are very hopeful Leo Riley comes back Tuesday is this is the last question sheet she left and I mean not that I couldn't find. You know division of labor. On Tuesday ordered tickets up for grabs somebody once wins this week including whoever wins today may get to meet and greet passes. Purport to 400 Cheap Trick it into Jason Bonham in Led Zeppelin experience of red rocks on Monday on Labor Day here's the question as of when he fifteen. So. As of 20152. Point three million Americans. Still use this. Got it doesn't truly 152 point three million Americans still use this first brave sir. We're just corrected you know it's a tickets to see for. We might now a minority. Labor Day weekend upon us chances are pretty decent for for most of us we're gonna over indulge just a little bit too may may surprise you. Two to know how much. To have that quantified let's say a survey found that the average person eats. Three times more at a barbecue than they would. During a normal meal. Most of us somewhere in the neighborhood of 18100 calories at a typical barbecue while to be mobile home. Might be five to 700 calories of course that's not even counting the alcohol. You've drawn some wire couple Beers without burger hot dog to the salad you're like an extra 400 calories or more that's the bad news the good news is. I checked the fine print. In according to the rules of the Geneva convention. Calories do not count on three day weekend it's good Geneva can genetic convention yes IA. It's amazing to me that that information is gone unnoticed for all these years but I mean the image he tailed guy I am so proud to help us real read it then get the convention now yes it's late civil side greeting perhaps during your barbecue on Monday. With Mikey and the Gmail and. Are doing right now of by the G man here on 995 the mountain talking about the rocky mountain showdown a little bit later this evening in sports authority field at mile high. CSU vs CU long standing Colorado tradition. It's early in the season so it's always difficult to say but CSU certainly looked pretty good last week against Oregon State. Put 58 on a market and I was actually shocked at bat because. Looks like a completely different team they opened up a new stadium in Fort Collins you're going to be happy for everybody up there on. All the CSU fans or make a lot more 858. The pac twelve team they've got a kid. That's starting quarterback who's pretty solid as names mixed even users a senior from California. They look like they can score some points and that's editors first you present lot are one thing nine starters up their defense from last yourself. This could be assured other you know the base support sport that's one tonight. In addition to the the boss lose a lot of starters on defense they also lost their quarterback Brothers starting quarterback from last year. If I remember right CU kind of laid of will open on CSU last year in the rocky mountain showdown. Yeah I wanna there was 4047. And they do is double file who is up for your starter. All time passing leader it's you heart and soul that offense. But good news Limbaugh fans are the skids even Montero as he's big 65 to 25. From Texas he's actually got a chance to play last year he was too little warm front had a bad ankle QB ankle you sound like three games. And that can look good I mean. For younger lawyer on the hill watermark he's got a big arm then your closet is tough you know not completely bill are sort of speak. When you look at what's he brings back offensively. They are so all of the Gupta opens we according back she's over a thousand large last year but got out trio of really good wide receivers. Tom that scored sixteen touchdowns and then got the coaches kids coaches kids. This isn't sure McEntire but the guy can actually place so Mike MacIntyre. Knows he's got a good offense and the big question for the box. It is were very topic and show up defensively 'cause they do a lot of starters especially in the second elementary doubles does were drafted in the NFL draft this past year. It's also a little dip I mean this is always a big rivalry doesn't necessarily matter where they play it by the the atmosphere tends to be a little bit different. Down there at at sports authority field at mile hike is just as you got so many more the daily 6060000. People that are. I'd love to readjust back on campus especially because you you have a new stadium empty hole and hope. Boulder is pretty much a great atmosphere for college football league last year was when the boxed mayberry surge insult. It's hit it tends to be a little more laid back but remember what appears backed the police said adorning GAAP one of the student section. Doesn't look like (%expletive) what people. Don't let the last review what they have happened when you go to a college were. We're profit. Good I don't think anybody was quite ready for that. And well and I acknowledged on his I was down on the field at the end of the game when that happened luckily I was at the altar into the field. Fighters among my friends who were in the media that were on net into the field. And they can cover the rub their cry you know militaries are very happy to see you Warner you know you just overjoyed would cheer like Soledad jabs. It it's really Oreo or Grateful Dead showed Folsom field 75. So hopefully. Though about that won't happen and I mean most of the time I'd say 99.9. Percent of the time that. The students are relatively. Calm and gun collector item that supports it it'll throw stoppage yet. Shenanigans and hooliganism instead it right that a so difficult to say because we you know we don't have a lot of sample size at this point but it it could have a pretty close game tonight. When you look at it simply from a matchup on paper the oddsmakers have you have a look and a half point favorite. I don't know that securely over from last year or they think that's CU's. Offense is just that much better than CO shoes defense and look it could be issued out I mean your 466 point such a plot points a college football game. It's going to be got an interest in match up to say Italy's republicans' portrait tonight because what college football and it's September and rebel order into the college football pro football season. All right time to get Earl with a mixture you want so for flying tear gas tonight though hopefully you'll avoid debt. Paula you know Irish Killy laurel man up shut up about the army surplus store march or just a public format out of my back Barca would be tired you know. You can probably add actually Little Rock Denver on Twitter I'm on FaceBook that ridge G men born. Of course you can listen to the eight to midnight Monday through Friday right here I'm not in our prop my own. With Mike in the gene. And ESPN and ABC sports analysts is ditching his job. Because he he now says he finds the sport of football. To be quote unacceptable. Ed Cunningham tells that's his name he tells the New York Times. He's leaving a two decade career of common trading on the college football games because of the injuries he sees players racking up. With their brains at special risk keys for you if you're an NFL fan you may remember him and it's 48 he played death for two or three. NFL teams in the course of his career he has long been a vocal critic of of the reckless hits. The players take during games which of course is not always played well with coaches and fans and he said he finally decided he had to take a stand. And ditches association. With football together Ed Cunningham said quote I take full ownership of my alignment with the sport. I can just no longer be that be in that cheerleader spots. For the sports. He did New York Times notes that he may be the first broadcaster at his level to step away from football because of he's own discomfort with what's going on on the field this is an I mean I don't know I'm I'm speculating that it's probably have. You know you're looking at a six figure salary for basically for work and a half a year it's not it's not a bad gave me. And 48 years old he's still a lot of working years in front of them but apparently Ed Cunningham has decided that. He can't rec reconcile those two things in his month I think it's tough for those of us that are that are fans to. You have do both of our boys play. Football I played football my problem most of the people I knew growing opted to. So there's I've I believe in the positive aspects of there's a lot to be learned from its. I'm mr. sport that I enjoy watching his well but I get where he's coming from there is a certain amount of BB discomforts about a strong or as I can come up with but when year when sometimes when you watch. What's happening on the feel the guys who show much bigger show much stronger so much faster. Denny used to be that did the collisions are just. Their mind numbing and and knowing what we're starting to know about CTE and Perini injuries it's it's a tough one in any events Ed Cunningham I mean if that's O and if that's we believe in a three believing your heart of hearts that I've I salute you for for doing what you did for a backing it up don't mean. He ran for mayor he'd lose in a landslide. To a napkin like Jaycee mornings and 99 plus the mountain living to our public to share an email with you really quickly that I got. Through the mountain web sites. Jeez DA about half an hour ago here. It says so there is a much over hyped QB. From our neighbors to the north in Wyoming that is headed into Iowa City to face the Hawkeyes tomorrow for the opening weekend of college football. As I recall the last time Iowa faced such a highly touted visiting QB. It was Ben Roethlisberger. Who got his. No blame handed to him in a 21 to 321. To three the only loss in need. Red Sox season at the Miami redhawks were Ben Roethlisberger went. The only blossom the Red Sox season that you're thirteen and one compliments of the Hawkeyes with that in mind how about a Little League CDC's Bakken black. To kick off the Hawkeye football season. Now you may yet be asking yourself like why woods why would you care Iowa Hawkeyes etc. as I'm reading this email. It occurs mean again this came through the station website for this email is from my college roommates. Who I lived with for three years in college and another four years in Seattle he has my cell phone number he has much for. Hopefully he mental attitude when he got a text me but he emails me through this station website because I thing I really think. And I love the guy with all my heart. He is such attack in a faux book like he's one of those people call and it goes directly to voice milk as he doesn't turn his phone on. Any private does not a check for is any greater power brought maybe even know I'd tax I don't know this so I guess this is the email I guess I don't like well I got to play that song at the very least so I can make fun of him. For sending me email through this station web sites but maybe he thought that that Eaton you're gonna pay attention you well he's now in Atlanta and now he's not that clever he just rules shouldn't be bill will do what Susanville under Russell blew sinister motives that you have my total number. Glued to fall and any events Judy there you go there you sorry you see this is back but fortunately was no ballot Friday sued. It fit right in anyway. If you have some. Some adult beverages. In your plans for the weekend. This might be an interesting thing to consider the Dieter says they have created. Special. Dear repellent sneakers. About that period fell in sneakers especially designed. To be warned to October fest in Germany obviously big your celebration there they are brown leather shoes tennis shoes they include the word pro stood on the side. Next to the three gold stripes pros to having a lot of people known German means cheers. So you get the the bonus of the celebratory cheers. And if you don't beer bottom bureau of the you know you. You just splash right off your shoes are good to go. Well done indeed as we celebrate you here. In Colorado. He's the infomercial of morning Denver radio selecting quality and pretty much just here for the money Mike GC mornings I 99 fudge the mountain.