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Thursday morning Alley Harwood Mike Casey it's a good thing that zone we didn't have the super duper piper spaz moon thing whatever was a good thing we have that today because it was not the mile CNET yeah wouldn't be a lot to see nothing but cloudy to start the day. And looks like we've got we have some sort of precipitation hitting the windows now at this point. May be it was supposed to sue now all issue at some point in some areas and only a little list now on the ground and my house. And dusting would be. Generous. So yeah I think that's supposed to happen at some point this morning. Check it I'm not really up on the so I think nation face once I get this year I don't care address of the day does. That's straight usually go from from here okay so we'll look into who knew little bit of Elton John big news today. Elton John when it before you can buy him any time today. You hear and Elton John song. You call us ticked through want to know and a 59 caller wins a pair of tickets to see held Johns farewell yellow brick road tour at the Pepsi Center which is next February. A year from now but tickets are even on sale yet and we're giving you a chance to win some yes what is incredible stuff yet which is that's how we feel about you on. Is NetSuite of us it is super super Sri. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my 99 plus the mountain off the medical tech company has developed a computer program. They say. Can accurately predict. When you're going to die. The artificial intelligence program from excel they could come up with a better name excel medical. Analyze his medical records vital signs and daily history. And then calculates your risk of heart attacks six hours before it actually happens if approved the program sense is that this is. Imminent that this is forthcoming it sends a message to a Smartphone app with the warning. It did like your doubts have heart attack and I think. I think and and and you and I've talked about this in different contexts recently. This is one of those I understand where it could be incredibly powerful. To use this kind of technology to save a life it feels like too much information to me. It feels like I would have been thinking and I just wouldn't be able to stop looking about it I would be walking around all the time with that paranoia looming over me. And checking that happened then I would also feel like in my case more than likely my phone would be on silent. When that thing with. Oh newly never hear the ninth now I would merit so pointless I don't think got to pay any attention to it and I would love to have this app. Because it would be there and you wouldn't pay attention because all of Dell is is alert you if you're going to have a heart attack so it's not like if I check it I'll catch some thank. It's and mean on vacation now and then I have a couple hours to get myself to a hospital on saying hey you know here's the situation is going to be happening. Why don't we make sure that I don't high. And there wouldn't be any little little love paranoid part of you who do gooders have been checked that I believe maybe went off and register notice. There would be any part of you that would think that's. Now probably not I mean I'm sure after awhile edu here or day nine your phone and think oh my god is it now that's rose is. I mean at the same time frame. And I think that old after time you. It could be I totally get that it can be really helpful I just thought it feels like a it feels too much easier for me something to. Now we hear all about keeping yourself completely in the dark no information and let things happen as they have. Well it you can see he had answered this I'd Debbie abuse in a statement but I don't think it is she cracked it okay well excel medical now you can dissect out do you wanna know about traffic or do you just want to get out there on the run in home for the past. I'm here so I don't have figured out on the OK I'm just I'm not sure what you think is better knowing what's coming or are just you know your start to your sarcasm is do we don't get it's been fun things around that point town drove though. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns laughed. Yeah. Mornings when Mike GAC 1995. The mountains. If European Obama hot yoga your perceived as a regular basis according to a new study hi yo there is no more effective. Then doing yoga at room temperature currently is no I mean I would assume you you for speier Morin but whatever but other than that there isn't any other benefits. So unless you truly enjoy. Sliding in a hundred degree heat while exercising you may want to consider just. Doing your yoga sessions at room temperature I realize having said this in the story was in the was on the web cycle yoga dork this morning. I know I'm gonna get a bunch of hot you know with angry hot yoga people. Who are gonna call you know you and your doctor about OK I don't really do yoga room temperature or high yoga so I'm just passing along information. You are free to do with it as you see fit that's how this whole thing works works great it's. Mike you know we may keep you confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 995. You can't you on right before question almost impossible money team all wings Paula nice time. How I feel a little hole every cheering yelling let people know think Simi Simi. All right we'll know and they'll be kids you're ready or questionable cause fuel what ever ride winds and keep dual key. So we've got some tickets to see Brit blow made up for grabs this morning and you just need to answer the question from our friends and Yani Mickey honor Steve and now. Nine seems now where now this would pretty frequently shows up on lists of most commonly misspelled words in the English language. Ezekiel it is you weren't and it's no it's not John the and this Larry frequently shows up on lists of he most commonly misspelled words in the English language. But to joke 631 unite nothing five question ovals deposit. We might now they find it. Still looking for the right answer for question almost impossible this word frequently shows up on lists. A most commonly misspelled words in the English language what werder we talking about at where. And it's and was it that was at the very leading clue that I just gave me or did you have an idea. I had no idea but when you said that I was like I think I'm really right now. Yes you're absolutely right now can you spell February correctly. Yeah okay go ahead. FE BRU. A RY. Well Don congratulations Stephen Vance an extra does her race. We've got tickets for you see Brit Floyd at red rocks in June western and our congratulations Janet thanks for playing along those whose question almost impossible I feel like with if I hadn't given that clue and I don't mean this is any disrespect to Janet. Feeling by hadn't given that clue that one could go on for awhile it kind of there's a lot of really Canada there's a lot of very eve commonly frequently misspelled words I think. Right now if you've been playing question almost impossible for awhile you may have noticed that we kind of go on little themes may be it's. Something that's happening today Neil last week it was kind of like ancient civilization. Themed yes they tension clues are here early in the question. Yes so we won't be able to make march 1 of the most misspelled words in the English a month from now I probably won't work but I hope that's not miss the like only one possible spellings for that. You sure you would think that he had never doubt do yeah. Question almost impossible back tomorrow morning at 710 here on the mountain we go to jail. X five year plan and it has any minute by minute plan C in the morning and 85. Mountain. Outside of Vegas I think his most of us know. Americans will not be able to legally debts. On the Super Bowl this weekend however. I think we probably also know Americans will bet on the super ball outside of Las Vegas. And according to this story. They will we will that's an estimated four point 76. Billion dollars on the game four point 76 billion dollars. Vegas only deals with a about 3% of that amount or of that action as they might say in Vegas the rest is handled by offshore bookmakers. Local book keys. Other operators who certainly don't pay taxes it's a number crunchers it's for channel dot com I figured out. If gambling were legal here in the United States across all the states not just in Las Vegas. State governments would collect nearly 400. Million dollars in tax revenue. Just from the betting on the Super Bowl this Sunday 400 million dollars in tax revenue from that one game. That's a lot of money. Dad did the states in me you know political entities are leaving on the table it leads me to wonder I mean there's a time not too long ago. When a lot of us myself included thought oh there's no way marijuana will ever be legal. In our lifetimes will clearly that that's starting to fall away I wonder if we started to think the same thing about gambling in that kind of gambling and thought well. You know maybe we maybe we cross that bridge when you talk about 400 million dollars in tax revenue maybe there's an argument to be made interest in story from a sports singled dot com. He's like an alarm clock does your morning what you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. 8:13 Thursday morning here on the mountain thank you for on spent some time with us weekday mornings we appreciate your doing a lot of choice by media choices a lot of stuff going on every morning and we appreciate the U. You take some of that time and share with us we really do I'm James gang funk 49 on that 995 denouncing if you were a fan of the show. Or are a fan of the show you've no doubt will recognize the theme song immediately. If you're not to finish early withdrawals from its summer house of cards this this theme from the house of cards. Fans of the show will be maybe I guess excited to know the Netflix has resumed production on its. First and its last Kevin Spacey last season. Earlier this week making up for the loss of Kevin Spacey by bringing aboard not one but two. Academy Award nominees about this spring the Hollywood reporter Diane Lane. And Greg Kinnear. Have joined the cast of house of cards as siblings I will just state for the record you had me at Diane Lane and I mean that very very literally. I'm no other details about their characters are known this will be Diane Lane's first regular TV gig. The sixth and final season of house of cards will focus on Claire Underwood Robin Wright's character. The wife of frank Underwood obviously Kevin Spacey is I think we all know was fired from the show. Sexual misconduct setter at setter went on number three month hiatus in October a premiere date for the finally episodes of house of cards has not been set. At this point but it's Diane Lane and Greg junior joining the casts. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC mornings on medi. I wanna I wanna play a little of his audiences stories kind of in the process of going viral this morning and all I wanna tell you it. In terms of the set up is that this man's name is Michael Bates. And he is a member of the House of Lords be a British the similar techniques yes and essentially British. Legislative government in in for lack of a better terminology affect. And he. Was less than sixty seconds late to less than one minute late. For calm of votes in a discussion in the House of Lords and this. With his British Jackson obviously this is what he said when he arrived a scrap metal. With the leave the house when if you commit to do offer my sincere apologies to promised justice for my disputed sea. You know being in my place and to answer questions on the very important matter. The beginning of questions do you define news which it's been my privilege to answer questions from the structure. Of the hopes the government. I would believe that we should go for rise to the highest possible standards. Of courtesy and respect. In responding on behalf of the government legitimate questions of the legislature. I'm soda machine and not being in my place and therefore should be off in my resignation took time. Kidding this is not a joke he offered his resignation. He was one minute late. Four a vote in a discussion and questions in the House of Lords he offered his resignation you can hear. Any number of his colleagues. Saying that that they would prefer he didn't do that. On it appears at this point at least is I understand the story. That's several other high ranking officials have talked endowments that look that's a little bit of an extreme reaction to being one minute late but we do. Respect where your coming from so now let's look at facts. And then let's look at the fact that just the way in the last week her show. Our legislative. Body. Bodies of the United States government were shut down. Like the third time in three years and may be again and very sick and may be again very soon. And bush and by contrast. You have I'm not saying the British system of government is perfect to do there are flaws you Ed Lee's to have somebody there. Then it seems to me. Understands. Why they're there. And who's there representing. And what the purpose of their being a member of the House of Lords or that the senator the congress is somebody who takes the responsibility. So seriously. That they went there one minute late. They feel as if they have brought shame not only upon themselves. And the house is a hole. But the people who elected them the people who put them in position does that seem radically different from what we currently have in this country. It dies it dies but I if we don't know. I have very different take on as I think he's been wanting to resign for quite some time and was just waiting for the first possible opportunity and he was like. I'm late I'm late oh my gosh finally I can resign. You think that's what I thank Andy didn't find a good enough resent and sell bumper and how like and they're not let me out of them. I think if you really wanted that he would have found a I'm a less debatable. Option out whereas I think he would have to imagine that in this case yet problem. Probably would prod people would probably say no you shouldn't step down over that's but again I'm just I'm just. Pulling out the contrast. Yeah lack of what looks like elected dial. I cannot be sent right now I don't know that the House of Lords is elected. Science I'm trying to figure this out now hereditary peers UN Harry your seat in the house of arts OK so now they're not of Boca. If you're an art Aron AD docket is there anything else on this very you wanna destroy before I've. Paula I think I'm good and do you feel like my point is still valid though in a user who let his a year or a legislative body. That seems to take the responsibility. Substantially more seriously than we do in this country now I think you just find pass an opportunist son probably. I need to agree with your perspective and I love your take on the. You're literally the worst person I know so you tell me tell I've heard. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Bring to health officials we should be drinking less beer. And drinking more kale smooth these were you know eating no less not chosen eating more kale. The problem of course is that kale taste like dirt. I'm with this in mind some farmers are using artificial intelligence to improve. The taste of tail and here's what they're doing they're plugging in algorithms. To analyze everything from the nutrients in the water to the type of light the Cahill has grown under. In order to get a product more people will enjoy without losing all the nutritional value so they're using. Technology and algorithms and in some ways I guess and crowd sourcing to make better Cahill with the idea of them makes making kale taste better. I don't need you now risen to tell you that the easy solution here is more not shows less scale. That's solves the problem you don't need any algorithms. No charge for that information either I'm happy to give it to you free of charge more not shows less can. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain.