RIP Jeremy

Monday, October 16th


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I don't know for anybody's mood for any thing this morning of them Rocco who know the Xena in the know with Dallas though zone. It was lashing Bell's game. And really dead Daewoo has not pleasant known as an up close and all will this morning 810 and talk to the G men about that I can. He may not have anything more than like one word answers at this after this the you know. There's going into it needs as we would expect to other you know giant salute very good there. They're injured they're they're having trouble the wide receiver. Immediately it looks like I'm very much like a Broncos should win and at the bridges destroyed demolished at home yeah by the giant. And now it's kind of it was a weird week I feel like for the NFL. And that. It's weeks sects are we yet we have settled in for studied is the point where their injuries were teams are starting sent loose on their best players to get to help junior out just a lot out Aaron Rodgers outsell. Yeah now we're brigade into that. Time of the season where anything can happen weaknesses. What should happen isn't and yes not happening yet to be a source oxygen at about that 8:10 this morning clearly that was not the highlight of the weekend what was your. My highlight the very highlighted weekend it a lot of things going and I would say closing down PSI problems with the highlight of my weekend all I'm responsible tell us that one of the greatest things ever I mean I didn't mean sales were doubt this just happened that way you time slot is slings aggressively drink news and when you I feel a slalom and how much so. I would say it was a very highly weekend as well I would say the pilot was we went to see your friend Tom Papa. Back coming works south landmark on Saturday night the on the early show. Killed it he just he she killed that whose great you know it yet and did and I hadn't. I'm not sure I've seen hit a useful show live before although obviously we've had him on our show a number of different times. He did a I'd say im not a third maybe 25% of the show was very much of prof just asking people who audio side you guys meet. And and that was really funny legacy had. Do that talent that is not easy to steal yeah I do well in you well exactly he killed its of that of those great in it was zone. It's fun to be there and to see him up close and personal do what he does since he comes here so often. Why don't do well and you have the biggest man crush on him of all time I don't know if that's the big satellites now. You have a giant. Can't let you dress doctrine has appeared misty I dressed up because we were gonna video and receptive for him OK just worked out. I'm. Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like five the Mountain Dew remember we did dumb here on a combative sometime in the last couple months Jeremy that they'll. Hey journey the sale when no one would meet folks hosts and for him. You can see you remember the story I remember the story is I've thought about this poor little now. Okay we'll Jerry just to refresh for anybody who may have missed a Jeremy you're exactly right Alec. Jeremy this mail have a left curling shell which is incredibly unusual in the world the snails and because of the way. Snail. Genitalia is lying deep it made it nearly impossible for him to meet with any others snails so scientists at the University of Nottingham. Put out a call for other left curling snails who could act his potential mates. For Jeremy you may also remember that two other lefties snails were found. It they didn't think they made with each other instead of with Jeremy. That's that's the bad news the front part of the story there bill. The good news is well it's it's again it's another good news bad news thing Jeremy actually passed away on Wednesday. Of last week but. It's. The fights he did despite those two left curling snails that ended up meeting with each other one of them. Managed to find some time for Jeremy. Eat to Hannity did so he so according to of scientists Jeremy in this one other left hurling snail. Made it three times. And and and have produced offspring so Germany's legacy will. Live on none of Jerry mis baby snails are left court ruling there all right corner good because. Maybe don't have an easier time in life. And Jeremy did. Well it would be hard to have a harder time everything that Germany didn't at this point but he did you know army went out on a strong notes he believed mated in pro created before passing away research will continue on his off spring. And did and did their offspring to see if the left curling. Thing if you know. Pixar if you are looking for a man you. The story of what have you movies this is to. It has everything you could possibly want yes in a story and Jeremy is like a cute enemy it's now obviously boys like Steve corralled like gosh this is. And it's just wait just wait to be put into action. Figure which you could actually college Jeremy dispel the couldn't get any action. Keep trying to put EMI deal little glee I mean he had maybe it's more adults. Yeah well I don't version and Venus can be cute one about Blake he would share mean not being able to find Wendell and is being done it click expo was house the IPO is brilliant I can't argue with agree idea that you take in Rome on a par on some coffee from time MAME and dear me this morning. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work. So it might TC in the morning on 99. The mountain. He is one of three guitar wizards including Joseph century Johnny who will be part of the G three big guitar summit at the Paramount in January. We've got tickets for a bat to give you at seven times more question almost impossible OK so if your guitar geek study up as we could be worth your while. Our company has created a new gadget designed to stop us from using gadgets how meta is that the socialite. Is a a lamp. Eight only lights up if you put your phone. On top of it all right so that the the socialite senses when your senses your phones electromagnetic field when the phone is there. Sitting on top of light you you get light the lamp turns on when you pick up your phone as if you're you know you're gonna check your check your text messages you're. Snapshot or whatever it is you do the lamp goes out casting you into darkness. Rice the whole idea at least at the very least is to help you become more thoughtful about constantly using your phone instead of just doing enough happen. If we've and I alluded to this earlier if we've created a gadget. Designed to stop us from using gadget so frequently I think word that's one of the sun civilians have ended days isn't it I'm pretty sure it is. On the story was in fast company designed this morning comedian Garry Bowman talks about a business it's. Really that dominated the scene for a long time and is no longer around and he takes great pleasure in match. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which won my case. Mornings when Mike Casey Mike Knight now. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. We've all even if you don't know the term I think we've all experienced the Porsche pirate phenomenon when you were some from Amazon yeah and do it's she supposedly shows up of before it's you get it somebody else's stolen off your porch yet it's a real problem in January yes. Her problem a lot of places bigger in Denver in particular Amazon is has been trying to figure out ways to fight back against the porch pirates here the two ideas. The they're currently considering. First Amazon is dealing with a company. If this keep in mind your on this that makes Smart license plates for cars. That feature a Smartphone enabled key box. Cracked the delivery drivers would be able to use the key one time. And deliver packages to your car's trunk. And then of course lock everything up again before driving away. The one time use Smart key for the trunk of your car. So for example they could bring some do you cure work where your cars look I or they can just bring accident office well via Boca. Yet that's also possible the second thing they're working with this technology. That dumb if it's a Smart doorbell. Do in this I really hate this idea it's a Smart doorbell that would allow delivery drivers access to your home. Again it would be a one time thing the driver would open the front door dropped the package off lock everything back up again before driving away. Those who is in fortune magazine this morning. Neither one of them sound like a slew. Begged for sure but the whole delivery guy coming into my house thing not liken that idea. Telling him that at all. No I. I'm not liking that I'm coming up with a ideas in my head right now and I think I've just you know things are I'm seriously come up with Sudan are better. Okay yeah that's what they're talking about of the two I would think that bilked Smart license plate thing might be more plausible because I'm guessing a lot of people are gonna feel the same way that that we feel them like you don't want some strange person. With free access to your house. But even that seems a little bit so maybe your I mean we need to. I still like it you're doing this whole Smart saying why use him a Smart mailboxes. Seeking deliver the package to a mailbox and then nobody has to come inside your house or your car. Yet that that would see like an extortion milkman delivering milk to those boxes to do that for packages and if their oversized his pick him up at the post office and a. I don't tell you this often enough you brilliant all piano. On that with all the sincerity I can Muster on Monday morning. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we want to criticize you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC and 99 plus the mountain. Armed if you're assured that some football memorabilia recently signed by every recently autographed by you know OJ Simpson well in your luck. Apparently some of that stuff has hit the markets helmets that mister Simpson signed just ten days ago. Are up for sale from a company called Steiner sports asking price is around 500 dollars should the folks at Steiner sports insist. They did not hold secret autograph sessions simply bought the helmets from the third party so there's actually no proof. That OJ Simpson got paid for his autograph because if you had. That income would likely go to the family of Ron Goldman. Thanks to that wrongful death judgment that I'm sure we all remember all that well but OJ Simpson memorabilia increasingly. Hitting the markets just what a couple weeks after his release from prison. Go figure. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings which Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Oh well I imagine everybody still a little bit grumpy after the video Broncos lost last night the you know they need to call a loss at things and punished. But they've they've cut to be down there that we turn your opinions of the giants. But on the upside it to the weather's beautiful sets off to a beautiful start and we're expecting more that this week so. We got tackle forced plus forgiven thousand bucks away four times a day seven H. And your next chance 4 and 5 o'clock here on the mountain in fall into cash can you guess. Which sports athletes. Donates the most to charity Scott it's sort of a trick question but is this worldwide area in the United States this is in the United States. Basketball. Okay great guests trick question you're gonna love the it's the real answer OKD. The answer is which sports athletes donate the most to charity. It's you amateur runners. Yeah up in front of every single rate is you have you pay full credit institutions. I five k's ten gays half marathons marathons they're offering and taught the money for charities over the last ten years runners York people of collected more money for charity. Then ever. A growing number of runners that number's up more than 50% over the last decade. In a large number of running events all over the country. Tend to have a charity component so according to money ish it's not end is not the NBA it's not the NFL or not it's it's you junior amateur runner people. I bully that suffers most is I make fun of you. I cure to be saluted for that well you are welcome nameless charities and you've dominated you in order to do a three hour charger fast so it throughout owner announced I that surprised me too I looked at it and I thought. I don't makes total sense yeah. Well congratulations and thank hard citing excellent. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before my PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain. If. They did before Monday morning here on the mouse and one to consider as you go about your day a story out of vote fine state of New Jersey I'm Joseph Mikulski. Was in the quicker bridge mall in New Jersey ended in a public area of the Quaker bridge mall when he decided to disrobe as in take off all his clothes. And put a couple dollars into a vibrating chairs there. Fur bubble to say for fairly obvious reasons I'm I'm not gonna connect the dots for you can connect yourself. A witness reported the 51 year olds actions to security a mall cop came over to persuade him to give put his clothes back on. And he was rewarded with a punch to the jaw. About that the guys naked he jumps up off the vibrating chair apology in the jaw. The guard managed to wrestle mr. Murkowski to the ground and hold him until cops arrive to bust him on charges. Of assaults and public lewdness in better news when he bills when he being a bonds outs. He's agreed to buy 46 of those vibrating chairs so it was a good day for the folks at the quicker bridge mall minus that'll public nudity parts. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mountain.