The Rightful Voice of DIA

Tuesday, February 13th


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Tuesday morning. Allie her we're Mike Casey today is. Fete Tuesday right 'cause let lent starts tomorrow unlike NASA it does right Ash Wednesday in balancing the same day this year yes yes. Marty yeah why not tell. Have you not like have you not dust dialed in to any things. I mean usually you're the one that the you know. I really what are we appropriate to religious holidays when the equal drinking so you think that I'm sure it's sort of how Mardi Gras. But you know it's hard to find people to hang out with on a Tuesday afternoon himself in a usually let him. Life new not a fear and a New Orleans a tournament and so I'm Fat Tuesday today. Bob big go of winter games going on last night's Khloe Kim the big story at this point seventeen years olds. Which I tell you I mean that's always seems. When when I've you know watch the winner Gil or any games and you see how young these competitors are. Now I've children that age gap and in my got a seventeen year old who can literally cannot find issues like who's to say hey and and I love him he's correct. But as you get local gym is the same age and won the gold medal for team USA Monday in women's half pipe. That makes her the youngest female snow boarder to win Olympic gold the youngest female teen USA member to ever win gold on snow. So guys you know as critical gap very cool amongst the on the other story lines happening in the world of the winter games. Our 7:10 this morning question almost impossible we've got some Bon Jovi tickets to give view provided you can answer our questions ago about an artist. The your brain that's prob is it the hard question and I got I have something in a minute run about angered Woolsey you know you talk about an off the air you get the final set. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. I think it was. He October November. A toward the end of last year Tony seventeen it was actually you I believe it was you who brought to my attention that Viv folks at DIA at the airports. We were looking for. New voices for the train. He was you write a cut so you see you suggest in your like hey they're the door open auditions and you should do this and then you know we talk to the boss and she's like oh yeah toll. Do it you had it not me you know you had to get nominated or something so I did my little. Audition thing and I heard anything about it months and months and months and I was like what is the. I think argument anemic just being cruel about. No no I just we just discovered yesterday I think it was yesterday afternoon. DIA relate released their list of the ten. Finalists for the the voice of the voices I should say of the trains it DIA. Our Adele Arakawa who was one of the original voices was on the committee. Aimed at choosing her successor the male voices I think a lot of people know was Allen roach. No roll roll true so he was the the original guy they've got their list of to the ten finalists. And I'm just gonna read the names really quickly and tell me if you notice. Anything jumping out you out of the fact that my name is not on the okay. Anthony Kim Christiansen Kathy Walsh Denise plans Kathy Sabin in Trujillo those are the five a few five women. Allen roach Mike Nelson Jeremy Hubbard Vic Lombardi and Kerry should pyro the five male finalists. And meetings about it you. It's on. TI you still eat it plugged it together is that's. And there was guys produce certain lack of diversity yeah like they're not from once Shen moral blow their TV people for one thing other than Allen roach. Who yeah sort. But they're all. They're all TV people they are there's not a single person out. Well Denise is a radio person but she's also she's also a TV person yes but there isn't anybody on that list who does this have three now that doesn't have so I mean I cannot. And why would you pick someone from a medium talks all the time in just wouldn't make any. Why the negative sense yes they're all at least have one foot in the world of TV if not both feet. No radio people. Allen roach was I read you the original ball Smit is also bring a hat like it disqualify. Anymore I think like that needs to be thrown out we should absolutely protests that are you know OK so that's my level one of frustration and right it's clear eyed you know use if there's three what four people. From nine news. And nine people we're the ones like. Look how your writing is up. That's what I'm saying now leptin also will put all that aside just for a second and get to the more objective. View of things are OK I was able to track down. A few of the auditions from a few of these finalists OK okay they happened all be the ones from nine news just because I was able to find them. Will start with garish pyro. From nine news or condition that his audition sounded like that role and welcome to bend. Our international airport. Port here for all eight V and Seagates. But really in not exactly awhile from moderation are right. Here's another finalist from nine news so meteorologist Kathy Saban. The doors are closing. Please keep clear and hold on for departure to all eight gates. Doing Juno was okay. Here is yet another finalist for the DIA trained voices from nine news go figure this is nine news anchor Kim Christiansen. The doors are closing. Please keep clear and hold on for departure to all eight gates please hold on as we are approaching the station for all eight gates I train is arriving. Okay that's you know what that's pretty good argument to Kim Christiansen but I mean as a reminder this is what what I submitted hello. And welcome to Denver International. Airport. Please see the nearest concierge. For your complimentary bag of Colorado we'd. Smoke Indo row. The doors are closing. So if you could look away from your phone for at least two seconds. And get the hell out of the way of the Doris. The rest of us could get on with our lives. Thank you I mean now c'mon how can that we get a leg dubbed slip for the final I. What's your problem once after listening to some finalist be sunny to human you need to be like. And I tell tired listening to and it is to announce youth that trained and every single one of those sounded like a bra Obama. Yeah. An end I think in some cases the inflection was on the wrong so wobbled to grind ago. Who gives them like you can hardly any agreement you yeah okay so that our plastic assessments so there's my bitterness for the morning and I do feel like. Even if I'm not a final reserve or whatever but ten people. They're all TV people for a little work for the same television station I mean come on. This same television station that the judge his work for and one of those Marty had to gig yeah so late to do you love. Around a little let's just give me recording the you have of yourself and every time I fly I'll just get Blake some sort of speaker and BI in primary challenge speaker and like yeah this is what you should be hearing that makes my heart feel warm. Well it makes my heart feel warm to think have you welcoming BDD I am I can think of no better way to combat. Here that are you know judo not on board this decision at all protest coming. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that we want to criticize your a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike GC on 99 plus the mountain. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day if you haven't gotten your significant other something for this all important holiday. It's not too late because I realize we're getting down to the last you know last moments here. But you can still swing by KFC Kentucky fried chicken and pick up a Valentine's Day card. That smells like fried chicken no joke KFC. Which clearly has its pulse on the finger of romance in America is offering scratch and sniff cards. Featuring photos of colonel Sanders himself forty bring cards in total. Which means you know you can get all four for that for your significant other or if your position in your life reach some kind of play in the fields. You can kill four different ones for Ford from people. And you could feel that they're getting something special and unique from you that also smells like fried chicken again clearly KFC has their finger. On the pulse of romance in America and I salute them. Question almost impossible with Mikey Nellie it's like should be at least a forgery minimal. In 995 from the mountain. We managed to wrestle the Bon Jovi dates back from Malibu road shouldn't. Kathy savings stolen right out from. When there's Tom we have Bon Jovi tickets for you this is the question. Need to answer to win a bunch of tickets. All right so you could not buy this anywhere. Intel July 8 1928. Okay he couldn't be Saudi couldn't be you could tell purchased it until July of 1920. X. Aren't bingo there's your question 6312995. Let us know if you think you have the right answer. Bon Jovi tickets a little. We might finale mind. Our question this morning you couldn't buys this anywhere until July of 1928 that was the first time you can buy what are we talking about. What Brett. And there has. That's exactly your eyes you know that are under deeper. And you. Re been spotted. It was it today's newspaper. It was an and or if they Tuesday I think we can someone. I. Well good read none of your part congratulations Jeanette her. Our maker is by Joey tickets are yours proved to be a little easier question almost impossible to do we replace that will do again tomorrow 710. Race here on the amount. We. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride in the works itself might TC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Have recently confirmed that in 2017. Marijuana sales top liquor sales for the first time ever in Aspen more weed was scholes. Then booze was sold eleven point three million dollars worth of weed was sold in Aspen which is a lots. There aren't that many people there really compared to just ten point five million dollars worth of boos I would imagine that as. Alcohol distributors a little bit panicked. As a side note economically speaking also is important to note that in Aspen Colorado not a particularly big place in 2017 they also sold. Eleven trillion dollars worth of Taco Bell slur piece of fruit roll stuff. Which may have a kid at a 7-Eleven and asked I don't know when they debuted you've got to have slur these yourself eleven point three million back of your business idea. I'll move solar is an Aspen and like hit the gas make them fancy not charge I'm finally that means that people are stoned out of their gourds they'll pay for that did so numbers are released on Friday for. Marijuana sales statewide for 2017. One point five billion dollars. This isn't that insane in taxes alone I got 247. Million dollars I know and my guest in here seems Hillary. Innings it's hilarious you know reason for its earnings that are glue. In Maryland like that they're free and seeing at. Money there now bridging tax money you can easily get the dumb idea. No matter how Demi think it is no matter how frustrated you may be people flocking here for marijuana. When we are getting 200 via fifteen million dollars in a year in tax revenue that's gonna benefit as residents of this stage. Quite handsome yeah I love gross out. Come please using ads give us the textile I snake who aren't for a so hopefully. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him he's my GCR 9095 to mountain. According to you may wanna be a little bit cautious today according to relationship experts today February 13. Is actually one of the most popular days of the year for breakups which seems a little ironic I would think seems for some people Valentine's Day. Is the wake up call that things aren't all hearts and flowers in their relationship. Show. Basically they end of bad relationship the day before the day of love which you would think. Would also have something to do with not wanting to buy. Valentines to present for you that person you know I would think it would be a connection there as well but again and take that with a grain of salt today February 13. One of the most popular days of the year for breakups. I was a political science major chemical let's take it might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. Another new Yorker and other Long Island guy. Jerry Steinfeld so also has another successful show on his hands. You may have seen it comedians in cars getting coffee. He's just been shoot over its or as of last couple days TMZ reported that producer Christian Charles. Claims to have pitched the idea for the show comedians and cars getting coffee DeShawn fell back in 2002. And then a allegedly worked with Jerry saw unfold on a pilot in 2011 however. The lawsuit says that should Jerry Seinfeld felt the doom mr. Charles and seeking too much credit in too much money. And show he went to went on to make show without him. The suit says that also notes that Jerry Seinfeld currently pulls in 750000. Dollars for each episode. Currently on Netflix reviews of the show our. Mixed and now a lawsuit I've seen a couple of the episodes. I actually I like Jerry Seinfeld and I like some of the people that he works with the comedians that he works with on those shows. I didn't find it overwhelmingly compelling either again I just saw a couple of said Jim Carrey in dumb couple other episodes without. Me you knew it was. It was all right you know bomber was well bias but 750 gram per episode. Seems like he's probably doing all right just from match question is how does the the lawsuit shake out. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings which might PC 199 plus the mountain. Maybe you've seen on social media there's. Over the last couple days of over the weekend there's a hash tag calling for boycotts. On the children's movie Peter Rabbit which just came out so blue little while don't actually got some really good reviews came out of try to handle archive PF from what I remember reading. Op came out on Friday there's a boycott movement and you may be asking yourself why in the world loser boycott movement. Around a children's movie it seems that there is a scene in the movie in which mr. McGregor you may remember he's via the farmer writes. Yeah it was Gardiner for it whatever he's the nemesis. Of Peter this Finley right mr. McGregor in the film is alert YouTube to blackberries. And he get an end Peter Rabbit in his rabbit cohorts. Throw blackberries it mr. McGregor. In order to escape. One of those dares ends up and mr. McGregor mouth. Causing him to go in if electric shock because he's allergic to blackberries in forcing the use of his epi pen. Certain numb advocacy groups and some parents are calling this allergy bullying. And Saddam Sony Pictures very quickly issued an apology in a joint statement with the filmmaker saying food allergies are serious issue. Our film should not have made light of Peter Addison Peter rabbits nemesis mr. McGregor. Being allergic to bid to blackberries. Even in a cartoonish slapstick way we sincerely regret not being more aware and sensitive to this issue. And we truly apologize. End quote so they respond to you know they've they responded to what seem to be legitimate so I'm concerned from different parent an advocacy groups. I'm Lou I've I've really gone back and forth on this story a lot this morning my kids do not have. Severe food allergies but play any of their friends have been over the years so it's something that we were familiar with at least in terms of you know how you deal with that how you work around that we're definitely familiar with it from. The standpoint of other parents explaining to us back and add challenges to their lives in their children's lives. And I get that it is something particularly easy kid that can make you feel. Different than other kids show if it's isolated and used as a a punch line in in a movie or whatever pregnancy were that would trigger some some sensitivity and the only hmm you know so that part of it makes sense to me the only thing I'm wondering about is. If we arts and this is a bigger conversation than just this move your just this issue if we are in some ways chaining ourselves into a very small corner. Like Ken having curly hair being a punchline is that makes you a little different. Who have played like where do we and I'm not equating having curly hair with with food allergies I realize those are completely different things. But it's I guess my question is how far do we Kerry that's. You know that methodology that thinking and where does it eventually lead I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing I'm just Q assistant where it goes. I think it's very interesting and I can see where parents may see it as something that it's on April because it is something it's dined as an attack to Carrick share. With the full intent of causing a reaction and that's not funny I'm sure that's not funny any person who suffers from a food out there any parent who has child to die. However I do feel like. And may be may be a boycott of the movie isn't necessarily. He had the best action that I did think it's good people are talking about it starting conversation about food allergies and food sensitivities and things like that is is a good thing to dealing. Absolutely I was tied in others to be earlier we've seen when you even go back and watch movies are set comes from just fifteen years ago. Disabilities are used as a punchline homosexuality is often uses gas line nothing that makes you even slightly different. Was used as a joke. And now you watch it you just think oh that is not okay so we've evolved in the way that we consider things even in short pier or standards intentionally changed. Greatly so I can see why somebody may feel hurt by this but overall in the grand scheme of hurts. It's. Tech there we go so if you dial I'm kind of with nothing boycott my people strong but I but I agree that Tim what they've done this and start a conversation that's always good at the very get very good thing indeed. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings what Mike Casey on 95. The mountains. Major. MG's used to say forget the flowers and over priced dinner Valentine's Day is tomorrow. According to University of Washington professor and author Pepper Schwartz she says did the best plan for Valentine's Day for your significant other. Is to get them something that shows. That you know him. Right now do you did something generic but the you know but that you did something. Bench put you know require some thought in some understanding of your significant other. And have that reflected in what you do worthy for the gift that you give like a surprise get away or some kind of experience or. Like even even a dinners and even a dinner plan that involves. Making a reservation at a restaurant that you happen to know you know your significant other really loves so that's one way to go about its. Or if you just want. Skip all the advice from Pepper Schwartz keep in mind we've talked about earlier KFC. Kentucky fried chicken is also. Offering gave four different cards on sale Valentine's Day cards that smell like fried chicken. And have pictures of colonel Sanders. OK for different options so very your two extremes choose from one of those choose carefully for Valentine's Day. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.