Promposal Day, Really?

Friday, March 9th


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It's so no ballot Friday here on 995 amounted Mike Casey are we collect you turn your back referred. A couple hours in Elvis hadn't president trump is going to meet with Kim Jung who once yeah. Did you just call each other name loves social media like two months ago. I think they've probably wasn't dialing out. And it does feel like I huge about face. OK so I don't wanna start a conspiracy theory that's now and trying to view the part of me is imagining mrs. like the plot of the movie where their likable invite him today to meet with us and then when he's there we'll play holly Nguyen it's like it's. Yeah I DUI but that's cool man that's a big. That to be a big stretch there it's a huge stretch but I'd like totally runaway at this news story and turned it into use some fantastical. Plot of and in action movie as wonder which probably isn't that far off. Yes that's true it's really not that far away from that I'm I'm interest it's like. They just mean neither one of them neither president from Nora Lum Kim Jung who likely neither one of them seem particularly adept that's. Say diplomacy your seat you know diplomacy has have a very. Structured set of I don't wanna say rules but you know there's sort of like their there's protocol and in all these things that are very formal and very structured neither one of them seem particularly give depth to that sort of just others are part of me that wonders what happens when you. Stick to them that are real moral action adventure movie carrier accidents from movies may be that mean I don't know maybe going to be two winners thing to happen today and I'm sure that's probably front senator in your pretty weird it'll be even weirder when it happens a Expos seven in May. Mike feces come and open a beer in 1995 the mountain. Coming up we of daylight savings time zone we are dual 2 o'clock mess up your world for a couple weeks thing. On which I think a lot of us knew put Sunday is also had no idea this was even if thing. Ought national. Prom proposal. Day that is that apparently that's the day when nom high schoolers go absolutely over top the top with their invitations to prom. I have a lot of questions about this deli meat sale first off. Okay well this is I'm coming going out of order here if there is to be such a thing is national proposal they which I don't think there should be but if there is to be. Why would it be in March when weird you out there. It's pretty early also why would a BS Sunday militants on Sunday. How above and beyond to see. Percent yeah that's your right that's really dumb to and then I just still are. I don't think glee kids don't need this they don't need more pressure around proms and formal feel like I have the I don't know. I just like everything about this and by being clear. Yes you are you know it's one of those rare times we agree I also dislike the proposal I think we dislike it for different reason why do you guys like. No Lima prompt close the fifth and jealous of her own guess fun yeah. Yeah but it was this thing when you're just some accent he had not to the extent it is now like when I see those girls getting like giant videos and parades I just think. When it's all downhill from here. If you're sick you're still showing it now oh look it's such a disappointment and it's just peerage Allison are pro proposal was like call somebody on the phone and ask them if they wanted to go. I did I from day to yell at me and it is not a proposal. It who it was not you are not fancy. Just I guess I'm confused as to why it needs to be that I mean there's a part of me that thinks it's a little bit. It's cutting huge its creative. At the same time insulate. It's. 1981. Day I mean it's an includes an important thing and sticks with you for awhile. Everyone wants to know that there's someone out there and it's willing to go over the top to express their affection for it's just a nice feeling. I see. But I don't speak for many experience but I assume OK it just sorry we don't get a little harder and did I tell your average rebate. If you do there have little. I just feel like third it seems like a low of setting the bar a little tea and juice. There's too much and they're just kids stick you know like I don't know not everything needs to be stage production. I we've talked about this before we agree on that too we have Iowa Mallon I'm feeling bad about my talent to Ireland died and nobody loves me here's what. Thank you can do is trap. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before my PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain. You have bomb. The what's called the Amazon echo do you have one of those things in your somewhere in your homer maybe multiple versions of that in your home if so. You should know that according to a new study. People who haven't Amazon echo in their hold spend on average 66%. More. Then those of us who do not have any it was a on Amazon echo. In our home about 17100 dollars a year if you have an echo about seventy notre belliard Amazon. Amazon prime members spend about thirteen hundred dollars a year and regular old Lim is on users spend about a thousand dollars the year. I have a funny picture in my head. Of you know sharing this story. And having at least some percentage of people go. Wait a minute what do you mean they've put this big victory isn't bush visit our own Zoe would spend more money yeah. Of course why they did it I mean it's needed like a dual tech gadget but I mean ultimately that's that's the end goal. I mean we all knew that and we are at least most of us probably not all of us at least most of us so keep that in mind if you haven't it was an echo Nero spew little cautious. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. The question almost impossible and 99 file. Yeah we get tickets to see Chicago for you there go to pikes peaks that are on March 20 of just war and simple little question. The fear of the challenge. I think people are. Think it's Alaska is the last day of the week is god is a good one of these arugula and not think spending Senseo. The average American household will spend almost a thousand dollars on Duke's this year. Doesn't bucks. Pretty significant amount of money schori is that's what the average American household is going to spend on menace this year. Because we think we're talking about 6312995. Question almost impossible good luck. We Mikey now he's finally getting. Are still looking for the right answer for question almost impossible the average American household will spend almost 1000 dollars on this this year reaching we're talking about. Not cable TV. Try thanks for thanks forgiveness drive. Warning which I guess the question almost impossible. I'm. I I like that I can do deli in two weeks I could easily. Now I tried not you but I could. No that's not the right answer thanks for Desormeaux. Good morning which are guest or question almost impossible. I'm. Like oh laundered it according to play good guests it's not the answer is looking for but thank you for forgiving and it's dry. You know we're not we haven't even gotten close. Not even remotely that is remotely close this isn't something that every household is tennis and money no a lot of them are not but if you Ari you're spending around thousand dollars and if you don't have kids you're not spending anything I am. It's cracked Diego that's that's a pretty good clue. Arts the average American council will spend a thousand dollars on this this year when we talk about let's not. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my 1995. The mountain. Still have the right answer for question almost impossible here is the average American household will spend almost 1000 dollars on this this year what are we talking about. Food supply you're getting closer you're much closer disease school related activity. But it's not a school supplies. Got an arm or are. Let's. Right this is something that only happens once the school year are probably not. On spring break. Now in my. It straight right but only once a year. And start. Yeah. Nine clues we got. There. Well. It was this and I'm not meeting to make money use it was if we didn't get anybody even remotely close up to you. So ask ice may as well and yet he's not. Editor vote now we've got to get Z Chicago for you what's your name pop thing. You remember how much you spent when you went to from her or you're dates and or whatever and then about our. Who hundred dollars damage got an issue. That's Liggett re re aging and by compares. And I had one of those really operate I didn't let out early on earlier eight. And. People aren't. Think I am now. I'm sure karma actually came back to bite him uncomfortable and so and that malaria. And I go to Chicago so this great things look at. And that that should be their capture we appreciate question almost impossible comes back Monday morning at 710 and here on the mount. X five year plan. It is minute by minute plan might see in the morning on AB plus the mountain I think the. Me personally I think this really exciting news generally. I'm very leery anything that is just sequel or prequel or a part two hurts today is always like laxative. The Muster you know the thing that did drew you to in the first place lights this may be an exception to that rule a sopranos. Prequel movie. Is in the works from the guy who created the series David Chase a New Line Cinema has bought a screenplay titled. The many scenes of new work Newark, New Jersey by David Chase and Lawrence Connor the film is sets in the 1960s. No word on. You know when it will happen how little happened who might be in its. Obviously be you know James Gandolfini who with a domain star of the supreme assistant pastor way. But pre quilt changes she well really kind of changes everything in terms of how you. Are you approached the whole idea so I've been personally have be really excited about that sopranos prequel movie in the works. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 1995. The mountain. I don't know if you have little kids. In your life I I I don't for the most part anymore I mean also my nieces nephew several kids but my kids are little bit older but if you do. By have little kids or grandkids whenever this would be a good thing this story would be a good thing for you to keep in mind the story comes from the south China morning post. A mother there in Shanghai. Let her two year old son. Play with her iPhone as a boy he thought she was watching educational videos or something online but she's let him play with it wasn't really paying attention. When she got it back. This from her son the phone says if if if the phone and said I thought his disabled. Try again. In 250001141900. Needy if permit its. Apparently. This doesn't happen to me soars in anything about the economy accents every time the the toddler in this case entered the wrong passcode. The Loc Al time increase increase increase increase increase sushi turn into an Apple Store in Shanghai. And dates older than that she had two options she can do a factory reset on her iPhone lose dollar files or wait the 47 years. Until she can use it again. And she's who I can really wait for 47 years until my grandchild it was your father's mistake so she's decided to go through with the factory reset. It's you know I there is no way around it but it's probably not a situation you wind up and so we got a two year old or three year old sorry your life. Maybe just keep denial mother playing with your your iPhone. If you take away the looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney asks image might be easy to find 995. The mountain. If you've been feeling a little maybe a little sluggish this week communal tired have a hard time getting going. Don't worry you'll feel even worse on Monday. Because we're gonna spring forward loan to small car right thing whereas leg is turn everybody into a zombie for about three weeks in. Is the bomber time. I always like to be I like it in the fall when you an extra hour when you're out of the bar you watch the clock because I can say it's stale. Yours is a complete government now and I did it to me in an eagle home. It's the worst this is uninteresting little story. Netted Joyner. Is a Adam those issues and entrepreneur she's business owner she owns a story in Oakland California called the feel more adults gallery. She apparently. Ms. joiner has staked out a space in San Francisco International Airport. And she would like to open I mean let's be frank about it it's it's. Ma am having to will be in front of it's not a good bill. Too worried it's it's horror. Kind of thing you did a really good job thanks I appreciate all she wants to open one in San Francisco International Airport my fair part of the stories this quote. From minute Joyner that says. When people get into an airport the plane is delayed yet three or four hours to kill you're gonna need something not just a sandwich. What can use some of the seeger. Moderately Ned is advocating for all kinds of different things I'm she says her fund factory will be due streets. And Walt offers some of her usual best sellers like handcuffs because you can't take those on a plane she's currently trying to find a way to put together the 250000 dollar deposit. Need to secure a spot. That's different Cisco's it's a Disco international airport. I don't. I don't want to sound like a fruit but I'm sure I will do we need this in airports. Do we need in an airport now do we need to remove the stigma. Of going to adults stores and as they did just to be a CD experience like he currently has and this is something I wholeheartedly believe. So I agree with her on that. May be an airport's. Not your best I just think his flight. People can't immediately use your products I am I leaving closed showed me I think we need to be a little less embarrassed by sex in general. Okay that's a fair point but I BA you probably should have better than it was tempting to say it like. It's it that's just doesn't seem like the place for yet the airport might appear biased it seems like inviting all kinds of the Anita Blake. You're just in there. I'm forget American thing can hear your carry on starts buzzing may have some explaining to stray incidents troubling on so random levels all hello. It gives new meaning to fly the friendly skies doesn't it shared just it's also good stuff to the airwaves is trying to veto howling comfortable you are right now Illinois of scrutiny Cilic. Might Casey's final thought. So it seems like a lot of weird stories come out of Florida this is this is another one interstate ten on Florida's panhandle was turned into a river dear earlier this week. When a truck. Carrying beer tipped over installed its entire load all over the road people police say the driver sustained minor injuries in the wreck. He beer about 60000. Pounds worth of beer. Suffered a much worse fate was destroyed. Ammunition gas once it's like kiss the roadway in June. And who. Repackage his conservative people at that point through the glass and live here no problem the crash occurred at 2:40 AM. It's unclear as to whether or not that that driver dozed off. He was cited for careless driving. The top cited you can find some good news here it's this who 60000. Pounds worth of beer and who lost. Fortunately he was Busch beer show extreme value was only like eleven dollars. For that 60000 pounds worth here. Again finding the silver lining in the cloud. He'd always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.