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Tuesday, May 22nd


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Tuesday morning here on 995 amounts in L Harwood Mike Casey. It I think it is worth noting. Elaborate Rockies won last night's chewed one against the Dodgers which means the actually slid into first place the Iraqis did. In the NL west they are 26 and twenty which is a very respectable mind there are still like 700. Games left in the regular season yelled we just got started baseball lasts full service and her and I love baseball but on the first on to say. There are too many games yet you need to cut the inventory. Probably by half but I that seems to fall on deaf ears in the meantime. Rockies in first place that's kind of cool worth celebrating. I'm completely unrelated but also I thought interesting I don't know if you saw this. Former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have signed a deal. To produce movies and and series for Netflix. I don't this morning yeah and I just thought oh my gosh tilt my favorite people. With my favorite. Yeah that's an even bigger about the out of your Netflix fashioned they will work on you say Purdue's. Movie series whatever does that mean like financed primarily or does that mean like your your picking out projects and then financing. But MI mean more the second one aegis said meet Gary your pitch different idea as you're looking at difference grants and then deciding which ones you're going to enabled happens of people are coming due basically saying. And this project. I wanna work on you say I really like this we're gonna find evil the finance says. And then Morgan and make it happen and it's gonna be on Netflix. Sell it Netflix basically is having brand new original contents here aided by the Obama. Gotcha and it doesn't necessarily mean that they did their reaching into their own pockets to fight I mean they could but it could also be a thing where let's find some people who want to support this brought to eat it day it could be a combination of unity depending on what Disney decide. Yeah obviously on the team will be coming from the production company that the obamas would start okra that's why no one's asked me to be producer and as money's not that. I don't think he just started as a producer yeah you could produce one of your projects along with some other you'll barely used if you start as a president that you don't you only really listen to it and Coca and thank you do is he of movie pretty music that's allay usually. Yet it's exuded great way to great road to work there are that's got a cool though like I bet it's an interest to move on the part of Netflix like terror. They're expanding. The way in which they try to do things which is interest on the landscape is changing they are taken out. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 95. The mountain. Your first chance to win a thousand bucks without scum and a twelve chances today your first chance coming up. Just after 7 o'clock with the mountains of bullet cash contest it was on this date so is may twenty seconds. 1980 which I believe it's thirty to thirty years ago. It's on right. Yeah 38 years ago the and I don't even know if you'll be you'll recognize the sound effect but I. Slightly older people probably wells 38 years ago today that this happened in the United States forward the first time. I. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah and concerning to me he clients. Really. The Pacman Jones I only ask only has not it's. The Kentucky Derby day 38 years ago today pac man was released on this date first distributed in Japan that. Where is developed by the name Coke company Midway Games actually brought to the United States in October. Of 1980 and this was a viral moments before they were such things as viral moments I can tell you were the first one showed up. Close to my house in my neighborhood yeah right. And upon discovering I would no joke would probably be retired now had I not spend all of my paper route money. I'm back I'm back meant like as it was a quarter and I had a lot of quarters and man that was it was so you know there was six blocks from my house that just became the place where everybody was. I am I am a really hard time with video games and man. Is just a nonstop. Panic attacks from me and I like gas. Because not only 1990 get eaten by anyone else who's plainly to you seeking due to reform plan. He can't hitting mighty gust sometimes it goes gold real fast and then sometimes you get trapped in those little areas and it's just like if you put my anxiety into a game. If you that's at pac man I'm really struggle that. So is not really hits for you on the LC again this is still must play later I think it will help me overcome my digital fears that where it's at now let's take a while there was thirty years ago today that that your. Your anxiety was turned into a game great is called in called factory which was actually before you joined us on the planet so conflict its legacy outback and legacy is so strong. He is displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington DC and in New York's museum of modern art. About that move in if only I had the three million dollars back that I spent on corners and a particular game between 1980 and 1984. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Sewers are about our pac man earlier this is another flashback and this one may miss you can you probably weren't too young to know this but just so there's Bob Marley buffalo soldier. If you're of the right age you may recognize this little musical connection here between between this and another. Capability that is. Is good TV circled the Davis blitz. The banana plus he had it was on. It's. Mid seventies late seventies. Yeah I was slick occur to you as you know the kids thing was before there's Nickelodeon. And I don't know if there's any connection between now the Bob Marley song but boy they're pretty much exactly who sent me. On our behalf they're very very similar you know our people get inspired me to each drew loved watching can't chance it could be could be a big fan of the banana splits 7 o'clock this morning just after your first round of mullah cash contest keyword. Archie it's 31000 bucks twelve chances every day so that words coming up just after seven and just after that's. Question almost impossible chance for UC William Shatner. At the Paramount theatre on June 21. If you hate getting hot and sweaty when you work out well. This new concept this gym concept may be free it's called the cold gym concept apparently these couple of opening in New York City. You know like everything starts their the gym is it's not just like air condition called it's like wintertime cold. And recently the idea being researchers show on the body the body burns more calories when you exercise in the cold. Not only that but when you're working out and not getting overheated. You can work out harder. In longer which is another you know meaning you also burn more calories you just you sir I have to be prepared to be cold when you first walk in. You EU as a Morgan tell you love everything about gyms and exercises that you hate decide I'll and I will never happen to. Because it's colts. It's below 65 and here and I start crying you think I'm gonna voluntarily go anywhere with its 45 degrees no thanks originally be culturally committed because your and that would be a minute that's so terrible I Iceland to the other. 59 now thank you. Really now that dead set against it even though all these things point two words she you know no longer work out more intensity more calories burned all that's absolutely not. I go to regular only temperature jams wearing light years because it's too cold when I get in there. I wanted to be when he called. No thank you. Well I'm imposed just because it's a gym in general I could see word I could see where it works and where some people like I could see where this you catch on because there is some. Would do is it physiological there's some evidence to support the year you know that there are benefits to. So apparently everybody in the world will do it except for me and I'll be warm yet and I don't feel about that is where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so good luck. On 1995 the now. Where are we came back with a bang yesterday as like 47. Callers before we got the right answer now now knows so little much yeah well maybe today's won't be as. Extreme Selena between our tickets to see William shatters covered Paramount theatre on June 21 you'll love. Question and answer session and NAS Star Trek movie screening. We've got those tickets for you provided you can answer this question. A pay 37%. Of people have done Davis at what. 213 roughly who am I mean a decent number of people 37%. Had done this at work. OK we think they've done a word what are we talking about 631 shoot 995. Good looks. We might know a minority. Yeah. To answer that question almost impossible 37% of people have done this at work reason we're talking about what it. Yeah dad you are exactly the right this is how. How'd you land on the outline. But the ten. I have my coworker at. A did you come up stepped up and the come on let's not think it's there. I think she cat and a. Look I guess yeah we got to take its seamless sat there for you. Opt out which I'm happy. All right Jacqui strong work do you question back again tomorrow morning just after seven to another chance if you win tickets to see William Shatner. At the Paramount theatre. Yeah he's into it looks more each arm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. The this afternoon from noon to one our friend dinner party will be add peak to peak Tappan brew. In a roar that's on he's still I live in a roar from noon to one that he will be giving away tickets to see poison and she triggered through theirs tomorrow. He given way tickets and I and every five minutes yet. Which I think earlier said was twelve parents like tweeters neighbors at twelve. Well I'll we can't do math when he Spain has its own lots its tickets every five minutes I hope you can swing by NC a our peak to peak Tappan brew. And he's silent Finneran that some terrible mouth on our part it seems like we've done like every story we talking about today as a certain. Retro kind of vibe to it in this one fits the description as well. Hasbro the toy company on Friday announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized. Played those distinctive smell. With a registered trademark. Play go the view Hasbro describes it as. A sweet and slightly muskie Vanilla fragrance. With slight overtones of cherry. Combined with the smell of assaulted. Wheat based duo does that seem accurate to you I mean nearly personnel are so. All of those you seem really accurate and it scary and the weeks. Is the wine that is that I always smile whenever I have Sam Adams sees him cherry wheat beer and I don't play don't always remind you played out. While I'm guessing I mean they don't really say in this but they've patented this the the sentence. Trademark the sentence. I feel like that's sort of automatically means there's slick. Plato perfume or something coming down the road to thank. Oh my gosh what if there once I don't know if I wanna sound like that media good lion air freshener to my house to solve yeah right now cars of that now yeah. But nothing you'd necessarily wanna whereas it sent this would only be marketed to people who don't have children that he had a young kids he'd probably get to smell that all the time if you euros as of yet you have to beat the Celtics for your own child tied it 21 to smell more played out. Yeah people I still yet these Dave military marked the sense I mean pursue them hold them for them to trademark the center of like rock them sock them robots are part hot wheels or something so plastic. Since she's up on my age I'm sorry flashbacks I reckon I'm share rock them sock them once smiled. They were all agreed to commuting or Ross I stepped out of its pilots who apparently just were thinking I was dragging aren't in yet Hartley in. Elegant thing in hardly enough I'll money gash luckily I don't have to do is sincerely leading talk refine on your part. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office in between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike DC on that either. Now and arms to get a hot days we all know meter across Colorado. As we as those hot these bills up. We can end up in one of those situations were fired introduced you know climbs exponentially I think it's something that worked we tend to be used to you with that concept here in Colorado. On last year in September. A fifteen year old in Oregon apparently was not overly familiar with that concept or was just being. A fifteen year old and not really thinking things all the way through and tossed fireworks. Into a forests. In or again. That set off a wildfire that burned 48000. Acres. The fifteen year old is now learned the price that he has to pay. And it is. 36000631. Year 2687. Dollars and ten cents all my guy Hsu who US Forest Service discuss US Forest Service. This was the finding in the court case admittedly that's a huge amount of money that really don't be able to repay only celebrities can settle for that my race for 36 million dollars. The judge in the case said no we're gonna keep the payment at this we're gonna set up a payment plan frees fifteen. Sort of a payment plan forum. If he meets the early conditions we've been you know made expunge his record and but these guys it's like ten years or something. He kinda has to stay clean for her and make his whatever his payments are fifty dollars a month or something. And it doesn't seem unfair now that's a pretty sick if your 40000 you know all too well just how devastating fires can be. Gas and that really a really hasn't seemed super unfair to you campaign that's. Every month until. Certainly puts a dent now at 37 million dollars what I looked at this morning at that out like one of the things about being a parent is. Inevitably no matter how green your kids are. They're gonna do something really really stupid along the way. Probably that and you know is embarrassing to them into you yet just you know is as far like that's the way it goes. So I think in today like if you had that situation with any of your kids recently. Look at it this way at least whatever your kid did probably didn't set them back. Third guy he's still a million million million. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain are a lot of. Runners participating in Sunday's marathon in green bag. But only one agreement Wisconsin that is only one of them raise money for a worthwhile cause and broke the Guinness world record at the same time. Check this out I know I feel like this is gonna. Loading you know this world better than me sort of feeling reasonably much Wisconsin native William cock and broke the record for the fastest marathon time while carrying 100 pounds of extra weight from it she ran a marathon. With a hundred pounds in a backpack. Millones yes. Any finished it in six hours 27 minutes. Beating the previous record by twenty minutes he said when he got hard. He kept telling himself to push through and break the record because there was no way he would ever wanna do it again. Oh my gosh you know the reason money maker running clothes cells light weight. Is he has an extra outs I knew I guess during a marathon starts to feel like extra pounds. After awhile now. You know hundred underground search blazers were two miles if you ever height of the pack on your back you know how hard Brenda is that is and that's hiking and it's probably not 26. Mile now he's running with it. In this mean. Yes he set so we set the Guinness world record and raise money for Mo who are Wisconsin which is a local charity that supports deployed service members. And veterans. That's a pretty impressive feat that's not he wins in the week at least yeah. Probably a month may needy here some way to doubt we will accomplish nothing that. Present this year and diatribe that probably would try to accomplish and Prince William Gargan from Green Bay, Wisconsin congratulations. Sir a job well done. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.