Possibly the last show ever (unlikely)

Friday, September 22nd

Let's hope the world isn't ending.


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My case CLA carte wicked is the first day fault or will be fall a little bit later today. Yet today's the first day that Paul's gonna happen is at 2 o'clock or so yet an exiled. But did say isn't today the first honorary dvds and even day yes I believe Dennis which is which is cool yet so first day of fall. President trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong lunar calling each other names stats so that's going on. Maurer of natural disasters or in the headlines in over the last couple days you may have noticed Jimmy Kimmel. Late nights on TV host has been getting quite a bit of attention. Regarding some. Fairly pointed comments and commentary I would say about the ongoing health care debate this is Jimmy Kimmel from his show last night this. Morning fox had the other senator from Louisiana. John Kennedy no relation as you clearly see. He had to say about me our biggest opponents appear to be at this point. Senator Bernie Sanders and Jimmy Kimmel part yeah. I don't know mr. Campbell he's a funny guy back I don't think anybody would confuse him with a well respected. Health care expert I wouldn't take advice for from Charlie Sheen needed. Listen lady. Okay. I'm. I've pretended to be an expert I'm asking why people like you aren't listening to actual experts like the American medical. The fact that Charlie Sheen is still alive means he probably knows more about health care than any. Israeli series brings over good point Jimmy kill for his show last night I realized that in terms of the health care debate. Everybody has an opinion there are many different sides of the argument. Putting that part aside just for the moment I sometimes find it frustrating when people. We split would respond to Jimmy Kimmel bison who do you know showed up until jokes immune. Lake. I understand he may not be an expert necessarily but he is an American taxpayer and American citizen who happens to have a fairly big platform mob because if you show and unlike a lot of us he would have been a very. Very personal experience with health care system just in the last couple months with his son is due newborn son and emergency heart surgery and I think his take away from that was. Boy this worked out as well as could be expected for me and my family. Primarily because. I have money I have a certain amount of celebrity and ever really great health insurance plan but minus any of those things. We we tell a completely different story now so it's a very personal. I mean it is political because everything's political but it's I think he's coming from a very personal place he. Yes absolutely and he's recognizing that there are millions of people in this country who are still uninsured and that staying ally and staying healthy has become a luxury. That some people can't afford their people going bankrupt because they cannot afford the care that they needed to stay alive and that's not okay. And even the Colorado hospital association is opposing message here because they say that they wouldn't be able to provide care for people on Medicaid under this new plan so doctors. We'll see some money. Who is in need of help and won't be provided them via because the government is is not providing. Funding necessary to diss. That to me when you see people coming in asking for help being and can't get it that scares me and I'm not okay. Yeah while I think and again because it's also understand that Jimmy kill as a as a performer as a TV host a decade this probably is a risky thing for him to do and when somebody's. In his camp saying don't talk about distilled. You know and and me personally even if I didn't agree with them. I would say look mamet's it's your show and you do what you wanna do it if it's if it's a risky and it doesn't pay off in terms of ratings while least you. At least you said what you felt like you needed to assess our boss the good for him. I mean you do it is everyday we both do and that's I do a solid job of not getting too political and keeping things light. But and I'm sure there plane people who don't agree with the things you have to say sure but a certain that we still have an opportunity to say. At a certain point you're just ignoring you know to me like it's the you can't ignore you can't just not talk about things like this in my defense of people's acute it you have to this is what's going on in our world so like if you like that part of his job and I feel like that's part of our job to let's do it Justice Kennedy is yes let's add and now we're given a war. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain so tomorrow's 23. Of September and I hate to be the one to. Break the bad news by two David Meade who is a Christian numeral just in self described researcher. Says that it is foretold in the Bible's book of revelations as says tomorrow is the day of the data series of catastrophic will begin. And as a result a major part of the world will not be the same this is the it is very cumbersome and I iPods are trying to make it is. Straightforward as akin to realize there's so much crackpot going on here that it is very difficult to do. Mr. mead. Aid he goes back to the book of revelation in talks about some of the references there. And says that what the book of revelation is referring to is the constellation Virgo which tomorrow. Will be positioned under nine stars in three planets the baby boy referred to in the book of revelations. Will be the planet Jupiter. Which will be moving out of vertigo on or Virgo rather on that night's tomorrow night's. The end result of this is that. To be your room. This is of this is a planet famous in conspiracy circles. It astronomers say doesn't exist to just treat it doesn't exist but a lot of people believe it does and now has science is a big conspiracy into. Is it conspiracy and his imaginary distill out on science news imaginary plane it is will be. I suppose hurtling toward us and and will cause some sort of calamity mr. mead also points of the fact that September 23 falls. 33 days after last month's total solar eclipse that's proof of his prophecy I don't know what that winds 33 days. I think he said it will Jesus lived for 33 years I think was his take away on that mr. mead also says that he says that he study destruct me. At a an unspecified. University of Kentucky because she's always a lot about that that I think this is always a lot of legitimacy to unspecified view in Kentucky. I just want you to have that information show that at some point tomorrow. You do see like off in the distance of planet hurtling towards us. Towards our planet you can at least say well Casey we stalls about it. You get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own Mike Casey I 99 plus the mounties. A little bit of a PR mess on Apple's hands their noose more watch goes on sale today. I hit stores today and goes on sale. The company is scrambling to fix the glitch. With its biggest new feature on the watch the it's a 399 dollars for the apple watch series three with LTE. Is supposed to allow users to connect to cellular networks while on the go heights. Reviewers have repeatedly run into problems connecting when they do this the upshot is they were on able to do such basic tasks as. Making calls sending texts or using series. With this from new version of the apple wash apple acknowledged the problem. Wednesday of this week. And said it's working on a fix. That they're expecting to arrive in the future software upgrade which I imagine does not look like. Republic released the day to watch presences you spending 400 dollars of this but it doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to work yet. I don't live in this world so I don't know unit I don't know the ins and outs of it. I always find it hard to believe though that did accompany especially company like apple. Releases of a product that is important to them as this. In the beat just or did they not tested enough did their. Their software geeks Nutley figure out to view of flux capacitor wasn't flexing on schemes like maybe. I don't know they issued a little more work on it in any event no that if you if you're gonna buy it soon realize you're gonna be a software upgrade for four to work as advertised. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him. He's my GC and Eddie guy finds a mountain. But I have a hard time remembering it like for most of them do we have some really hard wasn't really easy ones this week or was it just sort of we can I may have some comments first or second caller and then others we had to really hammered again. Yeah apart Woolsey were today lands up we've got a chance for you to win tickets to see. Seemed football take on Washington tomorrow to keep in my thinking mr. Moore Folsom field so if you win you would have to come pick up the tickets today. If you don't mind. How he's got to question. Yes they do you still Americans use around 500 million of these every single detainee. So that the time 500 million. Are used by Americans play what are we losing so many out. Okay 336312995. Let us know what you think. Question almost impossible. We Mikey now he's finally getting. What's your guests. Tomorrow yeah yeah yeah it's yeah. So. It would give you one more we got we've got silverware or plastic ware not classic where. It's not napkins we both of those are close if you were gonna throw up one more gas in that general. Vicinity what would you do. I. Yeah. On the investor you gave it valley its effort. Our thanks very. And so those are all close right yup he replaced who got napkins we paper towels at some point. We had plastic ware at some points and none of those are right put there all. Pretty close. Where you go now to excellence in an iPod. Americans use about 500 million of these every single day what do you think we're talking about brought. Hats. And now is with authority like a straw I know it is known as tasted a bill wavering. Give me my tickets. How did you know was that are clues. You know I had an idea because I was using one. And he's one of the time. I am. While we'll G is what are million dollars and landfills the earth is crying. Of course. Had this guilt trip brought few courtesy. Out of our way yeah. Now on to more. Our question almost impossible will be back with that on Monday morning you're I think technically. I'm not sure it's sure you're supposed to in viral gilts the blisters on our eye on the. You're supposed to do it all drinking out of a plastic water either perhaps just the rules don't like to me it's fine. Do you reduce or exert she's my model out of them this year ago. Our job first day of fall we get to begin a fall equinox this afternoon it's I know you look the big folly in not getting fridge and now it's. So you is it's. So. It just trashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey in the morning my neck. On 8:10 this morning are tucked the G men about the Broncos bills match up our you know our ex bills and Rula I'm Leonard wood letter handle. It's because otherwise what's gonna be interesting about this because the Broncos are next destroy the bills so this'll probably give it a fighting chance of of making finishing discussion. Between Alley imaging and coming up at 8:10 this morning. Resurrection juke box up next according to a new study you can actually catch a good mood or a bad mood. From your friends. They essentially meaning you start to mimic whatever mood. The people are around you are in this is in health magazine this morning. This would probably slips blame my blood why by the end the morning I feel like I'm sort of just beaten down to a pulp. My friend are quick over there. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored on your ride into work at some. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain. Or you're saying it vehement no choose shows for his business insider this morning. Its banks the folks who make the what are we even call that shape when shapewear thank you. Us banks. Is now gonna start selling. Armed tights beating Monday. The arm tight basically do the same thing that regular banks do but they do it for your arms I think and I'm not is I'm not. Perhaps it's thanks knowledgeable as I should be. But I think other than the arms don't they are to make something that controls every other. Part of like you couldn't you vice thanks for any part of your body other than your hours before now. Not your face countries that eating other than that. It's okay so now they're moving into arm where we cheap it's eight. I don't know I I'm feeling like you're going to be able to tell me. Why this sort of thing makes more sense than I think it does us. Or maybe not your making the fees you're not going to go. I'm not a fan thanks a guy personally I hope I get. I think not Santas they don't do what I would like them to deal. And I understand that a lot of women like leading died nice thanks I I completely and are some dresses they just cannot beat on without. Some sort of shape sure while we continue to purchase more than stressed that was I do my next question. Now that was going to be my question good okay arms thanks I think is going. A little far to their already like a little bit restrictive and not super comfortable. And then I just wouldn't wanna put them on my arm. Yeah I wouldn't I mean I've not believe or not I've not warn them anyway should perform so I don't know what they are what they feel like but they do look like. They look like they'd be super restrictive and if you had them on your arms I think you'd. When she feel like I don't know what you were may feel good that you know how sometimes being compressed and being like squeezed feels kinda. And that pressure is a little bit calming so maybe it's nice it seemed it feels like it would conflict dude temporarily cut off the circulation your arms and your. Compression stockings that's what it is. It seems it seems like to me and again I understand the industry is not target to meet approximate targeted me so maybe I'm the wrong person it just. It feels like. It's another thing out hey here's another way for for people to hate themselves. Yeah and hire you is this because you're imperfect and flawed it. And you know I mean I get there's a line between. You know everybody kind of wants to look good look their best and I feel that rest as Joseph best I think there's a line between that and oh my goodness I must cover myself from head to toe in all kinds of different things so that I. I don't yet truly is an antibody yet. It's yeah I guess I think M I I live my more on your side of dense than knee. You know whatever you need to do to feel great Canon decided yet like you just feel pain your skin I mean. Maybe there awesome I don't now while the coming out Monday so you try and it would go up by apparently tried more trying my arms banks yes cl yeah I do have a couple shirts and I'm sure endless arms banks and defended this thanks Michelle and I quit said it is my arms banks extra there's nothing worse than having your spank shell under your dress you're like still my my giants and come. Many days. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Okay it's not a. Officially the weekend yet but it is insights with that in mind this might be some good information for you to have heading into a Friday and Saturday night particularly if you have some. Some adult beverages in some party time on your you know on your calendar for the weekend according to a new survey it's not tequila or Rome or whiskey. That's most likely to lead you making poor choices while partying instead. It's vodka believe or not vodka ranked first for people. Who admitted to waking up naked after one too many drinks it ranked first for those who did something dumb enough to get them thrown into jail. Vodka also ranked first for people who set something on fire wild drunken that I believe is the holy triumvirate. Of data alcohol decision making so with the weekend in mind she just may wanna take that information and kind of keeping your back pocket just in teaching me. He recently edit doing lust was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning all in 1995. The mountain.