Poor Pebbles!

Friday, February 9th


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My case yell at heart we're Nobel Fridays are always exciting I suppose maybe Elise exciting thing over the last 24 hours. Might have been if you look 0401. K balance that's not that. Oh well I check it all the time I'm constantly monitoring yeah I kind of figured that perhaps she works necessarily in that camp the for the folks that are you probably just don't wanna look for a little while Dow Jones industrial. Down another thousand points yesterday it's the second is I think the second for. Figure loss this week so is down public view 3000 points since the end of January the NASDAQ and S&P 500. Are also down experts are now predicting a return to the barter system where tickets and chickens and goats are now currency. So if you why you're gonna trade. I don't know I guess a better get some chickens and goats I've children as his he's got four K I've got kids are cubic cubic if that's really yeah incredibly useful. And I think it's I highly cat never admitted to your mind to treat the dog. I'm in no way Avery you know they are husband. You would he's a hard worker and he's gonna stuff. My dog in no oh all right all Graham and Dodd is on. He's he's useless statistic and it did well well spotted wells but no I don't think we're returning to purchase of any time to bring you may wanna. Take a little hiatus from the commissioner for a one K belts. I'm 7 said this morning question almost impossible. Foreigners jukebox heroes tour rolls into the Pepsi Center in July we will have tickets were you at 710. Provided you can answer our little question oh yeah we've already got it it's super hard. And set him up oh yeah I want I want people he stared yeah spotlight Sonoma distributed damn. Mike feces coming up an appeal by 1995. The mountain. Over the past few years has been a spike in tequila salespeople are excited about you lately. Unfortunately farmers are having a tough time keeping up with the demand for blue god day which is she the meaning green used to distilling stuff. Because tequila sales are expected to increase over the next couple years even further. Customer people who like tequila by tequila might have to deal. With higher prices possibly even shortages so I understand people are little panicky about the stock market or last couple days but let's focus on what's important. If there's a big deal shortage. Cool all think we don't can't. I'm the price. The whole thing I mean this stock bargains like crash is every other couple years now if he can't drink it painful it. Yeah exactly let's all that's what I'm saying let's focus on what's important here in the stock Morgan that comes and goes to kill. DA panel that accused forever. You know I'm I'm. I'm holding out help. Is a couple years ago it was I'm kind of assured it's on now. Guacamole is going to play and it was speaking shortage and I there's enough pork. I I have a feeling we say it's true we have we've survived we had our guacamole we have our bake and it will have particulates you I think we well. A he recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995 the mountain also coming up Valentine's Day next week if you look confirmed. Let's say an alternative way to celebrates. You could go over to hooters they're celebrating Valentine's Day. With the promotion called shred your acts. You Brit if you bring in a picture of your racks. And you shred it using their paper shredder or their shoe that scissors both of which they have their scooters and you'll get ten free ball loose swings. With the purchase of ten regular wings let the healing begin it's a public service that they're offering over their hooters in addition to this to the wings. So vast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible in 1995. Fired back to love music inspired giveaway today foreigner and white snake come into the Pepsi Center July you've got tickets for. Our view provided. You can answer. How these questions I already told you it's going to be tough once tank units of the bar I mean she did it's Friday axiom ship so approximately 45% of the country song didn't happen. Or 45% of our country this country this country America 45% of the country saw this happening. Obviously a huge that's that's a big number until lie there are a lot of people here yes yes there are. It has nearly happen 45% are 45% of people in this country saw this happen we think we're talking about 631. 2995. That's the real need for question almost impossible. We might now they find any. Okay are still looking for an answer the right answer for question almost impossible approximately 45%. Of the country about 73 million Americans at the time. Saw this happen we think we're talking about Google. On the yes and you are where eggs I'd take you probably figured out why we asked that question today. Weird but it. It then renteria at no but I. It's it's 54 years ago today February 9 1960 for The Beatles made their first appearance on him on American TV on the Ed Sullivan Show. That they all that might let it be if they had to get a right it is the biggest people say that it. He would not only that I would guess that. When you look at caves mended now did you know or did you just think that was kind of a a gas. I would think now when you read it yeah. Oh lead and then okay. So big that it is a supplemental backward like that The Beatles you know I think that was really between metal that is what if it. Excellent deduct your reasoning on your part your wife would be as proud of you is we are. I hope at least what's your dad that our. Men. That. Yeah 654. Years ago today John figured that out so he wins the tickets today. Question almost impossible weekday mornings at 710 here on the mountain and John I don't know if John had figured out our. I blew out wanna call it code boo weekly sometimes trying to connect the questions to tell me what's going on in the war all exactly. And they seem particularly important to 54 years ago today February 9 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show. This big predates me so we know previous you buy a long shot. But I've heard so many. People who were the right age to be impacted by that. You know clearly did that that was it that was a cultural watershed moment would strikes me as interesting as if you look at musicians. Who are the right age. Talk about a transformative moment for I mean you can talk to mom Ann and Nancy Wilson from hards. And John Bruce Springsteen and everybody who was of the right age it's my favorite quote from Springsteen is him saying. It was as if the world went from black and white to color the next day it was a completely different world. And anything was possible he was like fourteen the times volume six bright so armed. Huge cultural moment one that seems important to note 54 years later and way to go John you do question almost impossible and it got some tickets out of deal. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex it image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. Are drinking alcohol can help cleanse. The brain about that researchers found that a low into it when you lost me there low intake of alcohol might improve brain health. By increasing the system up there that's responsible for removing waste products. From the brain that did the important point to be clear about here's the scientists said this can only word with a low intake. Which is like me be to drink today to retain softer. If your way beyond that you are you're actually you're not doing you're doing the opposite of benefiting your brain but do not dirt according to medical science of might actually be some. Bring benefit there it's that line do it's always about the line. When he goes to the gym keep parks in the spot furthest away. So he won't be judged eating his crossover which by people walking. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. 813 this is job men are quicker really dropped the ball in this one and you know she realizes this yet today is today's national pizza day. Which should mean if there's ever been a day that should be a holiday it. Our needs this one writes. Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza every day or about 350 slices. Per second over three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year. Kids between the ages of 311. Prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner you know why because those kids are Smart they're brilliant they've recognized pizza is the world's best food. On 17% of all restaurants in the United States are pizzeria us. Pepperoni the most popular pizza or in the front surprised and Charlie's always rank last. On the list of favorite toppings in here in the United States 62% of Americans prefer meat toppings on their pizza. 38 prefer 30% prefer veggies here's the one that seem shocking to me each person in America. Eads an average of 46 slices. Roughly 23 pounds of pizza per year so choice you towns that sounds like a lot 46 slices if you think about it. That's. What that's less than. Less than four per month let the edge that's less than one visa visa per week per year. That seems fright fully load to me and I will just tell you in all honesty it could be. It the only reason the average is that higher across the United States. Is 'cause I've I've bumped it up like I but the problem for a week. They're Forbes. The pieces of pizza a week so say you're welcome I'm carrying the rest of you guys you're welcome see if you can do a little better job because today. National bee today his conscience is clear which. Is and she many. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain. Can you explain to me I realize it's if it's a somewhat cumbersome story so I don't want I don't wanna bogged down with the whole thing what the hell's going on with the the emotional support hamster that got flushed what it would is that. I may yet yesterday's story because I feel like the headline needs to be difference. You want your flight mr. day it totally committed to overzealous or claims that on ads and the Washington DC airport. An airline told her that she could not bring her emotional support hamster on a meat. Plane fine I know lots and I'm happy about that yet. Opinions minor different than yours there but she claims that the airlines told her that she needed to flush hamster down the toilet. In the airport bathroom she then claimed that she cried in the stall for ten minutes because it was so difficult for her to flash there's cancer. And I feel like she's saying the airline employees and that's kind of this story is nice. Woman convinced two of flesh emotional support hamster at the headline in this story is crazy lady makes up stories about the clutching hands are down to a it's yeah it seems I agree refused seems very unlikely that it. For our. An Illini faithful you have to flush your lied hamster down the toilet nothing about that makes sense now so I worry for this woman's. Mental health beacon is. That chances are not a thing that would happen there's something not right there also this is an animal that provides emotional support and care about this animal. You're not gonna flushed down the toilet and marinades that somebody tells you to do you just talk to take that flight like somebody said your dog can't come soon you have to let him only this. OK well then I'm not taking this slice yes. I agree with you I I'm I appreciate you clarifying because initially I thought this is. Sad and sick but funny at same time. I thought she was already on the flights. In the Dade she's saying that it an airline attendant flight attendant told her she had to flush the hamster. In the airplane toilets. And a link that those things barely flush. A published yeah surround it right. Animal till it just makes me so sad yes that this woman did this to her hamster because. I'm sorry it doesn't make any sense that an airline lane when Anderson a personal that's so why I am you skeptical saying it. There was. Oh generously a miscommunication. You don't like that crazy lady flash as answer okay as a side note from now on my code name will be emotional support hipster. Yeah you'd call mall trying to ask fleshing out until it punitive. I tell me I have to hill and I Angel I didn't even when you're doing it. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. We're about to get into the mountain. 180 if you wore a person who enjoys trying out a variety of different things in the world of beer and craft brewing you might be interested to know that the dog fish had brewing company. Has created a new beer. Using the active ingredient in pepper spray. The you know I like. Not that pepper spray retirement so he sprayed on the food this is the stuff these he sprayed in the eyes of an assailant. Kind of thing the beer is called in your mace. Clever name won't do that it's described as a coffee milk stout group with cinnamon coffee and most importantly a special chili oil. Which is the active ingredient in May spring and pepper spray hence the name in your may suits from dog fish had brewing. I just wanna point out and again ever I realize this is one of those. To each their own content kind of deals. Just remember there's a very fine line when you talk about beer food or whatever is a very fine line between adventurous. And dumb ass and this this might mean real close to that line. If you're drinking the stuff that's in mace again it's up to you well just remember fine line between adventurous and don't. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain.