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Wednesday, May 2nd


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Alley Harwood Mike Casey I you know what I hate. I hate to even mentioning guy's name because I hate to give me more attention and Yuri seemed to get. But I gotta admit I'm having a difficult time getting my mind around this whole Kanye West thing like that he would ask the. I think it started as tiny being kind Yang and just doing things for controversy saint. But he has gone to a level that completely off the rails completely and is saying things that are just. Wildly irresponsible. Are not beefs and back are just. See. Yeah this is up I think this is yesterday we did the TMZ interview yet there and interviewed OK so and so did beginning his Conde de and then there's a reporter in the TMZ. News room who response to what Kanye had to say in. In this club when you hear about labored for 400 years for 400 years that's not like a choice. Might. You're there for 400 years there's Ali. I think what you're doing right now that the absence of thought. And the reason watt bill like that it's because congregate during child to European in your town to believe whatever you want. There is backed and rule world real life cops equates. Behind every dean that you just say we have to deal with the marginalization. As comb. From the former years of slavery that she'll say it bought our people was a choice likely I'm disappointed. I'm appalled. Brother I am all that. Believe only hurt bubble that that you have morphed into something to me that's not real. Strong words from the again the did the reported teams you reporter I'm following Connie US statements we he also talks about he bids addicted to OP your aides for a little while Vizio liposuction like. I don't know what the hell's this guy talking about. It's really hard to follow his thoughts because they don't seem to have any cohesion at all. On and because he's a celebrity and a well respected person went in the Hilltop community and the fashion community people see it. As artistic genius and expression. But it's hurtful comments then. Suggests to some sort of instability in a much deeper level if it's yeah I'd shoot us I mean it's ST yeah the people and I really appreciate that this required ex army called him out and said yeah because you are who you are what you are saying Matt actress yeah you need to think about it because people do is live with the consequences. Of your words and an of all of these things and heats just gotten to this point where. He doesn't seem to understand. Now the I mean this is like each and I never thought I'd say this puts he he's kind of he's Megan Charlie Sheen look like Mother Teresa at this point oh yeah. Lol you know that old Charlie Sheen meltdown from a couple of years going to figure out what the hell are you. Saying let's remember this is not Connie his first meltdown now are you now. An example of instability actually went to a kind nation in a festival back in she's ten years ago. And he shut up an hour and a half Slade played for like an hour last night and left. Issue Michael Ray and seeing his statement against Pearl Jam. It was weird yeah he's irrelevant you try we are now long time Cleland into weird Jim weir okay economy that's enough that's enough funny for NA today lust now forever put it only can hope yet to be answering regional. Mike feces coming up and of the year in 1995 the mountain. So I'm just wondering this morning if I dictate my health report to my doctor US still have to in my on the hook for the copa. Much to do that or is there are no it is accurate that coping I punch you also get to DT your cocaine. As our right. If your deciding what the doctor saying and you're deciding what Easter islanders about us or crazy like a fox cars from our did city. You might think on 995 the mountain mean personally I mentioned it before and I realize I'm in May be the minority here. I don't care at all about the royal wedding. Or I should say I didn't until I saw this morning. That Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon are reprising their roles as of course fifth. Korda hosted back in Tisch cat again for a live special covering the royal wedding. Who's gonna air is it on HBO yeah on HBO on a on May nineteenth. I mean this is officially the coolest of the royal there's no other coverage is it worth watching my marriage barrels barrels a guy named cordless and back. Oh my gosh this is going to be so great I legitimately excited for this I know a lot of people are no it's tough for different reasons because some people get all caught up in. Just see. Pretty much Harry is the black sheep of the family. Who has done some amazing things is by far above the best print. Nothing matters there's so many people have him for that horrible brown thank he just has a ton of connections money resource is to throw the most awesome party in the whole entire wild and paired Julie. Does happen is like that might be princess so I'm or a see through Sheri in mind he's been taught us our mega mart golf. Bush per pharma are letting the spice girl. That's exactly right and now the coverage and it is matching and I am just so excited about the pop culture awesome next that this when he has become. I appreciate your enthusiasm as you Will Ferrell abolishing an Molly Shannon. As to chat to his caddie you know. So that legacy that to be would be the only coverage of worth watching keep in mind as well that the royal Minsk. In the UK release the five pound commemorative coin marking the royal wedding. You better move fast they only produced 850 of them they're running about 2700 dollars. For little point with Dave likeness of him not that in area mega not no thanks. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC morning's four and 995. The mountain. If you're planning a vacation this summer. Ers are looking ahead of players occasionally sells comical you could head down the tequila Mexico. Which he's not tee it's a little a little ways east of lake part of fire Tara if you nor that is you can actually sleep in a giant wooden. Aging a tequila aging barrel. In the heart of tequila country there's no particularly in at the time. On a tequila manufactured down their set up the the barrels in the middle of an Gabi fields and he sings her huge by each barrel has the king size bed. And you can you can actually. Bunker out in the in the he steel barrel for a 165 dollars tonight I got a cool like I would that would be interesting. I would think and out the outs relatively affordable. I mean grand scheme of things but it's a good five bucks a night tequila Mexico RL put it on your lists may be it's a place you wanna go to sort. If Mike can really make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99 file. Give me always want to see The Beatles back in the day like you were old and I mean they would play red rocks the one time. This is really closest opportunity yet to see. A beatle esque thing a very legalized in 1964 and tribute to number one view showing the world. Governor red rocks in August all you've got to do. As answer this question. And so that's the only simple so well hot hot so you think. Nearly one remaining in four Americans believe this this question is officially the most disappointing. Of any of them that we value its TV yeah gas nearly one in four Americans believe this hopefully we're going to be informing as well as a warning ticket. Today that's right we seek to educate and entertain all of the same time. On 6312995. That's a Fuller reading for question almost impossible nearly one in four Americans believed this. And in parentheses they shouldn't. If my finale fine. Our question almost impossible this morning nearly one in four Americans believe this would retarded though. On that date. That Americans think that the sun revolves around the earth the. Yeah yeah you're exactly. What Americans about letting 425%. Of the people most of that was brilliant. Are. I know that the most disappointing. Correct answer ever. Ever ever and I walked. Well we share your thing you know that what did. Money burning. Our congratulations. Betty we've got tickets to see 1964. The tribute for you governor red rocks in August. Now be careful driving here because here at this flats. And we don't want to drive up the edge on their way here. Yeah I think it's somewhere near Centennial yet that's the artist assistant islands right. I want order product. Okay good convicted hey thanks for being here that we appreciate it all right thank you will we get science you again tomorrow well enough beer find out question almost impossible 710 weekday mornings here on 1995 the. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating is crow sandwich like people walking. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Seven to a 9 Wednesday morning here on the mountain Mike Casey Ellie our Rick that means it's six point nine on the West Coast 9630 there yet. Kanye West Missouri said 812. Crazy things this morning to craziest of all. Like this hasn't gotten as much attention because everything else he said was so confrontational. He actually said. Browns are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl and that is flat out crazy I mean honestly like haqqani since he hasn't Morse. Bird acts oh absolutely. It. At least that's not completely idiotic. I don't want that to Aaron Gray as can be three people heeding that idea I'm speaking in California. According to an in depth study conducted by Wallach public. The most fun state in America is. California. Probably not a big shocker there they looked at to rank the states number crunchers are today entertainment. Recreation opportunities as well as nightlife for the kind of makes sense of California wins out rounding out the top five. You were home State's New York yep number two Nevada number three which I'm gonna disagree with because of you take a Las Vegas out of Nevada. Sobered him I hit badly. Good news okay Florida number four. Illinois rounding out the top five at number five. Our Colorado not shoot shabby number eight's remembering the most fun states in the nation at the least fun state in the nation. Rhode Island. Know I just cynic it's tiny yet know that's a that's a fair guess just because of its side size it's actually ironically so your home your home state is number two. The actual state of your birth is the least fun states. West Virginia that's rates West Virginia yeah I mean it's very beautiful. In some places. There are coal mines and the university. It's. I mean John's done a pretty big. Yeah that's true. Minus the John Denver song you know left of the hole so that's the least fun state in the nation is West Virginia so look you're our medical represented across all of I mean that's said he is just basically I just occasion of my entire life yes I started from Iran and now. I'm here your number rates would you elaborate climbing. He. Watched was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain if you're a fan of Pearl Jam I think a lot of people are from what I can tell. Any you have a troop at some point in the near future plane to Seattle right pro Jim stomping grounds this is kind of cool the Edgewater hotel. In Seattle. And it has it this if you know anything about that. Legends of rock and roll a lot of them connect to the edge one of The Beatles stayed there at the height of beatle mania. The whole Led Zeppelin the mud shark incident that happened at the Edgewater Seattle now the hotel has its own probe Jim sweet it's a little pricey admittedly. For around 500 dollars a night you can stay. In the newly opened Pearl Jam Swedes. The website describes it as having authentic concert memorabilia lining the walls industrial grunge inspired decor and in the room guitar. Am and vinyl record players so that sounds pretty cool right in addition. If you happen to book this suite at the Edgewater hotel in Seattle starting yesterday and going through early August. In partnership with pearl gyms but how would you foundation 10% of the revenue. At this week. Rentals generate will go to the volatile GA foundation to help fight homelessness in Seattle so for good cause it's a really cool hotel it's. As downtown on the waterfront. You again 500 books Neitzel pricey but. If you're going there. You know some part of it goes to a good cause maybe you justified that way State's pro Jim sweet be great Eddie hides under the bed comes out scares in the middle of night. No extra charge for that. If you. Create X. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. Concerns that the iPhone has lost it's luster appear to be misguided apple beat analyst estimates yesterday. With its latest revenue and profit report. Apple says its sales have increased 31% that's a big number. In it also raised its dividend in revealed a 100 billion dollar share buy back. With that news yesterday Apple's shares rose 3% in extended trading after close to terms like a 169. Bucks a share. Odds big deal because well I mean it's apple right so anything they do is a big deal but there's been some concern. Amongst analysts in did you know people like that that sees the demand for the iPhone tend. Was it lower than expected and that the iPhone the Smartphone market was overly saturated. Apparently Apple's proven to be not exactly a 100% true. Their revenue for the second quarter was up 16%. To 61 point one billion dollars. That's always revenue that's that's what apple that 61. Point one billion dollars take that in Allen. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 995. The mountain. 830 street in Denver trees 733 on the West Coast the latest on the con you watch is at this point in the morning he's thirty drinks tiger blood with Charlie Sheen he declared himself the genius 74 times she started to Twitter war with the president of Burkina fossil and he's renamed Hollywood. The free state of easy he's in this not even this time 8 o'clock in the morning first. You said earlier this morning you never wanted to talk about tiny again I have been watching him pretty close. These regular shrimp oyster students CNN it's on parade Stephen would hire love on that 995. The mountain. Have you ever regretted something you posted to social media I'm guessing probably a no never I only. Good things and only post some some other girl a new survey found his 60% of us. Have posts that seem slowed me 60% of a supposed to something we regretted later. 47%. Said they wished they could permanently delete parts of their social media passed. Over 25% cited their teen years as the part of their lives they'd like to removed from their online history fortunately for some of us there was no online his true we are teenagers. On 17%. Said they wished they could delete their posts from college. I had you're nodding along Colleen yes things so be excluding year agreement called which makes sense I've Mike. My thing I tell my kids this you know to be cautious because what you posted today is gonna. You know Boise different in five reader ten years what I wonder is. If there isn't a there isn't a points in the near future. When he just becomes. Accepted that we're all in this situation not unlike. When when Bill Clinton said you know we do those small rural all of book and an aerial. That thing that was like all really what that was is that generation that came of age in the 1960s. Finally everybody go and look we all tried it lets you it's not a thing anymore lets you cannot make it a thing. And it's one win at that time the president's idea ogre yeah I try to put. You know I didn't inhale I think we got to that point that everybody just went OK forget me not saying this is and I wonder if we'll get to that point was social media guess is the point I'm trying to make. I can only help sell I don't I think your straws again every line just. Acknowledges that we've all got social media pasts we've all posted things that don't currently aligned with how we feel what we feel while we thank. Nailed nobody goes to search for me and social me because I still platforms that I don't have to be. I cannot get married so I stopped when an online presence because I can't remember. Passwords them teacher and I now that'll learn you lets them feel less you know you're cleared the social media tone Dylan's. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something whether US foreign nor does something else entirely Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain.