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Did you see arm I think it was yesterday. The assume they are or I sought on social media and yesterday I'm not saying that it actually happened yesterday but you know the welcome to colorful Colorado signs yes wish he will get into that inner. Somebody put a no vacancy sticker on it. Which is split now of course people on is it's made the rounds on social media it's it's funny and I got kind of a kick out of it. But at the same time I guess maybe because I'm not originally from here and you're not originally I don't laugh at that and I and I've lived other places were I'm not originally from. It feels a little territorial leg. It dies you know the and a don't hate this whole populist stance that we are again late this is my it's this is my area of dirt you pick up under my airlines around here you are not so you get out supply Kia. Gary you build a wall around Colorado now that was exactly but he gets a little bit but it's a little big shoe I'll I got a chuckle out of it to save time would. I think we got a real careful with that yeah I think so this is especially his mind guys our economy is it. Booming and because CIA is setting records with the number of people wanna come here cell. Yeah there may be an outside in the damage there there's an outside sure there are a lot of people again here in traffic split world and pretty well here and. And he just after 7:10 this morning question almost impossible we have tickets to see yes for you coming Levitt pavilion on September 3. So that's coming up another story in our backyard there's a little bit of I only you know what do the correct word is the word that I can stay on the radio there's a little bit of upside down and stuff going on with the Denver Broncos right now. That a fair Somers her aka wolf will clarify coming up next here on the mountain. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC morning spontaneity and. Really considering they were there at the time and place they didn't really dabble in the annals psychedelic thing very much the stones to even on occasion and I was wanted and it had its toe in the water musically speaking let's say paint it black. Stones on that 995 amounts in the Broncos announced yesterday. That Chad Kelly formerly they're number three quarterback has moved up to number two on the depth chart after the performance on no Saturday against Minnesota. Paxton lynch former number 11 draft pick. Drop side believed to number leg twenty eighths on the depth chart at this point one thing I just saw this is really mean horrible that. One bronco fans started to go fund me. To try and buy out practice packs and winced contract. Which I don't get why it's not like you you're going to be forced to watch him play yet he's its string quarterback he's not getting in the game he's doing nothing. In sherbet here I guess here's the argument now again I'd I think that's mean spirited and probably doesn't need the of that need to be a thing we do but it's. He counts against the salary caps like the Broncos cut him. Rightly or they just say we don't want Paxson was in where they rated them. He counts his 3.2 million against the salary cap this year and one point nine billion next year. Which is money you can't spend on somebody else. Chill but as far as NFL money countless flake. It's not okay but it's still money now thinking get another team to take him to take Paxton lynch which would seem incredibly unlikely at this point but if they could do that. Then the salary cap hit drops to about one point seven million. Ford two years it could be that. I mean I don't know I I've watched him enough to know that yet the guys struggling like she's yeah. Yeah struggled in his very few appearances usually doesn't quite get the offense and maybe this isn't the right offense for him. At setter etc. object Kelly did look really good. On Saturday buffalo boy they are. He's Sunday I need a hero clamor to zero when it's convenient well he is now I know. But I mean I'm not just claiming him he's a boy I realized that. That's my X at some spots well I view seemed a little less likely to click measure and. Prior to that he had some off field issues I mean sure but even and it's kind of just like you know he's Jim Kelly is now feel it's kinda like that that kid Navistar sort of banging out. We're not getting a lot of credit just for being who you got a pretty generous. Kind of hurting and it's like oh yes no will. Step up and take any is there yeah I mean admittedly he looks great on he looks great on Saturday and I can totally see why they moved some of the depth chart and I guess you why they moved Paxson winched down the I'll be curious as to how this shakes out in particular because I think it's very difficult it's difficult for any. Management structure in the NFL to say hey maybe we made the wrong choice. I think is particularly difficult when you have John Elway in the position he's in and you're talking about a quarterback. Right because the idea would be if anybody can. Sort of suss out quarterback talent and John do you John Elway and I think it would be difficult for the organization to say it. Maybe we went the wrong direction direction with Paxton lynch. Twelve we will see I mean either way it's going to be fine. The Broncos are gonna be great this year Paxson lynch most likely is never gonna set foot on the field sell in a Villa in Italy imagery don't worry about that 11 ever million dollar senior really gonna get for that money anyway as. Sort of like Buffalo Bills that governor exiled him out of three things you need to know with Alley hardware. Like UCL a heart with three things you need to know vet each year Q. I guess today is spanky don't appreciate Denny trial I yesterday. Manning in London and drove his car into security barriers outside parliament and several people are injured. Police arrested a driver. I'd now London's counterterrorism unit is leading an investigation on menace it's unclear still offices linked to any sort of act of terrorism but there have been several terrorist acts in multiple countries recently that involve people driving on the sidewalks. So that's the first place that this investigation scale was Esther was it during. I will we would cold Russia our unity was it a super busy time we're in time I don't believe it was during rush hour but it was during the day. Coca or. Yes it's more I'm still ban with the math and how far unchanged off yeah toy testing for us yes I am but yet now I do have a friend there. Currently thankfully not anywhere near parliament in Canary Wharf on but it's one of those things are so only start thinking oh my gosh. But partisan weapon yeah yeah and miss something so simple could happen to him literally and when I so let's get real scared you know what demonstrate if they don't just love three thanks. At that time there is president airline says his country is now going to boycott electronic products from the US is putting mark terrorists on Turkey. Because of their detention of American pastor in Turkey. I'm now Turkey's responding saying they're taking the necessary measures to protect their economy however right now the leers at the lowest it's found in a long time their facing huge inflation and so their economy is already. Not doing so highs on treating terror force obviously helping there. Get very complex situation the best in Turkey right now here in Colorado US secretary of energy Rick Perry is going to be in gold and he and senator Cory Gardner are going to visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Yeah they're supposed to get some market and research that's going on there it's kind of cool that we do have that facility here in basically our backyard. I love America repair in Reno big well because here's the thing you you have that you're in Sharjah you're the secretary of the department. That you suggested eliminating USA NASA concludes you're after good. Spend your time being the secretary of a department that you said publicly you wanted to eliminate. Well I holidays coming in like it's wonderfully ironic yes but I hope that every T is just a new experience for him doesn't he want to eliminate the department you obviously can't totally understand what it done as. So maybe he's just finding out new things left and I we can hope so and what a great place for him to learn great up eroding gold yeah. Aren't three things you need to know with known heart which you're on the mountain just after 710 question almost impossible we have tickets for you to see yes. If you're looking for love. And or romance she may wanna do it in me. Science fiction fantasy section. Of your nearest bookstore related tattered cover for example tell you why coming up next on the mountain. And if you're looking for love you might wanna start hanging out in the scifi and fantasy section. At your local bookstore like tattered cover for example new study out of the University of Oklahoma says men and women. Who like to read so I find finishing novels actually make better romantic partner partners. Apparently again according to the research. All those Harry Potter game thrown its fans they have more realistic expectations. When it comes to relationships. They're more open minded they're they're easier to get along with both sides. It seems like their little more I don't know fifty she'd degree between on the sheets researchers found that. They're realistic and their relationships but they expect great things. In the better room beside by the people that. A lot of we will make fun of for being nerds I mean I'm fit as she readers. I can't you have to have a great sense of imagination. If you're really into science fiction and fantasy and a sense of adventure. Adventure honestly exactly and in a space where you feel safe which may be with one other individual open and Mikey can really. Indulge instead of fantasy in a mansion. Still makes perfect sense to you just perfect sense and you're huge Jerry potter fan I am a parent potters not. Well I mean I guess it's fantasy sure it's based on children's yeah ever. Okay when you look what's the other thing you like the other TV game through also and not ask us yet that show is just believes. Well with their you know loser because of its core sorry it was so maybe we better all all the users of upheaval in about science fiction fantasy you know readers and believers maybe that's the secret may be tattered cover that's this section you wanna be it. Or you know just pick up. Lord of the Rings or something and see you have plans just walked around asking people do you juggle their miles for the do you do does that ever know. It was and not. The economy. The economy was ruined by science according to insults with him. That's coming up next who's 655 funny I got you there in the joke. Sarcasm is just one of the services Michael offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. When he spends way too much time on the Taylor ready. Question almost impossible with my Cali. So we have to dig its CS eleven billion we'd like to give those tickets to view. In exchange for answering this question that's why we call it more of us questioned almost impossible. I explained that about re framed it for people who might just be joining us. I yeah I mean it was hugely confusing so thankfully took the time to do during a Monday tailoring it to fashioned idea what's question I'll play some more half when men. Fantasize about this at least once per month. Things as conservatives say well we're gonna land out Lowell can't even better more than half of women. Fantasize about this once per month 631 united by the phone every need yes tickets up for grabs. Good luck. Mike can only find. He. Is running order now a Kremlin Lugar wrote. And it's not it's not altogether different from that but no that's not the answer we reluctantly think you've forgiven and drive. All right all right thank you get writing what's your guess the question almost impossible every thing. It's now it is the reason that vulnerability of that thought crossed my mind as well it seems like it would be up there on the list. It typically. The aggregate that it that your good morning what she gestured question almost impossible whatever and it gets chocolate chocolate just fantasize about that yeah. That you forget that it drive okay upgraded it. That's like the most wide open just chocolate is not just and it's so yeah I don't I don't know what to do with that one now and it is the least probably the furthest away from home. The corrected super card now may fantasize about this chance. I don't know what the numbers are. Absolutely does not something that just women think Boca more than half of women fantasize about this once per month. What is it 6312995. Yes take it's a program. In question almost impossible to school I went and fantasize about this one's for months what are we talking about. Artery or hurt straighter. Yeah yeah Leo right simple question what does he and it's just that's my favorite just so far LC that much. Not the right answer the thing you can drives aren't requirements we have kids who don't work digital. More than half living fantasize about this once per month what are we talking about. 6312995. Yes tickets up for grabs a question almost impossible. Question almost impossible this morning more than half of women fantasize about this once per month what are we talking about. I choose people are alternate and delivered basically. That's how it is an incident be a lot but why the market on to quit his job. As a matter of that earlier this quit at all. That's double the limit part maybe it's was thrown people off the track a little bit. How are. You a bit you got us tickets are all with structured and and where our way to go you knew the answer was quitting geared. Job more than half the women fantasize about this once per month who do question almost impossible again tomorrow morning just after seven send them the chance for you win tickets to see yes. Right here from your friends are not unify the announcement. You got to see the video on trial like a hundred years of my memory of it is it's a great showcase for eighty's fashion there's some great mullets. Some members only jackets or some parachute pants is a lot gone on in that video is it based on my memory night ranger from the dawn patrol level. Don't tell me love me on 995 announcing Tuesday morning. This is I think it's kind of an etiquette question and I feel like this is popped up a number of times in my life in the last couple weeks I don't know lodged serenely Emery in my embodiment is John and I were talking about this from as the Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. If you're with somebody. Ann's. Day have some thin on their face they've got like a smudge they got some food in their teeth thorough. Dangling hooker whatever it is an iron I think dirty knowing it's for you do you say something or do you not say something. I think it totally depends on the percent in the situation. Really well if it's a really close friend Mike I would tell you can tell is Gloria Jeff sick only through these. I'm also like if you're in the middle of saying something really important I would not interrupt cute Italian unit champs face. Because see what you're saying is far more important than anything else that's on fortunately I never see anything important so you have to already I can tell you any time. And that if you don't really know the person that well sometimes you don't want I embarrassed them by saying yes on your face. And again like if somebody's officially present saying our standing up in front of people you don't wanna tell them I'll vitally how some think it's just going on bears. So for you see your saints very situation it's totally situation okay when I had this discussion with my buddy John a couple weeks ago in Pittsburgh. It in this is true it's been true in the entire time I've known him. He said no I always tell everybody no matter who it is in no matter what the situation he had just met somebody yen and he'll be like hey you know there's a little some. Right so that's him. On the complete opposite I'll never tell anybody you tell me I have mascara on my eyes yeah ally but I probably didn't do that for about the first two years a new year right ecology is thanks so I've just been sitting here at like make a row and all let's say that's just like I don't know I always feel like it's more embarrassing I realize I realize this doesn't make sense worth billions more embarrassing to tell the per. Is smelly totally key and make somebody feel very embarrassed which is why you have to judge the situation like oh why don't you tell them well are we in pop black veil they cry if they find out this happened sometimes it's fastest in Atlantic. OK so the ultimate answer here is between meet you and John. We have all the bases covered yet John also anybody anytime I will never tell anybody and you'll be diplomatic and split the difference so one of us is doing right. Wait a minute. But to get comedy gets you think that's you I know black. Her often took its Obama that he's not just a rock star he's a liquor magnate his story coming of an aide on the resurrection jukebox yell some on your rights and yet right there. Here's an idea on how the sequel the rest of the summer that doesn't involve smelling like chlorine. Spread out their wad of cash in your pocket in seeing yourself down with cool hundred dollar bill. They've mornings from 995 amassing you had a thought about the etiquette discussion we just had. You all about it is they can do something about it but there's nothing that can eat like you're sliding down well okay I'm glad I would've been a rare that I actually look at comic books that. You have a big. I mean you're barking and not poked a hole and I was in the bathroom and I atmosphere here than go around and still bad. Thought he would tell us something. Soul and heart access in the money you have a bad attitude in the giant forehead she should do because I can't do anything about it. To me often and it's a. I. A little bit about both of them but I can't. Carry it. That's what I look on my mom threw a permanent part sort of what I quiet as can expect. Let them know little picture ever before they'd have twelve other people. Out of thank you for some analysts agree that idea. Other good day soon. The this story I saw this morning abouts. It seemed like he was a Google story about maps but it was all it basically he's about Google tracking me wherever I go to that story right. You dead so it was an investigation done by the associated press and basically what they found is Google's always tracking your location. And you may be thinking no they're not I turned off location services in my found. That does not matter and they get around it doesn't matter what because so if you are using a Google app. And you say I don't like Google's now my allegation or turn off location history. That only works. So far because when you open up Google to search somewhere but Google knows where you're searching for they know your location when you're using there. Any time you use Google Maps the whole point of Google Maps. Is knowing where you are and trying to find a way to get there that's being reported back to go. And if any tiny he was one of bear apps or services are even search from here on their able to do this. So there isn't wade is still take your location history. He completely get rid of it because Google is claiming that when you're using their apps and things like that they don't store that information should I get it don't keep that. Exactly like snatch I was saying for the longest time that they're not storing our photos and videos but they wire yet so we know better than to trust then it's. You know companies like this are actually not saving RJ. So is this a new revelation or does this is sounding like I just I didn't know until solid defects that it's a turning off your location history does not actually stop Google from accessing your location is a relatively new revelation yes. OK so the short version is whatever rides like when I try and go off the grid disappear when I can't can't do it not if you bring your phone now. The only way he can get that is to leave the sun behind. Like in one of those slick Denzel Washington movies or something that he now we should be tapped as I think he'd be pretty lost. I probably would it's really viewpoint art show Google knows where you are every second of every day there all the time no matter what you do pretty much yeah okay thank you for the F that you brightened my day instead I'm near far I would call it job I would call it nerd funk I would call it. Groovy music for the pocket protector sacks coming up next. And adding I climb the mountains. Ours are here ready for a black. To financial reality for you here is on Kylie Jenner are from the you know Jenner Kardashian in whatever that thing is. I Kylie Jenner mixing two hours what the average American worker makes in a year. It's recording the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average US worker makes 45500. Dollars a year. Kylie Jenner makes that in about two and a half hours she mean a 166 million. From Juneau last year to June of this year that comes out to nineteen roughly 191000 dollars an hour. Show yet. You got a dust and here's the thing. I understand you can take any. Any wildly. Popular entertainment. You know you can take Serena Williams Julia Roberts Tom Brady are they all make a tremendous amount of money and I'm sure you could look at them and sale wolf. Serena Williams makes you know. 42000 dollars an hour whatever it is but at least when those people. I'm looking at the mid single at least they're talented at least they do. Some thing and I know we have this discussion all the time because you I think you feel different about Kylie Jenner than I do in the hole. Kardashian thing but I would she's kind of famous for being famous isn't doesn't either its regular get overwhelmingly talented person. Makes for a 5000 dollars every two hour guess but she's not making her 45000 dollars every two hours off their shell she's making it from her her makeup line. Which she wouldn't have without her show which is about being famous for being famous I I agree with you it's actually just about her sister being famous for being famous legal bath tissue to the platform and she created something from a she makes more than all the other card Ashe against you because she created something and and made a business. So your fallen back on this whole self made I don't know I agreed that she's not self made him made her just like everyone else like she was given a platform but she did something what she did make something while she was on the platform. She's in just stand there and marketer but like the rest of them I would've stood there in the tutor but I night. I may still do it just trashed just Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be like Casey in the morning flight ninety.