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Friday, July 20th

Mountain Morning Show Podcast for Fri July 20, 2018

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Nobody can intellectual exercises she always songwriter getting songs from Sandra little more. I'm visceral than their approach I would say that was falls into the latter category as Bob Seger and her strikes on Nobel Friday here on not you know five dimension. Alley Harwood Mike Casey in my eyes he only one. Who didn't know that there's a vineyard in I mean technically today and for actress but it's kind of like commerce city it's between 27. 76. Knowing it that was there that I never band that I need dead. I have no idea. Of their vineyard here there are is it an event there last Susan great event of my wife and works for. Costs. Court appointed special advocates there nonprofit organization. That sort of soft fosters and miniatures kids who end up in the justice system through no fault of their own. So import organization that does so a lot of really powerful important word. And then there's fund raiser last night's. Aliens like for your you know your commonly gesture where is it she's the closest of the vineyards with. Attempt to drive yeah. Exactly what I might do an Aussie like 66 the New York both very vineyards. It's it's a little weird little no man's land up there it is you have no idea what he can some lacrosse. Yeah it's crazy deaths and very lean slightly variant once said yeah here's the bigger yeah. So's Grey's really fun event on Reggie rivers who a lot of evenly split the Broncos he and she didn't you did a great job. In fact I talked to him afterwards and I'm like I'm never doing an event like this again because your wish you good at it understood until the higher you'll. And not me and he was. I know the guys saying something and yet he's really did you do great jobs so our it was nice I think they raised a lot of money for costume there was food and drink and and there's a vineyard lighting commerce city. You know I did not Thursday not east really sub Thursday night guests and hopefully leading through solid Friday today is the last day to rev it up. Oh my gosh this that this is and is it relies glare alas he Kenya after your last chance to get him on the Harley deal is today. Course we also question almost impossible. Biggio coming up seven cents also your last chance for Def Leppard or journey take because that's tomorrow I'll yes she can still giants of the pre party actually street tavern whether or not you're going to shout and we do have serious there as well yes or technically today is not the last chance for that plus the last chance to cancer when it threw us yeah she's the best way to land. Yeah I think absolutely if we don't say so ourselves 96 or high today in 95 tomorrow chance for afternoon storms a little bit cooler on Sunday on ninety for high on Sunday turns out there is a piece. Of my childhood that is up for sale. We'll tell you about that coming up next on the mountain. Tyler really is John Lennon thing in the Aerosmith guys doing their their Beatles thing great version of come together on no ballot Friday on 995 the mountain and I saw this morning. That there is a piece of my childhood deduce for sale and I'm wolf I I will set it up just five. Played a little bit this theme song anybody close to my age probably knows every single word to. Okay. Look I am I'm very. And yeah I know that's all. So there and show wait three days you've buds. Yeah I Zealand that's right I forgot you can you can actually now by the Brady Bunch house is for sale. The one that they use in all the exterior shots of the show it's a real house obviously located at all. Also think you're not getting it he interior and like the cold case. I don't that's a good question I don't know I'm a dead a bet you do. I find out well look I doubt I'm pretty sure that's it that's for the use a 11222. Dealing street. In studio city California. Listed for one point nine million dollars. According to listening is the second most photographed home in the United States after the White House. Oh really thought the full house house. Oh million gallons in the discussion to go this one's been around longer so may be hassled enough allows sounds like it's yeah it's got like twenty years on the full house house last sold in 1973. If you bought in 1973 could got a for sixty grams. He tells one point nine million dollars. Well like cash expense quite a jump he had big jump allowing it looks like the last time and appliances were updated. Very glad I'm pretty sure they've left it pretty much exactly it says it seventies decor it's I think they left to the way they cry. Oh wow. Oh allows us I don't see the big staircase felt OK maybe that wasn't part of VR I don't there was probably an honest sent. Maine and Santa the little it's gonna need some redecorating two you or you just seen just tweeted so that'd have good better version of what it was originally supposed to be and that is the Brady Bunch house me I don't know the need to opportunity there's a lot of white carpeting. A lot so yeah. Of course there is school mind. Blew my history about it. I know because mostly I don't have. One point nine million dollars threat on any ideas I would look for something a little closer to home yeah side now I don't think I'll be investing in the property. I just found it funny because I as soon as I saw it I remember now you don't you should grown from transferring nearly seven these. Just the idea of California. Yeah was like a mind blower and place where you downgraded its TV but it's sunny and roller. Ball inside when you grow up and called placement the sun shines three times a year or else or Yang is a place that you dream about and this very much inform my good news for better or worse the bridge is very much informed my vision to. Avoid California was there and done now little pieces are for sale I was at the one point nine million. Because I do it yeah they've got really good of a date with Marcia. Yeah I'm not sure that would well I don't think so okay visual -- let me know because I've loved to have a look to concerned about coming up next on amounts of three things you need to know without it our way. I mean they might actually be in town right now accuser shows tomorrow. All I'm saying I think I mean they could also be playing somewhere tonight and checked but. I always like to think they come early in check. Hang Alley I imagine like this Denver mom to IC yeah Charlie could be wandering around streets are probably not not at this particular hour. But so they will be in town tomorrow Def Leppard journey and the pretenders at Coors Field. Our great song from them that's full and where do you have a pre party we did this for the Eagles so Jimmy Buffett show would duty against can be. A great event amply street tavern it starts early afternoon like 1 o'clock in the afternoon army into mutual either of intentional that would be an authority. Assuming if you believed in here. Great way to get ready for on the show tomorrow night Blake street tapper 633 right now three things he needs to know. Alliger. Well in Branson Missouri yesterday one of those duck boats the ones that go on land an Intel water capsized and eleven people are confirmed dad. Seven people are hurt five are still missing there are some really bad weather in the area which they believe was related to dispel cache sizing and nobody really knows for sure what non. I'm very scary theory sat any time something like n.'s Larry people are just trying to enjoy Arab world you have gas cap. Those boats are a bit on those if they haven't in Pittsburgh in early political around the rivers and stuff and think they must've been. On this wildly speculating obviously do and the weather must have been really bad because those censored and not tanks yet they're not easy just capsized. You know you're likely to know you're on a boat. I've never been online com like I've never. Thought to myself oh this may be unsafe I. Dad tell us that really terrible. I today marks six years sends era feeder shooting where twelve people were killed many more were injured last night there was a candlelight vigil and a procession from the eater to the Aurora municipal center and they watch their because there's a new. On memorial that was recently installed the seven Tony memorial at any dedicate that site a week from today but it's already there. Both artists working very hard to put something together that's. Properly memorialize is that really tragic event that yes six years ago happened. And then something med. I see nobody can wrap their minds around and yesterday it was announced that. Russian president Vladimir Putin's coming in the White House and Jimmy can lines coming to say about it. I ever has come in saint clear Davis put all. This happening. They announced today that the president has invited Putin to Washington DC for him. Discussions are under paid for important visit to the White House sometime this fall as a surprise to everyone that. Including trumps director of national intelligence and codes was in the middle of a live interview and Andrea Mitchell today when he got the news. Some breaking news the White House has announced times greater. Advantage through. Is coming to the White House in the fall. Yeah. A. It's going to be special. And other like kissing your own Daschle's director of intelligence by surprise yeah it really does know everything. Yes and teller I mean one thing that people. People who support trying to appreciate about him is that he is spontaneous that he does not follow any standards or rules that were previously sat and he does whatever he wants including inviting president. Couldn't you White House. On letter despite the fact that everyone is unclear. Incredibly concerned about whether or not T understand and connect Russia 100%. And flew planes are less. You could talk to his national security director about a half and. No I mean. Pizza or. Like so hoping that communication within our government's. Half and it looks like we all find out at the same time onto. That FDR had the fireside defense by the radio now we have a Twitter presidency yes indeed. Here one of our feverish. Gas would Nobel Friday sounds glacier and and unify the nose and you talk about love. From then hill is going to be another warm one today 96 for high 95 tomorrow chance for afternoon storms on Saturday and Sunday ninety for a high on Sunday. Step celebrity journey that shows tomorrow as you know of course feel we have do. The big pre show a plea street tap pre show party. A plea street tavern tomorrow starting in your early afternoon. Dinner party will be there around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and we've got tickets for you. Just after seven cents. Question almost impossible. Are somehow we I feel like we missed this this year I'm gonna say that that's largely my faults on national French right there. Yeah we missed that we didn't innocent and I know how utterly era wasn't paying attention and fell on Friday the thirteenth this year. Why it's if you like us if you missed national French fry day. You could argue this is this is good news McDonald's is gonna make this happen. On a national frontrunner day on all the rest of the Fides of this year. They're Madonna losing and you're free French Fries every Friday. For the rest of twenty team for the rest of this year is to do is download the McDonald's out. And spend one dollar at least one dollar and you get free French Fries. It is in the new peaking at some know something had died my hand in straight and you get through French Fries on top of that. Well my. That's amazing I'm just realizing like. Most of my college in early when he eats meals could cost me a dollar console is like I'm against this week she. And okay some French Fries or chicken nuns and some French Fries both of which are on the dollar menu. So now you're back in business and the Fries are free full set for us unfortunate accident rate your business what are you free Friday. For me Arad. That's a great idea and the other thing is that if you look around. This country I think what you do include you come to his we need more Fries obviously you. Don't struggle with obesity as a nation that we need access to Fries more easily. More readily and Mora consistently on some lady's guide are used Donnelly this week he's got a great bit about Salinger's French Fries coming up next on the sixers to Firefox. He's conscience is clear which is probably. You might you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot orders. Question almost impossible. Up for grabs today trip to the White House chief Vladimir Putin in the fall all it was I don't know actually do. We have tickets C Def Leppard journey. Coors Field. Video of pre party don't forget about that a fleet street tavern by Hughes answered this rather simple question. And since then trillion you do 13% of people say they've done this on the first date. I feel like that's good you've a lot of answers that we can. Pierre Hansen weights I am so excited. This is the question we've gone laughter. Because where every year had I know if they 13% of people all say they've done this on a first states but it is 63 woods you know. I know in five question almost impossible remedies of daily show people fairly sure. I was so I'm the correct answer for question almost impossible this morning here is 13% of people say they've done this on a first date we think we're talking about. On the other person you love him. Ooh wow. No that's not the answer but that's a really huge yes thank you for. Oh okay tea yet isn't really your guess is we aren't. It's not I I say hey let's just trusted name. I'm get being out there. All I had and yeah. Does not cancer religion or thank you for giving it a try though thank target. Mark good morning wishing doesn't present almost impossible. Change your current change your phone number go after the date of feeling so bad. And that's one how can a bad day yet as a terribly. He's. No that's not that's neither good thank you for trying to think everybody Syria. You know were short and even just to really getting close now just couldn't we could still be doing this Saturday morning we. I'd be extremely should be tough because the concert is tomorrow tomorrow. Community app so again I get the sun click on this is something that you would deal not only if it was your first state with a purse and immediately on your first state ever. Because you're given very uncertain. Do experienced in the world yes dating ends. Personal interaction an exam me. Okay so word which is this is tough on admittedly we knew it was a tough one or we thought it was a tough one from the get go we just enough to realize you. How much stuff enemy 13% of people say they've done this on a first date body is Def Leppard journeying pretenders tickets yeah. Yeah Andy dean let's rephrase a little bit this is something they have done potentially be for a first states okay. Aren't we'll see if that it is a little bit closer yeah we'll find out. Are made look at it there is some haze ruled in this morning your sister grocery how accidentally exposing really hot so this change is gonna go away because it's going to be a billion degrees and not quite a billion and a 96. A but we're seeing in the mid ninety's for the next few days. We may get some storms tomorrow which would be a bummer for the concert but as we now we'll wait it out yet what happens here in Colorado calling up a little bit on Sunday just in ninety. But it's it's going to be. OK don't forget so sorely sorry about the concert there Def Leppard journey pretenders. We have a big job pre party at Blake street tavern we did this before the Eagles Jimmy Buffett show as well. Odd to live dance your garden set up biggest fair competition they're gonna serve rule only just after noon tomorrow. Army and a dinner party will be there in the afternoon from four to six as well and we're giving away some tickets actively street tavern so even if you don't win these loans from us today shall have a shot tomorrow at least two separate. Right now off 30% of people say they've done this offers states we think we're talking about 6312995. Question almost impossible rolls off. Each other in the eyes nearly all man I'd really like this girl but I'm running out of things to talk about. Video of his good. Welcome chrome I didn't know that's yeah like weariness and what's your favorite there you have it snows are known and as soon. Resistance started. Palmer's agent starters you ended. All whoa that's serious thought as I hoosiers would sooner the better prepared upon parliament delivery driver I have a to a reactor building about two hours. I'll go work out perfectly wonderful what CNN you're hallmark card mark congratulations. You've finally got to move. Conversation starters and Nancy is here through look at foreign debt leverage jury thing. Members are recently inducted members of the rock and roll hall of Famer should say Jon Bon Jovi the band you give love a bad name on no valid Friday on 99 finds the mountains. I almost overlooked did and I feel a little bit ashamed to act as if it's a fairly important data publisher remembered it today is July 20 between eighteen. So that makes it's 49. Laying. Arena of 49 years ago today bats this half hour. All I have I have. America's Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon. Obviously Neil Armstrong taking the first steps. I'm July 20 1969. I I'm uninteresting in history it's something that I'm you know on my own super knowledgeable about it but I'm interested in that. And of all the things that happens. Why is considered before I was born I was actually alive Denver's five months old singer Aaliyah barely. All the things that happened quota go before I was born that I did not get to experience. That's one I wish I had yap yap because I feel age. What we were. From a communications same story we were in the television age you more literally watching that's happened. In real time. Yeah and I would I just have to think that as it. As an American in particular. There must have been this just amazing sense of pride in accomplishment I mean. You put a man on the moon. Yeah and you watched it happen in real time but that had to be a spectacular. Moment. In not only in American history but world history. Here I am five muscle enough. I mean it's it's interesting for me to think about because in my lifetime space travel has always spend such as commonplace thing I mean I've gotten my TV from satellites in space since I was a lot true. Sending rockets into space something that I'd like it was it was a yeah that often happy and and I it is interest saying to take a step back. And remember that that wasn't always the case and then when you really diving into the mathematics around the moon landing in the science behind it and how. Complex this one event actually was and that they may actually never be able to do it again because of the timing in the weighted thing yeah working out. That's when you start to realize what an accomplishment it truly was. Because I EG takes you past achievements for granting it read it happened so far before your lifetime yes. Any any even you know even meeting much older than you are still do that too because you know the space shuttle became a thing we are as a teenager but yet you forget like that first thing like you know what was gonna happen even though he's overcome a back now they. Then first you know and then for them is successfully land on the moon. Capture you know did you share that basically with the world and then bring them back like and that's amazing accomplishment. I green Nellis you're a big question and you are able to broadcast footage from the moon. Why can't we get Wi-Fi inner city we haven't really come that far we. Editor may be important stuff is still still out there to be achieved here when you are feverish summer conditions on the so they're they're going to be a while they actually might be in town right now they have a big concert tour tomorrow of course feel perhaps you're familiar with them that's Def Leppard. Journey also on the bill as if that weren't enough and I think you could argue it is the pretenders are on the bills while I drink dance in eighty history bans theory excited about the pretenders yeah the degree sure all the way around and mr. three awesome bands. Of course fields on big pre party tomorrow. Yeah Blake street tavern Dan hardy is gonna be married I do and some stuff from four to six made up on my. I don't I don't wanna get your hopes up I can I sent less chance some make a comment you know. To live bands beer garden and do you share competition organ giveaways and take its to have to show Hadley street tavern tomorrow. Certain around 1 o'clock in the afternoon McAllister damned either a little bit later from for a six and Ellie may greasy with depressants may be and she never quite know the details are on the web such we were talking about our question also possible this morning. It was about that is about dating and about first dates right so I saw this story I think probably all of us no matter how long it's been. Since you were actually like in the dating world. We all have some kind of story of like a terrible first date yes writes yes I knew we can all they get back to that pretty quickly. I'm gonna say that none of us have the first day story. They could beat this one's distortion Tennessee amending Kelton Griffin. Went to a woman's house I think that he knew blatant a little bit not a lock a little bit when your house and senate have let's take you on a surprise state. And she should know that that's sounds fun. And he said Waltz is surprised so I had but I think for McCarty did. Take your car but I need to drive because only underwear were gone and she said Tom okay yeah that sounds fun so they drive you would gas station. Where Kelton of Surrey where she was a woman who was his name has not been released. She goes inside the gas station to buy cigars. That is always the good son of the first states if your first stop is it a gas station to buy cigars you know things are going in the right direction a cracked. So when she goes into the gas stations comes back house. They guys gone Kelton Griffin took off in her car. She couldn't get through to him on the phone she tried to reach him on social media Kidd blocked or on social media. He Stoller Hardaway gets better you look at me like I can't believe this. But the woman would later find out after he did surging gas station he drove over to another woman vows to take her. A date. In the first woman's car. On my county stolen car to take another woman on a date under the pretext of a fall of surprise days. That Greg today know each other ahead of time. The first woman. Yeah they did that apparently not like really well super well enough that he knew where she lives in words you know today ugly to take no surprise Dade and steal your car this is just. An extreme example of manipulation. He meal he knows that she would say ass and says. Along with what he wants to gas cell here's just a lesson and if you like somebody gave them nothing yes allowed them nothing you don't is proving and it that they will not take advantage of fast yes never really prevent they're always gonna take advantage of it in some way shape or form that's. Part one you're very right part two is this clearly we have a young men who is your habitual liar a scam artists. And you know someone misogynist if as well all I can figure is it as a bright future in politics heat particularly America. CN RD afternoons on the non.