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Wednesday, September 13th


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On Wednesday morning September 13 my case the only Hardwicke it's. It's tech news but it's more than tech news any time there's a new. Apple products. My vote really mean some we've been talking about the last couple weeks and as expected. The big Apple iPhone X now on attendees at 1010. The iPhone ten but with PX 'cause that's cool. Roman numerals yes because many girls make something seem more exciting than just your typical really inspired it's a little cheaper than we were targets under a thousand dollars for the. For the base model S&P storage if you want it more storage on that sonic. Industry and I will not denying me and I'm 1990s cheap. For all of buying kidding me out there and people are excited that it's I guess people who are. I guess more tech geeks than that I ever review and you're two. I'm super Retina Display. Which apparently makes dark colors darker proves other colors mixed text easier read. Two hours longer battery life in the I phone seven. And then there's its becomes its own charging system Gil has a wireless chargers there's no charging port. OK so you just like what set it on a. Set in Paterson comes with its own little pod thing. It charges Oprah I don't know entirely how that works but I think it's similar to like those charging pads that you see you seven ups and downs how do you know anyone not that I'm not expecting like Paul and you're friends and family out but do you know anyone who is. Because really we're talking about two things you have to be. Super interested in this kind of thing. You also have to have the disposable income of I don't know anyone with a disposable income so we'll just stop it there like it doesn't matter I don't its interest in him as I don't know when they can do with shock like how to Bonnie yeah. I think it's the opposite for me I probably know some people who could. But just don't. I don't know anybody. Personally. It's show peaked about this or really any other apple were probably a little of demo yeah you know I'm. She had to be early adopters I guess I'm saying I'm sure I'll see somebody I know that that has won in the next it's not for. Goes on sale October 27 ships November 3 so will be little one couple months he sees someone and it it before it's in somebody's hand. Yeah I think so I've realized through this whole announcement that I think yours starting to rub off on me. Because my that's the I don't wanna contribute in any way it's his facial recognition software and how well. Basically Big Brother is just figuring out who we are tracking it everywhere big big. There isn't even fit or volunteering. I know where it's not even that there is if we're being coerced into were volunteering. Tricked into thinking it's cool technology would really it's not it's just we keep track us and I know I sound like an idiotic conspiracy theorist right now but that's honestly how I feel welcome to case your world it's very adventure and he's almost completed is really terrifying SI think that. Or Mike feces coming up in a deal. My Knight he's like five the mountain. Today is. It's fortune cookie day of its national peanut today. It's a dated so two days that are very close to my heart positive thinking day as you know which. Mr. Ted I'm all about that it's also bald is beautiful there on ESK had to. It's Uncle Sam day. Uncle Sam their race of the Rio I didn't know this disorder and this is mourning the real Uncle Sam. The namesake CM Wilson was born on this day in 1766. In Wilson was a meat packer from New York. Who supplied meat to soldiers during the war of 1812. To identify the meat for shipment. Wilson would stand US on the barrels they used to ship meet in barrels at that point on you can believe that it wasn't. All that long before shall Jewish soldiers started calling the meat a delivery from the Uncle Sam which is how the nickname. Stock. Okay and became connected with the the US as well and then he came to symbolize the US government I think that's all face to. Okay this is more of phase one part I don't wanna tell you whole story now all he can't keep me reading exactly it's it's a suspenseful story that's the plan about how the US got a nickname. And color picture expect salad bowl. It's positive thinking day and you're rooting positive thinking that being Sparky ruining it I am challenging you owe it to see just how strong that the powers of positive thinking are with the. They're incredibly. Positive with me to use its weekly because apparently aren't you today not to denigrate every day I'm not ruining any saying. I can't ruin anything unless you let me. This just isn't just people say it's much much much worse mornings when Mike JC 1995. The mountain. According to Census Bureau figures released yesterday. The median household income in America in 2016. Was 59000. 39 dollars which is an increase of 3.2 percent. That puts the median household income above. Where it was in 2007. Before the recession hit show it's what ten and so basically ten years is we're closing in on ten years. Is what we're talking about in terms of how long it took. And by this measuring stick obviously there poncho other ones by how long it took. For the United States economy to officially. Recover. From the you know the big recession in 2007. The census attribute the gains in 2016 to many Americans finding full time or better paying jobs. Also between sixteen and number of Americans living in poverty. Dropped from 43 point one million. 240 point six million steps in the right direction and realize it always comes down to you know what you're checkbook looks like at a given moment in time but. Positive trends mean every once while at once while it happens. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC morning's fine 1995. The mountain. What is usually a solid I thought it was about loving elevators. Like somebody who really loved television. It's love in mentality. And IE. Had initially heard embedded hearing things sometimes. As loving and Alan. I came in with an colony. That not BK that's not. Those that are close now consumes connected the dots yeah I sent I mean I figured it out there it's about. Doing stuff of hate and just let you know in love with machine anchored Weldon a broad 7:30 Wednesday morning here. On the balance and body language expert named patty would. Says that everything that you do in the way you do it tells a story about to about you and this includes. How do you eat a slice of pizza patty suggests that the way you need to slice of pizza can be used to identify your personality traits for example. If you for now I've got your attention yeah right now if you fold your pizza in half before biting it. You're a serious multi tasker who does not stop to savor the finer things in life. Immigrants have you folded do which makes sense is more proud more efficient and but the bush removes some of the actual. Enjoyment from the pizza I get where she's going there idea eating a pizza eating peas with a fork in and night at your lame and kicked the ball that two indicates your supporter. Which means your loyal and reliable. People pleaser. And also probably people hate you because you kind of person who reads it pizza with a fork knife. People who just buy their. In bytes. Of which I think probably a lot of us do. They are careful correct errors these people are perfectionist who do not like to mess around they wanna get things right every time and people who eat their crust first. Our influencers. Who like to be dramatic. Talk loudly. And love getting attention and I would that are probably also serial killers because if somebody third. Bright fleets across their insane like. Nissan personalities I should be crossed her sister and I want to. Crest most the time as it's not always and it has begun to crest. Have a full than half for most the time now. Is it to on the sides of the pizza some PG careful enough yes and some pizza if you don't folded in half you need both hands to trying eat. Yes I think really what you've told us here in this mix the most amount of sense is that your really all four of these things except the fork knife. We have the fork and I would never be your three out of four of them which is part of probably what makes you so complicated. And I bought and race you know is better than my vote yes I do. He pre plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind. It's my GC are nutty guy plus amount. Always a song the song and yeah it'll do that from a dark sudden mood Pink Floyd. And money on 995 the mountain speaking of which a lot of that was raised last night fourteen I think the latest numbers so was fourteen. Fourteen point fives have been nearly fifteen million dollars raised last night. For hurricane Harvey and Hermann relief efforts the hand and hand telethon it's always a look I think when he CL these these big. Big name stars come together and there's always a part of me Canseco OK so it's of it's really nice photo opportunity for. Ed maybe there's a party that. For some people that participate but it's a nice effort and again fifteen million dollars is nothing to sneeze at you know bring a little star power together. Raise some money it is one thing one of the things that jump. We I think is a country we do that really well we might be the best in the world at that. Ike's five year plan. Quit he doesn't email a five minute plan my PC in the morning on 99 plus the mountain. So weird is another today another news diet study this time they're telling us that low fat diets which of course we heard about for. I how long now little evidence gonna move it dies apparently low fat diets or bad for us. According to this global study people who were on low fat diets actually have a higher mortality rates. Then we'll see researchers found the people eating a diet with 35% daily fat intake are 23% less likely. He died in those who consume only 10% fat in their diet. So way like this is why don't pay too well this is one of many reasons I don't pay attention to ask if this stuff goes. Yes there are other reasons we'll get into those of another time. Our but it sounds to me like if you were. Think and cream and and butter the way ago it sounds like we have. Scientific evidence to support that so yeah way up with a link on the mound fees from Prejean checking out there. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which one might guess. Mornings when Mike Casey finite now. You trip over. He's at his best when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains but you like exercise here's something that could they could motivate you in terms of the household chores I don't know I drains credit bureau. Researchers found that doing two hours of intense cleaning. Can burn about 600 calories and enter sit around and sick. I'm not done with historian and you can wait till I finish it before you ruin it that would be great mates. You'll only burn according to this story you'll only for about half of that. A half of those calories running a five K that's on right now how many hours of cleaning two hours of intense cleaning. Verses of five kept. I mean in a five K your brain about 300 calories almost of them that that's exactly what they're saying yeah that's right okay so again slowdown on the nay saying reached. And it researchers used fitness trackers on participants to determine the intensity and calorie count each task here's how you clean your way fit vacuuming for twenty minutes. Eighty calories. Cleaning the bathroom for twenty minutes a hundred calories mopping for twenty minutes 170 calories cleaning windows for twenty minutes 115 calories in this. I find this show are to believe but. Dusting for forty minutes 194. Calories. Doesn't that's remarkably like of all those things dusting seems like you'd be eased past two years of fit it. They used a fitness tracker they did not say what kind sell. If they perhaps he used one of the one viewer knows the real honest to join reroute it okay so little that you if you used. Fitness tracker cigar around your wrist anyone who has been a little short of their steps for a date knows exactly how well each of that you shake your hand all of I was at Annie get a tie honest that's. So just staying you share are moving your hand or some users who wears Frist and also I don't care how many calories I'm burning I would rather Brian. For hours and clean for even a second. Don't know I know this about you this is why this is why found the story of particular interest and I just wasn't. I didn't understand you're you're gonna do is credited it with him the first sentence I'd hate it because you'll do anything to get out of the hole cleaning that. I will but let's pretend like cleaning is going to have some magical effect on your overall thing is let's imagine increasing your cardiovascular. Health through dusting my budget is so much weight cut cleaning my house. I don't accept it if it. I didn't say anything about magic I just said it would burn calories that solace that L I'm never gonna do so you can try. I'm not gonna I gonna do it either because neither of those on killing me I do you could in pain meat to clean sell its not like. Fitness goals are he's magically make me like clean cleaning the worst I'll never occurred Leo there's a summary thank you. Thank you are awesome I now. Can always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain off there's a podcasts out there. Apparently it's called sleep with me. And it showed the podcast to show boring. That it actually puts people to sleep and that's by design the creator and host his name is drew Ackerman. He suffered from insomnia for years and is apparently mastered the art of boring story telling. And he shares his unique talent to help other insomniacs. Get some shut out his. Mr. recommends claim his tagline is this is the podcast. The sheep listen to when they get tired of counting themselves which is pretty clever I've got to the got to admit creator and host drew Ackerman in the podcast is called sleep with me. At the risk of stating the obvious you can skip the whole. Download all that sort of stuff and you just listen to have to have our show every morning probably have the same affect on me. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or Greenway. Mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain.