Pickle Slush?!

Monday, March 19th


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On Monday morning my case yell at heart Wiki it's it's there was not much know what my house a little bit. There was some in my house like it when I walked out there was white stuff on the grounds well the grass ground to paint me grounds there was barely hear the tech senator it's like right. The six inch elitists in the parking lot I cross Colorado boulevard and point five and it was just like. When Terry it was really weird yeah and it's really it's wets it's really wet heavy snow. And in some cases come slushy and pile ups on sure will be limited challenge this. Yet they're trying to songs list challenges he says Serbia but we can we could use I mean obviously we can use the precipitation you know what they always say about march. If you comes in. Like Casey than it goes Alec are. That's kind of what it says comes in really Sarah Lane Brownstein goes out no no no no of the opposition comes in really pleasant and you know kind of enjoyable and moderate temperatures then at the unit racquets all he'd like gang is he tower not always listed you now. Seeing ourselves. Join me can you go through mr. good vibes again now he just glad that I just were answered exactly where sat. Am I the I didn't I didn't me because I have other things that you were at the prayed hard Dan hardy was there. Cathy Taylor was there you were there I was I was a beautiful morning it was going to. That's where I got a bit of a sunburn and was walking around in teacher today you know what Eric Holder back to winner yes it's crazy but the parade was at its Heine fine. I'd never marched in it before I've tried to go to a before but it's hard to get there on time. So they CR I was not time I was an a juror yeah it was a lot of fun. Do you actually march or did you I'm I'm imagining more than you danced in and then marched shot saint. In focus don't know what that word means but it sounds fancy comic kind of like a gallon. Both excellent. He got a couple hours of galloping I did I blisters all over my feet actually my socks are covered in line at the end because I didn't when her show for it's that's a. Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like us the mountain. Speaking of bomb on things trendy which is generally far outside my realm of expertise. Or were you aware that the there's a hole like pickle juice trend happening like. Shot of whiskey with the pickle back pick a black Boca collection Ari I didn't know that and it's apparently showing up in sports drinks pickle you sports drinks. As I mean it's alcohol thing for awhile and that there's pickle infused vodka and Anthony can drink on its own or in a bloody Mary it's pretty pick back shots that summing up assault penis of the pickle she is this is really nice after a car on which energy needed cheats in the sports drinks. This course and heard about it makes sense of there's some thought about pickle juice you know having a assault it'll sterilize its really good for you know. They told you for years that pickle juice is great for hang over. Half. Ever heard any yes this is all news I. Thought our time pistols are. No pickles are apparently the trend is moving. Ever forward. And it's it may Leggett said it it may change your your summer for the better or for the worse. Pickle juice slushy ice. Are coming to go to see no way you're not on board that now Murray there's they're commended sonic. In June it's part of their new snow cone slushy line and things they're doing. My reaction was the same as yours again and I'm still playing catch up on the whole pickle juice is a thing the people care about. But it's getting it's they're getting rave reviews but really really super excited the people who got to try it you know food critics who knew that. I'm they've gotten to try this pickle juice sloshing that will be tonic this summer. It's getting really really good reviews. OK so I've started to think about this LaMarcus my first heard it might not play as well bar that sounds so grouse but it's. Al Al little hangover. Is PE LH freaky pops. And then they're meant for children espionage flexible like her like cinnamon or something so cold and refreshing and lovely about a freezing up. On the morning after oops you're too late so I'm thinking. That Hickel slash C it's the same thing just not sweets more savory. I get in that sense. But like just hugged and having a lovely afternoon when we go get a pedal slash well mountain. It well then so muted sounds you'll need to be converted on this late I didn't really have a strong opinion either way. But just the fact that you're leaning against it makes me think that it's one of those things. A shock and try something and you automatically you can't say you hate you never I hate the idea of something so it's probably your favorite idea. I'm about. All of a sudden your me you can a year ago that he hated is based on the idea ideally it's getting rave reviews. Jews slushy and you love novelty Booth until Clinton Jones I'm not sampled I'm need to be so why are these consistent aren't you the opportunity to sell me okay. Come June sick son come in the. I can't waste. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always give 100 per say much for giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey bought in 1995 the mountain. Op probably not surprising news would have the same time. Probably not good news at least you know for you referred to the men. Amongst us in new study says that watching too much TV. Raises the risk of colon cancer in men researchers found the guys who wants TV for more than four to four hours a day. More than four people do that's I imbued with a more time on the I'm more than four hours per day were 35%. More likely. Two I have to deal with colon cancer than those who spent one hour or less in front of the TV there is a silver lining here the study also found. That all men could lower their risk. By just getting more exercise this I'm not denying this is valuable and important new information. Well I'm wondering is about the timing is this do we really need this information about this study. Right now while march man this is going on and people I suppose your brother watching. Probably in a lot of cases men watching when fourteen hours today maybe we could have held this information off until like. Mayors something just you know just a thought again and valuable but timing is everything. So fast and ending knowledge of useless information it's kind of there. Question almost impossible in 1990 by. Favre gets its its CEO of Judas Priest at the Budweiser events censure in April. Alan's got a question if you have the answer to your tears. How many kids question of what we've had some debate about us night night begins again for the move through your body of. Yes so the first one of these who was used in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Pleasant very as incredibly wide open yes it's got to be question. Almost impossible not here's C specific trivia question of an obvious answer we like a huge challenge here. Kooky due to so the first sort of beat his it was Houston Milwaukee Wisconsin. Liz knows the exit there once the united out by this question goes to bars. Placing almost impossible with Mikey now. The mountain. Prior question almost impossible this morning the first one of these was used in Milwaukee Wisconsin what are we targeted. Well yes. Senator active snowplows. Out in judo events. It's total debts based on the weather today. I think actor colonize my exciting game we're gonna have to switch up our code ruby it really too easy butchered it. Broke we've got their tickets or use to seeing Judas Priest at the Budweiser events center that's our big congratulations thanks for playing along with question almost impossible perfect thank you guys so much separate I mean we should go with your first instinct and just needed like one word. The question is in Milwaukee. I am not wanting to Milwaukee. The question this book to think it is in Milwaukee. Okay well it was questions super duper easy the first one of these was used in Milwaukee. Being 1862. It was a snowplow. I would guess what switch jobs. Our methodology will do that tomorrow morning seven said question almost impossible here rumba. He recently edit doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning all in 1995. The mountain. Generation only apparently there's a difference here if you are at a restaurant. And you order a meal of whatever choosing. And inch it doesn't meet your standards was that bring you the wrong thing or something's very good third duke how do you generally feel about sending it back to the kitchen. Oh I would never send it back in less it was completely the wrong thing. If it was something like I ordered chicken and they gave me steak and I am really sorry I did actually line that chicken. If it's just something was not quite right Jared quite the way I ordered it I would steal that. OK well then you are on the apparently very representative of people your age of millennial according to a new survey. All people are much more comfortable sending food back then nor eighteen to 34 year olds. Just 41% of millennial your people. Said they were comfortable sending food back at restaurants compared to 61%. Of baby boomers apparently there misleading much at issue completely. Out of this and tired of survey 15% of millennial said they would never. Send food back even if there was a big problem with their order. Yes. Yeah I really it's I would probably never I don't know back but why I don't get that I mean I'm not saying he's ever suggest he should be a jerk about it or you should be you know an amoeba like if you orders. Well you really eat that you really eat steaks or pulling a viewer did steak medium and you've got something that was. Like super well done now I would just eat it I I don't eat it. Yeah because like having worked. At a restaurant an indication before. I understand that people aren't doing that because they're being lazier they're not paying attention or they don't like to you know it's very busy you know lots going on and I'm not hurt by this and it's still food that I am happy to eat so it's. In the grand scheme of things kind of not worth complaining about it I get everyone's working really hard there and it's okay what do you. OK I get what you're saying and that's a very Nemo all through his stick you know big picture comes approaching your right it's not like it's not the end of the world's. It campaign to I don't know if that I began to realize is not a green house because you unit released a person but. Like 35 dollars for a meal or something and wouldn't you feel a little like if it's not what you want and it's not prepared very well. Now and that's and that's like me critiquing bared their food I'm not being good enough for me and their force sending it back it comes out how it comes out not McCain that unless it was. Completely raw chicken or something. I'm really I wouldn't aka IRA bullet like I said you are pretty you are representative of your generation in the survey apparently they didn't ask anybody. Anywhere around my age. Yeah. Dale mom. Should you know I mean having worked in the industry it's been a while now but having worked in the industry I. Try never to guide to be in full later Rooter you know I mean I understand that things don't always come on exactly do we want and as you point out it's not the end of the world. Botch. I do feel like give you you know if you're like purely get a noodles or some and worry about filling in nine dollar meal but if your bacon decent amount of money. For for a meal and it's not. To your liking or not what you ask for yeah I think I probably would probably somewhere in the middle man. Yet yet but again I would I would never be jerk about it and start slamming things around I would I ever known you to be a jerk. All eats. Like anything. That's completely honest I am far nicer to have to wait staff and into you held cell I don't I would sincerely hope so called the. Whack. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. So little on historical footnote that I that I almost missed I was. He. 87 years ago today on this date in 1931 so on March 19. 1931. That this. And soon to be legendary products the US stores for the very first time being do you remember. The the commercials or at least the jingle. Too high and too much acute kidney you really intriguing and appeared Mickey. I'm glad lobbyists and it's. Yeah blood is thin and and I don't mean your not back down again in my opinion he gets you know running out of nothing old and wanna really. He and Reid. Astray we're really Alka-Seltzer another state in 1931. I think that'd. I remember the commercials not doubt one umpire mature leader versions of the commercials. But I remember that being a seeing. By the time leg I was old enough to even think about obviously I don't remember people doing their permit it is still do maybe just me maybe I'm out of the loop on that wouldn't be via first or last time. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 995. The mountain. Are bad news for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton she is on the mend after a couple of clubs and kind of unfortunate accidents. In India last week she Hillary Clinton seven years old. Former secretary of state as you know on presidential runner up she slipped down so me stairs of a mosque on Monday again this is in India. Complained of some pain in her hand the neck the very next day the following day. She felon of a bathtub in her hotel room. And broke her wrist but that's a rough week there doctors danger up and said it. Look at it this way you mrs. Clinton I understand that your wrist is in some pain and you maybe your pride took a little bit of a beating over the last week or show but it it at least. It's not like you lost a major elections it. Oh wait. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the all the pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on these. Five now there's a new dating app out there. I thought this is an interesting idea now than looking for dating out but I thought this is inching audience called waging a your to this now you're gonna not really up on my dating I don't know I don't drift you know I know yeah I really your dots which you're probably more likely to know people who all are then I analysts fans and people who would be more likely he's dating app. Rice she'll image stats were I was going that's a waving. Once you thugs in the profile parties about the same. You set up Richard looking for a potential partner. But instead of showing you pictures of candidates. The app please you are recording of their voice. Interesting idea. I wonder if there's an eight it seems incredibly high risk in terms of trying to match people up. I think it's rate because the most attractive quality in a per cent. Is is confidence. And confidence really comes across in the Wheaties speak and durable case. So I don't think about that that's something that you couldn't necessarily. Get from a picture. The you can easily get from the way person speaks. Gavin boy there's a whole other piece of that puzzle the your fifth zoo is out pretty good it's got pretty substantial piece I'm sure that people used dating ads they don't incorporate all boys banging do incorporate those other puzzle pieces Larry equally dissatisfied with some of their matches. I also want to try and approach. Those are really good points I Iowa's is steel Lichen and maybe you were a little skewed being in in this particular business to. Did 90% of his time and ending and this is also in the you know the social media aides were there actually pictures of us everywhere. Alec when I was a kid you've really had no idea what people on the radio looked like. 90% of you will beam me that's the first aggressive as they I don't look anything like. What they thought I did based on what I sound public site at zero there's probably wouldn't Mora got to offer me and me well they uniting things. I guess but the drive to the adjusting the concept strikes me as interest. Yeah I'll try until a whole lot better than just pictures of playing if Kazaa now senior Mikey he thought. A face that's true answer fury about the there really isn't anywhere to go but up from there. That stories in business insider this morning gets called waving if you wanna check it out. Might Casey's final thoughts. OK final thought for a Monday engineers at Toyota have apparently designed of basketball shooting robots. That never misses from the free throw line never misses six foot three the robot is six foot three inch tall it's named Q. CU EQ five actually uses artificial intelligence. To learn to shoot to the preacher shot and is recorded. Near 100%. Accuracy now keep in mind that you cannot playing defense. You know but I beauties. Q is got the midrange jumpers slash. Free throw shots down. And the engineers at Toyota came up with a which is the part that I find interesting like that's that's a cool thing to do. But how about this Toyota how about a new view your engineer's focus. On like give having airbags in their cars that don't. Accidentally deploy a lake when you hit him mosquitoes 65 miles an hour or even maybe even this how about a car. That doesn't cost as much. As the house that my parents body and raise my brother and I am about that how well we walked toward the work towards those schools. Rather then. Robots that shoot basketballs bring. Just the thought. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating is crossover which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountains.