The Phantom Pooper

Wednesday, September 20th

Theories on Colorado Springs' most infamous resident.


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Dobbs was Wednesday Wednesday okay west this way units today Wednesday morning when Casey Alice Marwick we have a bore little. Out of sorts Chris today is the big a kick ball. Company wide kick ball matched that so we do yearly and I'm just hoping you can make it through the first play of the first game without getting significantly injured. I haven't even talked about us because and soul. Nervous that something's gonna go wrong last year I get so excited for all and the theory first play our theory first game. I tore two ligaments in my ankle because of sexes. I've figure overstating it put okay man really has when I say I got and another guy and the team decides she does and I should probably get it for her. Well that I told you I broke rib a couple years ago and it wasn't did you just people okay as you said you got it and now yeah when he came over and push you around is obviously isn't and you can catch. That's pretty much yeah algae get which is my voice like not a bit injured but that it had nothing to do is X is news you probably get almost everything that's OK you know and that's. If I and I won't speak for you in my case with a broken rib it was just people are generally not good to kick ball and we didn't we've played together once a year and people just charge rollovers and that's generally what happens it is like a bunch of drug and monsters just from wailing on balls and running into each yes that discipline leveled at our coworkers Alec kick ball is not access rates but again if you make it past the first played the first game then we're ahead of where -- relax at all up I am still running the same race this weekend and sell hopefully you'll. The injury free for that looks I Mardi work on my knee injury it's on guys without. Don't wanna hatton well. I'll end. Feels great I can sell. More like Casey's coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain prized vacation or something but unfortunately. The day off was to take our son having to have another MRI on his need. Which she injured football practice he wasn't a helmet to the new year hard tackles he was just running a pass route. And he went to make it cut in his neat popped in buckled in and he failed. More unfortunately this is somewhat familiar territory for him in for a us on in his sophomore year. Having tore his left meniscus in the basketball game. So that meant surgery. And a physical therapy. And six months on crutches. In his second game of his junior year he tours the same in this news in the second quarter of a football game. It's important note he did end up playing the rest of that game. He's he's pretty tough I think he gets that from the smoke actually. On them at another surgery another six months on crutches another round of physical therapy. His high school homecoming game football games this Friday is so senior year and he was just cleared to played last week. This was supposed to be his triumphant return to action. Only now not so much work still waiting on the MRR results we don't really know what's wrong this time around Blige. It seems relatively certain that he isn't playing football this Friday. Or maybe ever for that matter like a lot of teenage boys sports is it's pretty much evans' life. Has been ever since he was a little boy in if you have kids you know all parties is apparent to see them struggle something that. Seems so inherently unfair. And not really haven't sentences if you can help. Wish I could fix his knee for him but that seems somewhat beyond the scope of grown men who plays Aerosmith records for living. Yesterday morning eleven was taking of one league and show our happened to notice in note that his twelve year old sister Jo-Jo left formed here's what it says it. Here haven't. I'm so sorry poacher mean you pressure don't deserve. I feel social about it. But there are two things I want you to keep in mind. Number one we all love you slow so much. Number two. It's going to be OK. I know it might suck everything will turn out fine. I love you soon so much to joke to me you know kids sometimes know what to say when groups don't. Is. Thanks to. She's right. Everything will view. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain are good news for us here in the state of Colorado we are home to state our home is so home to not one not Cuban actually three. Of the ten US cities with highest rates of exercise. In the country. But that misty was taken from a poll of 350000. Adults and 2015 and 2016. The cities with the Ted Ted the cities with the highest exercise rates in the United States. Five C a Rosa California for Greeley. Rep wrote your Greeley Colorado Saint Louis Obispo number three number chew Fort Collins. And number one the highest exercise rate of any metro area in the country Boulder, Colorado so three of the top five hour and the rest of the list is there's a lot of California there. Anchorage Alaska was numbering which surprised me a little bit but Anchorage. Honolulu Hilton head. Clarksville Tennessee. The result came in in the top ten at 305 let's have probably has its pros have the recent. Not half a part of the reason that people are flooding Colorado right sunshine. Out hers exercise legal wheat new royal Sunni. If his plane crashed in the wilderness. Mike's biggest concern would be how much his airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey in the morning on ninety. We're not even close to game time yet and you party what is the issue with my socks with my debt talks. There and that's at their dance acts they're youths who would that be united not timid she. The old buddy you'll bloody under the age of 45 would ever wingers Sox not to want to shoot 45. Now it's just that's why they're dance acts but it's just very indicative of your love Jim. You know I'm OK with that let me just state for the record that's. And I think there's a generational thing too this is well. Won't win when I grew up the only people who where the little ankle socks that you conceived of issues in. Were moms who are going to the tennis club to play and they had little hassles on the back problem. Those socks yes yes those were the all asking you to Wear that don't realize that change your socks and I realize that I'm just saying that that is my point of reference for the little sake socks that don't come up Blake pastor ankle bone. That's my point of reference pseudo. I maybe I decide haven't shifted out of that that's a mindset that's right I don't. I don't want you to change auto I don't I'm not planning on but I decides to feel like we need to take dictionary as I feel like ever instability avatar you. It. It visually you're shiny charts here. Well maybe notre outsource it to look it's yeah actually go through that yet and thinks my facts are cool they're breaking. News stereo and sell only those with a moderate heat all you want. I would. Mr. If he ran for president he would probably lose in a landslide static. It's now it's like Jaycee find 99 plus the mountain. A recruitment agency analyzed the world's 100 Rick. Just people. And found that 75 of them 75 of that 100 have earned a college degree that 75% I know that because. I spent some time college to. Here's a rundown of the three most common college majors of these billionaires. 22 of them were engineering majors sixteen of them were business majors. Eleven where finance majors. Three most common college leaders are billionaires engineering business and finance the study also found that the most popular starting job. For this exclusive club billionaires. Was as a salesperson. About that. So engineering business finance started offers a salesperson that's a good way to end up in the billionaire's club I can tell you from my own experience. That's on political science. Part of a lifetime in the retail sales industry. And part of lifetime in radio broadcasting not gonna get into the billionaire's club again just based on my own experience. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike GCR 99 plus the mound. Yes I'm getting guest for most of us. That this this movie trailer. This part of this movie trailer Washington immediately. Rings a bell I would think here here here it is. From a few journalists were men must hide underground okay has come a machine run didn't play. An assassin from the 21 centuries and sent back through time. Do you reason we're. The remarks. We are reverend Terry from the terminator ones were back in the 21 century seemed so far away. Why am I playing naturally and ask yourself well the original creative team. Of the terminator terminator franchise is reuniting Arnold Schwarzenegger. Will be bock. Linda Hamilton back into the iconic role of Sarah Connor. And her ex husband real life ex husband director James Cameron. Announced last night at a private party this is a quote as me and meaningful as she was too gender action stars everywhere back then. It's going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she's become. Return. And quotes Tim Miller who directed dead pool. Will apparently take the directorial reins James Cameron will be on board as an advisor. Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back into in at least to according to this story from the Hollywood reporter Linda Hamilton. Back into her iconic roles are Connor. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Mike Casey mornings on 99. I realized I was out yesterday. In today's kick ball day so maybe I'm just I'm not firing on all cylinders. What am I missing. This story out of this springs where there's. Jogger. Whose randomly dropping trowel and whooping on people's yards and. You're missing nothing that's not a whole star Larry did the best news story you've ever heard is what that is. And it's doing what you -- put let me Sergio this is a neighbor Kathy. Kathy Buddha who is it lives in the neighborhood I guess for this woman has been doing this in this. When we tied and that paper pine tree hit it. And it's not surprising that people can see any worst thing I heard this they came screaming I'm not gonna believe this they're like crying. At home. And I can easily taken into account for. He he didn't pay any loophole in the gray hair turning hope into won't gas. Sorry this. I thought for sure she's more to my it was an accident so that it does that come back from that you know and never on here ever again. And the attack came across the street here. Are part test what do pod is. So it's not a one time thing. Now it no it's not I love fit the reaction that she described it she thought the woman went half. Bed I would relate to that so much being like I don't know what to do know I'm sorry to see you again I don't know how to move up. Right about of options but this is what I got to do it but apparently doesn't like a multiple. Oh multiple currents thing yeah these are the only winds still really seen her thing. She pulled Sunday both ends she brings her own toilet paper with what she did a plan and to this this first degree put. As soon as meditative stream. Moving. If you bring your own toilet paper couldn't show also bring like zones of couldn't you find a bathroom while they're street okay sure that's fairly obvious but if you're gonna do it the other way. And you go to the effort to bring toilet paper prints also bring a Bagger. So here's the thing. It's weird it's really wearied. And our first instinct is today laughs and then like immediately criticized this woman because she's not people's lines but I do wonder like what she has some pretty severe condition and I'm talking physically but. It's not. Really. A normal thing to have to prove multiple times on Iran and I wouldn't think. Once may be because you show your thanks and regret it's not normal so you you have to. Are a lot of questions. Fair enough you're you're bringing up SharePoint to let me ask you this if you know the dad is an issue that you have. And and and and you our interceding in running as a form of exercise. Wouldn't you think. The there would be a number of different ways for example. Rather than running like street running. Wouldn't it make more sense to say run in the gym where there's a bathroom very close tomorrow by Yasser or even like it track. Adam Scott I don't even know he can do that anymore but like attracted a school where there might be a bathroom nearby yes that does make more cents that makes much more sense is far more illogical. I am not saying this is even a definite thing I just think it should be considered before we rush to make fun of her now that we've considered it he got back so it is like what is this ridiculous because she's who got lots of will be able whine if it didn't end. With alarming regularity in in the same places like it's not like she's got us yet she she ol' whip this is like one of those things where. When she's actually not clinch debts which spot east with a lot and there's like. Dug up there with human brain and they don't honestly is that could they got struck by lightning when they're standing next to a fountain and and so she's a dog from. OK I think switching brains is now I could. Well we'll find out of the Colorado Springs police department is on it they say it's not their number one priority but it is that are top notre do you. A top priority terabytes to that yeah that's such an existing debt. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. A man working out in a gym in Germany. Got a very sensitive parts of his body. This again got a very sensitive part of his body stock. Inside a five point five pound weak plate on Friday according to officials there firefighters spent. Three hours. Three hours using a grinder. And oh vibrating saw. The benefit of vibrating sought to free what was widely reported to have been. The man it's you know from the center of the disc was in the center of the week played disk authorities did not make clear how to me and ended up with the weight. Wrapped around she's CO manhood. On the in that incident prompted plenty of speculation. On social media 33 hours using your griner to vibrating saw him remove him remove the weight from him. All I can think is that q.'s new meaning to that whole idea of clean and jerk. Sure it wants cash and that is when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 995 the mountain.