Peanut Butter and Pickles

Tuesday, April 10th


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6 o'clock Tuesday morning here on Monday night five the mouse you know I was just yesterday afternoon or evening or something congress scroll around something on my phone and I saw the story I thought well this or these can't be right there's got to be some sort of mystery here. All apparently not according to you depending on who you believe. Lindsey Buckingham Buckingham either quit Fleetwood Mac. Or as according to Rolling Stone Lindsey Buckingham was fired. From Fleetwood Mac. Which I guess would explain why the tween teen tour plans haven't been announced even though they talked about last year. Fleetwood Mac confirmed. As did make plea would do Lindsey Buckingham left the group in he'll be replaced by not one but two guitar players. Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and our operators and Neil Finn from crowded house. For for his much turmoil and you know I mean that's how this is kind of always marked Fleetwood Mac it's part of what has made them creatively interest in. I can't for the life figure out why. Forty years he gears demands. Isn't this about forty years too late your time so leave the Vander be fired from the band was. A long long drama go by how did you just like retires. And that's like. They kind they sort of did this in the eighties to late eighties Lindsay left and but again you would you'd figure the very least they could come to. To an amicable parting you know like I don't want a tour you guys once or go ahead and get somebody yell I mean you would figure they can just sort of work it out yeah but you kind of fires in true Fleetwood Mac fashion and its very nature of Matta fell slightly each other and they fired just adds. Now I'll so on that's that's the latest from on the Fleetwood Mac camp. Us agency live via the very least will not be on the road with them this year. Whether he was fired Corey users pose a matter of debate but. Things always interesting in the world of Fleetwood Mac 7:10 this morning question almost impossible we've got tickets CEO Parsons project may be Lindsey Buckingham blood through them. That's coming up in June so we've got that at 710 and right now I'll these cuts news traffic and other interest share deal only cash so many interesting things. Mike feces coming up an appeal by 1995. The mountain. On Friday the New York Times. Tweet out a recipe. For a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. It well that's what I would think to the basically lost its mind apparently there are a ton of people. I don't know how many but this is one of those. Cult favorite kind of things to build there I guess is a lot of people who responded like I've been eaten sandwich is like that for years. And then of course third it seems like there are those of us who were sort of repulsed by the idea. According to New York Times and I think we may have to explore this they're saying if you like the combination of lake salty and sweet and crunchy. You might actually Laker peanut butter pickles and watch my question mostly is. How how does is it they're going to be have serious soggy factor. With the pic also made him really dry him off. Yeah because normally used like if you got pickles on like a regular sandwich than me if you have lettuce and tomato and some other different things going on there. Whereas I think the peanut butter is just an act is like. You know like a pool for the pickle juice is co regulated. Or puddle in the menus can disarm his Italy or not they DNC many more appetite live and rescue grossed out and now I'm grossed out. I'm thinking it is there's that many view of the lake if they can all be wrong thing you might try it now you can try it and I'll take it real I have. I'm eating this it's just staying your passing on a novelty sandwich you Lionel I didn't love novelty food that is how gross out I am by the idea of pickles and peanut butter I feel like I just bombing it everywhere and nobody wants to see in Eddie tells me are you kidding if it's not key that is a good Q did you Q you these did you get that. I don't they apparently a lot of if you delete this and maybe you were just the ones and interprets sounds like you're gonna stay in the dark I am had been I'll gladly Macquarie to get evidence of you eating the sandwich in here all of your opinions on this just don't need aren't teamwork fair enough water typical sale which is. He's it's kind of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Hey good morning from not and I thought the mountain you have a thought on this computer voter pickle sandwich thing. Not sure I wouldn't it's there but we can't tell you if he won't eat it. I a year ago that he would eat up anger at a bar in Alaska she. It. I'll tell you right. Signal battalion thank you to now you understand the conundrum of Alley Hardwicke yes I've got fingered no I will not need to nichols' right or I thank you for reminding me out of the inherent hypocrisy. In a heart which I appreciated. That are repaired yet I got there should the finger. Think pickles are I would rather eat a thing there. He said he kiss and rather heated finger. And if you Dickau welcome to our ex world is retarded about weird foods stories today as a social in this morning up have you heard of the Carolina reaper. Hot chili pepper it measures one point six million. On the school bill scale verses like 5000 for a helping you so what they were doing way hotter than that. There's is decided to show up at a medical journal 34 year old man who ate one of these. Carolina reaper peppers at a cheerleading contest immediately started dry heaving. NN to an end like for the next three days. Had these. Short but incredibly painful headaches she ended up going to the emergency room they were there were called that they're called thunder clap headaches. This is the results of eating that pepper. He'd gotten thunder clap it it's reversible cerebral. These are constriction. Was what happened it can happen sometimes from drug user by a medication. And in this case it was sort of pepper from eating a pepper and fortunately they were able live like fix about the news. Back to back to normal after a bit. I mean you know also and I like kinda spicy food to Jesus somebody off Fiji Carolina reprieve may well. Walk the other way for that Peter buttered their assailants certainly be convinced that that's pretty good idea. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yet so good luck. On 1995 the night. They're not technically impossible there almost impossible that's the idea or as in the case just really really super easy. Yes that's you news question not even a hard. Today my. Do little better today parenting as a CEO Parsons project up for grabs the question today. 958%. Of the same we have no patience for affects. What can defeat. That's hurt near all of us bears pretty much everybody in 95%. Minus stated we have no patience for us. Are we think we're talking about 6312995. That's the number unique. We might finale like. A fair question this morning 95%. Of us say we have no patience for this what are we talking about. I think it's. The voicemail. Well you know what we've done this alone is going to be a lot harder but you are exactly right listening to voice mails the answer we were looking for and you won the tickets to see the Al purses project. One person but my favorite favorite big time. You are in lock. Yes my team to evil have another shot and Alan Parsons project tickets tomorrow 710 regular bills in question almost impossible. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. You know I just did I did the greatest thing without realizing it I have my headphone volume allow low enough but I actually here use singing. When it's Freddie Mercury I sound just like can't. It's like it's in no prince unbelievable now obviously no perfect red eye is still unclear as to what eighteen holes and I never been able and why you shouldn't apparently. England will definitely start with Freddie Mercury then does he was to some pretty average at our yet he's been novice level yep Lou Cuellar said recorded that that was awesome. I somebody love from queen Joan Hartley. On 995 amounts and on Tuesday morning. The it features other first. Ever. Luxury space hotel. A very Jetsons concept luxury space hotel is expected to launch in 20/20 one they are now taking reservations. Our Orion spanned. He's a company with a mission to quote build and sustain human communities in space accessible to all their space hotel called the roar stationed. Will orbit 200 miles above the earth in offer rooms to space travelers it's a little pricey just keep in mind like no that going into it. A twelve day stay aboard the were stationed as a starting price. Of nine point five million dollars and you can reserve your room today with a refundable deposit of eighty grand it's nice that they make it refundable. I can tell by the look on your face you are not rushing to. Oh no way never first of all like bunch of people going in Chile space hotel like that's the start of a terrible or being. Sigourney Weaver shows up and yeah there are not interested in being a part of that also we might feel that space is there a better elevenths spit out there stay here two feet on the ground blank spaces horrifying. Us. We feel like I almost this is this a bigger more complicated I feel like I would be interested in staying there. I would not be interested in the trip to get there like that you I we need another 80000 dollars in xanax. 22. To make that trip yet it's not happening I think it's telling you would be a little claustrophobic liquid and have. Is no air in space nine yeah at all and that if you go outside and space you'll implode and your body will just like liquefy and you'll dying would they don't. Have had to use it to your writings and instantly you go a little girls who work on it just things go wrong I don't and hotels on earth and and people get in trouble there in Spain six. Which would I qualified. Savannah idea don't do it just at all so far this morning from new we have too hard nosed we've heard no on the my PC easy as tacos over a tortilla. That way when Sophie inevitably falls out. While not he already has another taco Mike PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Congratulations senior senator Tammy Duckworth. On the birth of her daughter a million pearl yesterday. This your second daughter senator Duckworth and you may know is in Iraq War veteran. In a purple heart recipient. She is now she can also had disturbed her list in her ResMed she now becomes the first US senator. To give birth. While in office that's I mean on the one in its myriad you can are usable this morning and has never happened before. But at same time you could argue that it's over it's kind of a positive a move in a positive direction. In terms of the trends in excess of blame and what better person you know Iraq War veteran purple artery super recipient. Senator Tammy Duckworth congratulations to you and your family in your new baby daughter. His life as a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings what Mike Casey in 1995. The mountains. If I realize it's sick it's a headache waiting to happen but it it seems important enough to mention particularly if you're keeping score. Of this sort of thing at home according to a new report from the CBO the Congressional Budget Office. The government's our government's budget deficit. Is is inching toward the one trillion dollar market is expected to get there. By next year the dude current budget deficit by the end of this fiscal year should be about 800 billion. And by next year would be right around one trillion dollars. The CBO the Congressional Budget Office says that. Part obviously not the whole thing but part of what has continued to push in this direction is the recent. Spending bill in the tax cuts that came from the administration. That they said would pay for themselves but if it is put their lives CBO disagrees with that put it that way saying that those effects will only partially. Offset the deficit cost of the tax cuts so bide twice when he would they're saying his. You're look we're looking at crossing into the one trillion dollar debt. You know deficit category. And that can be pretty hard to climb out. I don't give her enough. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait. Mike Casey morning's fine I didn't. Today is on April 10 2018. Slump I think an important day. It for number different reasons not the least of which is today. Is. Equal pay day. This marks the date that women working full time. Must working into the new year to make the same amount that men working full time in the year before I said Eric yes OK Seward were like 99 DC into 2018. This is essentially did his due zero out points where the average working man. Made this amounts by the end of 2017 yes and now and now the average working woman is caught up with an 89900. Days. I'm that's kind of it's a big deal it is the idea zipping about a hundred they had start. Yes that people how yeah and it doesn't you know I think. If this is going to be a little bit I think most people I talk to. Conceptually agree like people should be paid you know the equal amounts for equal work but this is always a tough it's not as easy is that it's not like these like. It weighs I don't know how. I'll fix the problem it is it is because you eat your fighting against. Gender roles and stereotypes that we've had first century's that we build are tired knowledge in existence on. Cell breaking them down and realizing the ways in which a little things that don't seem to cause any qualities might actually. And there's a thousand things coming together into one they create this despair. Ian pay yeah and that plus. Economic throwing economics in the laws of supply and demand an employee now that sort of thing. And it's really hard to fight against each and every one of those little things sell you know working towards paying people the same regardless of gender. Could be one step in the right direction and they got it take you now. 6000. Yeah other factors into consideration arts today today's equal credit nine days and clear what an exciting day. Might Casey's final thoughts. So I'm Natalie believe stone is a student Central Michigan University. Apparently earlier this week. It's very difficult for your mind your own but this actually happened she is a video. Of herself is showing heard. Rescuing a squirrel that she pulled out of the pond. The squirrel wasn't breathing. So according to this story Natalie decided to try chest compression speed on the squirrel. Which she says she said she saw on the office that we have to show the office. Where this staffers were taught to give test impressions of the visa staying alive but Fiji's. So really you tried that and it works you got this world breathing again. Did Natalie. She then used to blow dryer to keep the squirrel warm for the is pearl sit still for romance once it was revived. Later that daisy released this girl back into the wild. And wash your run of victory. All thanks to the office Natalie really stow squirrel whisperer that's Central Michigan University good job Natalie special thanks Jim and Hamdan Michael and Dwight and everybody over under Mifflin well job a job well done. We. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter release you will be bored and your ride into work at so. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain else.