Peace Out Vitamins

Thursday, June 28th


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You know back in the day the other romantic had a little bit you know they were like leather jackets in kind of not exactly pump the doors with the kind of a little bit like an Elvis lives sorting visually going. With their viewing the videos and in their own there there. Physical look to them they did a show here in town a couple of years a civic five years ago. And they sounded greats but they were still kind of work in that same image and it would be it was sort of deal it. A young grandfatherly can leather coast who agree bump there wasn't that that part wasn't great. Yeah eight evolve here look at least as time goes on you even if you don't touch the sound yet the sound was great of talking initially romantics. On 995 amounts and on Thursday morning Alley Hardwicke Mike Casey it's they birdie issued like nine. Multi faced warnings for the day because can be 101 degrees he gonna be okay you're faced mounts when it's like seven night I was here I'm probably not I I think the chance to be making her slim at best I assume it's going to be like that scene in raiders of the lost our clients exactly what is going to be Dallas and yeah yeah be me probably even before excellent parts morning try to bring more I think about that but some. Gusty evening storms may cool things down a little bit 95 for high tomorrow. Eighty on Saturday and a chance for afternoon rain some love. It turns out some of my favorite people in the worlds have birthdays today which I didn't really know on my mind was on Saturday. I didn't say all my favorite people listen some other lesser people Mel Brooks comedy legends 92 sugar programs quarterback and now general manager John Elway 58 today. Our son he bro is twenty today. And mare. At least according to U mice of liberty double dagger should shoot today. We're selling thing. I think atrocities created and one facility sort of process of buying things over processed or process anything sold gone. What process were here console fire process you know as a career no idea. I'm employed double there John Cusack 52 years old to day on my guess you'll you are John Cusack if ever raining cast dean movie. Mike Casey John Cusack is actually no wait families already been cast and prettiest it's called I. Oh betrayed exactly yeah 52 years old today. Com we had a great time last auto speak for you I had a great time lesson. And last night at Sonoma is grill which is in the lonetree Mary how we do our burden in bacon took it out on the road we're taking it out on the road all summer yeah just the first stop of many and I am so excited about it as excited before it happened. And after last night's happy hour. I cannot wait for the. And I was really great the folks it's at the Mary Johnson on the scroll they were there great and I'm took care of everybody is well. Our friend Jim Hardy was there eagerly did some trivia stuff and it's not I mean like our big. Urban indicative vent to that's great this is the early fifties so yes. Little to actually toxic gas a little smaller scale which is nice to said they remain vague and we get like how am I but there's so much bill. This was really nicely diskette sit down and chat here see some of the elements of urban in Macon between us like the live music that was there in January we had the same guy playing last night and losing. Hebron good there have been musician Graham good was there Indo our friends from apple Jack pointed spears were there is I'll go out which I next time have to remember to order a case. I'll just alcohol she can do it right from the event multiple deaths here yes that's right sorry is likely to sign up for how little you Al let me another drink it did I just how much I mean there was a lot to be excited about last night but again thank you to everybody to Bob shored up for them and of them. Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. According to a new study is once in Stanford vitamin supplements. Are a waste of money researchers found with some of the most popular. Vitamin and mineral supplements of vitamin. I know I think people fall into one of two camps they're either big believers in this sort of thing and the kind of people who take like 48. Supplements today yes or you're people who just forget about the whole thing. Well don't you PE most of them out like if you take I I guess you don't actually absorb most of what's in the I would think from what I has been told many many if you dig until. You dig and help my kids and of it a lot of places thankfully not here in Colorado and people are vitamin. Why he got a trying to work around that by eating and that helps keep that because is taking to tell I think now a lot of it. Actually goes in year. Yes no I think you're right about that and I've I've thought there's been very few times in my life I've tried to be one of those vitamin supplement people. And I if I find the whole thing incredibly annoying yes probably more expensive than I think it should be NF like I've I'd sued for like six months at the most solid. Like you know guys on the cake and it lasts about a week around like this help me I'm not feel better and then a week later Mike. Opposites so much mark yes it's too much just remember tuna. And you know you also you don't mean my policy this is this is kind of my fallback position is there's really no substitute for healthy eating so I'll just. Last year's huge as he's got this reading off the peace and not chosen nutrient the knee I've got all the bases covered. Three things you need to know coming up next on the mountain will also do question almost impossible just after 710. Give you chance to win some tickets at the Colorado Irish festival. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US for it or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. You like hot weather issues of degree do for you a 101 is Lorena in four chance for us some gusty storms this afternoon this evening 95 tomorrow. Eighty for a high on Saturday another chance for afternoon rain right now three things you need to know cellular. Finally got another presidential meeting coming up because president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin had agreed that they're going to hold a summit meeting they said yesterday that they are going to meet they did not say a date or time but. President trams going to be in Europe next month around mid July so people are believing that this time meeting. Happen sometime around that I heard there he reserved a honeymoon suite and a sink on my act I think it's going to be beautiful and magical candidacy based. There are expected to discuss US and Russian relations that really honest and total of us. That would be minus minus well and then yesterday it got some really sad news from and noble and she's the wife of pap colony honors the owner of the Broncos. She's also been diagnosed with alzheimer's. Have fallen has been battling alzheimer's for many years a lot of the team reacted yesterday. Obviously sending while wishes Broncos linebacker Von Miller written into Graham on he said he admired her courage it's going to be tough time for the Broncos. Obviously because she stepped into the role. On his owner face of the team for for quite some time on so I'm very very sad news. And then yesterday also surprisingly. I'd justice Anthony Kennedy announced that he be retiring from the US Supreme Court. So within just a few years he now had Sheila Supreme Court positions available which it lifetime position when your 2010. It's dad you know what I'm asking about this this morning I don't I don't grow big fish in the constitution I am I just there's a certain I've I wonder if may be. The founding fathers got this one wrong in terms of like. I don't think they could envision the partisan political world that we live in now yes and it doesn't it really doesn't matter which cited the child that you're wrong. The notion that's congress can be can moment in time by a one side or the other. But can influence. The the world the supreme court for forty years or whatever the number is it just seems like. All someone that was made a lifetime position for years and is the average lifespan of a person yet so hard dealing with all on much longer and longer time period but it's played the most influential move that a president can make because it can't be on time. Yes and just by the luck of the of the draw so as it were you you know you can have zero appointments during your term activity you know prison trump has this would be the second one yeah NEC and I mean after. After. President Obama nominating its mayor pro darling and the senate went and changed the rules as how you could approve somebody. He on the Supreme Court so it would work. Provided day it's yes I your party is in power you have tons of power as to just call us and it's all power politics and I don't. It affects all of IS yet. Every single saying this is wearing unite and I think about things like your local government and who's making your decisions for you every single day because our Supreme Court is influenced now by a single individual. Yeah he's a swing vote to for the most part yeah you are there's three things you need to know tell her we cure on the mouse. He's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might be easy to find 99 by the mountain. So the legend says they wrote they were inspired by. It actually happened they were in of the guys and they were in a bar and they saw Vince Neal the lead singer from Motley crew. From behind me an Ohio man who's that girl and it was the growth of students milk. From a weaker through irritants on drew loosely I don't know officer enough but still good story do it looks like a lady Aerosmith on 995 announcing question almost impossible. Coming up just after 710 and of course any time you hear the the Harley revving sound effects. You call us you caller number 9911 key for you. That may start that's when he Tina fix BB street Bob. From Evelyn Charlie Davidson recipe. Be listening attentively did you see arm I think it just it might come up this morning or maybe yesterday Boeing. Released. A mock up. You know a good visual picture of passenger plane they're calling the hypersonic. Whom you see this I can't look at the Boeing hypersonic. Could get you according to Boeing could get you anywhere in the world in one to three hours. Which sounds hugely appeal that does doesn't that 3800 miles an hour with the is that how fast the plane would move so for like New York to London for example what's currently takes seven hours. You can do in two. That's pretty and that's that's that's done now faster than I can get from Denver to Pittsburgh. Yellow nylon modeling club four hours pretty close yes yes and you pretty amazing Boeing of course the world's largest air aircraft manufacturer. Says the concept is still in early stages of development it could be. Twenty years. Or so before that they can actually make this happen a plane to travel safely at mach five with passengers on it. Anything that gets me in and out an awful playing faster yeah I'm I'm toll. I don't actually very curious how you felt about this because I know your nervous flier yeah. I mean in flame travels dangerous a lot of the time because of the speeds that you're traveling and so when you increase as the doesn't increase year. Hangs and I any yeah well I haven't been ironed out and actually being in that situation but I think part of this thing for me is just having to sit that long and think about it I'll pay a lot of deaths of radiated out faster even if I were traveling if they were super noisy that might be issued by mistake if you could look. If you're going it isn't like mock fine if you could be signed into well I know you'll have to be new technology by the it'll be fine every final mile cruising around in a recliner and share often times the brand new papers model something it's just move. Scenes and I do in times everything it's just in my nature you do that it's flying with Sabrina Matthews of the 655 funny next to north Sabrina she doesn't ruin everything. It's guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your right in the worst. So Mike Casey in the morning on I 95 the mountains. Because can be a 147. Degrees today. And I'm just not sure how response to view us China and a little Hartley hyperbole and yes. Movie if just for the sun is an yeah. 101 actually soaring and for a Kubrick might be I'm a record high we may get sued gusty evening storms this afternoon this afternoon this evening. 95 for high tomorrow and then we kind of get back down to little more slightly more normal weather eighty for a high on Saturday. Chance for afternoon rain frozen Margarita machine was the answer on numb questions of possible. You pick that question because. This afternoon. Well yeah we're headed down to Blake street tavern for pre party before. At which there will be marker readers so you might imagine some 47 Blake street tavern you come down their joys Rio grand old time and then send you off to the. The show and you'll have already I have great all time ops yet I was told. Us and our act came from here all the time he's saying it. It ruins were loaded talked about leaving your favorite time in the favorite time in every employees day on average. The favorites on every employees day is it's a very specific time line it's me and now. Really your guess so unless it's actually 325. Obama didn't say a specific yes. And they're assuming a normal guy like that I worry my five is great because I've been home for a couple of yes research has shown that people experience eight happy moments and five low points during an average work day. Among those happy moments. Waking up after great night's sleep getting appreciation from the boss receiving a compliment from a client or customer. And walking through the door after work low points include long and boring meetings. Over eating and regretting it I don't understand this it's. And getting stuck in traffic but 3.5. PM according to this survey is the average time that people are happy is during the day. Coincidentally as you just mentioned our little party put extra time starts at four. My cash so take and happiness and I believe and down the Blake street tavern there should be any traffic at bats yet. All the doors are opening for you online at 325 in the in the party have to bleacher tavern at four today's resurrection jukebox coming up at 8 o'clock this morning it if you like. French lyrics singing your songs you'll be excited about this because there are some French lyrics in this particular song. Long should Ponce and yeah what does that mean that means a cent French low. Well all right and some school incentive for me everything done is apparent that become an 8 o'clock this morning here on late resurrection jukebox. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. I'm sure we're all familiar at this point with packages from Amazon showing up at our door that's a pretty common occurrence. At this point in time they usually show up liking UPS truck. Or may be in the hands in the mail carrier while that may all change Amazon announced yeah yesterday. That there packages may soon be delivered from an Amazon fan. The the online retailing giant they want more control over how the packages of our delivered their rolling out a program that lets entrepreneurs around the country. Launch businesses. That specifically deliver. Amazon packages. And there's like contacting. Out BSE. Exactly. You would be able to lease the blue vans with the Amazon logo. You buy uniforms for drivers its say it was on says they will be you know give you support for the business. You could started. I don't know if you call a franchise has are I don't know maybe like 101000 dollar which they're saying for ten grinch. You could become any Amazon package package carrier unofficial line beneficial one which. You would think they've where they're headed with this is they don't want use anybody else ever right now wanna be in control of their own. The next step on their quest for world domination and yes they are inching closer and closer to deal. I'm sad body and they do a lot of things really well yet they still got to admit now and I think I do find it interesting in particular the timing of this. I mean they say it's coincidental but I'm sure we'll remember in the last couple months. The president was hammering on Amazon for not paying taxes and then not paying the US Postal Service enough to ship the stuff. And rather than. You know make a big stinker get into a Twitter war zones do it on crowd will easily our own stuff young Merkel thanks that they really interesting development you also from a franchisee standpoint if that's what I mean yes Jerry your next career but it could be Lehman radio got to deliver packages imagine my Casey Shawn appeared door with your Amazon stuff. I would I would probably negatively affect fewer people than I do when I'm. Can you big problems for everybody. He recently. Lost was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain what I feel like we do. Bomb weird on usual stories. Particularly from around this country like 90% of them are from Florida Florida yeah talk about four I can't think of one time at least to this point in time. That story's coming out of viola. Pay I was like you know all middle middle America. Yeah and they had their like Dylan stuff there like they live in Norman Rockwell paying basically. Yeah right so he painted fields you when he paid fields and stuff so this is some believe are out of this is a story from two morneau added to more Iowa. A a guy named Cary Coppola. Was driving past the due mowing golf and country club. And from his car he sees a young goose having trouble keeping his head above water in a pond. It's there early you know on the golf course. Any heat from his I don't know how he did use some sort of ninja thing going on here but from his vantage point he realized that the goose was being attacked. By snapping turtle. Right which is horrible oral a lot of different levels climbing it's also just like in nature channel but yet it's still right. So Kerry he pulls over his car is a swim trunks in his car. He pulls over puts on his swim trunks. Runs toward the punt. There happens to be an inflatable pulled toy fair by the pond it's a unicorn obviously bright he jumps on this thing. Basically paddles out to the middle appliance. Grabs the baby goose which is still attached to the turtle or the turtle still touch degrees I guess I should say. Like paddles back to the shore where he and his brother. Managed to free the goose from the jaws of the snapping turtle. So if you're following the story here's what happened in Des Moines. Amanda writing new unit Korn saved a baby goose from a snapping turtle on Mike that's what happened and I would just like to say that whatever they're smoking in the morning. I would like to try some of that. She sounds magical place where whenever you get in trouble as a young is playing so when you want. Our children's book and that's Iowa always you rainbows sprinkles. There. Yeah. He recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain.