Old Dads Run

Friday, September 1st

American dads are older than ever! 

Plus Marijuana health benefits, a testicle festivale!, pumpkin spice is running rampant, amazon prime delivers booze, smart people swear a lot, and the Patridge family turns 41. 

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You wouldn't wanna wake up. Next to him a quick call that's a pretty all right Mike Casey mornings and 995 the mountain Thursday morning. A Mike Casey Alley heart which is off through the rest of this week for the honeymoon knee Bender will be here with a look at news and traffic. 87 for a high today is going to be hazy game we saw that smoke kind of hanging in the air from those are some of the wildfires in the northwest. Maybe an isolated brainstorm this afternoon usual bit of moisture here. 84 for a high tomorrow 89 for a high on Saturday of course the last thing they need in southeast Texas sees. Anything resembling moisture that's our continues to be a developing stories I think we all know. Leonardo DiCaprio is donated one million dollar server came Harvey relief he joins just Sandra Bullock who also gave a million dollars. The Kim Kardashian family who would be purely speaking we can't stand but big donated 500000 dollars is well. Some Hollywood they blisters are joining together to raise money. For victims of hurricane hard either to telethon scheduled for September 12. Jamie Foxx Reese Witherspoon Blake Shelton Michael Strahan. All promised to be involved it's won't keep you posted on them as more information becomes available. It's if it is it's they're very difficult pictures there and derby in video and scenes coming out of southeast Texas and the surrounding area. In dumped Houston it is however gratifying to see. The many many examples. Of people pulling together on to hope they're there. Their fellow man and woman if you like to do that and long distance you know you can contribute. To the cause there's some links on our website at honey 95 the militant dot com. Give me an idea where you can best use only your resources. Speaking of psychedelic in the like. It's vaguely related to new studies found that smoking weed. Slash is your risk of having to deal with blood clots which can lead to a longer life because it will also reduce your chances. Of suffering from a stroke it seems it THC which is the stuff in marijuana that actually gets you high. Also relaxes the walls of your arteries. Resulting in lower blood pressure an increased blood flow to all the tissues of your body this was in the international business times today. The of relaxed arteries strikes me is kind of photo of soon relax China I have actually but you just gave all of us permission to. I'm not saying permission not permit or whatever but if you're gonna do it at least she could you know at least you could make the claim you're just relaxing your artery right even if they Abbas prior to that drug test that you just yeah. I think there are true facts in my arteries seldom do it. Study published yesterday in human reproduction which is a brush these with signs he's sort of a magazine. Finds that American dads. Or now older. Then never. That's right the our report indicates the average age of the death in 1972 was about 27 point four years. The average age in 2015 had jumped up to thirty point nine years. Meanwhile the percentage of babies born to dads over forty more than doubled. One from four point 1% to eight point 9% and the percentage of births involving fathers over fifty. Also nearly doubled from point 5% two point 9% to interesting footnotes on these studies. You know I give me this makes sense people learn to tend to be getting married a little bit later. Then they used to waiting to have children immunity to short of that part of it makes sense. The oldest father in this study they looked at records from 169. Million births in the United States. The oldest father in the study. Was 88 years old. Yeah 88 years old the youngest father in the study. Was eleven. Eleven years old 88 years old one end of the spectrum eleven the other at eleven I still thought girl's head Khamese. So I don't know what to make of that particular part of the study but the take away. American dads on the whole getting older it's not necessarily bad thing there may be a better. Place in life more financially stable I mean it all depends on the person of course but so. Interesting study coming up next on the 655 funny Trevor no he's the host of The Daily Show. Talks about. His upbringing with his parents in South Africa. I brought in South Africa during a time known as apartheid and for those don't know pots it was a law in the country that made it illegal for black and white people to mix social with for me because I grew up in the mixed family. What was meeting the mixed one in the family. My mother's a black woman south African and my father Swiss from Switzerland. So you as a white man and so they got together my parents black mob like that which is against the law but they didn't get the mavericks you know yeah my mom was like yeah. I don't want to light blue and. And my dad was also well you know this was love chocolates you know sinuous. Isn't there and so they got together and they had knee which was eagle so I was born a crime. Which is something they never thought through because as a family we didn't live together normally like in the streets my thought that's walk on the other side of the road and he can just wave at me from far. Technically be head of violence and my mom could walk with even if the police showed up shifts that go and act like I wasn't hers every time that we use that it's not mine so mine. Felt like a bag of wheat. 04 drink minimum yeah. In 995. Men. We've got to get deceived border up for grabs again today one grand prize winner from this week will win meet and greet passes. Details. It's been answered this question right again no no Google in future Ukraine Ukraine matter. And if you won in the last thirty days for sure if somebody else's kids. I will be doing this should feel unfortunate. Cause of today's question here is this is the woman Hardwicke left us this travels. At approximately 100 miles an hour. It would be anything could miss. The jazz I don't know that's what she left me with this travels at approximately 100. Miles an hour. Yes before he gets a better. When you are 6312995. Order tickets up for grabs. My finale line. Here. My question this morning this travels. At approximately 100 miles an hour we think we're talking about good morning. I'm getting yes. For me that's an excellent gas in fact it's the right answer oh I get ripped how did you know that for effective yet have you heard that little factoid before. Yes I might seem to run TV the news here's something a few days ago really. Yes. So so Hardwicke left us with a question that not only was really easy but was also covered in like the mainstream media in the last week yeah. Wow you guys who hold that against her when she gets back. I. Don't know that that that you'll answer that you've his mother ordered tickets there. What's your name. I gave our Dave enjoyed the foreigners show on us question almost impossible happens weekday mornings just after 710 here on the mound in hopefully they're usually a little harder than it. And. Can. It's not too late to hop a flight. And get to Serbia in the country of Serbia to enjoy the sights smells and tastes of the fourteenth annual. World testicle cooking championship. That's right starts tomorrow. In the village of live Politico you veggies free of charge no way I would have never guess that. Plenty of food and beverages available for purchase the teams competing in the championship. Not only sell the food they're making they also make it a point to educate the joys of testicle cooking so you'll go for the fly in the but you'll return. Back home able to share your new testicle cooking skills with family and friends that's rated starts tomorrow. In Serbia the fourteenth annual world testicle cooking championship if you ask me it sounds completely nuts. He ran for mayor he'd lose in a landslide. To a napkin like mornings and 995 the mountains if it weren't enough that the world has been inundated with. Pumpkin spice. But shaded Shiv Singh and fig bars and yogurt and everything else you have now have another thing to add to the list. Further proof the pumpkin spice mania has gotten out of control. You can now get pumpkin spice latte scented. Deodorant. Yes if you want your armpits. To smell like pumpkin spice latte. That option is available to you in fact through natural deodorant brand brand native. I eat I understand they're just sort of trying to follow the trend. But can't we isn't there some place that we have to draw the line here and doesn't this feel like it should be it's accurate we done enough. Haven't we done everything they can be done with pumpkin spice. Right 'cause I mean I made it through forty plus years of my life without pumpkin spice anything other than like pumpkin pie. And now everything is pumpkin spice. I just feel like we needed just dial it back. Just of Scotia and I mean just just a hair okay when you get to deodorant. That's it that's a bridge too far at that point. Am I the only one that didn't know. That Amazon prime it'd do delivers alcohol. Hum not not in every city but in some it's been available Seattle for a few years now. It's expanding. Amazon prime the delivery alcohol delivery service expanding to eleven more cities. Chicago Cincinnati Columbus. Los Angeles Minneapolis New York City Phoenix Portland Richmond San Diego San Francisco in Seattle no Denver on that list thing a Columbus, Ohio. But no Denver Kamal. Phoenix is a lot of Phoenix though should know Denver cult god. Denver boulder for coming you could see it seems like a no brainer. It will cost you eight dollars of your Amazon prime member it would cost you eight dollars to have beer or wine delivered if you wanted in an hour. If you can wait two hours. The delivery is free I had nor do again it's not in Denver but I'm still. I know a lot of people in Seattle I was the winner in this fight now is a pretty fantastic idea. But only really fantastic once it lands here in Denver commodity Amazon we'd like to drink alcohol we like to be lazy were perfect market for yeah. His life is a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings when Mike JC 1995. The mountain soaring to a new study from the University of Rochester if you wondered like you would probably all think we're intelligent. But sometimes we've we looking for signs to support that thinking a study from the University of Rochester says intelligent people are more likely to swear. To use coarse language children they're also intelligent people. Are more likely to eat spicy foods for breakfast. Gamble. And walked around the house completely naked short view do you wonder any of those things stand out might be you know might point to a sign of your intelligence. I don't want to overstate the obvious here near but this morning. I had a helping your breakfast burrito. I walked into work completely naked. I have high stakes poker game scheduled for 9 o'clock this morning and I plan on. Throw out F bombs like the grand Marshal the parades thrown out tootsie rolls I figure it's a fairly brilliant as well by the way there you know they saved my god I figured out this University of Rochester they know everything there. At some point today no this is assuming you or your child of the sixties or seventies if you're not that I guess she committed this won't fly do you necessarily but if you are at some point today of it would probably be. May be important for you to take just a moment of silence. And reflect on your childhood. And consider. That it was this gives on this date August 31 in 1974. That this little show. Ended its its original run on television. You know I know you do. Yeah. Yeah whole Lotta love and that's what they've run into your living room. Every week from 1970 in 1970. Until this is fateful day and people today August 31 nineteen. The show ended its original runner so please some points and take a moment and think because of key and Lori. Danny is appreciated Chris. And and Shirley don't forget surely the matriarch. And of course Ruben Ruben yeah. It was a good for years the solid run nothing to be ashamed of Partridge Family. The TV text didn't catch your. T you're still in our hearts forever you can follow Mike Casey on Twitter sure. Go ahead and melted responsible for the content like Casey's tweets at Mike Casey twenty floor.