Not So Hot Dog

Tuesday, May 29th


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On Tuesday morning which of course feels like a Monday in the whole rest of the week is going to be on the little bit wacky that way. 74 fer a high today so much cooler than what we saw over most of the weekend. Chance for isolated rain in the afternoon today tomorrow and Thursday. 82 for a high tomorrow we warmup significantly on Thursday. 91 for hi there how is the you did have cam being. The boy age trap. I volunteered to watch dogs while everybody else on raft. Which was silly that you weren't at all some resting is like the one outdoor thing in Colorado that I really thoroughly enjoy and don't just force myself to deal. And for some reason I volunteered tennis at that one ounce. Yeah I know I speak of really different. Is actually great they can't say that he had near to invest was lovely we get to head into the town in seat panel fast. Ominous in his little relaxing finite ran the boulder boulder yesterday Canas wine not its. View it like the ultimate Colorado weekends it was fairly Colorado but you had the ultimate exciting weekends. Well I have we had so the beginning of graduation. So we have Evans was on Friday and then you roses coming up Wednesday. And it just it started I was telling you this morning it felt like. Events. Pictures. Food and drink clean up. Go to bed and then the next day event speculate here is news day you know a couple days after that we had a big party over our house. Which was so I'm it was a lot of fun that you know whom I think there were. I'm not saying everybody who was invited came but we probably invited by 200 people I'll mine must've done Lawson. Think you were out town your campaign and now that I totally nude. I also had the added bonus this this I think I'm almost positive this is the first time that this has happened in my life is apparent. I'm getting ready to to what literally to walk out the door to go to work this morning that for whatever. The back door unlocks and who walks in. My aging year old son just graduated my school was going out some parties and rolled it in at 4 o'clock exploring. Like caught what this is uninteresting things like I get what do you do and Mike go to work what are you doing. Oh we were at a party last night and we still like OK well good luck over the congress is with the marbles built and go to work now all my cash if that were me. Like when be here right now yeah as I began his Surrey in straight though it is the other conversation goes before jumping and serious the graduation season is officially. Under way over my house. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. My 1995. The mountain. I can't really like played piano but I feel like if I can just fiddle around for humans have been a confined backward legislation that or yelling he needs to do is kind of like longtime stuff and Celine yes Yolanda yeah I think I feel like I can do. Beatles single version of the day in the life on the. 995. Denouncing back to work for a lot of us today according to a new study anxiety can actually make you better. At your job. About that of course being consumed by too much anxiety ends up derailing job performance but researchers found. There workers focus better and stay motivated if they're just a bit anxious it's as if the anxiety keeps them on their toes. I would say from personal experience. I would agree with this yeah I understand there's a line between you know like. Function you know functional in this functional. Yeah idea I mean like people sell it on the progress there. I'm not because that makes me anxious so like I'm I'm like you be so did you ever get it done through regular done. Because it it it makes me more Aggies rank. Yeah I think he they key to this whole thing is is that very very very fine line that you have to lock between productivity and use X ray because. I don't anxiety that has me so onerous I'll do something wrong that I am not just doing thank. And nobody would call that per day. No generally not yeah I think everyone can recognize that it's detrimental. To my went purple yeah it's all of us all about the line right between zero yen are also you're headed back to work that in a few little anxious about a keep it in my could be like could be positive things aren't up to you it's all within your grasp. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't guess which one might guess. Mornings when Mike Casey finite. Our researchers studied. All over 1000 people who spoke eight different languages. To see how often. People said. Thank you. For whatever was there wasn't any parameters on what it was they were doing to be something like hey could you give me a four acquire whatever it is a can be simple thing but. How often people said thank you it may or may not surprise you depending I spoke on how often you travel new another language as you know. Or people who speak other languages English speakers. Said thank you. More regularly than any of the other. Language is that the people involved in the study spoke more to Italian and polish and French and public fourteen point 5% of the time. English speaker said thank you. At the other end of the spectrum. Polish speakers were the least likely to say thank you they should thank you just 2% of the time. The average was about five point 5%. How hard time. That doomed the main take away this study was that even though we as English speakers may look at that. And think bill will other cultures are just just Ruder don't you know they don't look at manners the same way that we deal. They're take away was that. Cooperation. Is a basic expectation and almost every culture right so it's it. Whether or not you choose to say thank you was just what we expect of each other you know as as people for some reason English speakers tend to have pointed out more often than others. Interesting so it's not that we are more appreciative it's just that the worry acknowledging the fact that people. You know have common human decency yes we've made it more of a cultural norm to thing to say thank you yeah I definitely would not jump to that conclusion and then it's I English speakers particularly American English speakers are more polite because we have that reputation. And no one's gonna use Internet. I have particularly kinder considering its travelers or of people in Jen I don't know but it barely reducing thank you alive so that's great and go on being written in just 890 its fiscal we've got to act on Florence everybody loves this you as a. X five year plan. It is minute by minute plan might see in the morning and Eddie. The mountain. 74 for a high today isolated share are isolated chance for afternoon rain. Kind of the same next couple days more warmer 82 for a high tomorrow. 91 on Thursday let me just say up front and I mentioned it before I am not. A fan of NBA basketball we don't watches them pretty I don't care that much about it so I I understand I'm coming from a place of of some degree of bias when I see this. This any gold stayed there the Golden State in Cleveland are playing for the fourth consecutive NBA finals in a row for years zero. And LeBron James who I think is a wonderfully talented guy this is nothing against him. He's going to eight NBA four titles in Guerrero that and saying is there any points like what what what I. People get excited about this I I guess yeah it. You must be excited if you are a fan of either one of those either one of those teams yet but but other than Matt I mean I guess it's really hard it's hard pretty casual. On a sports viewer to care. Yeah I mean that's the other it's a generous way to put it again let me you know clarifying nothing against LeBron James. I think we can admit at this point that the league is show dominated by one guy. That whatever team he is on is going to the finals yeah I mean eight hitters that are well that's ridiculous. I'm there at it is ridiculous I was actually I was watching the Cleveland and Boston game on Saturday he has his Gregg really wanted to watch it I suffer and what I try and name all the NBA players that I can't. LeBron just. Two people who live data Khloe Kardashian. And now hold much people who don't play and I could name nobody and I was like outside his staff carry a month. The brown James I really don't know anyone. And they're each on the teen the other way and no I'm time yeah again sell even to somebody who who can name five basketball players and board. Yeah I just I I feel like again and it's it's not my thing it's not something that I watch and I'm passionate about but I would think. If you are the either of the powers that be in the NBA. You would have to start asking yourself some questions at this point in terms of competition in parity within the within the league could think it would appear at least a disservice solely you don't have to. United and close enough for years and grow the same two teams one guys been to eat finals in her. And you have to now that people are losing interest and you're definitely not gaining new dealers I would sure think amateur thank our well I guess we'll I'm sure some is excited about it it's just not me that's. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy. Forgery and 995 and amount. Okay we're back down we've got tickets to see the Alan Parsons projects all this week on questioned almost impossible there's eleven million on June 2 as you know. Where you live your question so it's pretty simple it is the question so simple when the question is simple defining me answer may be a little bit hard. Nearly half of people can't do this on their bucket list. Okay just don't get listing the things you wanna DD and a kick the bucket and nine nearly half of people have instead is pretty common one of the yeah little. Fairly fairly dominant and Booker 6312995. And as always know you search engine assists no no Google nothing like that you're injured marine. On this and if you wanted to from a small as three days if somebody else actions affect 63 once you 995. Nearly half of people have this on their bucket list. We Mikey now eight minority. All right still have the right answer your question almost impossible nearly half of people have this. On their bucket list to anything we're talking about. That is stupid diving ordered via article. That's who I'm. Now you're bringing us we're gonna similarly dis functional way to mine which is scary that's really you know I you know. There's one up in the air right now in the in effect but it. Very well yeah well. We got tickets for do you CDO Parsons project which unit. It. Are having great work out do you what'd you see the Alan Parsons projects on June 2 Levitt pavilion would you question almost impossible. Just after 710 here on 995 minute IQ test. If god created sleep in the double created the alarm clock and Mike Casey is the love child of both. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 plus the mountains. Was telling reads really middle school that's on him. Yes I believe I once it was also the song that we were forced to pay as our prom theme my senior year really really. That's a terrible sewn into allegedly wanted to be champagne supernova by Alain says but the teachers in like that they said we were getting high so many times so they'd literally took our our votes that we had done as a client out third out and said this is your prom theme. Ales were like yeah like a stand and sit at. So it's not nice. The Tora probably just there and Ogden could really inside your light cream day. On the 995. Denouncing 74 for hi Judy maybe chance for isolated afternoon rain again kind of the same deal over the next couple days. But getting progressively warmer 82 for a high tomorrow. 91 for a high on Thursday the US Department of Agriculture. Is recalling more than nudge 228000. Pounds of spam. And several other products made by the hormel food company after four consumers complained. About metal objects. In the food Od DVV particular. Good spam and in the other products came were were packaged. At the company's plant in Fremont about Nebraska in February. The agency says minor oral injuries have been reported. Which is always a concerning phrase we'll model minor oral injuries the recall covers. Twelve ounce and check your shelf right twelve ounce metal cans containing. Spam classic. With a best by date of February 20/20 one the recall also includes metal cans of Hormel Foods black label. Luncheon loaf with a best by deeds. Also of February 20/20 12 things if you're buying something that claims to be a meat product. And it has a best by date that's more than three years in the future. You might one ask yourself and some questions secondarily. I don't know who's in charge of marketing at hormel. But whoever came up with a black label luncheon loaf you that is some marketing genius there. I think there's something else to take from this study we just we just taxed as you know how you find out like stuff that all the years and it's technically the same as. Other food products they just have a different name yet. So spam is the same is once in while. If both of them are being recall and and witness problem and it's just spam classic in Carmel luncheon most guests but the same thing by the cheaper one there you know I'm company has got a grocery story chain GUB type of person that purchases and I regular days as. Best buy February 2122. Anyone keep that in what she does best when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain. We get a big time summer events. On Memorial Day this past week Indian official kickoff of summer. Did you go to any you order around to go to any like barbecues to zero in town for mostly mostly an and we did the boulder boulder yesterday Selznick and and a big. Yet of the Nixon did yeah if you it. I feel like our answers are gonna be different to this particular question but if you showed up at a barbecue I mean it could be electoral from. A hot dog bun. And said here. Try a charred carried dog. How load your response speed that. Come a mobile first of my question would be when he charged carried on. Well apparently it's you you as the name would indicate you take a carrots. And you Chara in the new steam in and then like on a grill and then you peel the skin off a bank. That that's Ehrlich a grilled pepper thing out like a little doubt thrilled carrots yes. Yes a grilled a girl that carry yes that part makes sense to me to a certain extent. When you put it in a bun. And culled in charge Kerry to our I feel like you're being intentionally deceptive. With you there a grill carrots which it's tough on it sounds delicious. But in a bun pretending to be hot dog like let's call it carry a carry it doesn't you need to be something it's not it's monitored character here's the other thing ideally you would just throw temper. Yeah and I wish. The truth because I really know that you are not meant to be at this party right. Could consider Europe and how did to me the secrets but I do here's the other thing and I mean this is in the utmost sincerity. While I'm opposed to everything that this stands for this charge Terry talked thing. In my right in thinking that leg so carrots even when their grilled there's still little leg crunchy and Chris you know what's dean's first decent team first that's true I feel like there's a big disconnect between that and the bun and thing like I don't like the bun yeah I just I never thought would grilled Karen at any cuts care if only there is some Red Sox yes some really good textures don't match now a casino resort agreement on that part you can't be compelled enough to probably try it. I would throat of the personally. Spoken and that's or summer. Now you don't you see us anywhere and you have a grilled Chara charred Kara talked. Probably only offer telling his conscience is clear which. And too many. Tequila shots Mike Casey mornings like 1995. The mountain back to work today for a lot of people Tuesday that feels like Monday. If you look at your calendar you got a bunch of meetings on your agenda. In your thinking. That horrible I don't want any parts of that. You're not alone and you're probably right in thinking that they're they're counterproductive. A new study find that meetings not only kill productivity. YL there happening. They actually kill productivity before the meetings happen Ohio State University researchers found that we are actually least productive. Right before a meeting why will this make sense because of the meetings coming up. We feel like we shouldn't start any thing because I've got a meeting in five minutes I can't practice thing right so we basically waste time until meeting starts and then we goes in the meeting in waste time and that's how that works and doing the only. I think I would say from my perspective you always give me a hard time because when people ask us to come to meetings I gripe about it a little more ad ranked. World is and name yet another example this is. I it's it's not it like 99 presents and it's not productive they take too long very little is accomplished. I get a chance I get a check and there's other people there and. How amber I will say. Generally were really dead with meetings and that they don't last long now is everybody has some what I do stuff to do their fifteen minutes you announced. Officials should be most people we work left. Our candidate because there's always that 1% anyone have any questions and some try hard raises the parent and you think I will never speak Selig. Great dial it back apple Paula zeroes go to everything is just our meetings in the workplace now we're very lucky ours our are bearable yes and miserable that's that's for you were so you need to go above us in meetings. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. In between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike cheesy fun idea. The mountain.