No Germs in My Drink

Tuesday, December 12th


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Tuesday morning Mike Casey. Alley Hart Rickie back kinda you're. After a year weekend extravaganza which was written you read years steamboat and you tell me this kind of we where we are outside of Walton. Switches to the north east of steam. Oca was in there was snow there. There was some snow not a lot of style initially we had planned to take this year's camping trip. An and go cross country but because we haven't really had much to zero Indiana plan didn't work out so much so there was some ice now we probably couldn't ski different Bibi really really wanted to blank. Linden tree so just snow Schilling hanging around the woods. All the stuff how did I hear how your people do without you I assume there's no Wi-Fi there no there's no electricity. No this no running water or what should. What do molest CU without a lot of fire at the LA UBL freaked out that after I mean very nice yes and he just had to drink a lot mentally board games and stuff we've played some cards Amish or any plane that that many games. It's just cuss filled. Without without Wi-Fi without life and we managed well I'm glad you had a grudge had a good time in the treatment of and there were some snow and god that and I remember you saying we're not sure who's going to be any snow I we're worried she survived without me I was I was a little concern for you yesterday and others said you get when I'm not here. It was terribly sad and and as I indicated on Twitter is difficult because I had to make I do the show. And to make fun of myself. And usually you handle at least one or both of those tasks so he was a little. It was challenging but on but I made it. Need to Edmonton yeah I'm yells I make an Indian time thanks thanks for dressing up for work today it's going to start. Welcome back Darden Surat. Mike Casey scum and a bit of the year in 1995 the mountain. This is I think for a lot of people. Kind of the height of the cocktail party season. He has his life. Going to be. If you wanna have the safest cocktail and cocktails possible. Telling researchers found. 52 different strains of bacteria living in ice cubes fifty junior for constraints. Right. Here's here's what they did the next step the signs is also tried to figure out. Which kinds of alcohol do the best job of killing the germs in those ice cubes there for making cocktail safer they found that whiskey. Is the best narrowly beating out vodka in fact. None of those fifty few different strains of bacteria. Was strong enough to survive in whiskey basically whiskey knocked an all out but it was a little less successful lives like forty. 46 other 52 strains. Of bacteria vodka killed so if you want knew if you're a cocktail person but you're also a little bit of a germ phobic. You may wanna think about whiskey cocktails over the course of the holiday season and each minimize your bacterial and Jake. How did senator Jim ranked today to anything. That did not Tehran show up in the top three at least well so I know whenever a little bacteria scant four. You're sick religion either way. Yeah I mean it's probably better way to its debt and whiskey kills so many germs because usually get those really big ice cubes. With whiskey yes so probably a whole lot of bacteria in there that's right offsets the math I was thing into an I don't know I don't have any reason to this probably just folk legend as much as anything else but isn't that part of the reason lake. Whiskey was the old submits. Everything like in the old west right because the mean like that you know if you were if somebody was. Would they do did pull bullet out here you had to simulate an antiseptic yes the so that there's probably some are there just yet truth to just carry whiskey with us and all times you know once a bacterium might be that seems later it will do. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was. Trying to be funny Mike GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. Got out thinly for practice see Star Wars the last Jett died people seem to be excited about that you know bomb we've got that as our prize or question almost impossible this morning coming up about twenty minutes plus shall be entered to win 2500 dollars. From the Colorado lotteries winter land well placed to do is answer one relatively simple question. And your business. 7:10 this morning question almost impossible can you guess what common why people tell their friends and families during the holiday season. Probably a lot of all right but but here's one in the zone sticks out according to a survey. By the air mattress company in tax okay so that skews the results a little bit but. 52% of Americans make up any excuse so they can stay in hotels rather than stay with friends and family. The reason they do this as you might guess is to avoid uncomfortable. Sleeping arrangements relate being. You know oh you'll be on the pullout couch in the basements or you'll be on the dead dead dead it's like forty years old and doesn't know box spring back kind of thing 52% of Americans make up an excuse of they can avoid so they can say in a hotel. And avoid those kinds of situations over the holidays if you think about its. It's it's sort of a funny thing to get worked up about isn't it like when people come to go we've got to stay with you have to stay with us. DA I mean it's okay if you wants you but if you don't want your I don't I don't feel like I would take that personally. I mean I realize there are six people in my house four of them kids it's not always the most relaxing place to be. And I can tell you on the other side of things if you travel with a family of six. People herb. A lot of times OK if you wanna stay there everything up all over the so yeah have your six your six family members come stay in our house that generally will solve that problem. Right there you really have to lie people do say that drug be better view state note fell works out pretty well in that sense. When he spends way too much time on the yeah critics question almost impossible with Mikey Alley. Okay we've got just daily for back disease are worse the last jet IA. Which opens. Theaters on fifteen feels to be entered to win 2500 dollars from Colorado lottery. Richard Land wealth. Your back I had to do it all myself yesterday only you know homes very strip didn't turn out OK hang it did in the second. Caller got the answer right and I saw about that on FaceBook because the second caller who got the answer right. He's from buffalo and goes to bills games so we're like assuming it can act to. Oh okay yeah he views second caller and I thought I was gonna be much harder question yesterday so hopefully. You brought some a game today I'm clearly ID nine. This time you know you trust them but it's it's weak on these legendary entrepreneurs who learned their craft. By taking a five dollars cores from Penn State. Okay fitness how they learn it's like five bucks they learn how to do this thing. And now they're legends. In this field music to entrepreneurs they learned their crafts. At Penn State missed a five dollar course. Okay. There the other question 6312995. Good luck. We Mikey now he's fine. Are these legendary entrepreneurs learn their craft by seeking a five dollar correspondence course from Penn State who are. Hi. My dad who bring in Gerri. You are exactly right did you know did you know that. Yes were effective tour of please see remarkably years ago. Wow so you clearly paid attention during the tour. Well art art period and not being an answer for as long as I get my free pastry. OK that is sponsored me these that I thought it was going to be congratulations. It very clear I've got a fairly for taxi Star Wars the last night for you your also answer to a 2500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries winter lane well. What's your name and report. Art my congratulations. Question almost impossible to begin tomorrow morning seventy and a promise we have this fight harder question are we working on it greatness. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so he won't be judged eating his crossover which by people walking. I might Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. 7 joining 9 Tuesday morning here on the mountain I don't know if you saw this I think you're gonna be excited about this though. Miriam Webster has announced their word of the year for 2017 for the year 2017 and it is do you see it no haven't yet. The word news. Feminism. Not the word of the year 2017 now look ups for the word feminism increased 17%. Over 2016 on Merriam Webster dot. And spiked several times after of significant let's say key events over the course of the year when would you guess. This very difficult question and answer I understand but. When would you guess at the first Dick what year with the first dictionary reference to the word feminism have come in green and cheese made. He aid nineteen. When he. Why it's okay actually predates that by quite a lot of 1841. Well the very first time the company's founder no Webster. Included it in 1841 it was defined that the understandably the definition was quite not not quite did you consider the devil vision was the qualities of females. All very broad in its like femininity. OK yes exactly today. Merriam Webster do if there's three. Reference points for the word in Merriam Webster today defines feminism as wind the theory of political economic and social equality of the sexes too. Organized activities on behalf of women's rights and interest three CO are. Actually at the minute Clinton and reading their number three. That you added other people are looking up what feminism is because I actually had a conversation this weekend with someone. Who's straight up did not understand that feminism isn't women are better than. That he did you bring up a good point there their. Within the definition is. Can be fluid and is sometimes colored by people's perceptions yeah it's not a very cut and dried word not two but it is they surround -- idea of the qualities so it's awesome that so many people are looking in happen and it's worth understanding. You know that's what exactly feminism means yes as opposed superiority. Yeah. Yeah which is totally different dear I'm sure. You look at check out L word any sort of the here. Mike Casey life tip number 256. Always get a purse how much are giving blood. Morning's quick Mike Casey on an 895 the mountain. Just what that is 24 hours or so now are across the the scope of that point four hour period. Dallas area high school student area on Letterman. Has gone numb has gone viral as we save east issues finishing the anchor leg. Of a relay race in Sunday's Dallas marathon. She saw V legs of the woman's in the women's marathon leader doctor Chan herself start to buckle. From exhaustion just yards from the finish line. And decided to help doctors self to her feet and have carried her to the finish line. Giving the New York City psychiatrist the women's championship she. The video the fish you may have seen the video putting our blog if you haven't. She said that about two miles left in the race when she was starting to fade this is doctor self she said with that was when she encountered. Area on Lieberman who incursion through the last couple miles and then literally. Brought her across the finish line which is kind of a cool moment especially when you see. The amount of effort and indeed of the physical to hold with this particular race took on. On doctor shelf to have somebody just you know bring her to the finish line comical moment specially for high school student you're going to be. To be that evolves at that age there are many people twice your age. Or even close or wouldn't think. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the low. Pressure bringing on my case. Mike PC on an idea. The mountain another one of those heartfelt tear Jerker kind of moments on Jimmy Kimmel show last night. He was off last week while his son. Billy had he's probably be second heart surgery and last night he took the stage Jimmy Kimmel did with his son Billy in his or. Yeah this is Billy I was out last week because. This guy had our heart surgery well look he's fine and everybody. Improved but he's fine. I don't think Chris Pratt and Tracy Ellis Ross and Neil Patrick Harris a Melissa McCarthy for filling in for us up last week. These gave a full day of their very busy lives give me time off and I'm grateful to them. For doing that and daddy cries and TV but Billy doesn't tell. We could go they say he's probably on track to win at least a bronze medal in the Olympics and it. So funny and touching all of this in time part of Jimmy Kimmel is. Reason for for bringing his son out not only did he you know miss last week to take last week tape things. By its Jimmy Kimmel was a big advocate. Four. Did chips program is called Children's Health Insurance Program which basically if you if you make if you failing your family makes too much money. To qualify for subsidized health insurance but doesn't make enough to pay on the open market and don't have it provided by your employer. Then your kind of in this middle ground where you often can use the Children's Health Insurance Program. Which covers about nine million children across the country and right now that chips program is its. Kind of stuck in bargaining limbo a bargaining chip is as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out. Dealing with the the tax cuts. The tax plans that are currently in front of the senate and in front of the House of Representatives so that was part of his advocacy and part of his reason for. I'm bringing his son now with the new would definitely wasn't touching moment and as of footnotes the holed chips thing historically has not been a partisan issue at all. And it's basically bin nearly unanimously approved of it just situations a little different this year so. Again his reason for bringing that to the attention. Of the public whether you agree with that are not mean he got the platform and he opted to use it. His conscience is clear which. And humidity tequila shots Mike Casey morning's point 1995. The mountain. If we're talking about gifts and it is that time of year. And perhaps you have someone. In your serve friend or family circles who is perhaps interest in acting. Or the few top or something along those lines here is a really cool idea for gift for them. Acting class. Taught by none other than. Samuel L. Jackson no way yes check this out the Hollywood icon Samuel Jackson making a foray into teaching his craft. Via the online. Learning portal master class. And and that law people yes well Eisenhower did not how to write first. Yes Ron Howard Aaron Sorkin. Stepped curried. Archer the you know pop singer usher and songwriter Judy bloom the author this a big thing now master class of Samuel Jackson. The latest to join in. Check this out you get 21 different videos. Workbook with lesson recaps. Assignments. And supplements. You can even ask Samuel Jackson questions via video. The class is ninety dollars. I feel like silk from Samuel L. Jackson. The class is really just gonna be how to same one word. Otherwise there could be several chapters of that I would think but 980 bucks basically to take your class. With Samuel Jackson or as you point out Ron Howard are stuffed courier all the other Aaron Sorkin. It's free also has its neon Sami talk about actually using the Internet for something that's. Worth something a lot of bang for your not absolutely. There is one footnote I will tell you the beta tested the Samuel Jackson won. Pretty freed. You know they they did for quite awhile the debated test as a friend you took it she wasn't happy with the grade in the class she met with Samuel Jackson via video. Eating goal that. And I won't back down upon the U with great. Senate and yes anger but holds to attempt to block that and just my brother. No mind and let the law. And not and does up on me. So it personally he can be like. Like an intimidating he's an intimidating professor but if you don't ask him any questions he doesn't wanna answer I think you're good you don't get easy Kiel was it Ezekiel 2517. Yeah analysts. I pulled it shot past that's bright towards the pardon me that I always quit. I've never seen really patient I've never seen the whole thing. I get bored at this same point every time and stop watching a fair enough yeah sign cited. X five year plan. As any minute by minute plans from Casey in the morning and 85. The mountain. Show big business news the world yesterday apple botch. She is AM Mia hopefully your familiar with matches in as a song recognition app that was one package is one of the first apps ever available. On the the Apple Store. That Syria's been working with choosing him in conjunction with Suzanne for a long time now it one of the things it does is you can identify. Songs you know office on explain all of name revealed to phone up to it and choosing him we'll tell you. What the song is in what the artist is apple did not disclose the price of the acquisition which was announced yesterday there's some theory out there that it was around 400 million dollars. Which is not an insignificant amount of money. Apple incorporated issued a statement yesterday describing choosing him as a natural fit. With its services and said we have exciting planes in store. And we look forward to combining with choosing him they did the apple representatives did declined to say. Whether the apple still be available after the deal closes of about 400 million dollars is a speculation. There's some further speculation that the main reason apple was interest in choosing him. Was for the data. Did did the metadata that she Zeum had in store will seek it further lends. Some credence to my theory that in that not so distant future. The entire world particularly this country but the entire world will just be divided into two tribes there will be a FaceBook tribe. And the apple Europe and that's it everything else who have been. Maybe the Amazon tribe you know the game is on online. Maybe that's put other than everything else all other divisions will been eliminated. Is that better or worse I don't know but they were gonna find out Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't switch my kids. Mornings what Mike Casey finite.