The New Runners High

Tuesday, May 8th


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On Tuesday morning Mike Casey Allah cart which I had one of those moments it's a real strong. Dad pairings kind of moments yesterday. When I got home from work there was a note and left two notes and we're out of these two things. I need you to go to the grocery store and get them because they're important. And I look at the note I was really Erica Walsh American Fuld did that in somewhere today it didn't occur to me. Exactly what the visual would look like when I had those two items at the grocery store the two items that we are out of were toilet paper and air freshener closer she's having pooper. Exactly so I got two and again. There's six people in my house so my when I get to the toilet favor while I'm just buying the one that has the most number of rules and so I'm walking through the grocery store. With a toilet appearance thing it's it's like the size of a Volkswagen basically I would keep turning the singer rounds and you can't have air freshener. And I'm thinking to myself this is so awesome like are wired people not getting immediately out of my way like this guy needs to go home. And use the bathroom right now right away. Eyesight you don't would be the first thing I thought I tells in my own man dishonest guy because you are today it was so much toilet paper huge thing of air freshener he obviously had diarrhea. Yes this is if you've ever we've talked about it before Urban League you really wondered truly what my life is like that's it it's walk around a grocery store. With 9000 rules so different and a fresh. Mike feces coming up an appeal on 99 plus the mountain. I saw this the story this morning. And again it's a little it's sort of got my wheel house does not really thing that I do but I am really have a hard time get my mind around this idea apparently some endurance athletes in runners. In particular are experimenting with marijuana. And and Dave are. Believing there you go through their own experience that smoking weed can improve their performance. And also enhance the runner's high. The experience while out on the trail I think that's a different talk different high you've got you're experiencing. According sue this this new research there's Smit is some research that indicates pot improves both the ability to train. Any ability of the body to recover after workouts may be the second part that I could see. That part I could see the first part I'm just perplexed by this they're expecting the more research will be done. Disorder was in the New York Times this morning. Who like first off who even is was just McCauley who like came up with the idea that conflict and who who thought that was a good combination of like running or endurance athletics. In smoking weed. I mean I get it in meant while you're running sometimes you get really bored. And your minds those weird places so if you're already in that kind of mindset worries you and your thoughts are running on my lack. Why not have your body randomized. I think that would work for about. Five minutes into a not really hungry and then release sleepy and suddenly your neighbors Bush's looks like a great place to our you have to stop please every five minutes and Billy wrestler Peter fruit roll loved them all I did so distracted I can never finish around you feel like my Nash and thinking about my existence and innocent here for awhile and ponder that what running is so weird. Why do we have feet why do we have lengthy the next thing you know you're standing still staring your feats yes but I also am not a functional person on marijuana so maybe some people are at best and only. Apart I don't get to like about it I don't we again both of these things are out of my wheel house but if even if you were gonna. Incorporate the whole marijuana thing you would think that smoking it would not be the way to go if you're an endurance athlete your runner. Point like it and inhale something in the pen to paying billions us. He had seems like generally those two things work in opposition to each other so I really again I'd I believe the New York Times they seem like a pretty reputable source to me but I'm really wondered but I I would be Tearrius Nomar about this from summon his stride and he has I'd just total nay saying and yeah I would be here I've not get this but I have Arabia maybe somebody up there as an experience with. This new runner's high they get tells about. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image my PC I'm 995. The mountain. Maybe want a couple bucks on the other derby this past weekend. I mean you want to feel pretty lucky I don't think you're gonna top this woman's story a martyr read from Austin, Texas. Kicked she. I had to pick five wager. Which means she had to pick the winners of five consecutive. Races on derby day in disk in her case it was the final five races of the day. The bat. Cost her eighteen dollars that's how much she had put down and then again should depict five consecutive winners in this case in the last five. Events of the day which she she actually may be managed to do she picked limousine liberal. Then erotic in the American turf stakes funny duck against 39 to one odds she picked funny duck. Then know you she'd in the old Forester turf classic and then of course she picked justified to win the derby she made the bats. At a racetrack in Selma Texas that eighteen dollar bets. Paid out one point two million. Dollars. In eighteen dollar bet one point two million dollars I think if she's Smart. She which clearly she is just walk never gamble again because you indicting you've used up all the lock in all the good skilled you can use. It one time you've got it all there. Our congratulations Margaret Reid dumbest thing really exciting to realize you want one point two million dollars and eighteen dollar best male. Placing almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so it looked. On 99 but the now. Aren't up for grabs today we got Saddam gift cards you pro flowers. 1800 pro flowers so you can know. You can score some flowers or Mother's Day is coming up. Saves money on that's a good deal I got to do is answer the question we got. I think since 1969. They're not only been standing. And implying that there was wants more than so well perhaps. But since 1969. There'd only been seven. The correct do you know what we're talking about if you think you do. Let us know 6312995. That's a question of the phone rebate. We Mikey now he's finally getting. Morning which I guess your question almost impossible that money you mix. It does Houston have more specific than money. Pretty close it's denomination of US bills. And all. What's your name and then. Our congratulations Keating you got its denominations of US bills. Our prior to 1969. There were a whole bunch of I didn't realize this either. They were really large denominations of bells on their 500 dollar bills that were thousand dollar bills. Their word. Huge numbers and apparently that lent itself and money laundering and organized crime so in 1969 mixing got rid of all the large stock denomination bills through an executive board coach. So now we're limited to just the ones that week. Now one month. A prestigious seven since then seven cents and that's art collection of paper money our rights over people who guess president's there's actually be neat beat president since 1969 accounted. I as for the the the money thing we were headed towards the clue of you probably have some. On your in your business right now. I get people are thinking like that only one can exist and at times yes consecutively their only bends some money right leg that was an island somewhere I had threat now they go so hobbled to question almost impossible again tomorrow morning seven time. Congratulations to Keenan. He picks up the gift cards for pro flowers dot com. He took somebody amino mom up for a motion picture so smug. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on these. Now. If you're one of those people that thinks. I mean you have a little trouble sleeping in ninety think silica glass through wind kinda how we fall asleep faster that that party's true it may help you fall asleep faster. Blige. Those glasses of wine wreck your overall sleep quality. A new study out of Finland revealed. That just two glasses of wine I mean that I mentioned that counts is wonderful serving but two glasses. Reduces your quality of sleep by nearly 40%. It's a huge numbers so I guess if you feel like you're getting up in the morning like you're going to sleep faster but you're not more rested when you wake up. You may wanna look at the glass of wine thing I mean I'm not judging I'm not sitting in judgement I'm just passing along information from. From Finland I believe they're pretty Smart over there. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. We might be getting ready for even more pain at the pump. If you follow these sorts of things you may have seemed this morning oil prices. On cleared the seventy dollar a barrel mark as the world awaits president Trump's decision. On Iranian sanctions that the price of benchmark US crude. When I'm 74 cents to seventy dollars and 46 cents a barrels a first time since 2014. The cost has exceeded seventy dollars and B I mean you'll have to be. You'll have to be brilliant and certainly I'm not to figure out that eventually this sort of thing trickle stick with it can show them the pump driver arena for those of us who put gas in our cars. This do you were waiting to find out what analysts. Are Ellis I should say are waiting to find out what's present Trump's decision. Will be in terms of re imposing sanctions on Iran over the 2015 nuclear deal that he sees is a failure if the US withdrawals from the deal. Analysts are expecting that to Iranian ex oil exports would fall you know how that works in terms of supply and demand so. Is I guess sort of a heads up like if you keep an eye on things at the pump yeah. It may be baby bump and appear in the next couple days and weeks. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC mornings on ninety. Is Netflix killing your sex life to me. I'm not complex. Apparently couples are taking the Netflix until things to heart because Netflix is actually chilling their love life a new study revealed. That people are. Basically spending more time with their ipads in bad enough their partners Sinbad. The same study found that there is too busy hour for Internet use between ten and 11 PM in your local time zone. Where people are streaming shows on Netflix and other services instead of streaming their significant others. I eat. I believe it's like I did I guess I never really thought about it in those terms but it's. Played port of portability and accessibility. Those are all things that changed the game in terms of how you consume and when you consume media. Yeah I think here's my routine every night. And upstairs wash my face brush my teeth. And Amanda JAMA is that your super comfortable and playing on not super sexy. Cool great. And I get into. And I put my hands on an intern and parts. If that is an idea every single night before I don't even know if I tell my husband and I. Few things say come hither Blake like that. Sometimes even be giggling to myself and what's so funny my guys of this episode of the office so much lengths I typically votes in every night I thought about that Netflix. Well it seems like that you review would be supporting what they have found in the into a hundred I would blame dollar note though just one is guaranteed satisfaction in the other you know they try to going to. Steve Brown's is really doesn't apply any political scientist at magnetic winds. No game. So if you ever wonder why you own your friends you do that you're close she's spent a lot of time with severed your wonder why it seems like they get into communities can't do so well. A new study. Finds that close friends actually share. Similar in some cases the same. Brain patterns in fact the researchers once he did so far as to describe the brain patterns of friends as being in sync. So the closer the relationship with a friend the more symbolism brain activity especially in traits like motivation this. And attention. And judgment so those are reflect those are important things and it just I can't help puts. He reminded of something I think. My mom and dad traveling printers pieces they hope drive you really should choose your friends carefully there because there's a lot more involved at that. Then he sometimes thing going you show zone. Sort of word of fair warning through Tuesday morning. If you lived inside concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain.