Must. Have. Wine.

Friday, January 12th


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On Friday morning it's it seems like. For us not to talk about it I think would miss would be sort of willfully. Ignorance or Reno or ignoring the elephant in the room sort of speak obviously beyond present president's words. Regarding and a word that we can't actually say on the radio. The president's words regarding immigration in and US immigration policy yesterday are getting a lot of attention. A very much of it negative. I guess I would for me I would say I understand it immigration in this countries have very delicate. Have been multi layered complex and and very divisive issue are you know I get that. The thing for me. And and I'm I've sort hearkens back to minor role as a parent. And I always tell the kids in half from a very young age. Debt when you when you go out into the world's. The choices that you make and do the worse the using your actions and all that. Yes they reflect on you tales reflect on arts there reflect on losses of family they reflect on us as parents state. You know they reflect on what we value. And so it's important that your mindful of that when you go out into the world. I use the same analogy and then I think that the president as the leader of the free world and you know our elected to our elected president. He represents parts on or or or should represent us on on a global station in a global way. And that particular choice of words in that particular. Philosophical approach to the idea of immigration. I can only speak for myself that's not the way that I want. Much to me or my country to be represented on global states are I am mum. I'm saddened and frustrated and disappointed in that particular choice of words and a particular exchange. Yeah on I feel personally attacked. And I think no matter who you are I don't care if your Joseph down the street market the president of the United States. To be so blatantly disrespectful. To an entire country. Almost three years to that day after they suffered the most devastating earthquake just pretty much ever happened hate is just so. Unbelievable. He hits me a fan since I I don't even understand how anyone. Could do and it's just so blind to the suffering that so many people are still going through to be disrespectful to to a nation. To many nations gets a very narrow lens through which to view worlds yes it is and it's it's really upsetting to considering so many. I'm taking Haiti as an example so many Haitians live and work in America and are Americans as well. And eight years ago loss not only family members that their entire families their entire homes and guess this is what you come up please. You down to 84 and its timing the timing is particularly its two point horrible and it's just kind of one of those think before you speak you realize that you're represented. Country if you're representing a whole country and you are putting down. Multiple countries in wine really flippant and disrespect statement. Yeah I think these stories fees generally do this or did operating philosophy so there we go that's the big headline today in a dinner. Mike Casey scum and after reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. If you are a woman. I was missing girl but not know Chris you have to be at least over 21 for this to qualify. But if you're a woman you now have some. Some. Evidence to support the idea the you can blame your hangover if you have one. On the smell of that guy in the bar. New research reveals that the scent of a man. Is sacred story the center of a man. Can make women drink more. Crate your bacon kooky face but I'm telling you according to researcher businesses from there of their civic. Quote we inferred the detection of male sexual sense even in the absence of awareness. May instigate drinking. Because of the longstanding cultural association. Between alcohol and sex. This is their finding realize it sounds a little bit nebulous I will tell you based on my own it not in a bar of my own experience in my own home. I have been told that not only this not only my sense but my presence and when I open my mouth to speak will drive people who drinking. Bats so I'm assuming this is just sort of mid extrapolation of that same theory take it into the public's fear. Now taking you out of it because I I'd agree with that president you've driven me to drink and multiplication Andre. The worst numbers I've ever had and then following nights with exclusively. Women. I. Book you know what there's witness and in this may still this may not discount what you just said they're saying just the presence of men in the same space as you. Yeah but when you're at your friends Howell spoken you're saying there were no men chugging bottles of wine or I'll share I don't think the guy next door was influencing so nobody if you relate it a ball like in a public setting like yeah and a viewer to see mean my girlfriends in a barn man stay far. Candidate Sarah he had that first of all beat. They're stacking of rain is between us doesn't really say yeah the plus we're not clients or approachable. By any means in real and not really likely new people coming infiltrate particularly when men and come by attrition and that anonymous or Anderson by offering her yet. Okay will that I guess you guys can uses excuse for everybody else kept by how I. Why I'm just gonna keep it free OK you do it for me that's fun a more evident and. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues we want to criticize your a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountains. I'm lifts the other ride company they've taken some market share from liberal over the last couple years. And they're hoping to gain a bit more ground by releasing. Their very own craft beer leader not left. Will partner. With a bigger brow brewing in Chicago. To brew five star logger which will be sold all you will be sold only in bars not in stores. Anyone who orders a five star lager. In a in a bar will get up to 60%. Off their next ride from lift. With the idea of helping lift customers have a safe and secure way home to get you know to get home after a night out. Seems like a really interesting marketing idea. To me. Particularly when you you know lift his again and that's part of part of where they're coming from is if you're gonna go out and and have drinks you just don't don't you know don't don't don't driver treasured friend drivers' cellphone it's a singer ideal C albeit should deceive it takes off it's a little weird. In that it's their own. Their own beer but our I get why they want them they wanna bring it with them you know they wanna have their brands represented their interest we'll see what happens there. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex. It image might be easy to find 99 by the mountain. All right we've got tickets to the G three guitar summit featuring Joseph century Johnny jump Richard you dream theater and Phil Collins though Def Leppard that's at the Paramount next week show he's got questions you have the answer. Well let's make a deal. OK so the average American will spend six months of their life doing news. Being told by their children that they're wrong about everything. I'm sure you spent years and years although this is cumulative so it's not like you know 16 months -- but teaming miss it's crush your life time if you wanted all the time you spend doing this together and it equals six months average Americans and six months of their life doing next okay what do you think 6312995. That's number you need for this. If my finale like. He. Stood for the right answer the question almost impossible here is the average American will spend six months of their life doing this. Your. Heart specialist about it but here's that's done it but it on the I know. Yeah well. Iraq's. You have high or very close to be answered but no it's not the alone are. Yeah. How. I. To have somebody help you with that retard. I guess your son had to help you arrived food drone. When you are going to the airport god isn't it I don't think it boring or don't. Okay well you you pick the good passengers today. Because he's writes and he helps you rhyme flown in drones that you guys have delegates to the G three guitars so inexorably. Are. Congratulations that son Steve who may not rhyme. All that. No call. Steve should never. Aims to consider career as a pol Steve rides were thrown into its. Okay though more variety may be Steve he copy cat huh. Or their bags and more I'd be Steve note he beat with this and so that got there are so he's go to G three guitar summit. Next Wednesday at Paramount theater thank you for playing along and glad your son was there to help you question almost impossible. 710 weekday mornings here on the mountain phone and thrown in toilet. Did to those rhyme and one of them does one of these is not like the other inject. He's like an alarm clock is necessary part of the morning but you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. Here in January if you have any money left over from the holidays retail industry experts. That this is the best month to buy things like. Bedding and women's and fitness equipment. And electronics and and especially TVs. Before the super ball but. If you're in the market for things like in the sky and obvious winter clothing. Which is sporting good ads stuff for your kids in things like that you probably want to hold off until February. Before you make those purchases you know assuming you wanna get the best. Price if you if you don't care than sure going by now on the story was in market watch this morning. His conscience is clear which probably. Is and too many tequila shots Mike Casey morning's find 1995. The mountain. So the big job it's you know big in terms of like anything that comes on Hollywood really isn't all that big hoops are usually. By its in this case. It's gotten a lot of attention to Mark Wahlberg. The do the re shoots for the movie all the money in the world. Just in the last couple days it was brought to. Everybody's attention the Mark Wahlberg got paid one point five million dollars for his re shoots. He's costar Michelle Williams did the re shoots at 1080 dollars a day she made less than a thousand dollars. In the course of the reaches so we're getting clue that the longer the story anger hangs around the closer were getting to what the real story is here. And in the bottom line is probably what you expected to beat. Mark Wahlberg as a is of me whether rightly or wrongly we can have that discussion but rightly or wrongly is of massively bankable. Hollywood. A list actor and his contracts when he signs on the du film probably look a lot different than everybody else's because. They can afford you know he can afford to have to negotiate like that so his contract on this particular film. Allegedly. It's electric CNET. Had a provision where if there re shoots required he gets paid a duty to do you re shoots in his. Representatives told the movie's finest years looked missed Mark Wahlberg has worked for free he doesn't ever work for free so if you want you re shoots it's gonna cost you. So they ponied up one point five million dollars and the director Ridley Scott is frustrated now and a number of other people associated with the Fillmore and and I get it I understand their frustration but here is that my take away anyway. Is this a story about Mark Wahlberg being kind of a jerk. Absolutely is it a story about gender pay gaps in Hollywood now. That's not what this particular mystery is announcing that don't exist they do but that's not what this particular story is you would hope if you put yourself a Mark Wahlberg place. I think we all like to think. Well wolf they need me for re shoots are you know I would do it I wouldn't charge them. We all like to think that the focus toward that position you know I'd like to say of course I'd do it for free because the movie was important to me but. I don't have the got to go out that Mark Wahlberg does so yeah he's he was he'd jerk yeah did he get paid yes that's mr. Leo yeah. So all generally by not being good in most things Mike Casey I'm 1995. Mountain. I don't know if you saw this story this morning. On his Buick float around social media little bit there's there's ago apparently a man in Russia. Broke into a convenience store to steal bottled wine which is not particularly remarkable that sort of thing happens on time. It's how he broke into the story that's that's grabbing headlines. He would this gentleman who arrived and I don't believe they've named him now released his name. He. He stole an armored personnel carrier. Hit a tank basically. Can I drove it through the front window of the convenience store he then climbed out of the tank grabbed a bottle of wine and left the store. He didn't get very far turns out it's hard to drive an armored tanks into his store. Without people noticing even in Russia. So police were called pretty quickly and arrested him before he got very far that the tank was stolen from a nearby a training facility. And before he crashed it into the store he also happened to flatten a car. On the way so he really that whole lake sneak attack sort of thing that he didn't take that approach he's like I'm though and armored personnel carrier. Go straight through the front window and I'm taking a single bottle of one. Well that's the thing and it doesn't make sense this is brush is indeed in meant to be stealing not. Or all whole bunch of whatever like stealing you know of your blunder we aren't the scary I had to steal a bottle vikings just feed my family we know how that tell us that well why did -- do with that bright especially if you've you know you've you've hot wired in a tank to get did accomplish that a little bit over the top for just a singular bottles one dad pretty legal for a box yeah at that point clear the shelves stick whatever you can guess. And it might what are you gonna do when that bottles gone twenty minutes later driving into another. I didn't know the saying yeah exactly I don't clearly. You think this all the way through it as my grandmother used to say if you find yourself stealing tanks on the weekends you needed give some thought to your life choices. On G zero illness and if you find yourself stealing tanks on the weekends make sure you pick me via you've got a cramp and make sure we have more than one bow line she would've made sure that we made tank raining worth some kind of like Nicaragua. Trashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be like Jaycee in the morning. I'll Rocky River Ohio. That's it's a suburb of Cleveland on the west side of Cleveland basically. Their hour of somewhere between. Thirty and fifty homes in Rocky River Ohio. They have not received mail delivery in over three weeks because. Some aggressive Turkey's I'm not making this up some aggressive turkeys have taken over their streets and preventing the mail carriers from doing. Just doing their job. The mayor Rocky River believes the bird feeders in some residents yards have attracted the turkeys and now. You know they think it's their territories of their bitter argument up guzzlers food they're immune stand there. Some people and that there year urged remove their fears and hopes. The the turkeys will go somewhere else they've collected surrogate of actually had tried to attack mail carriers and you know packed them in everything. In the meantime residents of even post office to receive their mail. Let me say on the front and I travel well a number of good friends. Great friends to this day it's still living Cleve. And it and I have a special spot in my heart for the city. And I and I love it dearly but we're tied were now dog about a see their football team went oh and sixteen. In the suburbs of being taken over by renegade wild turkeys. I just wanna looking Cleveland get a break and somebody just give Cleveland a break please. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain.