Move that Lard Butt

Monday, October 2nd

Covering a bit of everything today from sports bras, to donut runs and stinky candles.


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Monday morning Mike Casey Allah cart wake it's bubonic you'd rather busy sort of party run around in circles got a weekend. Yeah I'm really have any kind of still host and in bars this weekend. Didn't necessarily mean to you to Georgia though it just and it's kind of how the cookie crumbles. Right onto a arsenal which is not a bad thing I know what actually I sorted it of doing a similar thing but I was in Newport Beach. Californians like yeah that's the end of last week he had. Didn't have been there before or worse or near Newport Beach somewhere before but I really haven't been able put all those pieces together. So I would say in in two and a half days or whatever was in Newport Beach here's what I learned. There result there's a yeah. Yeah lot of money there like crazy so he her I've I've sought more bonds around he's in a three day span than I've probably seen in my entire life. So there's a ton of money there. People. Party. But H interlocutor. Elegant 9 o'clock in the morning people are there in full on party mode. Awesome late Saturday and Sunday they'll tell you my kind of place yet they were people were we're going to out of hard and it's you know it's fun the weather's great and I get all that's about school. The thing it seems that strangers to me and I mentioned this to you earlier. And again this is this is all just a product of I suppose where you aren't who you see in whatever. I am and I have not been anywhere I can think of in the last twenty years maybe other than Mexico. I swear to you more people smoke there. Cigarettes but there's also the veep thing which is a whole different thing. But more people I I've not been in a place where more people smoke where there are more ashtrays and this in California which you think of his being so health consciousness yeah. Old people there in old certainly they're people you know riding big bikes and jogging and resolve that part of things to. But I I've surety rather than being in Mexico I've not seen anywhere where reeling yet and again that's just. But it would be you can go back another time and see completely different thing but it struck me is autos like you you people do realize you're in California right where lake. 90% of everything is illegal and UK got asked for water pleases because there's so environmentally conscious and Buick well there had a lot. Well yes sure that's part of it via but apparently you can just due just smoke and drink in Newport Beach. I bet that to me that sounds like he did not have a California vacation if you like California illegally through communication told pressed jeans and yet. And yet it's like a subtle little West Virginia part of coast of California and including Newport Beach I was right there at this crypto through its of I've. You have to have so much money to live the American about it while in what was funny licenses is right yeah. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. It seems like every time not every time put bid probably. Once a month or once every couple months use you'll you say. Oh there's this year's this ten K I'm doing this is half marathon thing there yeah I did that kind of thing so. In north limb like oh that sounds really setting a different women don't grow only parts of that. I found one that I think this could have me Renault over and yes check this out is in every Cisco. November 4 it's coming up its day. And it's so it's 01 K there was a point 62 mile race. And you get a donut every 250 meters like as you get it don't get married 250 meters people dress up in costume which snapped turning your approach wouldn't do that. But then there's also a beer garden at the end you know it's called. It's called the lard butt one K it's awful soccer items totally. This is worth going to see different Cisco to do you get it showed that every 250 meters. It's just under a mild we could set this up for you in the parking lot. You don't have to go out I think for a discount but it feels like you do. It would be good to be with my people why do you like people who would be Indians who also want to that's something tells me begin by enough people are on the building to like Brian for doughnuts that you can have to be alone you can also walk it's run walk ins and how can I just education section of point six Steve Foster yeah. Plus you've got to stop for the donut every 250 years shows you'll relate. You know you don't litigate your roots feel I don't know it's they have no idea of other than. I'm doing this you're doing it I don't I'll be there at the finish line the big signs saying you considering you line because you want that's not one of those things were you have to be. Like at a certain place along the race yeah. It's only just be at the finish line you get started to be hitting line you could beat me to finish line process they want you could you all did that for you might affect these never shown up would sign a one minor a year or two longer like thirteen there was always serving like. Brain and buy your house. Are you remember that. So it was really long yeah. Now Jessica I would never expect you to support my activity and it ever has and I was like Mike I'm gonna say how many doughnuts all need to data. And I don't shop with a sign you guys that executives of large but wouldn't say that's my comment on both Korean try. All I've been training for a long time because of viewers we can guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored and your ride into work. So Mike Casey in the morning on 995. So mountain. Ice. Obviously it's never been easier to communicate with people and it is now whether you're talking about. Text messages or messages on social media. It's also keep in mind never been easier to send weird stuff in the mail to both friends. And enemies here's a couple I saw this morning all of which I have to admit intrigued me first off there's anonymous potato dot com. Which allows you to send a potato. To somebody else with a message or picture on it just because it's like that there's also burdened by mail dot com. Which is for five bucks you can Cindy greeting card with a customized message. Of featuring a picture. Of the middle finger against the bird by mail dot com I like that idea. Ruined days dot com Bullitt east send a box of sand to someone. So this pretty being so when they opened it this soon and falls out of box and they'd be if they have carpet in particular it's going to be a minute carpet forever so that's pretty mean. This one just strikes me as funny I think I now know. What I'm getting my brother for Christmas prank candles dot com. Instead of sending candles that's smell like by apple higher roses or something. They claim they smell like Vanilla and apple buying roses they actually smell like wet far it's and bad breath when you Bernard them. Which if you have a brother particularly if he's younger brother like mine you realize this is one of those things that this was designed. For you. And for me to send to our siblings for Christmas or whatever particular reason prank candles. Dot com I'll cut you don't put these will these will be our blog you can check them out there may be maybe you have somebody in your life like I do could use. The candle smells like oh what for. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that way when you're do you criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike Casey on 99. And plus the mountains. Okay Monday morning all of this week Bob Dylan is games. What their common good first thanks. Later on this month in Virginia Tech job opened that you picked like super hard questions know this whole week now I'm Hillary hi this is serious stuff. Really clear pizza gets the job selling pricey tickets are great yeah there are but I mean they're not bog down now to show OK live on sonar in one. So long there's a lot of pressure packed coffee was the first food products to ever have this done to it. Lots of options there but coffee was the first food products to ever have this done until it's. Today but obviously if we should say we should they have to take like three days to phone I'm like maybe mound when he doesn't happen to these are still digging home. Do but there's still a good periods of 63 will be June 9 and five. W is the first food brother you have bestowed to it for Bob Dylan tickets no less well. We've Mikey now eight minority. So our question this morning coffee was the first food products to have this done to us what do you think we're talking about. Couldn't free the driver yeah ha yeah I threes are arrived at play here the first color and you've got irate and you Bob Dylan didn't sound you know that you work are you in the coffee industry are you a person who freeze dries copy for a living. I'm not that go to the third from about in my head you give me. Things that could be done to copy three. How you played that up about it but I think that the Clinton like brownie that he did appear. To display some thought this is completely. It's. Apparently the either either it was it. Or you're just very savvy when it comes to. Congratulations we don't mean to yell at you were just we're just trying to get a reminder of this what's your name. I'm like OK I know in order to actually get the tickets in your hands you have to tell us what's on anything but build and open. Okay home. Fifth. Off if this that if I can't think of an area now though you know actually I mean you don't deserve to taking this. But I we just missing with a congratulations Mike question almost impossible to other stuff aside about build things tomorrow 710 right here on the mountain. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. When Mike Casey does it he's drunk and has to leave the hardware store this morning when Mike GC fallen 99 plus the mountain. This is not something that would have hit my radar had I not seen the story this morning was forty years ago in 1977. That the sports bra was invented. Only forty years ago by University of Vermont staffers. Came to Miller and Lisa Ling doll and Polly Smith and part Vick. Part of the inspiration came from the fact that they were all runners and were. Experiencing the challenges that could come when being around or not having that piece of equipment. One of the I don't remember who was one of the three of them. They're they'd started talking about this idea and as a joke one of their husbands put two jock straps around his chest. And they and they I'm not kidding this is exactly how they came over that they went. Oh wait a minute like that's stupid but. That could actually work Dube as they said the waist band became. When they see the way spit we crossed the straps in the back. Because we didn't want them to fall over our heads and the waist band became our redundant sports bras are now seven billion dollar a year industry. On to say nothing of the health and safety implications. As one of the women who invented it says these things seem small but they lower the barriers for women's participation in sports which. Forty years ago I didn't realize it was that new yeah relatively speaking. I mean do you think about it it's. As the the broad as we know it is relatively new given over well over a 10250. Out of the right focus they are always part of course sets like this standalone bra. I don't need that date. I am revoke my woman as a I don't know this information but. I'm just relatively nail and I think anyone who's actively tell you is essential essential piece may be deemed most besides your sneakers. Yeah yeah which ads having on these yet and it's only forty years old and legs that I did not know these women's names a did not know the history I mean obviously it's this is not targeted at me. But still. Uninteresting. Piece of history forty years ago an interesting that in a couple billion dollar industry still can't find one that doesn't mean brush burns everywhere. Finishing it. Don't think you know I'm -- a lot of people experiencing this problem it's the worse it will take another forty years but then well then we'll have. Him accountable come unscathed we help. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete this way. Mike Casey mornings on night. OJ Simpson you've probably heard released from a Nevada prison early yesterday morning. They're a hundred different ways to go with that I'm just gonna leave it isn't isn't just make it a fact he was released yesterday. Sean Hannity is set to interview president trump Wednesday night's. On on the big Fox News Channel there the commander in chief will reportedly. Discussed tax reform the economy. And current news that's in current news that could be very interesting. A very interesting positioned a very interesting place for the president to discuss things but again it's on China and you show so. I'll we'll see how that works out on this state fee is 58 years ago when do the math through on this date in 195958. Years ago. This show made its debut on C via. Oh. You're traveling to another dimension. A dimension not only your sight and sound of the plane. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are kind of imagination. Your next stop the twilight. Rod sterling hit twilight in 1959. Made its debut I was I was not around to see it at that particular point in time because I've told people before when I was in college. That show the Twilight Zone the original ones were on rewrite they rerun twice today 11 AM and 11 PM. In in in my college days and that became a religious viewing event for me and Blake twenty my friends watch it every day. And I still it's one of the greatest shows to ever be on TV. Even though is before my times or fifty years ago today for the Twilight Zone. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe we're green. Mornings which Mike Casey Mike 1995. The mountain. On Elon Musk is the he's the Tesla guys sharing his time let's face writes big thinker big picture guy obviously he's. I think does very well for himself as well line is symptom and hearing Tesla changed only we drive cars yet that's probably important to note. In a recent speech in Australia Ilan mosque unveiled his latest challenge he said he wants to help people get. Anywhere in the world a word or O Blake. Aruba. I don't know were elected that was the one place you could make. End commerce city any of those places in under an hour he's working with his engineers I'm already marking myself you don't have to do and of he's working with the engineers and rocket scientists who develop a rocket that could blast off from New York City. And land in Shanghai and about thirty minutes he thinks. That it would be a smooth flight because obviously would travel above the clouds. You wouldn't have to worry about turbulence clearly there would still be some security lines at the end of the airport before getting into rocket. It's a very forward thinking idea. And a guy who's made a corrupt media career in the living out a forward thinking ideas. My only. Question is not question the comment is this and and again. Very successful big picture thinker a lot like Steve Jobs probably a lot of what Steve Jobs said when he for scented people who like that's stupid that'll never happen. But it takes people like this to make things like this happen. Isn't he now just kind of via the guys that guided says crazy idea stuff. Like that part of his personality like. Will you go anywhere I mean I don't know how we're gonna do. But we get anywhere in the world than an hour. Yeah he has a lot of statements and new and I think people trust that because he is such a transportation revolutionary in one specific light. He'll back it up somehow yet even with SpaceX I think he was when he sang like we're gonna have people living on Mars oddly we don't. Now and it any I don't mean to knock you all haven't had a manned mission and to my Michael and none on Garcia that hasn't happened yet. No it and that's kind of what I'm saying is that I think now he a little bit strike I mean you know wildly successful and as you said transportation. A visionary and a lot of different ways now I've visited part of it is feels just like now you're just seeing kooky stuff because he gets. Attention and like it specially can you get to commerce in under and I need a lot of seed. He cocked and if things. Where it ever Aruba that would be great I mean I would find that commerce that he I think we can get there in under an hour now relieved right now we might me. I don't know them I don't know when I'm sitting on the eastern only like yourself if you have money in and let's go to commerce on vacation and if not incur topics. Only the worst of the worst review of Hyundai yesterday after your field house back. And a agony and I think by tomorrow I don't know who else so. My PC pieces tacos over a tortilla that way or self inevitably fall out. Well a lot he already has another taco Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. This domain account as a shock this information here according to data from the American Psychological Association. Me money is the number one cause of stress for Americans there might be of future reasons for that one credit card debt. He record highs this year more than one trillion dollar student loan debt has risen a 150%. Over the last ten years and 25% of Americans one in four have absolutely no savings in case of an emergency. Good work American psychological association for pointing out to us that. That money is the number one cause of stress I think I'd feel like we got all knew that did away. I don't know it's not been invaluable information but you know. Yeah that's Holmes. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview with Eddie spaghetti before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain.