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I realize it's early and if it's Monday morning that if you if rush comes on you don't have yours either player guitar or drums are both then I don't there really isn't anything else for us to discuss between the two votes on free will. Pre so from the permanent waves album on 995 the mountain. Alley harbored Mike Casey from pretty nice today sunny warm and dry actually the next couple days 88 for hikes in 91 tomorrow. 94 on Wednesday. It was kind of a mixed. Sports weekends while I'm not even talking about our valiant now about that our respective teams can die if you forget about that big win for the Broncos Jack. That's nice way to start the season off fairly formidable opponent with Seattle. They minced suit to pull one out there. We'll talk to the G men about that just after 8 o'clock this morning. Rockies lose the age but they're still they're still have game and still have him ahead. They didn't you know the thing about that they didn't it's like they played portal poorly overall. Their starting pitching has been in the in the games that they lose their starting pitching is putting the team in a hole to beat down three nothing in the first inning. In you can't do that against the team went to Dodgers say that the Dodgers so they dropped two out of three. But like you said still still have daily rental ahead and were racing toward the playoffs which goods. It is that September is like the last Moliere regulars when Manny I think about twenty games left gene is that normal lives go. Spice when he uses a 162 or human. Cash was I just like that is still manage and you know I know baseball is like yours Bart but always too many gain you know I agree with that I agree with that and I'm a huge visual in our way too many to many game they can cut the season in half easily descend on hockey hockey has too many games eighty games come mind that insane yeah you need anything at the NFL part of what they do so well. Again it's a different sport nature whatever. A football game is an event yes right because there there's only one a week for your team. There's only used sixteen games and embrace others in the desert him on the event itself. Baseball by virtue of having so many games even for people who are passionate about it like me. You'd 50% of your inventories disposable like other will be another hundred game and it's not until September that the games even start to matter yes because now we're getting to play us everything before that was just like warm up and you don't write in your 140 games in and there's a half games separate few teams period or so yeah I'm kind of with you on that in other news I did and I think talked about little bit Friday the board both the boys came home. This weekend from school which was excited. In my house was going nuts we did even got what three weeks. Five for having. Three for you bro OK so. It's good it's great they are but just like a proper unlike anything on Fareed as and they typically just laughed and so with the we did that you and I talked about before we did the the axe throwing things off. Which was it was fun and it wasn't so am I guess it was. More or less what I expected. I just didn't know I mean it's literally. A concrete floor and some is chicken wire our voluntary bare bones especially. From what it costs yes it is it's massive it's not cheap. And it's fine it's so much finalized so if you're actually putting a price on the amount of funny you have it seems that the when you look at the materials and. Would it cost to operate you know why a lightning in size yet I bet I would bet there's a huge. I would bet a lot of their expense is liability related only people. Throwing taxes relaxed yet you could easily had them on in the head yet. And when they balanced eagle scared to zero that you and Doris Nadal but not at your I yes yes yes it was well I'm IE dominated. Did you do it. Enough I did yeah and I think again and I'm speculating here Evan was also really good about it. Everybody else had their moments they reload and consistent. I didn't know if it was. You know baseball have having played a lot of ball throwing sports yeah would I thought maybe lent itself to being good at that but yeah I. Really I had an idea of telling hand eye coordination I don't play balls words because I'm theory that them. And yet you dominated but I'm gonna do next sterling and we have no choice but to bed at eight. Let's do it. Yet only I'm so excited and they can cure but you're going to be excited until you lose familiar Italy as and it's going to be so embarrassing for you because I have no hand eye coordination and a. She answered I feel good about. Who do about it are Broncos went an axe throwing Alex who talked BG min about Ito this morning. About that Broncos win coming up next on the merits if you're having trouble making decisions. Throw some axis no do some meditation tell you about that next. He launches farewell tour on Saturday in Allentown Pennsylvania his first set list had 24 songs in its in that was number 23. Let's yet not to show close your book pretty close yeah actually finished with goodbye yellow brick road alone. But that yummy you know you got that's like is this your song is his. In some ways is bureau Billy Joel's piano man yeah I feel like your songs on Elton John's piano man like in some ways I think India that now. So he's underway this big gum farewell tour. If you're a person who and he. And and I'm in my own wheel house here if your prison here has difficult time making decisions. In general. Research from UCLA suggest that meditation. Strengthens the brain and it helps you think more clearly which can help you make. Better decisions. It's interesting advice and I get I mean I've in the times I've tried in my life. I gets. You if you're not that good at it I think I get why it works particularly if you're wired the way that I'm wired yeah it really helps you kind of silent Salma. That you a lot of back and forth natural voicecon. Yes I get jail. It's funny because this is cell antithetical to the way I make decisions which is don't think it's all just do that and and Murray barking out from her. Yeah is usually I preacher you know be adjusting would be to see. You. I mean not actually see you but have you meditate NC you know and discuss it. Is it it does everything about it feels very infinitely you operate and I don't know about it even deal I feel like a bit like a panel managing weakness except I already made that decision and I had I don't know I am wasting time I open it is the process it would be a process. Just you sitting still for a long could be difficult it's only an usher and capable aren't so for some of us it may be good approach for may not be good approach. That Lincoln that story will have blocked a little bit later than today if you wanna check out. I'm three things you need to know coming up next without heart which is gonna meditate between then and now and do leg police and before she delivers to consumer disappointed that I wasn't ruling. Film on you when you are doing your interpretive dance to under pressure and who's just inspired acts really rich and wouldn't. You don't know is administered it was really is quite thing. David voting queen on 95 the mountain on Monday morning. Sunny warm and dry next couple days eighty eight's a summer still hanging on eighty for highs today 91 tomorrow. 94 on Wednesday three things you need to know with Alley Hardwicke. Twelve leaves the Broncos a site he's a Philly can really already knows about that acts and franchise Jeanne I'm. Amgen leader who you ask so we're gonna let him cover that met in and the Carolinas they're preparing for her hurricane Florence. It's expected to strengthen to a major hurricane today category four or five. Could hit the Carolinas or Virginia on Thursday states of emergency authority. And declared their just in advance of the possible landfall. Come Serena Williams on Saturday lost to the US open final. And the reason why she lost is basically turner action with an umpire who had accused her of getting hand signals from her coach at one point during the game. On end from Maryland to have an outburst on what is his part. But she was heavily penalized for it like to the point where the game was just given to her own against. Yes she lost to I think just appoint and then in the men's game is taken away yeah. I him there in tennis is not I don't want to talk to tennis in terms of what I see in the world sports. But in the world of sports I have never seen anything like that in my life like if you can if you can watch that's. And and not understand at least in some micro cosmic way how we treat men and women differently differently lip army Liz I even bring. Already Joseph McEnroe ever get a game taken away. I couldn't tell you miss for having I'll Albers on the cry for no reason yet for no reason just because he didn't like a call and that's. Running a year ago celebrity's status people loved him far it's. Yet and there's there's also a sub story here and I don't I don't wanna do the whole thing is that I won't get the details right but this particular umpire Rafael Nadal. Had an issue with him I believe a year ago at the US open has had a similar situation and actually said to the guy. You'll never on one of my matches again. No penalties no I don't think she got on top of that she dollars now DI US tennis association and at which runs the US open and they are defending Serena Williams as well they should yes nationwide it's absolutely ridiculous. And sometimes I feel as though people are like oh you're too quick to call sexism unless this is blatant outright sexism and his breed. Excellence and I'm like livid that it went well it's gonna take plays imagine if you're Serena you're like I am literally the best tennis player in the world are Spaniard you're treating me like a Childs like no umpire can take that away from her. No lets you wonder if I going to fight that she is the great pass and it's in its leading the conversation a lot of people maybe for the first time went oh I ask you were talking like I IC I knew I rarely see it in front of me because that was just groceries oh yeah right. Could we support her anymore and nurturing possible. Cell is CBS. That is CBS listeners that he is going to be leaving CBS. Twelve women have accused him of misconduct us economics conduct. He had come tomorrow when only six women Wear accusing him. Themselves now that it's twelve fees decided to leave CBS. And he's going to be donating multi and CBS are donating twenty million dollar strengthened ET movement. In the week and say would've fixer exit packages I've known on their own. They didn't it's something like he's not all know I'm sure it's a lot more than something yeah it is it's just pound man. Man oh man. Don't cut through things you need to know without her we can weekday mornings at 630 here on the mountain guys. Do not overspend. On your wife for your fiance is engagement ring we'll tell you why coming up next. There's no line. I think a lot of us in the early eighties perhaps myself included all of your yell at the time didn't know that that was actually a cover for that soft sell song Tim loved as a bunch of different versions about this I think is the original. Possible Motown song glory Jones. Since 1967 so I mean they hit but not like not like the wind soft so one months. Earlier Israel wants other both during hunting and love. So I sell on 995 the mounting guys this is important instrument while it's not just for guys bird for men and for women. Cheaper ring. Better marriage about that new researchers found that the less. Spend don't inning gays and ring the more likely. A marriage will last the study found that men who spent between. Two and 4000 dollars on an engagement ring. Had a higher rate of divorce one point three times higher than those who spent between 500. In 2000 dollars. Honoring so the less you spend the immune from long term the problem prognosis is better. When we talked about the story earlier this week you said none of those that are expensive to me no they don't have an. I as arrogant and I was like between two in 1000 that's the expensive. And that's the high and home sorry. It's all relative is a relative your right and I think any rain that anybody buys for their beach pro is wonderful and fantastic I personally. Didn't think. That fourth cousin Michael sounded like of really expensive ring when I'm thinking of a really expensive ring. The number 4000 does not come to might not the that's not a lot of money plessy brown from buffalo bayou classic brought from buffalo completely different thing is when I get in double digit I think. I'm not. Just their deaths and even matter tomorrow so but let me ask you this what do you think in this would be speculation on both of our parts but. And they don't say in this in this particular story your study where would you think that connection would be and the more expensive the ring the less likely V. Yeah it does so just like they say with more expensive weddings people are more likely to divorce with huge letting people are likely to divorce. It's I think it's just the stress that comes from spending a lot of money on things then that's that. Yet kind of introduces something into the relationship. Right away. Interest saying I would take a slightly different view on that and say that the higher up you climb on match. In com wedding cost of carrying costs that sort of thing. I think I think a lot of times people in India in those sorts of income brackets have a tendency to. View things. Me. When I see disposable isn't the right word voter morally you know our. In the new car Newhouse. News thousand Jews felt exactly like Blake likes pieces are much more interchangeable. When you have that kind of money I think I'm speculating I write whereas if you're. If it really all you have is each other pretty don't have any money you know have a fancy house you know fancy car. Sometimes I think maybe there's more substance to it tournament. A perspective not like. I'd like your 4000 dollars is a lot of money. Really a lot of money that's why there's not a lot of my friends ever I wouldn't handle 4000 dollar ring is an on the high end. Welcome do know there are definitely movement was. We've earlier coming up next of his 655 funny and engagement ring story that's funny funny for dancing out we can't get. If Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse food question almost impossible and 99. Joseph this is dumb point the way to start the Monday Billy Idol come of Paramount theatre a little later this month we've got tickets for you. Right now I mean if you assume you got to answer the question first that's why it's called question it's possible but. Yes that's exactly right. You've got the question. I chilly autumn so this little interestingly phrased so bear with me I promise you'll make cents. At 98. This is true for 93% of us. We're asleep it will mean you have a kid that's obvious. No that's not the right answer might think you at night this is true for 93%. Tax cut huge percentage. 63 once you know an abundance of phone number you need. Billy I don't think it's up for grabs two blocks. Dot com slash. Placing almost impossible with Mikey now. The mountain pine user question this morning at night this is true for 93%. Of us now that's a huge percentage would be things are about. A fresh when you think. OK Hank. I'm now we are looking for but that makes an awful lot of sense of good guests are opening drive high adding what's your guess the question almost impossible. And hurt ordinary appellate snoring. Snoring that was actually black ice on foreigners. Our. Kids it's not it's it's that's a good yes good try. Good morning wishing yes or questionable some possible are more hungry. I'll look I'll hungry nights I feel like you're probably absolutely right about that it's just that's not the answer religion war and the art guys that. Thanks you do yeah those your of those are all pretty good guess is this is like not so much most physical thing so it's not like it's not snoring your. To tossing and turning her and he's only it's not an element to sleep. Correct and an element of sleep. Aren't at night. This is true for 983%. Of us we think we're talking about 6312995. Question almost impossible Billy Idol to gets up for grab it and don't. Time. Big man told me. This morning at night this is true for 93%. Of us what do you think we're talking a well. Well say that 93% of that surgery. Dreaming. That's a really good guest this yet this is not. This is not lake. An actual act of sleeping. Saying this is I mean he could dig could be could be related to that but in this case not a month's trial a very good yeah wall. It acts or. Whatever words just said to me it doesn't know. Kinda it must be blended egg and what you gastric it's almost impossible. What we're watching you two OK it's almost easier. From a you and yet it's not looking for but that you are by far the closest yet. Arctic thanks to drive yet it's super close because. In order to watch YouTube. You kind of have to do that we're talking yet at least that's one way to do it at night this is true for 93%. Of us. 6312995. Question almost impossible. But. You would. And for there to answer your question almost impossible at night this is true for 93%. Of us what are we talking about. Good morning as a credit default before he got to play. You still closed that we kinda. We've got we kind of had to give you another gas in order for you to play with your phone. Before you go to sleep what would sort of have to be true about your phone from. A location standpoint while we are plugged in the hands are now. I don't aren't aren't about proximity. And Chris. Our a year quotas within arm's reach but you know our I think your close enough I think it's a little too specific to give them. Exactly I think Mike's expectations of art you I was actually looking for with a in fourteen inches of where your left ordinance. The I'm getting I was she lied congratulations. On our yeah Billy Idol tickets on which day. Our Elizabeth good jobs thanks for playing along with question almost impossible deuce again tomorrow morning just after 710. Coming up in eight minutes from my family. I think because I'm thrifty and I believe in waste not want not. I'll tell you about that coming up at 736. Here on the mountain. We'd been up and a lot of throws in the group being breaking up but I made a last ditch attempt to China say things and see attitude Jones and meeting. As it I think we should just. Go back to being a little touring band we should just get back on the road. She just twosome mitigate it just get out there rock and Jones slipped to me said I think stupid he says though I was gonna tell you this but I mean demand and that was it. Well there's Paul's version of events that lead what was it 4050 years hindsight that's who he remembers it. Which an extra I'm sure he has a pretty good memory of let it be to Beatles on that 995 militant. On Monday morning Mike Casey Alley heart week it to some start and shoe bomb breakthrough we have some beautiful weather this weekend yeah Kelly did it was of course is yesterday it's going to be sunny and warm against Amy and I am almost ninety degrees and and it's gonna be in the ninety's for the next two days. So summer's not Kanye Silverstone and Aaron and around. On Sunday morning in my house in Latin I guess I should call I should. Preface this by saying. So the do two boys or their freshman in college race or we've had high schoolers in our house for and we went for five years now. Now lilies in high school she's a sophomore. And for the first time as far as I can remember the first time that any Americans are high school we woke up Sunday morning. Hand somebody had toilet papered are the series he can catch her out of our house Blake. You stated OK job Blake there was of it was more of quantity and quality thing right there was a lot of toilet yeah okay good. If you know so they were kind of look heroic boy that didn't really get up very high on the comprehension. No nobody's really knows for sure at least none of the kids are saying yeah I was definitely. My friend resembling my friend. And we just kind of thought it was funny like Gonzales and at some people from the get upset over that yeah and if they deal like. Change your priority is not mentally needed TP even more seasoned. So he's found it was kind of funny and so at some point and in what I was doing yesterday but. In an a couple of kids are taking down the major pieces of toilet papered it sit in the yard right so I finish up what I'm doing. And I go to get the recipe to a paper out of the yard and putting in the compost bin. And I realize. That I think these were rookie TP years because it looks like. They only through each roll of toilet paper like may be one time a cannon and they're like oh OK get another roll right that's. So really in there had to be. Allstate twelve. Toilet paper rolls. That were mostly still full and only will I still far and my god not. So all I know I think it is flawless so what I did. Is the stuff that you know that become unraveled yeah I toward that and put that the compost in go to Mike first delegates favor really to throw this away my time. Should nobody in my house public. Use and that it just touched it sure don't like to paper. It's perfectly good. I don't think what is sprinklers went off this morning. And it's like okay some of it's a little bit wet but if you leak yeah. But the porch. For leg happened. I Don and made out. We always for a toilet paper. I mean. Year almighty. It's the cheapest thing I've ever heard him it's not cheap it's efficient it's not like I've mind buying toilet paper. I only got I don't know what exactly is wrong with that I'm having a hard time pinning down this thing and it's really wrongly I don't know why there's no tomorrow don't do everything I looked at Aybar that was used to T he. Didn't touch anybody but it. Actually as far as you know maybe. You're in the woods in you have to go the bathroom and you run out of toilet paper would use like a leaf for something. This is toilet paper that touched a thing that you used as toilet paper. If and logic of solace he wouldn't say oh my god I'm with your family and that's all you need. Yeah and you oh you're going to go to our all went on to look a bit of Nixon yeah. With all the other to the favorite mouse as diligent and go up you I though itself so. Miles yeah it does it done is taken number of people recycled toilet paper waste not one not coming up at 8 this morning on the resurrection jukebox they ran into each other. In Halifax Nova Scotia that's how the bin formed initially. That story coming up in twenty minutes here in the mountains of big important what amounts to a paper on what to do for. That would that. That. All you got to the paper. This. CIA hi yeah I mean teach kids the value of the dollar JC kids about the value having. It used to tape and now you would like to get used to that it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah we were all right man thanks to support the Greta. I guess Don Henley was really he was laid twitch she you know telling nervous kid was always really tapping his fingers and stuff and his his mom needs the he did not have a lot of money. Is feeling and I have a lot of money when he's grown up. His mom at one point he was young he nine years old she put him in the car and drove in the closest music store was like eighty miles away and they went and bottom and drum. Drawn to it like small drum kit and like whenever you feel nervous entry to order just go ahead and indeed you know going going to grow larger room wherever it is in play that. We talked about a great investment yes I don't know what they've paid for it but boy did it Jobe pay off singing drummer Don Henley. Dirty laundry on 995 the mountain it's Monday morning in your back to work capture on the weekend and after the holiday weekend last week. I think get a lot of workplaces. We talk about the sort of thing on what do employees really want it work money yes we talk so money and to be you know I'd see if I feel like sometimes the people enough. Higher offices like well they wanna ping pong table they want yeah. Christmas party that it was so did we hear do you do you go employees really want above and beyond all else. They want natural light in their workspace and windows. And now we do you and I do your right because we're in this studios is on the outside. There are a lot of folks. On the other side of the bill Pollyanna Nolan now Reich is there going to be more acute form world's yeah up then we are or if you go back to our offices con Edison are often says no windows muscle her that was the main thing in this survey the so Harvard business reviews were this article showed up over a third of our respondents said they don't get enough natural light in the workspace. 47%. Say they feel tired because they don't get me natural light and 43%. Said not being able to see outside makes them gloomy. Absolutely right so to Regis and hold an office all the time. No that would be terrible and here's the other thing here is I mean it when you are done in you do get outside. You do tend to get a lot of light in sunshine. I live in Seattle for a long time there is a lot of expletives work. In the winter you weren't sure you bring your office or outside oh yeah right so that's a whole another level man so I think the takeaways here if you're headed into work today. And you don't have any natural light you're kind of an acute form worlds I feel like this particular article gives you permission. To Blake starred tyranny holes in the wall absolutely knocking down the tubes and let delighted I think that's a logical step. Excellent and if there's any issues you bust your employer has any issues have them call out artwork okay thanks for that doctor about.