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Friday, August 17th

Mountain Morning Show Podcast for Fri 8-17-18

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Novell on Friday a nanny 95 the mouse and one from collective soul you may remember the that the bin name I think they barred it from mom. What's the authors and mean aim ran to the book atlas shrugged and found and all that like greens and that's really got the term for the big collective soul. Not the US but I told the central China. On that 995 the mouse in my case the Alley heart Wiki is so off again today she'd do a visit to friends and family and buffalo. She'll be back on Monday partly cloudy skies today chance for afternoon storms early afternoon storms today. And do of kind of looks the same throughout the weekend 88 warm today 88 for high. 84 tomorrow 78. On Sunday may be you know little windy on Sunday as well I know it. Happened yesterday the passing Aretha Franklin at the age of found 76. I collected just a little bit of thumb audio from a wreath. Talking abouts. You know her life for musical experience herb. Musical journey justices another way to remember the amazing legacy of you know such an unbelievable our industries Aretha Franklin. Many of the Atlantic guys grouped around him. But Vernon baker of the drifters the clover is pretty keen. You name it they were on Atlantic and particularly route program. Some I'll be honest I think. That personify. A certain style of music yesterday and care you don't want to its present. Me was as good as thumping him and I liked it my sister and I put the sock it to me phrase to it. Little late on it became a monstrous for civil rights groups and various other people. My inspiration. When I first started out was. Clara ward in the ward singers and I was about ten. And they came to our church to singing. I was just so enthralled. With carriage it was so good idea and Dave and I want to be isn't. For summer reducing she was found about six years old her brother Cecil was one of my closest friends and he had taken me to their house for the first time when they moved into the neighborhood we go in and I here's somebody in the next room playing a piano and singing and I know it's a kid singing because I can tell by the way the voice sounds but the key is singing and singing and I'm going to answer written she's playing the piano and sing and the only difference in what she was doing and it was he does now that she was. Smokey Robinson finishing up the thoughts on Aretha for imagine that someone on a six year old Aretha Franklin playing the piano answered and being able itself even at that age and that's a pretty serious talent. Again Aretha Franklin passed away yesterday at the age of 76. Her legacy will. Live on and on and on and on. I think it's safe to say. Our Steve Perry former lead singer of the band journey boy he's had a low profile probably the last twenty years yourself he's got a new album come announced. And on it talks is Jimmy Graham talked to him just after 8 o'clock this morning. Here on the Madison Steve Perry formally be injury we'll talk to find out where he's been the last twenty or so years in. What led to the new album also questioned almost impossible. Just after seven tensions feud when tickets to see yes coming up next if you want your hoping to get a fight this weekend. Boy am I got the right drink for you. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview with Eddie spaghetti before and my PC in the morning on 995. He does never occurred to me before this. Very moment that I missed a loved the song I wonder if the the metaphor that message in a bottle thing if it doesn't lose a little bit of almost in the in the digital age right now means so easy to see and touch with anybody. Anywhere they glow deuce who push of a button. It's we don't really live in a message in a bottle world anymore do wonder stinger thought about that probably didn't. Police from regatta to block on 995 dimensions BO bottles. You're going out this weekend you'd think in. Boy I sure would like to get in a fight with somebody. Here's the drink of choice for you according to a new study drinking vodka and Red Bull. Might increase together that is might increase the odds you'll get into a fight. My eats. I would suits an understatement scientists had some fish swim around in water that was splashed with alcohol. And dead tarring which is the ingredient to provides Red Bulls energy boost sure enough the vodka Red Bull fish were more likely to face off against predator fish. And warm less willing or able supposed to communicate with other fish does this shock anybody haven't we all seen this before. At least a hundred times every weekend no matter where you go and again I'm not a scientist but if you. We take caffeine booze and thrown in the scene during interview went up. Through some testosterone and amphetamines in their just in just see what happens. Vodka Red Bulls not the now the drink for you with your piece slaughter of craft three things you need to know coming up next on the mountain including the Broncos in their ongoing quarterback. Question mark. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The amount of Nobel's Friday here on 995 the mouse it was in a Nancy Wilson. And hard she barracuda. A little hazy to start the morning and more expects a cloudy skies partly cloudy skies throughout the day 88 for Ohio scan warmup. Chance for afternoon rain today as storms should sit today tomorrow in chatter Sunday. Eighty to 84 tomorrow seventy for high on Sunday. Allie her workshop today so three things you need to know falls to me three things for Friday August 17. Twenty teen. I hate to start you know this is so hard for exit tragic story but I know it's been on everybody's mind over the last couple days. Authorities say they have discovered the body of 34 year old Shannon wants in the bodies of the two girls. Three year old Celeste in four year old bella wants prosecutors say they believe all three were killed inside the Frederick Colorado home but have not released the cause of death. As of yet Christopher wants the oral has been. Was being held is being held in weld county jail without bond. On suspicion three counts of first degree murder and three counts of tampering. With evidence I'm now in a national story which again it's just heartbreaking and tragic for so many different reasons. Number 22 days after the release of the grand jury report on clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania's Catholic diocese. The Vatican has responded. Quote regarding the report made public in Pennsylvania this week there are two words that can express the feelings faced with these horrible crimes shame. And sorrow and quote that's from Greg Burke director of the Vatican's press office the Vatican had been under increasing pressure to address the report. Particularly after Pope Francis failed to mention it during a Wednesday blessing. Victims should know that the Pope is on their side. Said Greg Burke and finally number three pre gazes at pre season game number two for the Broncos tomorrow 705 kick off at home vs the Chicago Bears. As the Broncos try to decide what they'll do to find a backup quarterback you know they've shifted things around Chad Kelly up to number two Paxton lynch down to number three. John Elway said that Colin tapper nick. Will not be. A consideration. John always said you know what and I said this awhile ago had his chance to be here we offered him a contract he didn't take it. As I said in my deposition he's had his chance to be here he passed it's in quotes are John Elway you may remember gave a deposition in May. For Colin Capp predicts lawyers in the collusion case against the NFL Colin can predict attended that deposition so at least as far as we know if people were thinking. Calling government might slide in and be number two or number three quarterback for the Broncos this year. Not so according to the guy who would know John I went three things you need to know. For Friday August 17. 2018 here on the mountains coming up just after 710 a chance for you to win tickets to see yes. Question almost impossible get ready to do some thinking. CN RD afternoons on the mountain. It's Friday and how about starting a weekend with some free mind needs to. The new sensation no valid Friday here on 995 the melting in excess from a monster album for them kick. Back in 1987. Are about twenty minutes from now giving a chance to win tickets to see yes with question almost impossible as we learned yesterday. Park which is really good at coming up with questions but she's not here so when I come over them that it's and to be really easy. Show. Of the infielder for just after 710 with question almost impossible and then just after 8 o'clock this morning on the talk to Steve Perry. Yeah you're river Steve who's the lead singer jury for a long time walked away from jury walked away from the band. Hasn't released an album in well over twenty years but he's got a new one coming out. And I'm gonna talk to them down all of that and much more coming up just after 8 o'clock this morning. If you thought on recently that. You might wanna eat less meter maybe you just go vegetarian just forget nobody can mean altogether be even in amounts. It's so hard to do I've been eating meat for so long. Here's something that might make it a little easier for boys to do is look at photos of cute baby animals. Yeah you could see where that would work right. I UK study found that when people are shown pictures of baby animals they're less likely to eat meat afterwards this is especially true. For women true for men and women but more true for women. The researchers said feeling tenderness towards a baby animal appears to be an oppositional force on appetite for meat. For many people this story was and sign stealing this morning. I suppose it makes cents. I the I elegant you voluntarily do that right if you think while I'd like to eat less meat and if this makes it easier for me if you voluntarily do that. Totally makes sense of him totally fine with it but this becomes law to those. One of those deals were everybody who doesn't believe in eating mes you know throw in pictures of baby animals in front of you does. Pass that's what to me that's like you're shooting Drupal that. You know really kick if you wanna make that decision I think that's great I just don't know that it should necessarily be an agenda. Right I agree that we could we could and should make eating meat more sustainable than we currently make a neutral agree with that. But the whole layers of we will see me too slow. Let him have their thing rights but if you wanna I wanna back away from the baby is a good way to do. You check up a story on our blog a little bit later this morning drinking and Jody and animal charities that sounds like you're great combination. Owen Benjamin on the 655 funny next. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his bad memory and too many tequila shots. If Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot. Worst question almost impossible and 99 file. Yes tickets up for grabs today here's a question just over 30% of women would change this about their advantage if they could. I just over 30% of women would change this about their man. It's statehood 6312995. That's the phone number you need good luck. We might finale minority. Placing almost impossible. With Mikey now eight. The mountain. We did yes tickets up for grabs on today's question almost impossible here's the one you need to answer just over 30% of women would change this about their man. If they could we think we're talking about. His height. That's debts of everything can eat in general I mean these two shorter to tell. Well now it's not the right answer I'm just asking what are the you'd say they'd change because he be too sure I got here. I'm that's not actually the answer that we're looking for but that's a really good yes. Thanks for giving news tried to glory which I guess your question almost impossible for more. Where their physique as in you mean like there. Muscle mass vs waist size vs. Belly size cut if it. I'm this it's not actually a physical attributes that they would change at least not according to this question. I understand why you would think in those terms though okay good dry. So like I give you clues there and we made it past the first collar which is better than I did yesterday. So we're off to a good start just over 30% of women would change this about their man. If they could 6312995. For question almost impossible to. Question almost impossible this morning just over 30% of women would change this about their man if they could what do you think we're looking for. What are micro map data lady the lady eats good so it by eight. Stick twisted so there we can see eight table mediators that would be about what you're Shane right exactly. You are a 100% right my French. You get me now. My luck I'll be. So you're familiar with how this works. We got to see yes your dad's able bidders have data for. I like you Batman. Which today. Anthony. Congratulations Anthony enjoy the show yes at some Levitt pavilion on September 3 question almost impossible comes back Monday morning just after 710. Partly she's back on Monday she'll be in charge of the questions. They're probably gonna be harder again OK so I enjoy this little law has provided by seeing my case. That means that day of red statues come out. He does his thing about it was listen to the song I. I don't think I remembered times in jukebox I think it was a little bit before my time I remember recorders for sure I remember. Probably three maybe two or three songs. For recorder and then isles through. I remember today where if you find a place of the jukebox usually have to credit card. My how times have changed no valid Friday in 1995 the mountain with Joan jett's. 88 for a high today partly cloudy skies chance for Europe early afternoon storms today. Saturday sunny look about same 84 tomorrow 78 on Sunday chance for afternoon rain. In both cases a Mike Casey Alley Hart weeks is off today she's in in buffalo visiting friends and being we shall be back. All in on Monday in just a couple minutes here this is going to be pretty exciting I think Steve Perry. You're familiar with Steve easily singer for journey for a long long time before he he just kind of walked away there in the early nineties. Hasn't released an album in over twenty years he's got a new one coming out it's called traces. And I'll talk to Steve Perry about eight in let's say oh wait. You know to be specific about 8:0 wait this morning talked to Steve about why he walked away from journey he walked away you know from stardom legacy could say. And the inspiration behind it. These new album we've been doing for twenty years that's coming up in a just few minutes here on the militant if you're on a CEO this is really good news for you. If you're a working stiff like the rest of us not so good the CEOs. Of America's top 350 publicly held companies. Earned an average of eighteen point nine million dollars and average that means half above half below. In wages bonuses in stock options last year here's where it gets really Dicey or. 312. Times more. Then the average worker. The average CEO earned 312. Times more than the average worker this according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. A gap this big between CEOs and employees hasn't been seen since. 2007. The eve of the big financial crisis and go figure. Over the last. Decade. The average CEO pay is increased almost 18%. Compared to point 3%. For workers some of that has to do the but I booming stock market but. Their other trends it works here and I don't like what I bring up stories like this some pressure to send me emails and sick. Oh you in years and zag capitalism you don't want people to make money that's not the case at all. I I'm I'm a firm believer in supporter of capitalism here's what worries me a little bit is when you see this kind of in balance and it's increasing. Whether you're talking about the haven't haven't have nots economically here in the United States or you know the CEOs and workers it feels to me. Like you're you're really you're moving sort of Marie Antoinette let Dmitry kind of moment you know I mean if you look at history. When you get this kind of imbalance and continues to grow you know with a whole lot of people who are disenfranchised and frustrated. With the other small percentage of people on the on the very top rungs of the economic ladder and nothing good usually comes from that's. I guess that's my point I'm no economist but. It's up to be aware if let's say it resurrection jukebox coming up at 8 this morning he said it was his Elvis or rescind impersonation. That coming up in about fifteen minutes on the resurrection Joop. Yeah so. There seems to admit but some that's that albums document came on as a found freshman in college Fred Monday night. They'll immediately in love with us songs in the worlds we know it. Now this is in the pre Google days sprite and they did in REM was famous for not having their lyrics on any other in there liner information. So this friend of mine and I weed and we've. All of minute we had a couple drinks. Or twelve that night we stayed up all night this is the vinyl are pretty close to all night. Just you know starting the so putting dropping the needle starting the song stopping it's we get right down the words. Sat over and over and over until we've finally got all the worst of the Salk you kids today they owed wages Google it straight there you couldn't do that. Back in the day that's how I spent mine bureau part of my college years if the other world we know enough you'll find REM. On 995 the mountain I don't I'm not just sharing this story like rub it in your face or in the competitive fire rubbing it in your face or be rubbing it in mind too but. We all spend a certain amount of time and money probably seeing movies in. We owed Hollywood did you know actors and actresses tend to be very well paid. Well Forbes came out with their list of via highest paid actresses. This year topping the list. Scarlett Johansson Schmidt forty point five million dollars in this last year thanks in part to the avenger movies in large part anyway. Angelina Jolie number 228 million. Most of that money comes from her salary for the upcoming militants in two Jennifer Aniston number three on the list nineteen point five million not a bad year. Most of her money from endorsement deals with emeritus airlines more water. And if veto Jennifer Lawrence at number 418 million and Reese Witherspoon well rounded out the top five with the on 164 point five million. Last year and a look at the list. And I just wanna say that I mean other than being. Ridiculously talented and ridiculously good looking and way younger than me what do any of these people have that I don't have. Then a big pile of money for one thing and I think I've I've probably just answered my question tonight suited ridiculously talented ridiculously good looking. Wait younger thing congratulations that's a good year for everybody on that list coming up next on the maps in the all music nine to noon gets going. That he nightclub at the mountain. Needs being hard.