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Friday, March 16th


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Friday morning my case Shelley Hardwicke he was a little mysterious over my house yesterday evening I believe I recently taken up our Richard something. And I and I went outside. The air felt a little different it was it was I would say damp. And in the time I was out there viewers take up the garbage. When I came back in my face was when it was very confusing like I'm not clear as to what was actually happening is water falling there was water falling from the sky and I was very alarmed that I went back inside in my family said no it's just rain. Yeah it's we've just it has been forever. Which that was great joke. Ronald as a fifth yesterday Greg and I are driving. Presumed to go watch buffalo. Play in the NCAA tournament and as we are trying to and he is like. Let's technology some things wrong with your car. Mike that's just smell of rain Greg peck peck and reassure. Yeah I'm Sherri some cool wow haven't smiled panel long time they legitimately thought my car was broken because yeah dear I'm familiar with the snuff. It's been a mean word blue laboring the boy bill has been we've been a little low on precipitation as soon release who that was sort of all welcomed change I would say. And you mentioned. The NCAA tournaments. The US watch buffalo and they're the they're the bracket buster to start the whole thing off they beeped. Arizona I know over four and a very very good friend of mine is from Arizona SL and she went to Arizona so we're like the little man this is going to be really close just a different despite the obviously she wants her as well. And kind of expected that our trash talk we have to you know eat her words afterwards. We didn't have to deal not at all number. Buffalo's number thirteen gene's seat yeah yes it's a big deal through blew up a lot of people's practice session as a lot of people had Arizona going veering very far yeah. And when buffalo got a schedule where like an experience very airway around after the first round nope. Had none of us tonight. Yeah that's it game is pretty exciting and on on the women's side today are on the UNC bears. You know you northern Colorado in Greeley they play the stuff I believe their first ever NCAA tournament game. Today that it has some exciting for a for local for UNC grads in for you know just for Colorado generals I wish I am Buffalo's luck and for the first time ever that means somebody's only doing great yeah it's hot. Of the excited. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. This is this is not even really a story story. But I'd just when I saw this this morning. It beneath interview because this would be you would be so excited if somebody did this for your car this is you know when you. Every car has a different sound you leave the lights on you leave the door open and then she's like it in knowing beeper Ding or something else this guy did basically hack Jews. Packed his car is Volvo station wagon. So that when he. Leave the lights on or leaves the door open instead of getting the Ding he gets he gets this well first there's the Ding sound and then and now and then there's what yet. That's what again and didn't get now he gets there. Yeah. It is a dismal. Is the cheesy. Since December period you soon as the. Yeah I agree this is the version that if you push a button on your keyboard and yes. You get that now the only downs legacy for use that he did this you would always leave your door Richardson yeah we can't dance parties to the sound of my door right. Go to Duracell dived I don't know it does maybe need to act as Carson of is that and that's pretty awesome. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. It's a Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow. It is the four it's the fourth most popular drinking holiday. Of the year new years he was first Christmas a 2 July 4 his third then you got Saint Patrick's Day five point nine billion dollars will be spent. Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day thirteen million pints of Guinness will be served. 31% of Americans plan to cook a special dinner there is a 70% increase in cabbage shipments during seem Patrick's day week. And perhaps the strangest little little factoid of all. 83 in this this is was enough Forbes magazine sport 83% of those celebrating. Saint crash which they plan to Wear green. Without what do the other 17% doing like Adam is like you're Roberts is a baby your knock advertise it for AME if you're gonna. Participate you might as well. All in where agree when you think I don't know what that 70% is doing with the 83%. Totally with you there. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot. Worst question almost impossible and 99 file. Denver home show tickets plus tickets to the Colorado symphony both of those for grabs question almost impossible this morning I had the question before you leaving came and you are ready laugh at how do you feel that I feel so all you have a guy. I love it nowadays have been a very up and down kind of week we've had some. Like first caller gets it that we nuts on the take a little longer and we never really know which is which. We don't we don't know much of anything funny sweet you know on the answered this question and redo according to experts say it takes exactly. 119. Point five seconds to do best. Erica that just point 52 shortest two minutes yeah. And that's how long it takes to deal with the ups aren't we think we're talking about 6312995. Good luck. If my finale like. We're talking about I'll be ended that irked at Saint Patrick's Day anger say or again. Beer you exactly. My friends. Thought about that. I will look contest for a month. And get through. You've finally done it now did you have any we we speculated that if anybody would get this right it would be like a bartender somebody you had. Some specific kind of Guinness knowledge is that you or did you disconnect the Saint Patrick's Day dots. That's Elvira called back in my drinking days back from college so. Average witnessing town I was hoping to accomplish like somebody down the hall. Well you got special occasion didn't know the bush lite was special occasion. I. Good generic beer and outlook and outlook folder all right the derby here. They Alec had to lick from our dollar guarantee they have a case of beer four blocks. But he didn't be picky about what it one like Richards for a court that podium by age approximately cellular. A year ago. Are writes oh you're right takes 100 in nineteen point five seconds to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. You my friend have once exited Denver home show it to see the Colorado symphony courtesy of your game is knowledge which unit I'd like it. All right congratulations. Rich question almost impossible goes back Monday morning at 710. Here on 995 now. To little early for Guinness book plan ahead Saint Patrick's Day coming tomorrow. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mountain. On 730 Chu we've all. Heard for years I suppose it's one of those. Did people call it like it tried and true thing about relationships opposites attract opposites attract what turns out that's actually I'm not true not true at all. According to psychologist Matthew. He says that people are actually attracted to people who are similar to them seems a number of studies have been done since the 1950s. Regarding what leads to attraction. And the professor Johnson says that in those studies they found a cure if you double association. Between being similar to and being intercede in. The other person. OK so opposites do not attract I'd like this story because. I think for most of us maybe maybe more when you're younger than when your older but we we all have this you know relationships are so complicated and. So hard to find one's soul mate. And where are they the bottom line is we just fine we would we need somebody like I herself find ourselves right version of ourselves to date. I always find it interesting and people say you know after couples are together for a really long time they start to lookalike. Yeah it started that. Actually actually just date somebody that kind of like eighteen and then you marry them and it's sweeter and that's I think how. I think you may be right about that announces is the site now is years ago now when it and I went to a party. Where we didn't know very many people and you know we're introducing each others in the loses there and some and later on the party someone said. Oh that so that's your wife and I should and and she said oh thank you guys are like brother and sister and I'm like OK. Go telling me. Exactly like now everything you've that is completely freaked me out zero so that's your new best friend yes thank you for that I can't remember who was at this point photos like I don't know what to do with that information but apparently. This is it just find someone who's pretty much like you. We're all so messed up I just wanted to be with ourselves also says the ball you get out great. When he goes to the gym he parks in the spot furthest away so we won't be judged eating its course which people walking by. Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Seems the folks at apple of being numb filing some patent survey we've been doing a little fiddling around their engineering wise and they're trying to develop. A look from resistant keyboard. Has there ever been anything that would seem more about us as people then that's from resistant keyboard the new ideas to have a membrane in the keyboard. The releases air with each keystroke. So it would like blaster waved to crumbs as you actually typed. From resistant keyboard which iced understand that makes sense for like I don't really Keating chips or something to win if you're eating chips and seem like there's some. Cheese sauce involved in the transaction then what happens I don't know if that released a blast to bear. Is gonna get rid of the cheap shot cheese sauce then what apple then what do we do you fix this problem for us please. His conscience is clear which probably. Lose and she many. Tequila shots Mike Casey morning's find 1995. The mountain. Cording to a new survey of 60%. Of colonials of your people. Say that they are going through a quarter life crisis who Milliken midlife crisis the top cause of their anxiety. Debts and other financial issues 53% say they spend more than they iron each month the commencement of the good statistic. On the other things contributing to the core life crisis trying to find the right job. Being in the right relationship having a challenging job. And trying to buy a home the screws in the independent this morning let me as a member of generation next. Try and help you in your people on this front this millennial quarter life crisis thing let me just say this you. You will never look better. Then you look right now you'll probably never feel better. Then do you feel right now your hair will never looked better. Then it looks right now you're earning potential will probably never be much better than it is right now it's literally. Lake all downhill from here. So what you wanna do is embrace this particular moment and don't fret about all recent quarter life crisis that's not a thing. Call me like twenty years in I'll walk you through this whole mid life crisis part of things. Right now you should just be out there and joy in life because this is the man it's great. Was that you're attempt at optimism mr. got five that was about I'm wearing the mr. good thought she was the worst job I've ever heard hey let me give you something that's really gonna inspire you to get out there and live life. Literally every day after this one will be worse than today. Yeah trucks are usually. Let's. Continue to highlight knowing that this is literally as good as it will ever again. This is why your people are stuck in a quarter life crisis I. Tomorrow our public to be a little bit unclear a little bit better a little bit. It's got to be good rates steady light. So embraced this small you are sold at a pep talks don't I want you don't have to tell us. Awful I am wearing the mr. good vibes show and you have to take off I hope be brought another one you have not earned that shares. And goes great for up to our league everybody's okay the next agrees yeah I'm awesome job millennial everywhere looking forward today then let me. The last night I'm looking this. That is willingness yeah instead of 60% suffering from correlate phrases is now 83% I just I don't ask what Steve said on my. A swap drive is awful just like the rest of your life is going to be. Might Casey's final thoughts. And RAC backers say tomorrow the big go parade presented by Delco is sitting celebration of Irish heritage will be brief tour event great party. Downtown a couple of little hope of fun facts for you might need to over the course of Saint Patrick's Day weekend. First Saint Patrick's Day celebration in the United States. Held in Boston I think a lot of people know about this 1737. A long time ago. Long time for them tradition Saint Patrick's Day was originally associated with the color blues. Rather than green. Which seems odd to me but at some point did you know given that most things greener associated with Ireland vice Versa they finally just decided. They can dream up 34 point seven million US residents claim Irish ancestry. That's more than seven times the population of Ireland itself. As for the young holidays in Patrick's day saint Patrick was not actually Irish. He was English. Those are not the same things if you want to know how when why. And to what degree they're not the same things you can ask my local building. He will tell you all about how they are not the same things quietly saint Patrick. Never actually canonized five polyps so there's some debate as to whether or not huge actually releasing it if you're not Irish and you wanted to know. What it what's what it's like to be Irish debt sitting in a nutshell. The patron saint isn't seeing. He wasn't even Irish and we can't keep the color green blue streak. But there's beer involved so site that's he's at his desk when no one's paying attention to him it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains.