The Most Terrible Half Marathon in History

Monday, September 25th

It really did not go as planned.


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Monday morning Mike Casey Alley heart wick. I know there is going to be some gloating today. So we might as well start out with that with the of triumphant bill's victory in buffalo yesterday and the comic collapse of the the Broncos I can I do now. Now I'm done. I'm not going CU to take eighteenth because it's. I do understand that this this was a thing that we don't see from the bills that often usually when we win games it's because. Of a fluke it's because something went horribly ride for the other team. On but the bills just played good football yesterday and that's not something that as theirs and I see that often and so I don't right now wanna be that terrible fan at flake. Is age because I know next week we're probably the tan at all if in every Ellis and I'm so happy that we played really well. On I also understand what it's like to come off of an incredible win like the Broncos stand and face an unexpected honestly believe me I get you Amanda and I. I don't know how terrible it is and I usually had to deal patriots fans turning in my face. So I'm not gonna do that thing and I'm just gonna be really happy what. That's a good that's a good approach and of course yesterday it was a not just in terms of on the field but you yesterday was kind of strange day across the NFL. With the news via the the protests are happening pretty much in every stadium. Across the country I think it's important to note. And I realize this seems like it it's been said before and it seems to fall on deaf your sometimes. This the protest there were not protests that they've never been designed as protest against the men and women. Who have served our country in the US forces that's not answer was that the intent right when calling cavern it started this over every year ago. That was not his intention at all and those people that have found followed in his footsteps in the last couple weeks and months and games. This is about perceived racial injustice in this country primarily yes. I would say and I think. The people interviewed regardless which team they're on has said look we we love our country were proud to be Americans. We think there are some issues that need to be addressed no. And dome it's their of their right as Americans to you know who's to say with they're gonna say in and in. Protest the way they wanna protest as long as it's peaceful which it has been. Certainly the comments that the president mean over the weekend about. Referring to players is a so brazen firing them that. We're probably. I'm gathering rubbed a lot of athletes the wrong way yes I think it from not only athletes but also a team owners. Anyone involved in the NFL the wrong way. Because this is one of the few protests that we've seen go on in this country consistently that has spent almost entirely silent. Has an entirely peaceful and has actually done something because I know for any martial here in Denver has been working with local police forces to actually enact change. So how did everything that we've seen happen in the past year and a half this is something that that is actually changing our communities for the better. So is really disappointing it's it suddenly have it be. Ed I national. Divisive theory charged issue and I was cell moved. By all of the teams yesterday standing arm in a car and go in unity every single team presented as one as one team. Together and that. It in times like this you never wanna see. Anyone in the country being torn apart because of their beliefs so watching people come together. There was incredible it really line. And indefinitely chain you've changed the details of the of the games and you know and FL Sunday yesterday. I'm we will of course talk we'll talk to jima and 8:10 this morning talk about that the political the protests are out of it we'll also talk about. Bills bills went today yesterday the Broncos ousted they played some good football exciting step. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal. I'm Knight he's like us the mountain or in question almost impossible we've got to chance street went tickets of the great American beer festival which is sold outs as you may know compliments of Amtrak's Winter Park express. Dean though also tickets to join the G men into the these great American beer festival shin dig on Thursday October 4 to give you VIP tour. A truly brewing company corporate folks over their friends of ours substantively 7:10 this morning. Question almost impossible. 629 right now and you had a comment you told me before McCann number the name of the of the race but usually do this every year we did the golden only half marathon. And edge going into it if I remember from last week the week before your main concern was that your. You need been bothering you yes and you were thinking well I don't. I'm I'm wondering how my knees can hold up. Yeah it was a circus I I hurt my knee doing the worm MI letting. Just a normal thing here it happens many for sure and it it's been small and for our. Weeks at this one almost a month and cell that was my biggest concern is that my knee wasn't gonna let me do the whole race and I totally mentally prepared myself to bow out when I needed to. As a Destin think when he was intimate interview who don't know this is not just like regular half marathon is trail trail race you run government trail from snow mass to spend. And so you don't have a lot of opportunities suggests. Say no thanks like you can't read rice is kind of stuff when ready and EF three points that you can bow out. And that's. So. You start this race by running up. Fanny hill I think it's called you run up a ski like hail. That's OK it's not often the first mile is pretty much entirely uphill it's not a straight shot until belliard. Sewage backing pretty much just straight. And it's terrible says you've played the first mile and a half I was not feeling guide. I'd tell it's only a mile and a half and things could get better the next Jack Cooley was born miles and and you might need help find the Akamai legs were on fire and cold and I just wasn't feeling great so I stopped for a long time and then four mile water station. Which Greg started in the leave behind me so I see him come and I like hair flowing behind and the city since an advertisement for how to be accuracy. Like how and and I told him not. The wording used as a little different senator. We're all not kid so I kept telling. And people were passing me pretty much nonstop one woman pushed me out of the way bleached I still can't believe she did and I yelled after her I hope you fall. And I hope she can't. So good camaraderie going so far it we have we are doing this as a team. And so I stepped off the path around mile sex just for like why is second to let somebody behind me and when I did I think I disturb a wasps next. And I got stung I'm my left I could buy up on job lost it was like four is gone something jumped up and but it really did. And sell tiny shall we can't I can't screen. Like Dina Powell a lot of women tea we'll screaming I could never be cast in horror film because we can't scream and she don't receive shipments shouted really loud. Kept trying and eventually had to go to decide because if you've ever been stunned I lost you know feels like an oh yeah hurts me crazy is an intense pain. Beauty beauty Bailey hearts and robs. So instead to decide and first aid people went dying and send you the girl who screens and I said yes gets on one must ask me if I was allergic until the nineteen now. They asked me if they could check out distinct. And I had to tell them no they claim because the place in which I was stunned. Is not a place I live. Like when you people look at what you should leg you were being. It's you were being. Polite technically. By definition like just the upper upper upper there upper opt if I. And as a. Nowhere near Miami. So I took a Benadryl because I couldn't tell them in the Hillary's you do a better grass which would be a better idea than playing it out because my house takes the next place I can get that was mild pain. Rankin had a salad you mile walks like diet yet you didn't know if you were gonna swell up for I don't know how horrible okay that makes it citizens are you can have a choice I didn't. So did Benadryl wage honestly made running. Interesting because already you're on a very small and now the very small path is like weaving up and down Jessica in super Gideon Levy in my hands were selling out. So I decide it's a can't get through mile eight its start hailing like. Hail coming down I mean it's not dash diet. As is awful but what I didn't realize how exactly does hale doesn't soak in year closed is when it started raining that's a things got really hot and the trouncing an annual months solid. By the time I got smile eleven and I just couldn't wait for it to be over has every step I -- felt like you know hi experts yeah congress the back of my it's the robbing an aging and cell paint ball be finished I finished as I crossed the finish line Greg's any of the egos put took so a lot of youth. Perfect exactly would you don't hear them play their response was to tell him it's over I put itself on the grass a. In other things that gave me sit on the radio yeah. Well boy I'm glad view of England graduated near more or less no worse for the Wear vote next time he fit I mean you if you paid. Money money for just gorgeous that's exactly so the next time you have that merge. One you just give me a hundred bucks tunneling wacky machines with a baseball bat for an hour and goods like pulled inside of the panel throwing ice in my face happy exactly does that save everybody. Sigler David Joseph congratulations. Not thank you I'm not telling you nighttime because it's a means you finished a matter I did finished. You get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey I 99 plus the mounties. Everybody knows the world. Sports is big business but just how big. Industry insiders have figured out that in the last year this was in market wants this more. In the last year Americans spent over 100. Billion dollars on sports with over half of this amount. Going towards sporting events 56 billion that is was spent on events which includes tickets transportation. Food. And averages the next biggest. The of the lumping into this sports umbrella 33 billion was for sports equipment. Off following that gym memberships at nineteen billion dollars I think what part of what jumps out at me about this. And what makes president trumps. Comments over the weekend show interest in sports is like I mean it's an 800 pound gorilla right it's not only entertainment but it's this huge. Financial. Juggernaut and people are in some ways be more sensitive about the sports they love in the teams they love. That a lot of other things so it's see it's seemed interesting to me that. Whether consciously or unconsciously the president decided that he was gonna. Take that on with so whose comments this week and that's too big it's a big gorilla to fight gases were sent. To. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Here on the mountain. Did you see usually Europe you're way ahead of further ahead of this stuff than the 9 am but I don't did you see or hear about the new ad from LL being. Now campaign. Is that present this week I did actually Friday was when it's while Friday's. LL bean they have a new campaign. In their and you opposing them is in the New York Times. On Friday and the attic is. Written in ink that can only be seen when the newspapers taken outside and exposed to sunlight. So Kyle looks I mean I assume there's something on at that says still take this outside. But is basically a blank page the advertising inserts features LL Bean's new. Manifesto. That reiterates its commitment to the outdoors and underscores the I mean based company's willingness to try new things. To get shoppers' attention part of what they're trying to accomplish. With this campaign. Is. The hit in this is probably something with that we deal with here in Colorado a lot you can say outdoors. And people sometimes think you mean. Hiking fourteen years or. You know snowshoes can meet all of those things but it can also mean just. Going outside the park across the street to get to be making it more accessible. The the concept of outdoor living making that more accessible to more people so this was there. Approach and I. I was kind of brilliant. I think so detail because it we do face a lot of I get living in his city as we deal we have a giant backyard but some people don't and need things all like why can't do outdoors he south island in the middle of the metro area. Parting. Of ways for you to spend more of your time. Outside looking at people and things and stopped. Rather intense looking at presentation and have people it thinks it's a yes and I also think too by not that we need to go through that but I knew you and I've talked about couple times. There have been a lot of campaigns major marketing campaigns in the last year that it like totally missed the Mark Leno has so far off target. That when I saw this spring is like oh that's it's interesting to see a company actually. Right hit it right hit a market there and sending them to hit at which I would think would be I mean it seems like an obvious connection to there are core customer in our customers now. Pencil double B I can only to see it and it's even confinement as any in my hands on one. I it's not a gimme divested spent time outside after all of that and we just stayed because we get a cold and raining there all along I felt like this isn't really egg crate outside a UPD. More parity if you have and have your new they'll beat out George here that's. Promotion Elisa was looking at some you are doing like it was. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter release you'll be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 99. The mountain. So much for skipped into the front of the line at the airport for priority seating researchers from Arizona State University have discovered that being one of the first people on an airplane. Puts you at the most risk of getting sick. The scientist went further and figured out that he too zone boarding process. With half loading the back. Before the other half loaded the front would actually be the safest. Reducing passenger contact. By 27%. It seems to me that they're just giving us another reason to be. A little paranoid in little edgy when we fly which I don't know about you I mean don't need that a birdie I've party got that covered thank you very much. Sarcasm is just one of the surface is Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news into the old jokes. You'll be here all week. Mike TC morning's fine 1995 the mountain. Well I don't know what I don't know what happened or last couple days in the course of the weekend but we somehow we ended up with Seattle's weather and it seems like they ended up with ours and I'd say this every time we get a little stretch like this. If this kind of weather drives you crazy do not moved to the Pacific northwest because you'll get literally. A good 89 months of this mother's cell comfort. This feels like it is a great distance I salute Alex Vernon. I feel relaxed and at home and he isn't. So much pressure with the sunny data don't do something that matters that I actually agree with that I and I told you this weekend oh in and I went saw a movie and I've watched something on Netflix there's there was a lot of political pressure soft as the weather's crappy it feels like. Do you want to be happy right. Then it was shown to be said for that too so take that into consideration as well. Today is just September 25 national one hit wonder day according to record dot com. These are the ten best. One hit wonder songs from ten to one tendered a number ten modern English on middle few crates and number nine spear in the sky and army green belt. Number eight black Betty from rim Jim Tommy Tune Tony 6753 deny it though so I wish he can sing the title only getting secondhand yet because it's a fabulous song. Number sixteen and loves soft cell number five take on me on on. Don't perform work come on Eileen Dex is midnight runners. Play that funky music from wild cherry and number three. Video killed the radio sir number two from the boggles and number one in the the best one hit wonder song of all time according to this particular served. When they got me. Well here's the thing. For as much as I love it that this seems very eighties centric yes dear to me. I think we play all but one of those songs I agree on all the time I agree so and a you know middle of these but it seems like they must've just serving a whole bunch of people who were. Pretty much the same age as me. So that's the first and second lane. In particular with a knack they're not actually one hit wonders they had a couple other songs that did technically. I mean that's their big yeah for sure but they're not even technically a one hit wonders so. I would take issue he's a whole lot of issues there yet but other than that I do I like the list a lot and down. Yet they haven't been centric and you look there like 50% of if you look. Now now even born in the calling Kadima has taken on me and how much and if so I remember the first time I ever saw. They take on me video was during one of those. Commercials they used to run anti beer it's like. Collection of I was really kind of when I became an acknowledgment that. Images show you should have been there to see it while I'm not in absolutely that was a thing the PP were actually talking about that I remember get rid of you public duties in the new on video. It's critical data isn't a super cool in 1980 whatever ones twos you can condense into magic bullet when Michael Jackson did black or white neverland talked about that for ever in the cool Smart he's still one of the coolest things I've ever seem. Now you're off on it and tossed up my he'd Stanton and dead meat really -- I love really did tell eyebrow one hit wonders and my obsession with television and now. He's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. The mystery story I saw this morning a company and England claims it has created a blow to the sexed up to six robot basically with artificial. Intelligence the doll is named Samantha. And supposedly has different personalities. And even has a fame would be good switching to fame Wii mote. It's weird on where she can give Smith can give facts about herself and even talk about philosophy. You. I don't know that's reason people buy robots adults for that kind of thing but maybe I'm wrong. I'm not surprisingly Samantha does not come cheaper refills for about 4700. Dollars. I don't know maybe it's worth it. It sounds like a whole different level of competition to me but I'll put the story of the military's footprint for Richard up. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind its might GCR 9095 to mountain.