Money Doesn't Mean Happiness

Tuesday, March 20th


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Him. You know I used to I I was a big believer in the whole idea of cheap sunglasses when I found out as I got older is that as my eyes got worse. I actually news to show our forum like prescription sunglasses and they're not they're no longer. Now you understand like when you were a kid if you like or don't she don't break the other prescription glasses. Value understood now I understand why do those or not it's cheap sunglasses in the home really. In fact this so Muncie ridiculously expensive but it helps to be able to seed while your driving particularly in the sunshine so yeah. Bob Zito I don't know your cell cool yeah I know I know I earn him attitudes and abuses chief sunglasses he's toughened to go whale. On not notified about it on Tuesday morning speaking of bomb sunshine in the lake. It's today is the spring equinox like 10:15 this morning. Greg is on top of the mountain Wayne or written. Wait for the spring equinox now and yet really he goes hiking before and be equinox and the soul stance to Blake. Does it this morning shows you where you married in common no 'cause we didn't have mountains well I yeah I kind of knew he was ended. Stuff stimulus bill that seminal spring equinox a missile system. I know that part of his coworkers his bad influence on an exam to do these things and I am like teaching others and that Henrik insists he's been. Well that's one way to celery I am actually surprise. And it doesn't happen all the time but my and my mom buys some Lamond celebrated British just turned around 78. And she has never been a big fan of winter. In general. But you know particularly as she's gotten older indeed be you know driving in snow in the cold lake she really hates winter now. And and conversely. She really loves spring in the idea of springs so I'm surprised. Numbers so it's almost 8 o'clock in morning Pittsburgh. I'm usually I get a text from her on spring equinox stated says something like. Happy joy his first day of spring the flowers or do they have decided shining how do we let something like that something very. Germs that you know on a lake monitor their new claim Markel did this in Pittsburgh before I think they have a lot of snow on the ground their rain yeah probably but I always I do enjoy it and I enjoy her. Festive celebration and so able that are like super industry unions to us yes yes although my mom would think Greg was sick and shoot Buick I mostly for us a mall for spring but you don't need to be until now he is still. He's worked in boulder two days into its Rodolfo we need to go back to buffalo stack. For released early Denver come back yeah some day is getting out of pain and Mike feces coming up that a deal on that he's like us the mountain. If you're thinking about job or career change or maybe you like me. You have kids who were getting into the college of pre college phase. And there's thing about maybe what they would might wanna do for career for a living this can be some valuable information for Rome all of the above. Indeed dot com's twice seventeen list. Of the best careers in the United States it not only takes into account salary which it does to in order to qualify. The average base salary the job has to be at least 75000 dollars. To show up on this list but it also takes into account growth percentage in. Future. You know future growth possibilities it's better setter so this is their list from indeed dot com the best careers in the US on number ten. Development operations engineer. Which I think they're sometimes called dev ops which always makes me wanna like. But punch somebody may have had a job. Adult stem ops 120 vibe grainy years the average base salary chief estimate or is it number nine. It's an estimate. Well I it doesn't really say specifically I just like the idea of being able walking into it anywhere in Buick iron Mike on the chief estimate or. It sounds really unity sounds list. Estimate I guess but I'm in charge on the chief of estimate or some not just like a regular low lying hasn't gone chief. Asked under that sounds screen that's a number nine data science is number eight's optometrists number seven. Construction superintendent. Average salary 85000 dollars a year that's a number six this is another wanna find a little. Gov complicated. Pre construction manager. Pre construction manager which to me in mind minds. Is the person who goes to the job site says. Okay your nails are over there you woods there your whatever else it's all here go ahead now due to construction. Like the pre construction manager I feel like I can do that. Probably and you know what I looked up when HT transmitter is and it's also a construction management job. I hope so there's three I was on here now. Yeah at least three of them and there's I think there's another one coming up on pre construction managers and number five machine learning engineer number four. Computer vision engineer number three. Number two. Full stack developer. 1111000 dollars a year average salary went ice when I hear full stack. I think full stack half stack and those are pink cake references absolutely and that that is another job I could do full stack half stack I could totally do that at I hop or any you know tanking I should developing kitty thank all day long and twice today on Sunday. And commercial project manager topping the list. 81000 dollars a year average salary commercial project manager I think it says probably a lot about me and none of it's good to that I really don't know what most of those jobs. Yea it sounds like most of them are either. Engineering construction and it beats some like you have to build things whether that be buildings or pancakes. You don't it's something he had to some making things involved and clearly that is she well beyond my capabilities. As a grown men who plays Aerosmith records for a living. This would deal would probably be but it's a good list to have again particularly if you have young people estimate college whatever so we'll put this self. On the mound FaceBook page and we if you know what a pre construction engineers and please let us now. The female leader over there the hoods over there. We're at lake mediocre radio host didn't make it's like the the season I think we're crushing it I know we keep open and one of these days. It was a political science major hand look where that's taking my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. I don't know of Yemeni planes to travel to England but in the event the you do. There is a seaside town it's called paint patent and it's on the on south East Coast of England there's a restaurant there. You know if you end up making it there it's called the cattlemen's steakhouse. There's a restaurant there in England in pain the serving 8200. Ounce steak that's it that's at twelve and a half pound. Steak it's supposed to be shared between four people. It served with some garlic bread Fries onion rings mushrooms tomatoes and coleslaw. At a price of 250 dollars. Not cheap by its. Realizing that eating that amount of food is more challenges than actual meal. Cattlemen's is willing to give it all the way to any group who finishes it within one hour. Twelve and a half pounds of steak you move for people. But in one hour so far ten groups of attempted did. Only to have finished it but they it's throughout attend so that means it's not to come it's not impossible. At that point in me just your at that we're kind of beating an entire cow I think. Where some something close to that I would also say that in the case in this particular story it surprises me this is not. This is an Arab and English story rather than an American story because this feels very American doesn't it it's you look at what these things. And you sometimes get the idea this is why. Other countries like being hate us because he's celebrating. Eating well and half pounds of steak a 200 ounce steak. And you do know gigs we're very. Okay in this case it's England though not the United States but you get the picture so you make of the patent I don't know let me know it goes. When he spends way too much time on that Taylor already questioned almost impossible with Mikey now he's. Part of yesterday as another one released I'd I was pretty good and and it was like first collar. The very answers so. We shifted things around a little bit worried take another pastor questioned almost impossible Judas Priest tickets up for grabs today. As always if you wanted to promise in last thirty days give somebody else a chance no fooling no. Search engine being you and the brain getting used to. Thinker writes. We'll do dumbest line I think it's a little tough today but. Watch the first pursuit through zeroing on page 23%. Of Americans acknowledge that they've done thanks. Nearly a fourth so too yeah just about substantially in the Florida minus 1223%. And us. It now Sid that they had done it's OK we think that one in four of us roughly. Admit that we have done 6312995. Question almost impossible. If my finale like. Still looking for the right answer for question almost impossible this morning 23% of Americans are knowledge. That they have done this what is this. I sure. I'm wrong information. Can't give me give me that the buzzword that we use to describe that now are you wanted to the president says very frequently. Are. Shares wrong information sometimes knowingly. Hash tags sneak. Big new. A 23% of Americans they acknowledged that they have just Dave shared. Fake news or you're correct on how Julian of that answer. But what we do what they're the wrong information. Your everybody. Well the this is not big news you've got tickets to see Judas Priest congratulations. To you what's your name. Are you Steve and good job by another shot at Judas Priest tickets tomorrow morning seven Teddy here on the mountain question almost upon. It. Does Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be like Casey in the morning on 995. Hyundai is attempting to reclaim the title of the world's fastest lawn mower with a machine they're calling the mean mower V two. Which can supposedly. He the top speed of a 134 miles an hour. Which is what you needed them in them riding lawnmower right. In 2014 a Honda got the title. With a mower the reach speeds of almost a 170 miles an hour the next years from the region's won the title back from Honda. Now on this back they say they've translated in engine from their fire laid SP super bike into a lawnmower. Which is still 405 horsepower thirteen thousand rpm and 106 pound feet of torque. In the world's fastest lawnmower the mean more review to. From Honda which sounds great to be about how about this how about. If we come up with a smaller. That the blade doesn't need sharpened after every third Mao that to me that would be a thing I would be excited about ironies go 134 miles an hour. I seem to be able to use it all season without having to re sharpened blade notes. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on it's. The mountain. Usually do. But Hollywood knew we just I feel like you can sort of find them anywhere source so usually I just. Essar is skip over the I don't bug but these either of these were of important. Note worthy stories that I think a lot of people were actually care about like they're not about the Kardashians in other words I'm and just two of them the first. The stars of stranger things the big guy a breakout hit television show. They have all landed big raises for the upcoming third season child stars. Fin wolf party gate mount his RO and Caleb McLaughlin. Will earn more than a 150 gram per episode include their only thirteen years old that's pretty good money. The reminder of that age breakout star Millie Bobby Brown who plays eleven. Will reportedly make more. Then the three voice the four actors reportedly took in about thirty gram per episode for the first two seasons some pretty degrees there when known writer. And David Harbour David harboring place chief hopper. Are they want our earn more than 200000 dollars per episode. Also not bad money when you think about it jumping topics briefly into the world of movies Steven Spielberg. Says he plans to start shooting. The fifth Indiana Jones film fifty Indiana Jones film in the UK in April 2019. Harrison Ford will reprise his role in the film which is set to open in July 20/20 two working title reign now. Indiana Jones and the temple of Viagra. It's ten that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. I guess of feel good story. Did I suppose it depends on how you look at its Dell mathison. Graduated from high school rings that high school in Iowa in 1958. He was preparing for his class reunion sixtieth class reunion. He graduated with he was one of fourteen people who graduated from rinks at our school in 1958. As he was putting together the of the listing you know people to contact for the reunion. It even realize did sixty years after their graduation. All fourteen members of his class were alive. All of them I. You're gonna say the world's. Other. They were all alive and he thought well that's I mean you know fifty years or six years after graduation from school that was pretty significant deal. The odds of this according to the DeMulling register. Rings does not apparently not too far from two went. The odds of all fourteen of those X class members being alive sixty years later 177. Million to one. Now yup they're all between the ages of 7779. Which you would have guessed I would think. The to put it in perspective the odds of being struck by lightning in the United States in any given year are about one in 700000. And in this case do the the likelihood statistical likelihood of all fourteen members of this class of 1958. Still being alive 177000000001. So they're having a little extra celebration this year at their reunion. And tell Matheson says the joke about who will die first it's like it's like contacts. He says. He'll part of the celebration should be like inviting. Local medical professionals and to like. Study a little bad as to why they all live so long in a sellout bullet. Particularly I mean so you're absolutely right I totally agree with you book particularly if you think about some 1950. Dates. This you know without putting too fine a point on this predates a lot of what you know this predates. It's certainly predates regulations about smoking. Are born in nineteen T. Yeah then the other essentially my parents' age this is John you know this is red meat every day I mean this is the air they grew up in I guess is what I'm trying to say. And 78 years later all of words and numbers still alive so yeah there might be some. The mice and secrets uncovered there it's worth looking at bank. In my case he's. Final thought. Joseph saw this story this morning. From low Warren Buffett billionaire Warren Buffett should in a recent interview. Warren Buffett said doubling your network will not make you happier. So I wasn't unhappy when I had 101000 dollars when I got out of school. I was having a lot of fun. Buffett said people often think that having more money will make them happier. But unhappy people will probably stay unhappy no matter how much money they have. Again according to Warren Buffett if for example if you have a 100000 dollars and you're not happy person. And using one million dollars is going to make you happy. That's not gonna happen. According to Warren but keep in mind he is worth about 88 point eight billion dollars as of this particular moment in time. I've I believe him and I certainly think if anybody would know. Where have they speak in terms of wealth you know moneymaking you have to be Warren Buffett meaning I've got a lot of money. So I understand he has tremendous amount of credibility of this front. I'm just saying I'd be willing to try I would be you be OK for just toward if you could help me out double my networks. Wouldn't take much out of your chunks and all the defense. Given you try that knowledge you know fun actually have fear. That I was when my network. We must move forward and it's not so amassed comport. I just needed shots. He's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny my GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.