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That belief in us. Has just been tremendous. And has given us encouragement. To keep going and doing everything we love to do and that's my music. There's an interest thing I and I learned that it's and whatever you do keep your street shore. That was the last flight took away from it. Justin Hayward jump lodge and grim edge from the Moody Blues on their induction into the rock and roll hall of fame over the weekend John Moody Blues dire straits. The cars Bon Jovi easily Nina Simone. And sister Elizabeth Thorpe inducted in the in the 33 annual brutal hall fame induction ceremony apparently in this sort of makes sense. If it's always there are ridiculously long. You know it is ceremony in and eventually show we you know which was upon TV. Howard Stern. Inducted. Bon Jovi. Howard Stern I mean very successful guy and obviously talented depending on how you believe in things. All he has a tendency to go on a little bit too and then just put Jovi apparently like resided the history of the band which took like an hour. So I think I made the you know the last clip there from Justin Hayward was like OK because it. This can be rail little they'll order edit me in June keep that in mind future generations. But obviously all I'm happy to be inducted in particular the Moody Blues who have been eligible for like. Thirty years now for some reason just hadn't been able to get into the rock and roll hall of fame. But now they're there they are it's about time it's about Simon Bon Jovi was all bitter 'cause they weren't inducted in their first. Year of eligibility which they should have been bit. I mean coma some people have been waiting endlessly it's like as long as Jon Bon Jovi he's been alive I think I. You can show on like rural and laid enough and they take up all their time tenured giant speech yes exactly so it goes with the rock hall of fame can you imagine the whoosh of egos. Now is that what you know I don't want to imagine I am pretty happy to have not watched it from home. That's a good to have you guitarist of the view that I there's an edited version shall upon just let's clips on the Internet well we are united his thing about the yes you do that to best way to watch awards ceremonies and lessens the house. Mike feces coming up and if you find that he's like five the mountain. You know those dumb hand dryer I mean I feel like they're in every bathroom now. Different variations you know the dictionary blade on something you know bathroom instead of having paper towels Shanahan dry day having him throw off all. Yes and there's another there's another reason and it's awful than other than the ones that you know I've talked about before. A new study from the University of Connecticut suggests that the that those. There's handwriting air hand dryers they're based religious spreading fecal matter on to people's hands we're all walking irrelevant who put our hands. We're all walking around with who ball. I know but isn't so much more directed like this is the cause effect kind of things so don't give me year old leg Mason theory doubts. An air is causing direct. Contact with fecal matter like if you play with your poked before you touched it insurer mother my. OK so here's then again these are shying choose suits or hear it and that the University of Connecticut here's here's the thing so bathroom bacteria you can imagine there's a tremendous amount of fecal matter there. I it often gets. Aerosol lies when toilets are flushed. And and a flush with the lids open I don't know my leg most clearly ruined and have leads now enjoy it here so it gets aerosol lies and then they hand dryers basically. They essentially suck it up the spread all over people's hands were surrounded by flying hoop. Yeah games. The only the only way around this according to this particular study as you need to fit the hand dryers with that have a filters to the high officials all. I know that god snow right you all it's well those blocks 75% of the bathroom bacteria again I need to break Aegean but every single surface that you come into contact with including your body and your round is how comfortable cub. Pretty bacteria dare not all bad for you there not panic Helio they're not being her readiness and lesser in like hospital. So let's find okay fecal bacteria it's not telling us we're gonna be okay made it our gorgeous Robert is flinging the ball over if you're worried. About germs and germs in fecal manner than just let it bubble bubble and walk around in masks that's not a bad idea. All my Easter Island me in trouble if I'm woman never stopped making fun of you and. Are there won't be able to hear your view of a bubble and they're not soundproof the this one will be who could you sell that'll be great for your job you know all the bubble encompass the microphone and we'll just show you it'll shut you out there will be our improved bubble. The greatest idea ever gonna work and I just right signs I'll finally. Dorian. It he recently that doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain. He most popular. Class in the history. Of Yale University. These psych 157. Psychology. In the good life it pretty much covers the science behind having a positive outlook. And how to change behavior and ideally teaches students about self improvement and your thinking well who cares because I don't go to Yale butts. But here's the thing. Now anyone in the world's mean you everybody can take that class online for free. It's a six week seven are based course it's available for free talk followed through course Sarah. Which means you can log onto a web say do the work and then bragged that your Yale educated. Which I honestly think I might do and it sounds like an interest in class Yale University psych 157. Psychology and the good life. Through course Sarah I've always wanted to have a certain amount of Ivy League pedigree and now like just on the cusp of turning fifty. I'm gonna finally have a I think things are really looking up for me. It's like Chevy twists portrait minimal on 995 and the mound. Okay comedian Jim guy begins coming down Budweiser events center in June we got tickets for you know if you could answer. This question question almost impossible this morning. Okay. So 33%. Of people say they feel embarrassed to buying Venus and is still. Okay the nineteen a whole lot yeah president says there's losers so eager to see where your minds now and 33% of people say they feel embarrassed when buying miss and is still. Okay 63 once united are either question yet the answer let us know. We Mikey now eight minority. Deliver the right answer her question almost impossible 33% of people say they feel embarrassed when buying this. At a store what are we talking about. Well I think now dietary products. CAA is where it will result slightly more specific than that but that's free clothes. Close it's close enough she's right is diet weight loss shakes. Is what we're looking for but that certainly falls under that umbrella. Was it was a valleys colluded steered you in that direction. You know I decided earlier yeah. Is it that point solidified. Okay solidified his shake that's a good one. Wolf Blitzer at. Our Brent congratulations. You've got tickets to see Jim GAAP begin with the Budweiser events center. Will be questioned almost impossible to get tomorrow morning seven cent. Right here on them out. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike Casey in 1995 the mountain. 732. According to a new study from. Harvard University I think they're pretty Smart there Harvard. Gotten men. Guys who each. The most cheese milk and yogurt. End up with stronger bones. Later in life if it according to this study women do not get the same boost the same. The same bone boost from dairy that men do. As of you know exude very brief on so you do Harvard University sounds to me your target in valley cheese and milk maybe a little bit less yogurt. It feels to me like I could really work this into pizza thing. I think he can write so it seems today might take away here is what I've read now get writing go to Harvard University. Men should eat pizza. It is good for you. That is a stretch. I'm impressed because I don't know he'd be more flexible in life overall I have to allow flexible to lose and we don't know who. Well you know like heart most of us didn't go Harvard rights or takes at a state school kid like me live. Connect the dot connect the dots yeah and and put it into terms that everybody can understand so that's the thing when guys need to school ski kids make make strides him yeah. If you say who it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 995. The mountain. Oz cup become a story here in the last couple weeks. Both Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser have reportedly signed deals with Sony Pictures television. To bring that show back mad about you and I guess when I mean there was Roseanne and with your will and grace does another wants codes on the reboot thing. Co creator David Jacobson is also signed on the show is now being shopped to networks mad about you was on seven seasons on NBC. Before it's Italy in 1999. Saturday and I never know how to feel about this like I think you'd. It could be interest thing but I'm always a little leery about messing with something that was not successful in that impact full. And I'm also thing in my do we not have any new ideas are there spotting new. I have nothing against Paul Reiser Elena I think they're both great but. You know to be sensitive are we kind of throw in the towel bit let's bring back rows goes from the eighty's and ninety's art maybe it's just me but anyway mad about you might be bigger comeback. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the all the pressure bringing on my case. My PC on these. The mountain Arnold Schwarzenegger recovering from his recent emergency heart surgery he yeah thanked fans for their support. Over the weekend he was two weeks ago. Arnold had the mr. Schwarzenegger associates' Nakamura first MB is with a suffered complications from a less invasive procedure. And then cut out you know serious. Serious fairly serious complications he tweeting video of himself last night. To give an update on his healthy set I just want you to know I'm feeling much better. I can't say even with my positive attitude that I'm great because I'm not great yet. Great is a totally different level but I'm good I feel good I get good care good doctors good nurses. Everything is fantastic group was fantastic. Everything's fantastic. I will stay in touch with a all of you. And thank you for being such judge rules of video on its worsening your last night the strangest thing is they found after these two heart procedures. What they figured out is did he actually and lodged in his artery. Danny DeVito was actually lodged in his artery be creating a blockage since 1980 since they did twins thirty years ago they finally had it removed. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. According to a new study men who do not to achieve as much as their parents. Professionally economically and otherwise. Our men who do not achieve as much as their parents often end up suffering. From mental distress over that researchers found that not doing as well as their parents in life. Causes guys as much mental anguish as getting a divorce does researchers also found that women are not generally. Affected. To the same degree in in the same way that men are you in this particular measuring up to their parents think I saw the story this morning. And our thoughts on the one hand that seems horribly outdated. Rights when it just seems like an outdated notion. And then I kind of took a closer look in my own life and I was like. Oh yeah I felt I felt like half a dozen times. And I don't remember. Again W don't run and a bunch of things together here. But I remember and saying like I don't understand like I don't get why you Wear your feeling that way why your feeling like you're. You know not succeeding and I think there's a there's apart. Maybe not a market speak for all men but I think that hole. Providing for your family part I think it's a very strong thing. If I mean I'm not saying it's not a women but I think it's that in men but also with a competitive. Ass part to it as well. Interesting MX and never thought of this before mark but I do I think a lot of women compare themselves to other women the same age. Elegant Lady Gaga all the time as were the zany he's currently can't just not as famous or successful attack and it really bums me. Says Hello World get it from some respect and yet been noted intangible country way. I think my comparison to Lady Gaga has pretty tangible and concrete is read my face a lot of my happiness based on how I'm doing I only got asking. Great Reza Rivera and through my debt adding your brain Taylor slipped into the equation she's just ruining everything. That lends perspective there via I think you do agree and you do way better in god I think you're doing great style of care. Might Casey's final thoughts. Are this story comes from mom Argentina of all places eight police officers. In Aquino are. Argentina which is me is like forty miles west of when a series. By a police officers there have been fired over the disappearance of around 12100 pounds. Of marijuana. 12100 bounce. The police officers who questioned argued. That the missing drugs have been eaten by mice. In the warehouse. Were they keep compounded drugs. Some thirteen thousand pounds of marijuana had been registered their two years earlier. Investigators found that the total currently the current total was more than half a ton. Shorts so the eight police officers in question said that mice had eaten the weeds. They point into the fact. That there were either in Pino are there and unload unusually high number of mice in the area found to be eating fruit roll ups. Drinking slur peace. And trading bootleg Grateful Dead ticks that's something near and suspected apparently they couldn't get anybody else to sign off on. So now they're in jail along with the mice who made all the week. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.