Mike & G-Man on Peyton's Retirement

Monday, March 7th

Mike Casey and G-Man discuss Peyton Mannin's Retirement. 


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Iraq in Jack we. Mike in the gene and well Gmail and I think if you gave little. Lot of us expected particularly in light of the Broncos wrapping up this season by winning the Super Bowl a little bit later today number eighteen Peyton Manning. We'll announce his retirement from the NFL. Yeah I wouldn't amazing Coolio maybe one of the best coolers all time and NFL history might literally physically. A city get a chance to see. Fame quarterback debacle they have burst oil got this week to all the quarterbacks. And this guy who has gone on loan from the Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning and maybe. The most amazing four years of anybody ever ever seen an Emmy recipient fourteen the most forty years let the block of the playoffs every year. And of course the the ultimate crown a Super Bowl order I mean what what an amazing career this guy. He said a couple of records along the boy attitude in the didn't didn't patent. And I would they like it could be a long time if at all or any of those records are broken I think you'll like 21012. The regular season and career. Captain let the most wins as a quarterback. COLT can't simulate the all time. Most passing touchdown the ball on five and in the future and Super Bowl champ yeah limit the guys in the top two literally all I'm a the quarterback Greg quarterback from the NFL. Looking backwards a couple for five years G men is it fair to say that if the Broncos hadn't made the change and brought in John Elway as part of the front office staff is it fair to say that in all likelihood. Peyton doesn't end up coming here in the first place. Wouldn't come here I can tell you that I mean the franchise was in disarray. Before John Elway was named executive vice president and we'll just look. Back then it was Josh McDaniels. I mean bay but we're going nowhere fast. All of the sudden you know the Poland family decided that in other needed a different direction and yeah absolutely John Elway was the number one reason along with a few other guys Brandon Stokley and Todd Helton a couple of guys look and sound of the bodies. John Howard was the main reason big game here are the people expect a little star because. My plan just sort of been you know one of those why doesn't the one they made every year they've Manning doesn't show. Talking Peyton Manning with the G man on 995 the mountain you and I talked about it throughout the course of the season we both felt like you we it was kind of a gimme particularly the Broncos won the the Super Bowl that yeah Payton was gonna take that opportunity to have to retire at the top. That would probably. But up she'll put Peyton Manning which is exactly why I would I mean he was all commit to may this year is that I bet. Are you got benched. In all of the compiled by watching dunk sort of practical. Himself and then all the suddenly came back. 1 Super Bowl so all the things that Peyton Manning bitterly honors oil well paid manager in June. This year it was all about team and you know you always said he wanted to be the best mate ever any worse this year. It's a little hard to summarize we're talking about a career leg pains me give me an idea of what you think his legacy years. With all about competitiveness. It was all about but you know what you would maybe the most well put her. Actually I've ever seen any sports particularly football uniform we opened the culture that work coaching debut more on the field. And the coach will coach against them and so believable book they're here on the field. And that's why you want opening games and many accolades that guys. It should quell out to a duke awhile or who was into the stratosphere. And good preparation and there are a lot of stories out there about that we help a lot of treatment now able to one of them the recruiters much and that. And honestly Jimmie and I we thought that was apart avoid it enabled Peyton Manning to extend his career a little bit even even may be when he wasn't as physically dominant as he had been. The mental toughness the preparation. Probably bottom another couple extra years. Other query port. I think what what out of a steel you know we are important not only works sure the not only work every body out there should be. He knew were everybody that's going to be. And and he went out of their way and virtual Rico so we talk about the game plan against gay marriage I mean increasing their. The offensive line of scrimmage and created. Walked up they're analyze what would you was gonna do and then pick them up and coaches just couldn't apparently. I saw him a lot of people remember this confusing to pre season game but I actually saw him audible at the line of scrimmage. And send a hot dog vendor from the other side to score thirty easy ought to bullet to the other side of the stadium. Because they needed hot dogs over there there are many quarterbacks who can do that. I think a lot of times about the first quarter and there are a 23 quarter. It could actually make a dinner reservations from where he was garbage you see them I've not at all. Obviously G men are not looking to take the spotlight away from patent but in light of his announcement later today that does raise some questions about what the Broncos do with Brock gosh why they're going forward. They made him an offer where where things stand with him right now we're up. We're truly do quoting now I'm Mary and open and knowing you're free agency period opened at 10 AM supporting which means that agents can talk to. Teams about other opera I can't fly until 2 o'clock Wednesday basically debacle an opportunity. Over the last week or so just your rock exclusively back Breckenridge and watched a seat if he gets another awful and another thing what you know what like ultimately. I think John Elway except now they probably blocker so it looked. You're not it would go anywhere else in the NFL and play with list at the defense. Not Camille Little who also let them be so beat this culpable. In this offense and what can you handsomely to do that so he's got a lot of things that they're about I mean I can't tell you the number of quarterbacks are. Are sick of the money elsewhere. And all the sudden you know two years from now. Their career or in Bolivia. And I think Brock got a proper gonna probably they're debacle opera might look in the motor and but ultimately. Barbara made it feel awful. Okay well a lot of question marks on that side of things obviously today all about Peyton and will I'm Shull of forward his press conference this afternoon thank you is always for the insight info men appreciate your. I am out market number I looked at my bike contusion to witness downed Novell.