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Tuesday, May 30th

Allie Hartwick is on a mission to get on Jeopardy. You won't believe how much bitcoin has inflated. Jeremy is a what? Who is Jeremy?


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Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain. A final curtain fell on the ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus last night in union dale New York. Ringmaster Jonathan Lee who is held the job for eighteen years she's also the first African American ringmaster. With ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey said. Farewell from the greatest show on earth as he greeted the crowd at the final three shows yesterday. There were not apparently not too many signs that it was the final day in other words who you know may be to be huge deal about a from publicity standpoint. But a lot of fans came out for exactly that reason. Knowing that he wished it was the end of the road ringling parent company Feld entertainment announced in January January would close the show. Citing declining attendance. And high operating costs animal rights activist. Was to move targeted the circus for a long time now thought this was a victory. And big ticket sales would continue to decline which is probably about a big part of it. I don't think I don't know I may be in my life in move in my childhood and my kids' childhood maybe have been to the circus three or four times. It was a little bit at least for certain points I was kind of right of passage. On here in the United States I understand why maybe it's fallen out of fashion. The same time it's a little it's it is a little sad to see it go 146 years. Of entertaining audiences soon no more final show last night for ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus in union dale New York. Bob Jeremy is a snail. That's is named Jerry. That's the most interesting like you've ever started it started this trend is for me is this it's like we're reading about it. Yes that's exactly was this is good so it's kind of a strange one the problem that the challenge for Jeremy you have to think about this Jeremy is a left curling snail. Which makes him different then. In addition to just the fact that he's different than all the other snails. The problem for Jeremy B columns. That he can't align his reproductive organs. With other rate. Curling snails because there are on the side in your head there on the side of the snow had so we. He can't reproduce. Itself that is the equipment doesn't work it's that. No he can't find anyone who lines up at him like my heart breaking for Jeremy does now. I'd Ohio boy gets he gets vice was gonna say better but I think it actually gets worse so when scientists discovered Jeremy in this particular story. They thought well we've got to find some other left curling snails. Have. Hopefully make with Jeremy you know yeah. So they go out they find two under other left curling snails there's one that's called lefty appropriately enough created yet the one called to make you. They came from Spain and scientists took all three of them Jeremy lefty intimate you. And put all three of them is in the fridge which is apparently what you do to stimulate. Puck pursuit stimulate. Snail hibernation and meeting. In this male population and then took him out deceit in the spring to see. What would happen. The unfortunate thing is that they took about in the spring and put him altogether. Lefty in to Mayo or cost we're going to added by. Jeremy caught they left Jeremy out again knows nothing he couldn't he could but they've it seems like they didn't choose him. They chose each other. It's sad is and it's so do you still Germany's so I get any action and they haven't figured out exactly how to solve this problem but I think. Disney Pixar has mood theme for their next. What movie this story like and this morning by making high. Maybe. Needing to flip that's for chair will yeah absolutely Jeremy would this week assuming need to give his name was like. Grinds your Sunday night they'd be economically Jeremy does that mean he's doing he's so sweet and I mean yeah. He's left curling is apparently the problem in the two other snails that they found that are also left curly apparently liked each other more Miller chairman. Mean he can't control that he can't force them to you get a nominee Jeremy. No Paul there's there's got to be there may be literally just once now out there for him. I mean yeah. The alternates yes show me it's yesterday and they loved I can't thank you held. That story on the mound FaceBook page you can look at the so zero also wanna cry over the fate of its mail. It seemed interest rates things from the scientific perspective any spinach from me Q perspective it's post on this course at all. These are human we we are all of Jeremy in some way. Are on Silva looks more than a lot of us can relate to Jeremy and some level hopefully not the same level BE. Thanks to. Read suite from basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Of kid's name's William Pete he apparently was told by his teacher. That the final would be canceled. If he got to reach Swede from Kobe Bryant so a big Coby up on Twitter please if you re tweet this we don't have to take the final. William between either Kobe Bryant is on Thursday despite having more than eleven million followers Kobe got the message she reached weeded. Along with his message I hope you have an a in this class the teacher true to his word. Canceled the final. Because Kobe Bryant. Reach we did one of his kids tweets this apparently is whoever century this is the kind of thing that happens now none of those words in that story would have made any sense to me. When Arizona scooby I don't think most of me existed others in the factor Kobe no hazardous 6164. Career assists. Little different than the other ones so. Taco Bell is upping the not show game win if not true Friday's. I'm having a hard time picturing what that means macho Fries apparently being. You know they not chosen you know French Fries it's over from trust me not a very complicated. They're being tested in some California West Virginia. In Canadian stores the word on Twitter is that there are amazing. And you know you can dress everything you read on Twitter you can get you're not surprised to hear her way season with a side of not sure dipping sauce or supreme topped with cheese. Season be used I Samir goes. And sour cream. Not show Fries at Taco Bell you know my policy anything that's being tested in California. Canada and West Virginia law. That's pretty much you win right out of the gates I don't even need to try. His career goal is to break through the glass floor. Mikey seas mornings I 995. The mountain I think you're just trying to yesterday very exciting news about next week the very exciting about next week feed he had to get pretty test is being given next week and I take that. Pretty often. I was I was you figure it'll be my third time is the test that if you do get on jeopardy you have to take so you have to take this test and they give it. About once a year they usually do it once per calendar year but sometimes there's there's a long gap. In between contests I'd take a wild wild planet do they. Do they tell you what your score is or they just say whether you made that made the cut or didn't make no don't tell you your scar. It's they tell you thank you for taking able contact T percent and I dish and differently and for that so there snow is sect cut off like you need to have a score over this mariner called an. It's pretty subjective based and when you take a test where you take it has to. What kind of panels they're looking to creates. How many people in the area took that test and then where you fall percentage why he's within those those people. I'm assuming it's all mine now you anything goes some no I don't discuss my I just have to take a test either Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday nights next week. Registered for it you can't if you want TO on but if you're really Smart may be don't because. He's a toner you do have to get on jeopardy correct that'll ruin your chances do you look asks you having done this a couple times before you have to like. Cram Ridder deal like studied TV Oregon you know I thought maybe they tell you and I find this to be sure that the best way to prepare for jeopardy is just watching jeopardy. Because the weighed the questions are phrased the answer is almost always in the question. And to the pace of the test is very similar to the pace of the shell and you don't get a whole lot of time to answer archer and you've got today. Kind of be able to recall information and decide what it is they're looking for quickly. Cell Jefferies seems very difficult to a lot of people who watch it because he can get overwhelmed by the question and there are so many. He tells thrown in their pitch just like when you take a standardized test you can take a panda that. And and rising on everything is still much admirals and exactly because usually be glad there was a quote yesterday about what you call. A group of early there was a question about I've I'm practicing already. What you call a group of race. Well the answer one is what is a raid and Ike is a group of this bird is something something close problem blocked closest the only thing because now they're telling hello friend Jack called the raid and never march. So everything else is still totally honest results and there's the answer right Aaron class so that heaven's a lot. Just gave away all your secrets noted Diebler like widely mourned today given out are we told me how to do it now to go do it and. Well if if PG leg and my advice helped you and you get on jeopardy and you win I will be taking 10% of your. Think it now older street Jude are you don't know what day your data yet though I doubt sometime next week and I I don't know my results I do. Try to remember every question and checked. After it's easier to keep that yeah sure as you can distribute it but I'm pretty good at remembering what the questions are silent to go through and double checked my answers especially on the ones I was uncertain about. It's very excited American currently where. Oh man holders myself I'm into watching a lot of jeopardy this week not hearing Colorado they play Jeffrey T Agnew and during the week seems silly it's alleged to transit that's magical year. It is a magical Lance I think this year's vintage a year to win the whole thing. Think he'll I think senate CL maybe I'll tell a story not UN now X two ST let's red zone and I'll be edited to add a lot of got a. Now I can find on the television appropriate. Developer. I'll land Laszlo. Hands it used 101000 bitcoin. Two by two pizzas which I think was the first ever recorded bitcoin transactions. As of today. That same amount of big coined 101000 dollars would be you are 101000 big corn rather would be worth 22 point five million dollars. And it but you pizzas seven years ago the value of bitcoin is up 65%. Just this month. It's it via a hundred dollar investment in bitcoin seven years ago. Would be worth more than 75 million right now at the 2251. Dollar price that it reached yesterday so if you're like me. What you can do is you can add bid coined the list of things like Google and apple. And Microsoft and things that you weren't. Merely would savvy enough to invest in because that's the category I fall into that big corn is just another thing on that list. To see another it just another star in the Casey fiscal portfolio. You betcha. At least one in 520% of Americans are considered. Obese but some of them are clustered together geographically. According to. A new reporting 24/7 Wall Street's if that's on the U wanna avoid. You may wanna avoid those geographic areas the five states with the worst obesity rates. From five to one Kentucky. 34 point 6% west Virginian number four Mississippi three. To Alabama and number one the we see in a 36 point 2% the most Stults states. Off from five to one Massachusetts. 44 point 3% I'm California Montana Hawaii. And topping the list again. Our home state of Colorado between points to pursue which is still a lot when you think about it but substantially lower than all the other states so. I guess in that sense we're number one the other thing that you when you look at these two lists the least overweight states. See there's a geographic mix they're right you've got Massachusetts where over on the East Coast info at Colorado here Hawaii Montana California. The other were the states that are on the not so good list there seems to be like a little bit of a cluster there are other then West Virginia in the top five. They're all pretty much in the in the deep south Louisiana Alabama Mississippi again West Virginia. In Kentucky do with that information what she will. Yea Colorado. Life just got a little better for eight blisters shown as you know if you flown any time recently particularly Los Angeles international airport. In and out there you end up having to mingle with a lot of our riff Raff with a lot of the the little people don't send well no longer free blisters and two Los Angeles international airport. The airport this week opened what it's calling the private suites. Private suite essentially a very high end terminal. For celebrities and others with the financial means and desire to avoid all the other people it's seventy steps. The average person at LA ax will take about 2200 steps to get from their car to their plane seats. These folks to pay for the membership in the privates we will take about seventy. And they will be you know to go from cartoons to just two seats on the plane there is a private driveway to the terminal. Any person team to handle your luggage. Thirteen suites with full service bars Wi-Fi do a bed snacks kids to a's prayer mats Koreans one on one TSA screening. And arise in this silver beat him W from the terminal until the tarmac. Where adapt points more than likely you will board disabled plane but the rest of most losers will board that I'm guessing. You'll see it's in first class 7500 dollar annual membership. Plus. 2700. Per domestic flights. Would that's what it costs to be a member of the private suite. You know I'm really glad they came out with this for celebrities they such a hard why did you have a hard life everything that they do is just so it's just called Annie never attended you'll feel special yeah. One Clinton LAX finally has come out with this so they don't have to have a so graphic here. And we can't have them we can have them mingling with the likes of us in the right that's just take all the fun out of flying into and out of LA axe fell because that's the cool let and we don't I want merit seen someone say mass graves and I get really star struck an excitement not anymore now it's gonna cost you 7500 dollars a year plus 2700 for domestic flight to get into the private suites. And SeaWorld are germane now. Asks this Jeremiah who's gonna have to out there are some frugal celeb with celebrity is that there. Who realize that this isn't worth a bell for area a celebrity that's the that's really don't. Funny looks like a hundred dollars okay sure here you go. It's a good thing too there's limited to a 140 characters because and a 141 my X Ers to break a sweat a little now at like TC toy for. When did it you know more about movies in the why did Titanic amount February 1997 handily if lets her specifics are quite a while ago and I was twenty years when he or checks are coming up on the twentieth anniversary focused James Cameron who directed it Brent. He's being sued by men in Florida who claims she told the director about a couple on board the Titanic. Which he this may even coming says the James Cameron later use as the inspiration for Jack and rose. In in in that big movie Stephen Cummings says to his relatives were on the Titanic and their love stories very similar to the one told in the movie. And he claims that mr. Cameron heard about the story ten years before making Titanic so now we say what nineteen. 87. Which is now thirty years ago mr. Cummings is asking for 300 million dollars and 1% of the film's royalties. Mike C here's the thing I'm just not getting I believe I am the only person on the planet who never saw Titanic. You've never seen Titanic ever saw. Unlike guys I think this is one of those I have to do the whole movie for you in two minutes kind of I'm not sure about that will have their pros and you did but I was I was vet I was invested in that idea this time I'm not sure I am. Don't wanna know that I know I know what happens I've known what happens in the end for like a hundred your wheels are so much more than that happens and yet to be lost and somebody bits of pop culture good people same amount for like oh Jack what do you think that it's. I think it means there's no way younger than me and I shouldn't be hanging out with them anyway. My gosh I'm and it just go over a couple of points of Titanic for you and you're gonna think I happily we'll tell me first about the lawsuit you can't see somebody thirty years later many years it. He was gonna say this is based on my relatives you think you would have done sell you right away movie came out and made all the money in the whole entire world and one. Oscar blazes are walking on the streets when he years later his leg away don't minutes. I think he took my family's story and put it is that movie it is. Have quite so we can say maybe this guy had never seen Titanic or something like that. But she thinks someone else and is Stanley would've seen Ben Mike held that's teams and it seems like grandma's story so it's not like you are entitled to see you every love story that ever happened on the Titanic because one of your relatives was on that ship. You're really not even entitled to your own life story if these names and identifying details are changed sell in less his relatives. We're named Jack and rose and all of the details for the same and sorry like this. Brought on a limb and says he showed up in your court it would be thrown out of court some error call my guide summarily dismiss extremely harsh. It would I worst and judge Leslie nightmare her record there hardly a great. Free your mind takes and ATI knew like man are you being rewarded but if I don't think you're worth my time and sorry. Welcome to our record ye Tony Pena to use there have been thrown out of her record you will get new money for your trouble nobody let's go out I will go home and use my extra time to what's it again now. They may have long called winners there. People in Minneapolis still let that stop them from being active Minneapolis Saint Paul earned the top spots on this year's list of America's fifty. Fetus cities according to the annual American fitness index from the American college of sports medicine and the anthem foundation. So Minneapolis Saint Paul number one Washington DC number two. Followed by San Francisco Seattle. And San Jose rounding out the top five in terms of the least fit cities. Bottom of the list Indianapolis. Oklahoma City. In Louisville Louisville, Kentucky at the very bottom of the list here in Denver we come in at number seven which is certainly good in respectable. But we were number three last year. So it's a little bit of a drop so let's try and let's trying to tech game. For next year said the country should only be pointing the finger at himself and no one else. Brian show off I don't know if you know the name Brian Shaw. Is the reigning. Strongest man in the world and he's held the title four times. Since 20114 times how is this deter. He lifts heavy stuff. And that's not in this particular story that I cannot right now so is say look friend to me he. He lives she really heavy stuff and then people vote their like you're the world's strongest men. And I think it's important to note that now clearly if your deal world's strongest man it's not like you just show up and lift heavy stuff you kinda have to have. Like a program and a plan and all that sort of thing and show his part of his routine part of his habits include. Eating 121000 calories every day set includes more than 700 grams of protein 700 grams of cards. And 300 grams of fat spread across seven meals sort of person you really only difference between me and Brian shock he's just really strong. You guys play this is in the result of. The gallery there's no way totally down with that you could you could not I don't know what that means a hundred grams of protein is insane that's legal towers on these Nat played just trying to eat that much would be really difficult I don't know I have learned in Britain and like. Cake in an alcohol and. Sure no problem or anybody can you could cool brushed it it's it seems like that and I don't know so. It seems like that would be like most of your day the Keating 121000 calories would take. And I'll just lifted eat those entities things that you DO yes. So again very much like Bryant shot just without the listing part I like is like his spirit animal. Yes still I think as he can accept the weights he's like doing this for Mike Casey Jordan has me astray because he's like received Attica yeah I guess my diary thing I think you Dan on the Maury getting less lifting absolutely yeah. Yeah he tweets though he wishes they call it you know something more men like it's all we know quite easy toward floor.