Mike Casey Podcast 3-7-2017

Tuesday, March 7th

A woman got arrested for finding money on the ground! What does faking orgasms mean about your personality? Are you practicing having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)? Mike hurt himself again.  


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His love for his family is only rivaled by his love of music. Which is ITC case mornings on the mound my bet this is probably happened to all of us at one time or another this is a story out of the UK. 23 year old woman. Is in aid. I think it was a grocery store doesn't stay specifically might be just so story mr. revenues grocery store. She's in that store doing whatever it is she's doing walking down the aisles with their card. And she. Seize money on the grounds. A twenty pound note which I forget the conversion announced probably forty of the forty bucks no it's not double any martz actually surprisingly less and maybe like twice. 127 dollars a bit so let's just say for American conversions twenty dollar bill she found. On the ground right she looks round doesn't see anybody. Picks up twenty dollar bill. Puts it in her pocket. Goes on her business goes on shopping the senator etc. a little bit later someone another customer comes back to the storage is hey I dropped. What's going dollar bill. In your store can you check the surveillance footage and the manager so sure and they find the woman who the 23 year old who picked up the money put in your pocket. The video was turned over to police who identified the woman who found the money. And then arrested her. For theft she pleaded guilty she was find a 175. Pounds in court costs and charges she's been placed on six months probation. Conceivable this sort of sort of thing could happen in the states. For picking up money that somebody drops on the ground in a grocery store you're making defeats that indicates you might do the same. Well I I eat and I think. I'd I guess they just feel like our police resource is being asked used over small ethical moral collapse. Fining twenty dollars. On the grounds now to be a good person. You would take that suited to the register and you had to have found minutes I don't know if that belongs to somebody so we got there could pocketed self well. That's what you should do the right thing you absolutely it's twenty dollars it's to some people that is a huge amount of money but overall it's appears small amount of money. We timing course yet putting this woman on probation. Or picking up twenty dollars that she found on the floor and we don't know her situation may be she really needed to when he got. Public transit college I found twenty bucks on the rally in I was like I can eat dinner now I learned everything. The greatest day ever act and having an arrest ban on my record because of that would be horrible. Well in N I I agree with everything he said and we're conveniently. The story conveniently current losses over the fact that somebody lost. The mud like they lost it seemed nobody should not stealing is stealing it now you're exactly right morally ethically. The right thing to do would be needed to be deterred him in now if you find money like if what if one of us walked outside the parking lot. And found point what are you gonna do that like you could I'll I would take that back in because this is into the building went in began because we know everybody here may be somebody to article forget that let's see just sounded outside selling target parking I asked my tiny. Yes because well she gonna do it figures figure into the target early education. That's the right to deal. It is what it's a small moral judgment east mall not want to attend legal we are faced with. Difficult decisions and more difficult decisions and that almost on a daily basis. I just feel like involving the police and something to waste specs I agree. It just and it does seem unfair that you could be you'd like you said you could ever record you can get find for that I. Within the confines of the building. It's a it's a little hippie DP but I agree with you I just feel like if you find something in a confined space say like you know a bit in a store. And you don't turn it in I feel like the universe eventually gets back so right so I always I always do. I'm not say she was writer she should have been able to taken up put you shouldn't be she didn't do the right thing by she's had being arrested for it. I I just feel as cell that might be about his two very harsh reaction to something that it's not is though. The taking of errant Taiwanese is huge problem ready for a United Kingdom. You can't even lose a tornado anymore around yeah you. Never good luck to you never could it always had the facilities fund on the day. Probably if I agree. Just how much p.s in or if it. Is it are fools this was published the results were published yesterday in environmental. Science and technology. Letters our research team tested 31 pools and hot tubs. And found evidence of urine in every single. One of them. 100%. Of the pools and hot subs they tested the head urine in them on probably not a surprise but at the same time. Do on average their word eight gallons of year end. In a 100 in 101000 gallon pool and eighteen point five gallons. Of urine in a 220000. Gallon pool. According to the guardian which is where this blustery shoot up the results for even more disgusting for hot tubs so. One hotel hot tub was found to have three times the Euro level of the worsening to who that they tested. So there's that. Just for the record according to the scientists. You're in the pool itself is not harmful however. It can react with the chlorine in the pool. It creates. What they called disinfecting by products which in those can be dangerous still researchers say they're not trying to turn people off of swimming. They just like to remind everyone. To please not. This is I realize I'm I'm an open myself up here. And you're gonna Stevenson in the second out but I should just keep it gives you can't keep reloading Judy handy right there. I mean you are talking about this last week there's one foot of mine that's been given me some weird problems Mabry said I want you know I like that. You tried to deny that you were hurt it was a very funny conversation yes you are walking super funny I asked you if your fun Harry and you said no and he said apple. Which kicked in yet but what's this mean yes exactly. And just came to the conclusion yet this it's weird it's like the ball by foot and what kind of where it hits your toes of these weird pain like for awhile now. Three years. For Dick like it's not it wasn't that bad three years is just kind of got worst one of those things that only. So it's it's you know what I do so eventually Mike has cut hurts a surprise you do some about this now because it's 2017 I'm sure you would say. You know maybe you should see a medical professional but me because it's when he seventeen in my. Many I was Doolittle Internet research all that's the first step yet once you're convinced you have cancer are you gonna do you really Iraq Derrick also here's what I ended up that I think and I don't think I can pronounces. But it's it's you met its parcel. And then. Algeria at the end like emitted charters say algae which I think just means an inflamed. Minutes arsenal's area region of your foot gas Wright's eyes so it's. And it is on our that's that's my self diagnosis so that after I do that I'm just kind of poking around on the Internet and night. It's dual more research on it and I find these things like these. Murr rescues is still heads that can serve vetted jars Hulu whatever it is in that you know the pretty forty bucks or something from Amazon. So I I I order of I'm and they show up yesterday. And I didn't really because I mean I didn't like really fully research white. This thing was and just like oh it's a book a pad because an issue great toll do that and that's essentially what it is it's a gel pad it's kind of shape like the ball your foot. Rosie. Actually between your sock goes next your skin a continent soccer over top of what I didn't realize until what until late that put them on this morning. Is at the end of each little gel pad. This here's the little Luke didn't go zero to one of your toes. I did so like you keep him keep it in place right. So I'm dealing with this this morning and I'm and I'm putting these things on my feet and it occurs to me not only MI basically at this point. Now on my dad. I've also cotton you this is like a half step up above. Pocket protector in tape on the glasses then and now the only thing is that you can actually see them. But I just now told 25000 people that I have them in my shoes. And I just it was one of those things right put a bottom like my feet feel better but my ego feels really really accept your opinion does play issues with the belt. Actually rotate it or thought our. See in my prescription Jews were caught restrictions your stats this bull. Horrible horrible he has something that just bothers them and dealing with it is much better than leaving an unintended. For three. Years. I thought about it I just didn't lose did I was busy it took me awhile to get around to it and now like you said I might have to step away from prescription Jews fueled with velcro. On the thing book does for fear of of seeming older steaming Mary. I think it's great you decide to take steps in the right direction and instead of painful steps in the wrong direction by getting something is gonna help you out. It's so. Joba had with the loop that a little lasso that goes around your total now I need to break you see them like it denies this full pads then make a behavioral they're fair enough. That's not the biggest and a hundred and thank you for how long it. He just ipads GI feel much better now thank you I was something nice you did I forgot to Hamburg the end that it went sideways everything was fine. And I kept talking so I guess he's actually a real life person hosting a radio show. What does cause Mike TC mornings and 995 the mountain. Early. This year you may remember nurses in Sweden convince the government to limit their working days to limits there working days to six hours. In order to improve. Patient care and now a city councilman in a northern town in Sweden. Is pushing to give employees a one hour paid break each and every day. So they can go home and have sex. I'm making this up to New York Post this particular politician is arguing the couples don't spend enough time together these days. And it's definitely true here in the states any hopes that the proposal if passed. Could improve relationships that don't own one hour paid break. In the middle today. To go home. And in disability. I just I've never been to Sweden but I just wanna say philosophically. I loved Sweden Sweden I'm down with everything that your throw around each without a doubt. When it comes to use success when it comes to predicting future success. Which would you think is a better predictor of future success or attitude or your IQ. Attitude is everything I knew you would say that and you're right according to psychologist Carol blackened a study that she recently did at Stanford University. If you did people have one of two attitudes you either have a fixed mindset where you have a growth mindset if you have a fixed mindset. You believe who you you believe you are who you are and that you can't change this makes it difficult. When you're faced with new challenges people with the growth mindset. Believe that they can take on anything and improve with effort and people with this attitude. Do better than those with a fixed mindset even if they have a lower I Q because they like new challenges. Cash growth yet Astaro exactly I knew you would get this because you've there's something. It's not exactly in these words but there's something like this that you say all the time isn't there. Is there yet it's it I mean it's it's not. I am I am I don't know there's so many things that basically just encourage people see you. Think outside of their current mine sat and it's. Ash I grow affect the punishment only thrown around a lot because they're constantly challenging each other to think differently about Andre. And it's nice seeing it got to show but it's it's been it's real it's real thing yet and and it's that struck me when I saw the story I was actually is having a similar discussion. To this with one of their own so which 11 of the kids yesterday and I was saying you it at various points in your life. You choose. How much effort you want to invest in whatever it is you're doing whatever is currently in front you and and I said you've you have to decide. You have to make that decision for yourself. And you also have to realize that if you. She used the op the city you know if you choose not to drive then you do the results of that are yours to bear as well you know one of those heavy. How Deng in college seeing exactly now it's so important that we we always make choices in our life but that we learn from men and we never think not only that we know everything are that. The weighed that we do things will always be right always be corrects the way that we think about things will always be right always speaker. I mean that's the theme that we're seeing across the country you know we can talk to people in learned from one another is more successful overall we will be and I'd success means many things but drink mostly it means being happy content in the filled in what she wants and where you are. I agree and I think the other the other part of this is I think we often particularly here in this country we over value. IQ and test taking in and things like that out of nothing those things are important they are but they're they're rarely. The the only predictor or even the best predictor of what happens in the future you know the way you approach things makes a big difference. And we as we've all seen just. Thinking a lot about something using an in me to work isn't going to act. Yeah it's huge in the right place yeah Marcel being opened cans. And I can tell maintaining a sense of productivity. The opportunity for learning if this is why are trying to get. More positive every day you know me fresh and Sony negative never Optimus stack. We opposition in exactly the opposite. The folks at McDonald's are speeding up the process. By offering a delivery. It's right Micky dees has been bringing Fries on the fly to customers in the Far East for a few years now they've planned to start. The US operation the US roll out of this you know McDonald's delivery in Florida this summer. With the mobile app that will follow before the holiday seasons. Up before the holiday season begins chances are pretty good that were pretty much all in the delivery area. Of McDonald's because 75% of us 75%. Of us live within three miles. Of a McDonald's location. And I think again as I've mentioned before I think if you look around this country. You can you can quickly come to the conclusion that what we need is Americans is quicker. Access to food it's he needs we just got it's that's the way it has to be because. America. Women who. Frequently. Fake the fake the big go in beds. I don't typical Friday so are those really hard they didn't quite know how I wanted to Syria and so I've clearly figured I'd default position but anyway. He women who have frequently do that. Are more likely to cheat according to study here's the thing to keep in mind cheating doesn't come about. Because this is from the study get the win and the gene doesn't come about because the woman is in getting. Any. Pleasure. In the aforementioned situation. It's all about the faking it the study found that women who don't fake it. But don't get much much pleasure necessarily are still less likely to cheat than women who frequently thicket so it all comes down. To lying essentially even if you if you lie even about your own pleasure in the bedroom you are more likely to to lie about other things which make you more apt to beef. Unfaithful to very telling story and it makes me very uncomfortable to even say. 90% of what's in what you. And I tell you it's like a growth moment isn't it I guess not surprised by that study beat based on what she sat in that it's just lying about something and lying about something Internet would make you more likely yes but it the same time I'm sure everyone has experienced a situation and weary you don't wanna. Hurt someone's feelings when you know so much effort is being put ended as. And you also know you can't get anything else done that day and held businesses. Like they give up in this result if think seek any they're crushed their pour heart and soul or you can just make them think agent real good out of participation right now. Pat on the back removal laws we got stuff to do you telling your point of view if you see it as a participation red and and not lying about winning yes. And it now. That is that is very. Whose very. Well you know is not the me just like you said enough to live. Accomplish that task and move on to the next it's a white lie to preserve the other person's feelings which is totally different and the nuance of a subtle white lie is something that every once you have in the hair back pocket. OK at a very telecommuters. Really well done advice from me yet. And he marches to the beat of a different drummer for very hard of hearing imbalanced inner ear infection drummer. Mike JC mornings on the mountain.