Mike Casey Podcast 3-28-2017

Tuesday, March 28th

Shaq thinks the Earth is flat!?!?! Some kids get caught with Natty Light and fake IDs. Allie has a song stuck in her head and more! 


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Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain. Once again cold climates appear to breed very happy people based on the UN's annual report. From the sustainable development solutions network. This considers factors such as and gross domestic product GDP. I'll life expectancy freedom from business and government corruption etc. etc. With that in mind here are the ten happy just countries in the world from ten to one number ten Sweden. Number nine Australia eight. A very close neighbor to Australia New Zealand at number 87. Canada six the Netherlands. Finland comes in at number five Switzerland number four Iceland's three. Denmark to. And despite what you may have heard about Disney being the happiest place on earth apparently it's not apparently it's Norway. The happy this country on earth according to sustainable development solutions network. I it is interesting in this show of those top ten. They're only choose it Australia New Zealand that you could even late. Remotely consider having warmer climates. Everything other off everything else is. Tends to be colder than that and then warmer by a long show I mean Iceland. Is number three. So apparently that whole well weather impact your move well maybe not maybe it's about each other stuff that impact your mood. More than the weather on the United States came in at fourteenth. On another list of happy these countries in the world that's down a spot. From last year we were thirteen western or 14 the Central African Republic is the least happy country in the world. But I allows talks and I think well I've only been to Canada of any of those but it seems like to be worth visiting them that Mitt. Now retired basketball player Shaquille O'Neal. Has revealed in an episode of his podcast this was broadcast just a couple weeks ago. Only recently picked up by the media Shaq said per Sports Illustrated quote it's true. The earth is flat the earth is flat yes it is listen there are three ways to manipulate the mind what you read what you see and what you hear. In quote he used an example of vault him involving Christopher Columbus. Arguing that Columbus didn't really discover America units we do that's been around for awhile and there's you know. Landed in the West Indies Susan there's there's some legitimacy to that part of the debate if you wanna get into the defined specifics of it. She keels defense for the earth being flat was as follows he said he often drives from coast to coast. And it certainly seems flat to him quote I'm just saying I drive from Florida to California all the time. And it's flat to me I don't go up and down it 360 degree angle all that stuff about gravity. Have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all those buildings you mean did tell me that China is under us. China is under us it's not the world this flat. That's from Shaquille O'Neal quote from his podcast that showed up in Sports Illustrated. There are people. Some Sports Illustrated writers including Kenny Doocy and smother people. Are hoping. Did shacks just sort of kidding about that maybe trying to make some sort of point of I don't know point about fake news guy who knows what the actual point would be. I just I. It's one of those things that. If you have a zone assertive. Strong evidence to support your claim I'm willing to I'm willing to listen to whatever they claim news but if your claim that the earth is flat is based on the fact you drive from Florida to California. And it seems flat to you you boo. You may wanna put a little more effort in the scientific method there. This young men who lead DePaul he says it eighteen years old. Andy's hiking with his girlfriend should in Australia there in the NC specifically where he's hiking with his girlfriend her name is Sophie. And apparently leave. Ease starts. He's he's bragging a little bit about being able to swim in this particular river that their. Hiking by. And Sophie says. Something to be effective you know I wouldn't there's alligators in there I wouldn't do that yes something is lurking around every corner in its history exam will kill you rates. Well they go back and forth on this for awhile and lead being Lee finally Susan well you know I was gonna jump in the river so he jumps in the river. Didn't take all that long for the Kraft bowls to send him. And attack realizing that he was in trouble. Police went to the river bank tried to escape couldn't get out because the crocodile had him by the he managed to free himself by punching the crocodile in the face of punching him in the guy. And then scurrying up on the bank where there was a lot you know there's blood in it was obviously very horrific scene. Lee ended up with a pretty significant but non life threatening or me injury. Sophie says for her part that she's standing by her man the two planned to see a movie together once he's released from the hospital. I'm in and it's good that he wasn't hurt more severely I wanna just I bring up this story. Because. And I say this was all love I can Muster in the world particularly for the two teenage boys who live in my house and perhaps into the teenage boys that listen to this show. And may be listened with their parents. Teenage boys if you want to know. Why you're not old enough to rent a car or why your car insurance is ten times more expensive than anybody else. Or why your parents wanted to know where your going into your going with. It's because of the things like miss it left your own devices. You would jump at duke crocodile infested river to impress a girl. And this and she's not impressed they've decided that likes rights. This is why teenage boys we can't trust you with anything yet your brains are not fully developed. And this only supports that thinking. It done rates yeah and amp M in fairness being. More than three times older than Lee. One word really that's Marty even later in our lives were passively Smart guys were. We're we're insurance matrix Smart at that point elect well yeah risk reward don't really do some stupid to deprive won't kill themselves doing it. But this is this is really all you need to know about you don't you don't have teenage boys in your house take it for me. You know I think self is very kind and kinder than I would be. And Lee is very lucky you could lead lose of bath I'll Lee would have jumped in the river and I would have sent and Mendes. When it went a crocodile attacks you know you're on your round and walked away. Noted that we would be dead if I was his girlfriend because I have stuck around for that's rather silly silly dumb thing did ell yes. Sell itself be so he's a better woman you are your better woman than most and I appreciate you standing by your man landed. I mean eventually. There's going to be one crocodile river too many I would he had an attitude that although he started pretty high so he can scale back on the stupidity from the air and still. Be pretty stupid he does not clutch punch at so I'm really. Totally kind of worried at that particularly these note trash talk of the crocodile that that could happen again he still eighteen there's a lot to be when he's also Australian a lot of trash right crocodiles come on let's go home crock. His professionalism is amateur issue. Mike TC mornings and 99 fudge the mountain while all his friends were partying for spring break in Destin Florida. Alabama teenager Elden Alden Whiteside. Was into a jail in Alabama he was traveling to. Destined to meet with his friends for spring break he was pulled over for driving erratically. When the police pulled him over. They found that he had a fake ID you nineteen years old the identified the idea so falsified it made him aged 24. He had some pot on them and he also had 730. Packs. I move natural. Legs yeah and spring break stick AJ a few hundred and as a seven must man pretty chilly 57. It's too yes third 200 ends. Of Matty lights in this kid have. For his privileged that's thirty for every day he's gonna be there but he's not going to be the only one drinking. Downey was going on spring break by him knowing I was going to meet friends you figure like he was bringing the beer for everybody yes and that outlook sync ID must now long time sense of honest not everybody is fortunate enough to have a fake I. Cell would have no one's friend who doesn't has the one that works yeah they're gonna supplies step you're gonna get in cash when he gets there and now on the days of technologists send him money. That's probably that's a good points or you're assuming men that he was buying beer for everybody and yeah and their vacation got Bruins by him getting the other thought he had it read several pretty disappointed people the Leslie Morton becomes very bright bright and they're like a whole -- really Whiteside in charge of this yeah because he's a more Roger because he is a fake IDG. And he's a moron and he got pulled over and now the whole thing now that muzzle this go this is the story of. Several young people who have had their spring break parade rained on. The media believe via Oca Okaloosa county sheriff's office office. Released this statement sent in also posted on FaceBook if you're only nineteen years old and heading to spring break in Destin with 730 pack. Thirty packs of beer in your truck marijuana in the center console. And an altered driver's license to make your age 24 you probably don't wanna be speeding and driving recklessly. On interstate ten. Words to the wise the picture they have a picture of the truck that he was driving. And the 730 packs of Matty light in there that's been viewed more than eleven million times on FaceBook conservatives like yet read truly feel your paid. Ben there. I mean the rule is you only break one lie at a time. Soul if you're carrying marijuana in a state where it's not league if you bought a lot of beer that you are not very clearly able to buy. You don't speak eat your heart broken too lies you're kind of already going too far just wanted to time. I don't know what's up with you this week what you are making a lot of sense like there's a whole lot irrational thinking that. And stuff that you're saying things that my instinct is to argue with him like a I'm Chuck Schumer and elite few are yet. So far it's been great it makes a lot of sense won plaudits on. I'm if you happened to find yourself at the temple of heaven park. In Beijing that's that's in China calling I often as you often do. You should be aware that the restrooms there are now equipped with high tech facial recognition technology. That will dispense only two feet of toilet paper to each person. G to have it paper shortage as well here's your degree here's the problem there have been a lot of toilet paper thefts from public restrooms in in China. Particularly at this park so officials say that two rolls of toilet paper become the top common target of thieves so they've used technology to Tryon. You know trying to solve this problem here's how it works if you needed if you're in this this the temple of heaven part in Beijing and you you need to use the restroom. You have to look into the camera there's a camera in there you look into the camera. The camera records a picture of your face. And then the toilet paper is dispensed. Two feet that's what you get if you need. More than two feet. You have to wait another nine minutes call home for a few feet to be dispensed from the machine or. You can find a park official who may be able to give you more. But that would imply that you're gonna now have to get up while you're in the middle process and go find the park official so that seems very likely to me. So nine minutes because of the facial wrecking tech facial recognition technology. At these particular restaurants. What I just wanna say about this is used as follows I understand. That in this country in the United States we have some challenges right now. Our manufacturing. Economy is still struggling. We have some questions about so from our labor force we have some questions about our education system. That shows perhaps not as as great as we have thought it to be there clearly some serious questions about whether or not the federal government is always acting in the best interest. Of the people. All that aside. What makes this country so great is that if. I want that. If I wanna take it UP and I wanna use a hole rolled to vote Faber what I do it. I can do it to you can't I can't USA. So that's my take away from this is that. All due respect to China but if you had heard dispensing. I mean to feed I'm not even sure that we get me through phase one. It'll go face this yes sometimes there are phased use halprin said no no you don't need to know anymore about that other than particularly if it's an emergency situation in your in a public place. Because if I'm going there it's really an emergency situation. Otherwise it's wait till I get home so chances are good. I'm in need more than two feet so now I can't even go to his client. You know what I'm assuming that they just created a black market for toilet paper with and that's part. He polygamy locket around like a young Younis and TV it is exactly how it went like steel works very light yeah I don't but if you David it's all right inherently. Era it's the gonna become a commodity with in this part. Yes well I'm I'm really glad that I'm free to steal as much toilet paper as I want from the USK pretend like you. Let's say have you say. Totally on surprising study here I would say researchers have determined to people who post their work outs on FaceBook. I would save all across social media but specifically FaceBook. Are narcissus it's really you think. While people may justify sharing their exercise habits by saying they're doing it for motivation and inspiration. The truth according to this study is they're motivated by their need for attention. And validation from the social media community yes I would I would think so and while post about exercise are more likely to be shared like by others. The researchers found that the people liking these posts are just being polite. And the truth is they secretly dislike these kinds of its mystical displace. We probably didn't need to study to tell us this but now that we have a study let's all take this information. And and make good. A positive step forward like we're happy. That your that your exercise and making good true we don't need no specifics. Like we did result we really you know specifics that's what this study says. And that's why I'm sharing it with. When everyone just so we have the information you know. When he's on a series at home with his wife and kids yes he's helping to shape future generations. Casey mornings on the mountain I think it was yesterday but I since forgotten it was a day this week. When you have this. Goofy. Song from nearly seventy stuck in your head does want. Sell and I know it was me funny you because got stuck in your hat. But also because the song. Was it hits. But there was called paper laces like 737. For the way before you really ridiculous song from a mill a year yes it's a ridiculous song for a lot of different reasons so no sooner. Do what it was yesterday. It is easier I think you lose. Tuesday. A cut. Sony and really no sooner do I finished making fun of you for this whole experience. Then I don't think it's equally ridiculous I think it's a much cooler song actually. But I wake up this morning. First some unknown reason wins this song stuck in my hat's. Oh yeah. Only. He teed it is nice your own fun. You have a song stuck in your head which does not help you. If you sing this song all the way through to get the other side of your pet. What does it mean five that's like if I had to really don't know how to help us to sing Billie don't be hero he did early in my head all the way thrill. That's strictly build me up on a cup. It piecing all the way through by the time the your time this is on the line I have no idea what I had this isn't like it saying this is just a just do you think well me and my friend Sarah girl that he's always you can I get on the bus anonymously inevitably have a song stuck did you pick this one. If I I. I think it's because something about Mary was popular at the time in the snow is in there marriage so we used Dennis and is our song to get be a sign. Gosh you know that actually makes sense in that now. This one's even older than me this was 6869. This one's just about older than me it was a huge hit foundations. It's a great song it's not nearly as cheesy as Billy don't be hero. But. I don't if that's the song that you use to get other songs on your head I don't think that bodes well for me if that's the one that suck in my head well. So it's and I used to do was assign parts one person in saying the main idea and we did back it up so perhaps if you and I just perform all the way through by the time that he's not fit. Does somebody yadier. It's surrounded theories and although I like the song enough that it's not horrible that haven't spoken here like you know like it grates on visitors. And it's still there. Pot smokers get lower grades in school. To be clear scientists weren't able to prove that marijuana makes you less intelligent instead. They found that there was that all they found was that there was a connection between weed smoking. And lower grades they actually paid money. To study this I would just like state for the record that if you were paying even a little bit of attention in 1982. You already knew this. Via this particular character. Our own ways just like these these schedules totally confusing for us sir. Speech code that's and then they did that you know I'm registered in this class book plus this is US history she grew up right there really good. He ripping my car. If blood what's your problem no problem at all. Suggests the goalie he taught us that a long long time ago book good work on the study guys were video. He ran for mayor he'd lose in a landslide. To a napkin like Jaycee mornings and 99 flies the mountain.