Mike Casey Podcast 2-6-2017

Monday, February 6th

Mike talks about bacon toasters, Star Trek sweaters, how smart phones could be killing your sports skills, and more!


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Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain UI I know I've I've told this story before but it sticks in my head and Al. Probably everytime I hear Billy jewel now I think about it this is a I don't know six or eight years ago and he know John we're doing their bigs Elden billion Turin was coming through Denver. And we had there was something there was a station thing going on undertaken listeners or something. And it's. It was in the middle of the week and it was last second and end of the boss of the times like any Judy go to this. I'll now have this not so bad that it wasn't that I didn't wanna go but it it was a bus shows soft gone it was kind of a last second and then you know so I wasn't. Over the moon about going it was a K okay Argo. And walked in I had probably seen both billion Elton John. In. More than twenty years prior to that. Elton John no disrespect I love him as a songwriter and as a as an artist and he's got a great catalog of work. He was just kind of old and tired and boring if the show I'll call all he was I mean he came out and did faithful representations of his songs. Mostly in different keys but whatever I was fine. Usual killed it yeah wage killed it's I mean he was I mean there was a little bit you would probably call lay dead jokes sort of stuff he's a I saw Billy dogs like OK to add joke right now he did that it but I think he did it with you Eden lake he doesn't do it thinking it's really really funny like he knows their dad jokes. But he's good hitting gauging the audience. He's he's one of those guys that I think you. When you think about him you think oh yeah he's got all these hits and all the songs popping your head but that's only like a third of them then you go see him in concert near lake. He just played like ninety minutes of straight hits Eddie left out twenty so he could you know like he could've done even more. And he he did a really great job in green and he's been doing for 4050 years he did a much better job and Elton John did of balancing. Act. The energy in the flow we know what he has more rock kind of songs to pull from than el John does. But you never felt like focus to rebalance under our OO that's too many rocks on the growth is my break rank and get it exactly. Blakey we are he was just captivating and I could I walked away feeling like I can not believe Billy jewel is just as good if not better than he was always on 25 years ago. Impressive because I've only seen him once it was a similar situation and friend who last tickets through his where. Our Odyssey original Tuesday. SM but it Meehan my friend in Dallas looks we were the youngest T shirt I did twenty years and their are so many. It says so all Manning but there. The difference between lake if you do it dad joke and you think it's really funny. Then that's awful if you do it dad joking you know it's a dead joke. So referential joke yeah realizing that it's being corny then I think it's a little different yeah. You know show or if you recognize shift your TCU. You tell yourself up like I'm sure will be fantastic for. CEO Bjorn Jeffrey. Just last week announced that he was giving all seventy of its employees. An extra week off this year. And giving each of them 2300 dollars. So they can enjoy that time off seventy employees now have a bonus week off. And 2300 dollars so they can enjoy that time. Bjorn Jeffrey that CEO says the perk of encouraging employees to go on seven day inspiration trips anywhere in the world. Not only reflects the value of the company. On the values of the company but also creates competitive advantage. As giving people the chance to get away from the office for a while is a great productivity booster again the companies called token Boca. The stories in business insider today. I am I'm not obviously CEO I'm not. I'm not a person who is at that level who who is in charge of that kind of decision making for obvious reasons I think we both can agree for obvious reasons. But when I see stories like this. I'm often perplexed that we don't see a little bit more of this in the western workplace. You ought to me like there are their their study after study after study that shows. If you have loyal committed to. Hardworking. Diligent creative employees. Then year you're in pretty good shape as a company that will do that ruled whether or use through many storms. If you have that and yet it doesn't feel like something that that's kids generally fostered in most. Workplaces in this you know it's sort of like how much blood can you get out of the stone about talk about my own experience a very happy here. But in general. It seems like that's and I always wonder why. You don't see the pendulum swing just a little bit more the other way you know like and give them Christmas bonuses see what happens. In a couple days extra off she would happen see if they come back ready to work harder than they were before they left. Just the thoughts maybe some delicacy. Never out. Last Saturday Ron hill took a break for the first time in 191000. 32 days. Ron who lives in the UK. According to the BBC 78 year old Ron hill. Had run at least one mile every single day since December 20 1964. A streak of 52 years. In 39 days every single day for 52 years and 39 days he kept the streak alive while competing in multiple Olympics. He kept running despite having a plaster cast on his foot for six weeks after an operation. The streak even survived a car crash that broke his sternum. He got his days running before the crash overall. He ran more than 160000. Miles more than enough to circle the globe. Six times. It on his run just couple days ago against seven the US or seven years old he was having some chest pain. And rather wisely thought mad maybe this you know he did finish is mile that day. But but realized that he would probably have to take the precautionary measure of you know getting any QE KJ funny I was going on their before he took up running the yet again so the streak is over 52 years 39 days. Every single day. That is impressive run hills seventy years old I don't if I could like get eight days in a row or I didn't. Hit the snooze button every every morning that would be an accomplishment for me. The infomercial of morning Denver radio. No lacking quality and pretty much just here for the money. Mike Casey mornings I 995. The mound I'm wearing a it's of it's a sweater and it's kids that it's blew it I liked. To record totals teal but it's not that dark and it's not quite turquoise. But it's obvious boost way it's a blue sweater. This morning you said. You if you try to you dried deal complements Edwards thing on me but I dead but I totally I truly. You don't do you do it you're like hey that's a nice letter it reminds me of something. And they are careless or here comes the punch line. But you didn't say it right away. You you kind of led you do you let me think about it for a little while and then you came back with a little. What is this a little insignia. A badge bash that you put some tape on and said here put this on you. And now and then you sit here and take your picture will put it on FaceBook and what you thought it looked like was a Star Trek star treks what you are wearing a Star Trek you Xbox. Likes. Fox are you let. I am not a notre compliments. Slates of very nice and I like it'll it looks great on you live long and prosper but you wore a dark. Crude Nash are under underneath a V neck sweater and sell its theory it and just like reminiscent no checking it's very. Zach you know our needs so we'll start detail motorists. Yeah I totally agree. And not and I was not trying to do oh you made fun of me I'm gonna make funny you had to wasn't the intent. You were also wearing a sweater today. And it's and it's is interesting sweater in that the sleeves. I didn't I don't even know how to describe their very long their belts Celine tells sleeves no cuts which essentially in layman's terms like if you're guide you don't know what that means it means. They could probably fit over your leg on all easily shows it's like a fashion thing where there's more sleeves and. There's so much more sleep tiny it was channeling a cold Stevie Nicks this morning. Yeah I thought what exactly be where she was freezing yes because it's kind of slowly it is and that's it's slightly too big on meat. But it was the only one left in the store and I really wanted it so the sleeves kinda come down past fingertips and it's hard for meat. To right things but. Whatever like Eddie that. W Wright does have a cold Stevie Nicks kind of vibe now I am again not I was not trying to do it tit for tat things but I did mention to either because the sleeves are so big. That if you were had got cold you could actually reach up into one of the sleeves over your head. Most of us will be greeted the beacons pretty awesome he LightScribe it's really great stuff. It can be a little bit messy to me a great either have to deal with the greasy your release splashy pain and on the stove or me if you use the microwave group may be a bunch greasy paper towels I do any of okay well that's an impossibility to. But here here's that I think may be the best possibility misses one I had not seen before companies develop something called beacon toaster or an as yet no picture picture an actual two you know something that looks like a toaster vaguely I mean it's not a like a toast toaster. But it's shaped in that same way. And in the censor. You basically have. I agree it'll but folded in half like it like a triangle. Like bright so you opened up the little slot you lay the bacon over the tri yeah. Eight big diggreel functions the way gruden would in any case but the grease runs often into a little. And thing at the bottom that catches it's so you don't have any clean up and apparently the bacon comes out perfectly cooked. Every time I'm gonna say that this is a miracle of modern technology. That perhaps is second only to. Landing a man on the moon. I'm me I'm on board I'm picturing in my head and it seems pretty cool yet and it looks pretty high tech it looks like I can remember accompanying me which is. If I probably should remember that but. It looks like it's not a yum. Big bulky ungainly thing that you wouldn't want your kitchen either looks kind of sleek in them like space age so that's neat because this is the that's the big tease about making bacon. You make bacon in your house and it's wonderful and it's amazing your best breakfast ever. And like a day and a half afterwards your house smiles like they can't seem knocking any think pain can any after remind yourself now. You don't just a few decades in you know yesterday ensco yes yet this I think would simplify the process it doesn't also specify like you if you. Speeds up the cooking time and all I don't know that necessarily does that making gets real crispy has all the fat and it does and you could she. You know you could make like four pieces or sit like instead of like the whole thing it wants for peace since you feeding it to talk I'm just I need to kind of hell I know you can't. But I'm just say this could simplify that that part of the process to. Scientists are reporting. In need journal of happiness studies that sounds like I agree turtle doesn't us. Journal of happiness studies that so called the calling their naturalist sir futurists. There between nudist. Seemed to be. Happier though they don't they don't have any they're not sure why but but it does. Suss out that they are happier lead researchers lead researcher. The University of London in new cross studied. 800 to a thousand 800 people. And concluded that people who have people who have this is directly from their article people who hang out naked with others outside of their immediate family. Said they are happier and feel better about their bodies and people who keep their clothes. On the scientists. Talk to people before and after nudist event. And found that the longer and more frequently people are naked the hired they reached all these markers of happiness. I'm part of me is led to wonder. If maybe they weren't. Happier. More at peace more comfortable with themselves to begin with yes. Yeah I mean they would be because in order to hang out naked you have to have a certain amount of body competence or at least not care. She's huge yeah I would think. It's a good way to summarize that yeah so maybe they were like that beforehand which is part of what led them to the hole. Nudist naturalist movements and she you know there are go there they're just happy your general possibly. Yeah I don't know because I don't know why he hanging out naked with people you're not related to would. Would would Foster that kind of feeling. I'm sure I mean I I know a lot of like. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable in close. And you hate your body more of in the close you have honored to smaller don't think he writer don't look silly want them TO so just removing all clothing thing. Very rarely marry and be like oh laid. Don't like how my knees. And comfortable it's there it's fine plus and he realized that. Everyone's covering something up with their clothing but yes things about ourselves our. They did you know they again they don't have any evidence to support it but the researchers did. Theorize. That that that may have been one of the things people gain from this experience. Is that the increased comfort but level with their own bodies may be exactly what you said may be seeing other people. Moves. You more comfortable with their own imperfections and say which which. Opened up a channel in them for lack of better work. I think it does it being exposed to two other people's real life bodies. More often does. Help you see that you know these airbrushed images for easy breeders for real our real all the bodies don't look like that the and the more year to surround real people in that setting I think you would feel a part confidence and an except it. It makes it Simien at byword so completely. Repressive of Catholic school boy that I trust that I could probably beat. Completely on board with the idea that stands I will never be comfortable with this idea. For me enough for a and other pure whatever is fine just Woodward. I've advocating naked world for a very long time I think we should really just until late clothing who cares. Think the first week could be pretty crazy that the people would really need it Jackson stuff out did you. So what is happening here but I'll written before I'd be fine browse read that correctly unless you're a little different. Give me a plenty of heads up common need to do some extremely you're severely dehydrated from your stressing that it is right extra every nation where we get there. Of vision experts who helps out with athletic teams believes. That Smartphones. Our rug she uses the word ruining them when people strong but ruining the abilities of kids to play sports. But that her name is doctor Sharaud Calder. She is currently helping England's World Cup rugby team. And says that's again she's vision motor skills expert says she is noticed a decline in motor skills in young people. Over just the past six years she says herb. Or how much sign she has to back this up but her opinion. You know professional opinion. Is that people. Ten did me in in generations prior people tended to develop. Visual and motor skills by doing things lake. Climbing trees and do I don't know walking on walls and going outside and playing catch whatever. Her theory is that kids spend so much time these days with their neurosis in their Smartphones. That those skills are starting to decline again I don't there there isn't any. She is not present the evidence to support this this is just a professional opinion based on what she's seen. I will say and I don't have any evidence either but this is one of those things that I do. Because we talked about this before I'm. I'm a mean dad and I'm totally fine being mean death so I am the guy who's generally seen my kids like just. Go outside put your phone down and go outside. And I was outside yesterday with Mike. Are my thirteen year old kid we're kicking a soccer ball around. And I actually did see some teenage boys in the same park playing up playing football. And you know what it seemed like a very. Unusual sight to me. Which I remember saying something to my daughter bounced. And she should get paid around I don't know I don't see that all the time. I immediately thought back when I was a kid. There was no reason to stay in the house ever like there were three TV channels and there was nothing on them. There was really have of any interest for kids you know you have Smartphones are Q we have like it Hari games those could. Hold your attention for media and our so yeah how we were outside. Pretty much all the time. And mud and my parents like a lot of other parents at that time and place they'd say the outside lock the door like Q are getting back did. It was it was lunchtime dinnertime or you were injured unity like that's kind of how we're back and I'm not necessarily CNET news. Better athletes or anything like that but it does seem that does seem to be striking difference in that world between now now and that just an observation. His professionalism is amateur issues. Mike Casey mornings I 99 fudge the mountain.