Mike Casey Podcast 2-27-2017

Monday, February 27th

Casey's and Tigers and Dogs. OH MY!


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Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should. Did the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountainsides is say they've developed a gadget that uses artificial intelligence. To figure out. And then let. You know if your being boring. On a date it city wrist band style device and it's supposedly able to calculate if it. There exists that is horrible if the conversation is happy sad or neutral. And then notifies the user with the vibration if things get too awkward. It seems to me that if you. Maybe if you're not particularly good at noticing. That your boring or that the conversation is lagging. You might not be the kind of person likely to find yourself on a day the first place. If you think you need this device. You don't your boring threatened to assume it appears they met again how this could come any candy then I would now. I can tell you right now you are yet in June and be more interesting because isn't as she is reading facial accused. But if something looks bored bow their Howard Dean need of a bracelet to vibrate and tell you that. No I would think now I. I would say our I agree with you I think there are some people who are. Or better at reading those Maurer. The more subtle variations of those cues than others. But yes I would think most of us. The more demonstrative did you comes you've becomes you should be able or recognize. Who that person is no longer is sitting what you're saying although. I'm sure we've all had experiences where. Yeah we're here to party here like I gotta go stand over there because you're really boring Owens argue anymore. Media is so like would what would. You expect to do you sing your bracelet goes off and it vibrates because the other person's pork or something like that what does he really interest in my your kinds Cape May be instead of changing your topic of conversation changeup the person you're sitting across from. Somebody it'll find you interesting and exciting. I think it's a distinct possibility and like you set it if it just seems like. I get where they're going with the idea I just don't know this is perhaps the best use of this particular. Technological advancement intimate I. I don't think it's useful at all if you can't read social cues if he can't read people's faces flakes had something may have hurt hockey application without official intelligent mild flow watching well both those. Our title really not a fix anything like he's made that latches are dead Blanquita had to take the covers he certainly shift things are out of that. That's awful are so we're both gonna vote no on that particular tick rule again and thank you pass well maybe because I'm sure of deposing all the time for me and I just couldn't handle that you don't wanna deal. His professionalism is amateur ish. Mike Casey mornings and 995. The mountain or new new study is from Leeds university. In the UK. Being near the tears of a woman. Can stop men from wanting to have sex researchers found the women's tears containing chemical signal. That reduces arousal in men decreasing levels of testosterone slowed down the usual brain activity. That moves admitted that direction is this this is a study did they need to study for the site at everybody knows this stalled there. Obviously I just assumed it was the overwhelming thing it feelings of guilt that stops man from being sexually aroused and women were crying because it's probably. That's going well that they could be that as well there could be another connection there are a deeper level but we didn't I mean c'mon people study this like. The world removing the intimacy piece of it I don't think I have the men that I know don't ever wanna see a woman who think they care about. I'll be a hundred years this is a need to be studied political level it sociological and met when someone is upset at. Euro horrible person and if you're thinking about it at that time. This. Is a MacKey who's a bush surely extra hot ballot I. I'm not laughing you're taking advantage to someone who's emotionally distraught I just like the picture of my mind of you know of of Sinaloa and his jeers than Geiger and so long as we're here yeah I think you aren't looking good. I love them mascara running down your eighths at exactly and when the snub comes out there knows it so yes sniff farming baby right they could that throw line I don't know horrible awful thing to dill yes and I just left the punitive emotionally distraught. Figured advantage of which I didn't mean to but yes this is a study somebody's got money to figure this out. I'll we could it's a week at a volatile of this we all knew this already I mean it seems like it's. Pretty easy to have studies they don't need to be done fund it so maybe we can start like the Mike an Alley institute for unnecessary reseller of feel like we've done like twenty stories like this in the last two months where it's like hey here's the thing that didn't need studied but it was yeah. You know I mean yeah I agree on a world this all is research money is coming from the here right I think we could come up with a better. Better ideas than some of these things I mean honestly funding as well let's start a list and then we can just page all of these studies. They don't need to be done and there's got to be somebody out there and it's really great yeah yeah. A cart like there were passing on the island as everybody knows that on aren't yet it it seems common sense. A recent survey found that 40% nearly half. A plastic surgeons say they are seeing more and more patients requesting procedures. Because they wanna look better in self fees on teamster grim snapshot. And FaceBook. That's right they're going under undergoing plastic surgery because they won looked better in self peace. On Easter grim snapshot and FaceBook overall the number of its procedures. Has increased 115%. Since the year 2000 keep in mind this is not necessarily a lot of big surgeries like of you know having your nose re done or something instead people are opting for smaller or nonsurgical things like. Lit pillars should like Kylie Jenner and things like that in order to have. I mean that's a new. Level of shallow. Are (%expletive) year it's you can still look good on incidents have chatted face when we I think. I'm awful shallow via I'm all for show behavior but we value we need to set the bar just. A little bit higher than that don't you particularly when it comes to plastic surgery. I think you really could be a shoo in. To win this contest. And it and it present there's a 700 dollar grand prize pet which is not yet nothing to sneeze at okay now. The one challenges it's in Canada's Yukon Territory. Which is a little ways up there as I recall. Yeah I mean it's not clients OK but that aside. Two Keeney tech Keeney hot pools which is in the town of white horse. Is holding its seventh annual. Hair freezing contest. So the 700 dollar grand prize participants jumping into the hot pools which have an average temperature of like a hundred degrees Fahrenheit you get your hair wet. And then you wait around in the water for a couple of hours and let the sub zero. Air temperature. Freeze your hair into shape the bull ice sculptures you can do this any time in the month of February. And then submit a photo to the official contest the winners announced in March. I think between your creative streak and the fact you have like eleven feet of hair. You could really campaign cool you could really dominate. This I mean my Harry is to freeze all the time walking from the bust my house 'cause it was kind of a big lock. And I slams and my hair was always adding my hair was dry from the ages of seven Intel Imus twenty. So you're here also is familiar with the concept of being frozen you could be a complete you can be a natural. For this gig I think I can actually do pretty well it's not gonna lie I had hair shaped into different sculptures the form I've never on myself and always had somebody else to. See you may need you that's true you may need someone. To use sort of work with fuel on the need through the process but I you know the other thing is I think you could you could. Roll the dice a little bit and not actually go to the Yukon Territory but if you froze your hair and it was so spectacular that you submitted the photo. You feel like a long distance winner. I mean that might be worth it because flying into the Yukon Territory when knowledge Sendai and you're probably like dealing with like 150 bucks probably after you why it is nice long weekend in the Yukon Territory and who doesn't want that's. I mean I don't know they have the availability. I would think there's plenty of availability. In the Yukon territories I would anxiety out considering I don't money right now do you maybe until a few practices just to make share and I'm not up there I'm want you wanna have your game together I got you. Can't leave this on it to the. All I know everybody dog. Are like kids right and everybody thinks just later he thinks their kids Gretzky in the world everybody thinks their dog is the greatest dog in the world. And with all due respect I'm sure your dog it's. Fantastic and and and sweet and loyal and funny in all those great things but I'm gonna have to say. Did Zeus. Who lives in Nova Scotia. Is now officially. The world's greatest dog and and here's why seated Steve players. Who also lives in Nova Scotia as you might imagine Steve Bayer's his son Ben and Ben's friend Adam. We're building a snow fort. Very snowing in Nova Scotia as you probably know they were building a snow forts. When the roof suddenly caved in pinning Steve's arms and legs underneath him. Limb that this is Steve basically relating his part of the story and keep in mind the dog's name is juice are kind of. I knew was very serious when Meyer and her and pinned underneath me in my leg was my Hugh was in the my back in my full was twisted up and I couldn't giving him my limbs tree and two kids who were literally feet away from me. Were screaming and there was nothing I could do to help them. I know what happened I thought so we just jumped on me and I realized the week just kept gaining gaining them as far realize that can really move. Austin panic came it was pitch black and liked Ike we hear me screaming handset from. We are ripped sites as humans of their runs in the game and make here very. The dog. Dug in and start to pull on the back my jacket and I knew at that point if I could get an arm or leg free and get my leg and twist to that I had a chance to getting a Celtic it's. Was my time I don't know was an art I don't know because I can't explain I Appleby structural engineers and my son was trapped and but when a calculated out that there's probably 12100 pounds on top beats and. 12100 rounds of snow on top of each of the three people including two children that were trapped in that show for the collapsed. And the dog. Who moved up. And guess who do immediately sensed danger sign I don't know how this works for dogs but Zeus. The five year old Golden Retriever was able to rescue Stiefel you know free Steve so that he could freeze that the two kids. And everybody walks away Steve I believe broke his leg. In one of the kids had a concussion. Not that those are insignificant injuries but when you think about how serious could have been. Well you know that it speaks for itself so your dog is great I'm sure use it's use is officially at least for today Zeus is the best dog in the world. Might TCU doesn't post only on original content you post mostly original content FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain. There's some tigers in a there'll wildlife habitat in China. And the bill that I guess the folks say I'm picturing it a little like of really big free range you. I don't know if that's exactly what that would be but that's the way it is in my head right it really big prearranged do that is managed by people. And it essentially legs you personnel here who were in charge of the health and wellbeing of the animals there right. So in this particular wildlife habitat the the people who are in charge of it. Decided. That that some of the tigers that they had on the property. Had gotten too accustomed to being. Basically having their food delivered to them. And knots exercising and doing you know what tiger should do out in the wild so there's solution to this problem. Was too big they've. I have a drone. Ended the objective of the drone was to get the tigers to chase it sort of forcing them into a exercise. And it and it turns out that after like a couple days I'm assuming the drone just sort of came into the tigers based in. Flew around and try to attract their attention and you know get the chase almost like it was prey or something something like that. After three days. And they did this because the tigers were substantially overweight you know for what tiger should be there on the Casey they were on the Casey plan. So after about three days of this drone buzzing around where the tigers hang out. One of input of the Siberian tigers caught up to it knocked it out the hair it took bites out of it excludes started smoking and it blew up and then of I think they'll just walked away and laughed. And it occurs to me that at this point in my life I've finally finally found my spirit animal that I care that tigers in China who relates. Chasing this thing really Jason long enough to bring you down and kill its. CIA I don't think you are spirit animal as the tiger than actually killed it it's the one that was yet chairing a god kill that counts are afraid that certainly isn't really an. Because you don't get it take care of that while you're up. Bring you some leg brace a back seat to keep any food around spring that or is that thing ends up tasting guide you bring that no you're right that's not I didn't mean specifically that tiger I just meant the collective. Of that tigers whose leg we don't want departs this yeah those are my people. Julie well you have to tiger that's writes that while the needs taken care of the what do I need to four point. It's basically a large house. Yes which is how I envision myself. Turns out working from home. May not be all it's cracked up to be researchers found that 41%. Nearly half right 41% of employees who telecommute. Said they feel. Some significant degree of job stress compared to just 25% of office workers so they actually scored higher in job stress than office workers. In 42%. Of work from home employees suffer from insomnia. Compared to just 29% of those who work in an office it seems that those who work from home in this makes sense if you think about it. Have a difficult time maintaining boundaries. And don't know necessarily when to stop working. Which can cause significant mental health issues if you think about the fact that. You know your behavior office is literally the next room. It can be pretty easy to be pulled back into that vortex. It always even if you're not supposed to even if you're supposed to be doing some Mel's. The researchers in the study suggested the best compromise is to were two or three days a week from home. And the rest of the time in the office to get that face to face interaction and some of the positive things. That we get from from ushering workspace with people and also to tamp down some of those. You know inability to separate yourself from your work environment for the good advice. You'll think I'm a big I've either made this story up or I've pulled it out of the archives from like thirty years ago but no this is actually from this earlier this week. In the Henrietta. Henrietta Oklahoma early to go three days ago earlier earlier this week city leaders voted on Tuesday. To abolish an ordinance. On dancing. The dance ordinance and had a penalty of 25 dollars it prohibited dance halls within 500 feet of a church. Or public school there was. It's news every that's what I'm saying there was that there was of of fail when he and they want to have their one of them will just basically have a dance at their. At their house and it was they lived within 500 feet of the school. So they were flying and apparently a bunch of the local people and Henrietta Oklahoma. Took to FaceBook to criticize them. Which turned into this whole big thing the mayor the first female mayor in the history of the city Jennifer Clayson. Actually decided to look over the ordinance. Earlier this week and I guess that's the real turning point came. As a young man who showed up name Ren McCormick an. And yes it's. Assures us that there is it time to every purpose under. Time to laugh. That until we have time to mourn. It is time to get its nose at times this loved not anymore. T this is our time games. And then you know it happened right after that. Yeah. So Ed. These are real story is 47 games I mean Kevin Bacon better get down there a media exactly. And you read needs to get to the bottom of the it's like. He started beat you should be there with Lori semi or haven't been in what are you doing there wouldn't. I got this really happened earlier this week and Mayer Jennifer Clayson overturned. The ordinance. World what 34 days ago so now you can dance again in Henrietta o'clock all of that's great. They'd better have a flatly steamed. Dance you would sure hope so and I don't know I mean nothing against Henrietta Oklahoma but I have to imagine there it's been it's to have somewhere outside of Tulsa. I imagine there aren't a whole. Lot of other things to do there are so. And I did dance party just can't be eats. He can't have my dream in life and I think one day could happen. Com is your re create the dance scene from the and defiantly use. My parents like coming toward an awesome lining can studies falling out a clip of bets that would just I would know that my life was perfect in that moment. I encourage you do and I encourage you to not include me in I will participate in any way other than that he can stand on the signing class perfect and the standard around side clapper back even footloose needs clippers I'm I'm their foreign. His friends' column Mike we column that one guy like Kohl's. Variety it's the spice of life Casey mornings on the mountain.