Mike Casey Podcast 2-20-2017

Monday, February 20th

Japanese smelly machines?? Who would get married at Taco Bell? A guy who can play Rush songs by himself!?!?!?! Mike Casey tackles the questions we all want answers too. 


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NN I took the girls skiing we yum decide to go to copper mountain. Just for the day. Now I never realized before agency this far I realize this is a total first world problem but I don't hold crowds in the traffic thing. This is not always the best trade off for me like I I'm pretty sure I was up at 5:30 Saturday morning the first time I touched snow was eleven there. On good morning. Yeah that's basically you have to day yeah hats for so it began myths but not to complain too much about that it was it was fun we had a good time the weather was good to have some new snow there. So like you said it was a girl at a time you got out and all the news outlets on the Martin enjoyed it yet there was still some coming -- cowboys just used news now able it was very crowded which again is not my favorite thing but. You overalls good day. Now you know at the end of the ski day. Really this thing it's the first in your minds like he just like I have to take off. My ski boots I know you board so it's a little bit yeah still it's still feels yet you're just like I just got to get these off freight yup. Now because it was so crowded there and it took us so long to get there. So copper that is I ended up dropping in the girls off. In in the west village with there's decent stuff and then I went parked the car. Because there was just there was literally no where to park Rangers won free lot left one lot period left when I got there. So I parked the car in this free lot and an ape you get on a bus you. Break and the thing about the buses in copper which I didn't realize they're all wrapped like they'll have decorations on them so do you generally see all the windows most of them. Anyway we finish our ski day and more all get back on this bus and you're packed in there you know you're just cold and now you're like sweating you know you're elbowed armpits. But people in the bus and you just wanna get out get your cards they got a ski boots. We get outs in the in the lot that I'd. Seem to remember that I've parked the car and cars not there. Like there's no car anywhere right think it is in the girls are like aware did you par and I'm describing to them like the owner knows right here and I think this truck was next to it. And it initially I'm thinking. Like. The chances of eight car getting stolen from apart you'll I was seven Blake it's impossible. It slammed its slim to none especially I don't know why anyone would steal your car. Yeah it's not a nice art but it's not super and I thought I saw it as a Mercedes unit then odd lines is cl yeah exactly so I'm looking around lake showed at this point we're gone like half an hour forty minutes the girls are wandered around. I'm wonder around clique of little button. And I'm I really think I'm losing my mind because I know exactly where I barge right. And finally in at this point is ready to kill me she is ready to literally kill me leave my body there copper. She's US somebody maybe there's another not a lot moment on things a lot so I ask somebody there like. Oh did you park in the Far East lot of other side of the highway. I said yeah. Yes. That's exactly. What I did and I forgot because you can't see out the boss windows. 'cause they're wrapped it's the buses fall it's another bus is far less just saying it was there was an edit added later layer of complication because that I had no. Visual reference point to where I was sharply you were born inside the wrapped bus when you've got out of your car and blocked to the spot where the bust picks you up. Correct but then one eyed one of the rapid bus took me back there it it looked exactly the same as the other parking lot. I will give you that especially because there's so much now other car that it's creating the tunnels and you really don't get a lot of and visibility though you can only see like one part of one wanted to know are you that idea that might be a better excuse than the bus anthrax. The only eye and I'd settle these excuses in and they all seem very valid to me and in Sid you do realize we were looking for the car. On the wrong side of the highway you're even on the right side of the highway. Let alone the right lots yeah and I should you yeah you're right let's all get the hard drive woke up this indeed spotted when we finally finds a car you only survived because everybody needed a ride back that's exactly right according very decent lie and zoom out here had any money otherwise it would have been like. We're out here widow predator do. Well scaly KC yes indeed at least she found a dinner that I could still be wandering around up there now. I feel like the united hagee has some money you're you're probably right. The infomercial of morning Denver radio. Selecting quality and pretty much just here for the money Mike Casey mornings I 99 fuzz. The mountains in new gadget in Japan. Did is able to analyze voters. And tell you if there's something unpleasant in the air it's called the hold your nose is called pray that it's called the coon coon orb which apparently means sniff sniff in Japanese. It's pocket sized it picks up the chemicals. That cost three different kinds of voter in voters including sweaty locker room. Like a greasy you've friar kind of smell and run cooking oil. This thing can also be synch up with your Smartphone to let you know if the air around you isn't so fresh war. If you were giving off body odor which might be nice to know. As you pointed out before even got a sense into the story this makes no sense right like you have a very active. Our sense of smell. You would never need something like this. No but I am interested in using it deceived you smell. Me personally no old bike all of you yourself not just you can't tell yourself everyone here is thinking out like that person's stinks I don't smiled at guess what sometimes is. Thousands handed to. Now but if you are if you're on the other end of the spectrum like me and you just really just don't have much of a sensational at all. This is also pointless like why do I need to know that's. None of these thank you can't exactly. So it seems to me if they've created some things. Whose function. Drastically misses view at one end of the spectrum and drastically misses me at the other end of the spectrum it's not a very valid idea. Also how would you actually. Used apps so you use this thing and it tells you pull that Rumsfeld and smells better over there I get not only. I I guess like okay this restaurants smells bad. Fine in May be we choose to not eat there but otherwise you don't really have an option into place smells thank you for the most part have to deal with it. Well here's the thing again if you walk into the restaurant and it smells bad you would know that yes I would not so it wouldn't bother me at if you walked in you Smith do you smell that your legs that I don't want. I don't wanna be sure you're a big thing. Don't think it does seem very pointless the only thing I've really like is your own body knowing if you smell that. If your own body owner is indeed perceptible others. That seems like you would be a more specific. Thing like a thing that only does that unions I think if you only used it for that it would make sentence. I would be useful T it'll. Because you ever off he's not known but I count on you figure flick were skewed a figure force comes British you'll be like yeah yeah. You don't have a smell it's weird and actually by himself and adding it's a list of reasons you might be easier but I because I've missed you have zero cent it's so strange most people at least not like laundry. I mean if nothing it is it is strange. I can't say anymore about that because it's fine. It's just it's on the list of things to be cautious and for the rest of us we don't need the combed coon the sniff sniff. From there to the belief most useful invention ever. Ultrasound what I say ultrasound. I bet a lot of people think immediately as I did about the technology. That. Hospitals used to give parents a first look at their unborn babies or as little too soon I think what a lot of us think up. It turns out scientists in Spain have figured out a way that they can use ultrasound. That creates. That helps create brandy. This tastes like it's been aged four years. In just three days brandy by the way is made from distilling wind. And then aging hitting wooden casks for more than two years to more than two. Up to a decade. In some cases the process can be expensive. What your what essentially is happening there's the chemical reactions between the alcohol that would tasks. Are what give Brady's their flavor their smell and their color. Now all. These scientists in Spain have figured out that if they run wine through oak chips while hitting it with ultrasound. The ultrasound waves create tiny bubbles. The cause the oak chips to release the chemical compounds. Adding the brandy flavor in only like three days instead of two years served ten years. There's apart and I'm not a bring you drink a particularly but there's a part of media says oh it's kind of sad that the project traditional way of doing this. Could go by the wayside. And then there's another part of me is sing while this is amazing technology that you can change the distillation process. And aging process from two years to three days and apparently get a product it's just as good if if not you know maybe a little bit better. The way you got before. It's kinda makes his delegate be worth trying brandy I don't see me switch and give Jimmy trying to special this newfangled print. Every rock and of course has diehard fans who will do just about anything they can to get into shows one thing and took this idea to have. A new level I dug clever new level as well as name's Adam Boyd. And he was trying to see his favorite band this is in England it's a Royal Albert Hall in England to see his favorite band the sure locks. And when he got to the show I don't know whether it was general admission or what it was me he was all the way in the back and couldn't. Couldn't see anything to see is favored cancer we came up with this this little scheme and apparently worked really well if from his cell phone. He edited the band's Wikipedia page. To say that he was the cousin of the band's lead singer. And inspired one of their songs. Right so he's basically fake this information on Ben's Wikipedia page. Then he told a security guard that he was with the band. Showed the Wikipedia page is proof. And was allowed in mr. Boyd later admitted so I couldn't believe it actually let me end I was expecting someone to drag me out ban me from the venue but no. I was given free access. To the VIP section the band members found out about it and said they were very impressed with mr. Boies effort you gotta admit it's pretty clever. I'm surprised maybe he's not the first wanna think of it but the first one to go public with the fact that he thought of it I don't know if I have the technical skill to make all that happened but. If I did active I could totally see me doing that. He doesn't see the glass is half empty or half full he's just confused when it's water not a lot. Like JCT's mornings on the mountain for some reason when I similar talking about. The idea of the one million dander one person band. Dick Van Dyke popped into my head dear Mary Mary Poppins yes that's it OK you have liked to have the big drama on his backing him and that kind of thing the singles okay. And Mike it symbols on his knees I think yes something on his knees in the harmonic almighty yes in an accordion. Spoke his naming Mary Poppins but receipts Burks and obviously annoyed at each year look likes and enjoy that Israel again yet. Yet anyway so this popped into my head. After I read the story this morning because of that in a lot of ways I think for for many of us is our concept of that sort of one million band is like some goofy guy. You know yet covered in Gary Carter's traipsing around it to land it absolutely right. Pounding on me symbols okay now obviously there are more facets to the idea of the one man band thinks I saw this this morning on YouTube there's this guy named Dominick. Fragment how many guests. He's late twenties and into early twenties somewhere there's a fairly young guy. He started as a kid. 910 years old he was interested in the in the drums and guitar. So as a fairly young person he actually started playing both of them at the same time. Which is very difficult in some might say nearly impossible thing to do. But he did it for so longing got so good that it's. That now that's what he don't like he covers. Really complex rock songs. On guitar and drums simultaneously. And also sings right so you have to picture wanna play this for you. You have to picture he's holding the guitar the way you normally holding its arsenal he's got his left hand on that neck of the guitar. He's got his right hands it's in a position to Strom the strings a tank he's playing kick trump. With his foot with his right foot and in his strumming handed his guitar he's also got a drumstick. That he's playing the snare drum and hi hat while he strumming. The guitar. It's too complex for me CU played panel indeed cards and the. This is a hit straight so this is gamble my weight lady here it is so here is this is Dominic fragment playing the guitar and the drums at the same time. Covering a little bit of Russian song Tom Sawyer. On Sunday you already and main means drag today's Tom saw AMP me rat. Straight day the visited nursing rides and around the corner from my house that could take notes from this new one guy and they've gotten way more than match. And that the weird thing about it to me anyway I mean it's just. When you see and do this it's almost impossible for you to figure out visually how he's doing it because he's moving his right hand so fast. Between strumming the strings and beating the drums the like hat where. Where we're at the sound come from. What's really cool about it to me is if you listen very very carefully. He's a little bit behind to beat. He has to be because he strumming peace strumming and then moving his hand to the drone rank gas so there's a split second where he. In his hand actually needs to be two places at the same time and it can't be. But he's compensated for that by moving it as quickly as he can but when you listen to the stuff he covers you like. The yeah I mean not that I'm cut our hair he got good criticizing him but that's the only thing I can pick out otherwise would be like yeah that's a band. Planes one guy at the same time. He covers. So there's that he covers zeppelin as Moby Dick he covers of war pigs from. Black Sabbath issue. It's amazing you got to see his video the amount of control that you need to have over both hemispheres of your brain yarder to axe to keep this. Is astounding. I am just I didn't completely. Amazed at the physiology behind us yeah and how that has to have you spill coffee on yourself every morning just watch it now well why can't connect to rain last night in my body just blocking writes I fall down because I saw a bird Q you didn't fix this this is incredible. Yes his name is Dominic fragment etc. In the time that I've. No new obviously it's been kind of an ongoing theme because you and you and Greg you've been. Basically planning a wedding since you know since I've since then it's forever this is well that I don't know are you saying since I've since I met you. So and and remembering this now obviously it's a long time ago for me but remembering the you know that did details and all the things are we into it in the planning. And especially if you there's some distance involved you know you guys live here but you're married in New York show. You know it adds to live to the to the challenge of the transaction so I'm not saying that this is perfect for you guys but I did think. This could be an option that you might wanna consider and it's a big money saver to our current. I know it you're gonna say it up on Taco Bell is offering one lucky couple. A free trip to Vegas to become the first pair to get married at their brand new Las Vegas can see cantina. Now just show you understand because I think this is going to be important for you. The cantina. Is basically a Taco Bell that serves blues. A little. If so it's not just a regular Taco Bell so cutting out the middleman and just getting your alcohol at tackle balconies and and now there and you get. Married routed so between now and February 26. Couples can add to love and tacos contest through Twitter insert him. Both of which your excellent that social media world right Twitter insert him by posting a 32 video of themselves. Sharing their love story with the hash tag. Love and tacos. Contests. This wins on his show many levels honestly I feel like talk about might be pretty into Ireland which is basically. Alcohol made it happen and it's setting up a couple of which I think is deep down is probably everybody's loved a lot of ballots just like you we exist because of alcohol that's right and up you get a free wedding and that big party Taco Bell and you could still go do the fancy wedding back he's split. You Lorie taking care some of the details in your contest winner. And who doesn't like to wind things you love to win that I do your favorite things I aid I'd teal I really love winning. But I I think I'm gonna let somebody else you think this is a great fit for taking chance that this line. I'm gonna say now it's not for me. I love novelty foods I don't love novelty when Adlai analyzer can sometimes I think if you. Idea it. And right Avis now five but now I think you'll be fine but if Greg is commuting down I've planted the seed in his mind. You maybe Arnold well you may be heard about it talk ability when you get home from work today I he's sincerely hope not which is actually kind of I'm scared because I. I feel like I think inches away from hearing about it Vegas sledding for her veering off and hey is Taco Bell let it now now he's being he's got you on his side items Jolie underside Greg. Hi can do and bring it up getting cheese on mine. Think that's good you are a bit hot site. There's probably a lot of things out there particularly in the world of the Internet and social media things that I have. Never heard of and you're like really is completely common knowledge have you ever heard of love missed love messed love missed. No I mean I think Canadian and colloquial lever for something you love her I think I know is that insane yeah this is an actual thing. Not something you would have glue glue you would have made up the company and England. Offering a service called love missed. That involves. Freezing them. The freezing them private parts of men and women to improve their their sex drive and function weightless. Exactly what I said it's called love messed why is it mixed I'm well. Here's why a guy Dave what they do is they blast your. You know private parts with extremely colder minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit. According to this company. To love missed this supposedly. In this is where they lose me. This supposedly increases blood flow. And heals damaged tissues which then boosts endorphins. Which then leads to improved. Our performance and enjoyment between the sheets I thought if you froze something anything let's say. But doesn't improve or increase blood flow doesn't it constricted. Since this is not no eight it does improve its that this is not an immediate. Like okay blasts and then within 45 seconds get on out there at this is blank blast and over time you will notice. So like when you injure something like it's it's kind of thumb. So trial therapy is a thing where you sit and in those chambers they get down to negative 200 and some odd. I'm an extra increased blood flow throughout your entire body help you recover. Its athletes use a lot after very tough workouts in the ice bats. Occurred so it's just like it concentrate first and that which I don't know is of particularly good idea I think you kind of want to systemic. Response of meeting you rolling your by your whole body rather than just one part of it yes and there is a lot of science behind why ice bats work. Why cramp therapy works especially for just improved muscle function when he getting dealt us and all these things that's where I live questionable. But actual just recovery from injury. It is very scientific. OK so so that part of it then makes sense to you Lou in terms of Vera. Application of this missile love missed thing. It I'm left to wonder. Which is why there would be damaged tissue there and in the first place they would possibly need healing I guess the increased blood flow from a male perspective Woolley says heals damaged tissues. Yeah. You're thinking how the government met hope respect guides yeah. All of a sudden the light bulbs and can I did an online order of good. Other local 200 day will be. And man. OK so then my last thing is you view. I understand what you're saying about. If you're gonna have really plate make something really really cold having that distributed cross your entire body. Seems to me a little less. Dangerous than isolating one bark your body Newton minus 264 degrees Fahrenheit. I think when you go in well when you going cry out chambers seeking going totally naked or you can keep your underpants on and I think the reason mighty lucky underpants on is the ties. That is. Cold cold call big eighty gloves too because is it your hands get really chilly. I don't think the constant idea I'm not a scientist. I wish analyst but. I I feel like concentrating on one area. That seems to me Larry essentially what you've done that is create. Particularly. For men you've created the part of a part of your body gets. By definition an icicle and if you turn around the wrong way like hit a waltzes you'll walk it's intact. Because of the what is that would happen. Maybe I'm things scares I would say you're curious about this try a crowd therapy chamber. Wrung from a place Billick knows what they're dealing or multiple ones here in Denver. The B make leading goal Legos they end up like it's really good for your body telling actually really honest there's a lot of benefits to it. That many people talk about there are many dangers as well because defeat on how to operate a you know aren't like really negative temperatures if you've got heart problems circulation problems things like that. So I'm not advocating everyone not do it but I do think. It's it's similar in concept I just can't I can't imagine concentrating yet. On yet that seems I'd argue it's a tell me this so we were able to get somebody. You know somebody was listening you have this kind of business I don't mean the love missed things I mean that their cryogenic thing you would do that the second. I hat on you have done yeah it's really east I think she should try I don't know that's not happen. Don't write it off until there aren't enough jump and given to tell I expect that. He said it will they were valid love messed ladies and gentlemen. Mike's random thought seventeen. To the airwaves they should do the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain.