Mike Casey Podcast 2-13-2017

Monday, February 13th

Mike talks about sex on cocaine, rediculously priced coffee, a monk who transcends Walter White, and more!


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It's a good thing too there's limited to a 140 characters because and a 141 my X Ers to break a sweat a little now like TC before you. Not every day but sometimes you in favor of like more expensive coffees sometimes children of so will this year but other times you'll. You'll silent treatment soft yeah you get it now I I honesty only you know which is why I'm asking. What is what is whatever you get in the world of coffee usually costly for bug hunter but that's five bucks a cut. You probably. Because you've been. Patronizing the same place for awhile and getting seem drink it probably doesn't seem like I mean you don't do it every day I don't I do it. Maybe wants a leak right and you probably thinking well for once a week that's a legitimate price to pay for the that I really I have a rewards card which said coffee shop sell. I I get a little back every time I spend way to much money. Which is every few weeks and again in your defense you you drink some really bad free coffee horrible horrible. For those who are so you can justify the four or five dollar expense right yes okay there's a place and an and I agree with few that are specially I think the math works out for you. On that as well there's a New York coffee house in two New York City that is known as extraction lab. They have a specialty coffee there this is primarily what they sell its across speed they described as a cross between French press and a draft beer taps. Operated by an iPad happen designed to combine all the elements of drip French press and espresso brewing. One cup of extraction labs coffee. Will cost you. Eighteen dollar. Not saying. And now I understand everything is inflated in New York City I get that I'll fer tied to any arch city. I'd rather pay for the alcohol. And even then lake hey you know again again year you're paying an inflated price yes but. Man eighteen bugs recovered copy that's. That's her if that's unbelievable that anybody would ever pay that and I'm sure there lined up around the block that. You know he had that's kind of a Black America especially because New York Eric coffee trucks and coffee cart it's everywhere and I love that's I think that's more of a New York experience because. We don't have coffee tracks. Out in around so much in Denver as much space every street corner getting one of those cuts the bad the little like Greek cup it's the little I love that's. And it's not eats I mean I'm sure bill linked to dollars yet probably still little pricey for what it is but eighteen dollars like I didn't that there's one thing my grandfather used to always say. He's long since passed away but whenever you did a story like this huge shake his head and say. We are we are living in a world where people have too many dollars and not enough sense. God. Well that's that's pretty good that stuck with movies and don't forget he would look at this story that's exactly do you think anybody would pay eighty bucks for got a copy. I would try this for the novelty of it because we know I love novelty foods sugar and coffee but that would be reduced to. Just beat you say that I get it yet so I'm paying twenty dollars pretty knights to just say that I did something she's all I've done before. It have to be really good coffee Dell fantastic athlete the best of the copies. Even at that even that. Even if effect good you silly ski team taller yes that's more than three weeks of my age you talk a lot place yeah yep ball put the link on the military's reprieve if you make it in your city Buick actually wants me to dollar coffee. Yeah I'll tell you there. People who use cocaine. Are less likely to have safe sex researchers found the people popped up on Coke were on average. 30% less likely to use protection than those who hadn't taken cocaine. Not surprisingly cocaine was found to increase sexual desire. And cause people to become impatient. And impulsive when he came to sex in a related story. The grass is green and the sky is blue. My chair as saying. And we couldn't figure out lake. It's the weird thing about here like you don't build something like that'll happen on this would disappear and it's nowhere on the floor you're like how worked. What do we shake well yeah we're pretty chair ago and you did finally find it like just down randomly down. Only Amal sitting in a corner and that sounds like a silly thing to complain about when my other options are chair that's far too short so my chin and with Brett is on Boras yeah and then the other one that that's in here randomly. Without warning just drops inches at a time. Generally when you're in the middle news there's always yes always a very serious story usually most of the time I knew it just drops Dow futures dropped as it likes to test me. So I I have my dental it's really the only when you got the only option to go to and it disappeared from that it I'm glad it's a part of the long morning tiptoe through the comeback. It was strange story out of Burma of all places a of a Buddhist monk in Burma was recently arrested after police allegedly found. 400000. Meth pills in his car on Sunday night and then when they searched his room in the monastery in which she lived. They found four point two million. More pills among a Buddhist monk 400000 meth and meth pills in this car and four point two million cars bills in his room in his monastery. I know. The whole breaking bad leg Walter White chemistry teacher turned drug dealer. I don't think that wall Troy next Katie if you go from Buddhist monks to drug dealer that's a whole different level of breaking bad. The induction ceremony this year for the rock and roll hall of fame. Coming up April 7. In Brooklyn at the F Barkley sooner there in Brooklyn New York the tickets went on sale for the show last Friday. They were gone within an hour. Part too hard to believe right and they're not they've certainly were not cheap tickets. 181000 seats in the Barkley senator. The secondary market tickets are now approaching 5000. Dollars. Although according to stub hub the price is the below when they're beginning at 238. Dollars I'm guessing I don't know for sure. But I'm guessing that the line up this year has something to do with their journey. Will be going into the of the class of 2017 fans of the long been clamoring for them to be in the rock and roll hall of fame in addition to ELO. Yes. Joan Baez Neil Nile Rodgers. In Pearl Jam and I think that has something to do with these well I think because Pearl Jam this through the first of those. Or the early parts let's say that's. The Seattle soundly grunge sound whatever you wanna colleagues they're going in I think there's probably going to be that that's part of the big turnout as well. The last time the rock hall induction were held in Brooklyn it was also a sellout. That was the year the accuser Von Holland notes. And the start checking the secondary to your Mercury now because. The bill of first run tickets they were gone in no time it. He marches to the beat of a different drummer very hard of hearing imbalanced inner ear infection drummer. Mike GC mornings on the mountain beyond the healthiest states in America. He's West Virginia this poll asked nearly 180000. People across all fifty states about five. Different things purpose relationships. Money. Community. And physical health West Virginia ranked last. Do your Porsche scorers in all areas rounding out the bottom five Kentucky. Oklahoma. So this is from from worse so West Virginia is the worse than Kentucky and Oklahoma. Indiana. And Arkansas. Just above that on the other hand on the other hand the index the healthiest states. Out of this particular Gallup poll survey for the sixth straight year in a row Hawaii. Yeah I guess I mean the cost of living is really high there but mine is that like act. There's a lot to love about why you would think Hawaii Alaska. Interest in South Dakota at number three main number four number five the fifth healthy healthiest state in our union Colorado. Number five other ego. Take that information and do with that what you will and maybe think about the instant the five states at the other end of the spectrum the it's you got to really put some thought and before you. For your relocate their I would imagine. Log jam around actually were plane has signed 97 and didn't have a title nor did an awards show we were played every night and I would make up the words as we were wrong in 1973. On capped enemy Teddy should you know we had a consistency and that's this is just no words to it it's you know this is an idea academician I don't think it's a great -- is my -- has so we kind of like a lot of saw that I would do back then I ended up write the songs about ten that's before is there. There's pretty effective use of his two minutes that's Tom Johnston. Lead singer songwriter for The Doobie Brothers who wrote the song with Teddy did he refers to him there. That's up to a gentleman who was to have the doobie bros producer for a long time and that's part of the producer's job to be honest with used to say. Hey you know that little snippet thing you being carried around for awhile that everyone saw you do wants to you you should turn a new song La times the right that's you know when you pay sixty for a high today it's going to be warm it's to be very windy. Public received over the last couple days may be even more so 68 for a high tomorrow 71 on Friday chance to tie or break a record. On Friday in terms of the temperature we get to 71 or above. Bob my case yell at heart Wiki no we do. Every morning I would say. We go through a pretty substantial amounts. Of information. In order to find the information that we want to share. With the audience right so if we I don't know if we do ten or twelve stories new we've gone through fifty before we figure okay well here here's the once and I at the risk of overstating its. I think a lot of times when we go through those stories and try and land on what we're gonna do. We're looking for things that are. Reflective. Of these moments in history in the end and where we are in in mid you know goings comings and goings of our daily lives and you know I mean if it doesn't resonate with the audience and there's no point it right so. In a perfect world that's what were that's we're looking for. Yeah the street are hopefully Lee. Some once exe how we don't it's not a perfect trial trial and are but that's who were aiming for now I also realize that in this particular moment in time. Particularly here in this country yeah we're you know we're a country divided in some ways yes there are a lot of be injury issues national security. Immigration jobs the economy. Etc. etc. so what I was doing that this morning I was looking through all these stories and thought we're what's that you know what's the other story that I need. I landed on this particular story. And I think it just felt to me like in a lot of ways it was kind of representative of of the world that we're currently living it not necessarily for the better. Right yeah sorry here's here's the story. There was a Dutch Hedo. A you know like felt orange is corn snack food yeah. That was just sold this was last night was sold on eve day. For 100000. Dollars a singular Chico was sold because it looked up apparently looked like her from day. The gorilla. That was. Believe euthanize this is last year after after of a young boy climbed into his enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo. Deep somebody founded cheat go. It looks. Something like a Romney the gorilla and listed it on eBay. Now in the eBay listing let's also keep in mind that the each ago. Was pictured side by side with the guerrilla but the gorilla in the picture wasn't even her rob was just to radar stick around just a guerrilla pictured next to the little shield. The auction ended yesterday morning the winning bid. Was 99900. Dollars we. Now. Live in a world where original one Dade. Almost a 100000 dollars for it GO then look like guerrilla job. So when I look at. The way you set that up. I was so. Ready for one of those you know called action an amazing moment thing I remember when Mike Casey told me this story and changed my life. We and then I'm not at all what you do lead. All the sudden after the immigrants aren't split up and it doesn't go to the she'd know the look at Obama this is what signs of don't babies we can't do anything would that's I don't hold action. I'd let. I'm look at this differently I would like to be friends that percent because if they're willing to just toss around a 100000 dollars and she does. They're we'll all do I go and there are probably going to be find tossing around money I'm dumb stuff for me. Well I would agreement I if this could be a person. It would be valuable friend to have because they play very fast and loose with there obviously plentiful cash clearly. Well the grid for age she go. They found this to begin that's actually the real genius the person who found the T post Wright was able to market it enough to get a 100000 dollars or cheat that's sort of socialist he does getting any kickback I I don't know. On a question. You do and my question is how did we have living in a world where a singular she goes worth a 100000 dollars all leave all the deeper question to you because I'm stuck. On now. These days that I'm an indictment and then next week I'll introduce you to my new friends she L owner and you hit it and she does selling this very cheap the sellers got a lot of money now. All of my what is seventy. Merriam Webster yesterday added about a thousand new words in new different definitions to existing listings. On its web sites that of course is one of the advantages of the web the web worlds. You know I was a kid in many of us were killed him in the next dictionary in tough. Are there whether a new one for another Miller was five years or maybe a couple of years you couldn't you couldn't just updated. On the fly among seventeen of the latest additions disclosed by the company are. Our currency needs. I'm I was not through this were a RA. And CI NI RNC need they are stuffed breaded and fried Italian rice balls. Never heard the word before that I like the sound of that spot on the laying him meaning an invented language like cling on for example fast fashion. And micro aggression those words were added as well this is the first time. Merriam Webster has freshen its website listing since 2014. Couple other ones to consider. Seuss Ian. Having a plea full or outlandish quality sushi and of course related to the works of beloved children's writer Dr. Seuss ghosting with. Which is one that I I was not familiar with until May be a couple months ago the practice of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone such as a former romantic ardor. Partner micro bio for communities of bacteria fungi and viruses. Inheriting a particular environment ends last but certainly well neither last nor least. Recognition for slang definition of shade. As in. Throwing so. Some and. Some ridicule order or insults. Indirectly at somebody's you know since subtly doing so you'd be throwing shade of somebody that's the best I can understand. Of these new words. There are some pretty significant impacts of being attached to your phone. In the world of updating indeed dating scenarios in pursuit I guess you'd say relationships in general but this is geared more toward the idea of dating for example 75%. Of singles are turned off. If you answer your phone without offering any explanation while you're on a date 66%. Turned off if you text someone during a date. 58% going to place your phone on the table face up 57%. Don't like it if you read the occasional text during a date. And 41% think it's rude if you take your phone with you to the bathroom. Or outside while on a date I. That all seems like it make sense to me wince Fries me. What I'm but what I'm guessing. Is that these norms and really that's all they are right there they're there they're norms that we collectively decided this is what's appropriate this is inappropriate. Diesel change. Very very rapidly and very soon he thinks so I do what leads you to sit com. I would say primarily. The how I see my kids incan people their age interact with phones. I'm an end and the and I understand that the other younger and you've probably shorter attention spans and all that sort of thing. I would bet. That in the very near future all these things will be deemed completely acceptable. In me in a dating scenario. Assuming that those two people are roughly of this image the same generation. I I see your coming from. I I agree with all of these except the last one because when you go to the bathroom in any social situation that your time to click deal all the things he blinked you at the tape. Sound and that means like quickly going through and I do checking messages. Okay that's why he'd not YE go to the bathroom they really are not ideal groove my gosh are looking at deadline here and value route. I would agree with that's our readers that's why it's I I see why you're drawing these conclusions but remember the you don't see your kids. In social situations outside. Of your house all that often and I true nearly got you've been on a date with your kids seen true maybe in that situation and some some of these rules are followed a little bit mark but at the same time I do understand young people very often are in group situations each of them on their separate. Electronic devices yes. But that's not I feel like it's not always in public. Well it again this is just speculation on my part but I I will say just is just to give you one example there was yeah I think it was a maybe a basketball game we went to one of them a high school less want him. One of the boys that we went to. And and in the girl's deny it went out soon there's a little restaurant kind of close to the school we went out there afterward. Not knowing that that was the place that most of the kids from the school go after the game so we were the very quickly surrounded by hundreds not just by school kids and other tables. Are now great this was not add to it. Dating situation is more like a broad social situation but looking at the tables of the high school kids that were around us. I there was not a person who was not. Completely involved in their phone they were all the you know they're all kind of carrying a multiple conversations but. Even if I were out with friends my age that would be considered incredibly rude. Yeah I really hate when people put their phone on the table again unless you have something important. If you if you realities that Alitalia is going on Anderson keeping her on but that's is didn't even in the survey within nomination. Yeah without an expert without explanation or just putting your phone face up on the table yeah. The 8% wouldn't want you to do that and again this is Ron say and so. Are not that I have of the power to speak for people my age I'm seeing in general. In my experience people my age all of these things would be considered completely inappropriate you're saying. Roughly speaking for people your age they would largely be considered inappropriate maybe maybe they may be a little more wiggle room than with people my age but still. That's why I think when I see. People might you know kids my kids age I think that's gonna change rapidly and it's not one of those things that like. Five to eight years people that age they want to think about it you be right in the middle the conversation with a date be like well. Let's give someone snapped jetted me but in five to eight years I mean eight years ago Smartphones. We're just starting to exist so on five to eight years there could be a brand new technology that people go oh my gosh remember army staff follies that's all the time yes scene never now. Yes I think well you're right about that I would but I would say that etiquette that etiquette train the trend will continue. A guy or lack of etiquette try if you could see that could be a possibility. I. Caught up all I had to ask his greatest fear is hard work like Jaycee mornings on the mountain.