Mike Casey Podcast 1-30-2017

Monday, January 30th

Casey and Hatrwick talk about being a jerk, why women like tattoos and why you shouldnt shower as often as you think. 


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He may not be the slump this guy in the worlds but he's got the biggest forehead. Mike Casey mornings and 995 the mountain when women see a guy. With tattoos. The immediately view him as more masculine. In this same study. Men who see other men with tattoos view them. As more intimidating. This means in a room according to the study in a room filled with singles. A guy with tattoos as an advantage of several advantages according to the researchers. Who studied this they showed over 2000 women photos. Of men both with tattoos and without the majority of women raided the tattooed man as more masculine and dominant. Then the men without those tattoos however the same women also Rio Ria revealed that they perceive men with tattoos. As less likely to be faithful. And not good dad material all based on the same study they did not in this particular study. Do the reverse and study the perception of women with tattoos. Titan who might pursue in this might be in an age thing. My perspective on this is that when I was you'd be younger probably even before when he. Yes got good people you saw who had tattoos particularly men. They tended to have a lot of them they tend to deride dumb motorcycles and believe kind of big and angry looking. I really feel like that perceptions law I have many of whose 72 who has a tattoo Leggett. Everybody's got a tad that's what I'm saying it's I had that I down this. That might be the exception Mort I am really nestled believe the exception I have more and people wearing hats and other people around my age I've march. People I know with tattoos and went out so then does this make sense to you that that would continue to be I don't think that's perception anymore pens and what they tattoo is. Where it's located and how many of them you half and I think those are all factors like. A guy with just one taxi news somewhere on his body seems pretty not that seems pretty average. And I wouldn't like a full sleep mostly then you're getting until black out ads that's management's interests saying I think personally I would see men with. Taxi use overall is being more expressive more creative. A little more our bowl holds. Just because it is a very big choice in a lifelong choice to make and and something that is outwardly expressed on your body for ever. So I guess I'd be more serious about that person which. It's interesting because when you say that it occurs to me that I think that's. I get we are common from there I think that's the opposite of what the perception might have been. When that one I was acute you wouldn't look at somebody who the most is that these Buick. That's silica and artistic creative you Buick. Now echoes pro imprisoned once taught us to get. Like when I was a kid I don't think that's true anymore I I had depends again on the tattoo yes yes somebody stats you'd like born to die on their forehead that has different OJ Kelly thank volume monkeys or create that's a different thing a guy we just earlier personal and that's what you want to expression. Surely more expressive and not lost yet. A credit but I I get recovered from that actually makes a lot of sense I do think the perception of it has changed. Dramatically. In lose between 530 years I have sex. And months like different social groups because I press recently from people. We can't get a tax you know and love are high here it's like look look like most of people that I work with and people have did it it's a better make any sense the no one's gonna win I don't know all on that line. Actually joking Khamese met. On yet and it's an obscure reference and I'm sure I think I'd Netflix created TV shall by saying that I times million. Wary Timmy is surprised to find upon her reintroduction of the world even and have taxis. Right now totally different though is that the rumor furlough Luka and how I decide to reference that and I saw one of six people who seem sure that I human. Five other people god that's all the matters affect tattoos explain. They've ranked the fifty best jobs in the country based on average starting salary job satisfaction. And the number of available positions of the list is dominated as you'll soon see by professions intact health care. In finance from ten to one solutions architect I don't even know what that means. Or what that person does but apparently they're very satisfied with their job and they get paid very well. Our solutions architect at number ten UX designer number nine strategy manager. That's sounds like a made up thing that's only job to Kramer on. On you for Bandelier industries and so on the strategy managers number eight database administrator seven HR manager number six. HR seems like a nightmare doesn't it. I don't think what you wanna do that's. People like always angry when they're in your office six HR manager analytics manager number five tax manager number four. Data engineer number three. Dev ops engineer number two and the number one job according to glass door. Based again on started average starting salary job satisfaction and number of them available positions. Number one on the list is deed a scientist. I believe that to be true those jobs are certainly in demand these days. Jobs of high value. I would just say is a little humble reminder this is a tell my kids all the time. It doesn't matter if there are a lot of jobs available in that particular field if you hate. Doing that slate if that's something you. Can't imagine yourself doing for the next forty years then don't study that even if even if somebody tells you well as a lot of jobs. In the world of you know data science well if you don't wanna do that than Pendleton your pick another career. Whatever it's been a leader not however long I've known you it seems what it longer most of the time Phoenix he Shia. You have a lot of signing. In to see if big Seward theories most of which seemed really kind of silly and out in left field. This one this I believe this is science that supports something that you always contended. Okay which I which I thought was silly but this they've apparently supports it according to a study by IFL science. People who shower. Less often. Are actually healthier. Because they retain a greater number of good microbes. That help fight disease that is one of your I mean and I don't silly you came up with the theory. But that is something that you you believe yes I believe wholeheartedly and put into practice. Yes yes you do look at scientist in whitlock is hoping to get people to shower lasts. By introducing now he's taken it to you Cingular marketing approach to which having nasal different than what you're saying but he's introduced a shower alternative called mother dirge. Eight year old. Mayo missed I think you missed his fingers when we knew it is which apparently according to him battles human stink. By using actual human staying boiled down from actual armpit sweat. He said Mitt mr. whitlock says he is used this product daily for twelve years. And has not taking a full shower in that entire time. And all you may think of hand and he claims that there is no no residual smell that is body odor doesn't throw people off. So. Again he's taken a marketing approach which is different than than what you're saying but in terms there are or what I've heard you say. But in terms of the good microbes that microbes like constantly scrubbing your body. Not necessarily good thing according to some. And a lot it's now there's a lot of things that have been signed to flicks this guy in tea vaguely prove and that not carrying that often hubs like one being keeping the dead microbes on your skin also building your body's immunity to the bad ones by having constant exposure to amp. Not saying you need to like feed your self growth stuff all the time pitcher but the more and you become more resilient through exposure to sun. Innings and meaning microbes being one of which is violent people believe and it bacterial soaps and things like that leads to use the creation of super bacteria. All cell we live in a super dry climate can people complain about dry skin dry hair all the time the easiest way to combat that is like your body's natural else. Stay on yours and and not remove them and dry out all the time. And the reason my people's hair bullets believed by most including me three's my people complain patting greasy hairy needing shower all the time. Is because they're scalp is constantly being depleted of oils and washing it everyday so your skin is producing mentally ill at a very quick rate to try and replace it. Whereas if he just kind of alleged your hair he used to not being washed all the time you won't need to. I gotta say this ill you know this is far away the least crazy thing you've ever sent me it's pretty easy thanks. You'd say some crazy things you see is the easiest way to discount somebody's thoughts in Italy are welcome to another word I what I used to what I mean is it's it's it's plausible and we've talked about this before the main reason. That I'd find myself needing to get in the shower in the morning is just because it's the only thing that wakes me up. And that's Lange never argue because it feels awful it's the scariest most horrible thing and and see that was a little crazy. But the blue personal press for the Irish are very infrequently as some ice in wholesale looking youthful forever and I'll be healthier there you go there's so many studies and YE showering infrequently is really get for you. On the happiness and I've. I believe you. Mike's random thoughts Argentines. To the airwaves they should of the mountain to your FaceBook timeline FaceBook dot com slash 995 the mountain. If you wondered about the nature of of of being a jerk. Of jerk it's huge for lack of a better word. There is a Foley he's a philosophy professor there audience I University of California Riverside Eric Schweitzer cable. He has just studied yes she's a philosophy professor he has studied the nature of jerks injure attitude. In some pretty great detail and his bad news take away. For all of us is. If you think on a daily basis if you think you feel like you're surrounded by jerks every day. The chances are good that it's actually you. It is actually you who's the jerk here here goes is thinking on this genuine jerks. Typically have a very difficult time realizing they are jerks you know I think we've all experienced that. If they try to assess themselves. They can rationalize all their jerky behavior as as warranted against the idiots of the world liking of the people who go out on the road. And inner really super aggressive drivers are really quite got to be because everybody out there's an idiot meanwhile there's the idiots. That's kinda how did this you know philosophy professor came up with the same concept now if they ask another person. If they say were you know do you think coming jerk and that person says yeah you're kind of a jerk. The opinion is immediately dismissed. Because clearly that person. Is one of the idiots out there so according to lived Eric writes capability of philosophy professor. The most reliable way to tell if you're a jerk. Is to look around and if you find yourself surrounded by fools by. Boring non entities by faceless masses and foes and suckers. And jerks then chances are you are actually the jerk. Not making this up to great philosophical approach to that age old question. Of who is the jerk in this situation I will put it on the on the mound FaceBook page if you wanna check it out there now just to be clear about this. Please understand the juror attitudes here on the is not related directly to the sticks and stones may break my bones theorem but you need is a corollary of the I know you are but what are my hero. Thanks to social media it's never been easier to meet new people and be exposed to new viewpoints however. It doesn't actually seem that's what we're doing with social media in fact were not doing it at all according to a new Italian study the suggestion the take away from the study. Is that FaceBook Twitter and other social media platforms actually make people more narrow minded. As opposed to less narrow minded researchers found that social media makes people more eager to share information. Based on personal beliefs. Rather than truth of course this information does not have to be accurate. I imagine we've all experienced that firsthand perhaps been guilty of it firsthand. And there's been a lot of talk in the last. Month there's showed a couple months fake news so that all plea of at all feeds into. Plays out of the same hand I guess in other words it seems some people according to the study are more interest in being right then they are in getting it right. I thought that was most people especially based on the world of social media isn't that what you find out there that's Wi-Fi. This kind of a cool the thing now I just saw this morning I don't know maybe I just thought this morning is okay actually could this could be actually Blake knew. Information that we're sharing with you it's called the this the buses are called the snow staying. Yeah which I guess is like a muscle and I didn't take off the bust bust the bus saying it's writes I did know that so the snow says she got is launching. To test runs of buses. This is in coming up in February on Saturday February 11 and Saturday February 25. The the snow standing. They will go to six different resorts A basin keystone. Winter Park. Brack Vail and Beaver Creek. They'd leave at 6 o'clock in the morning they return at 330 Beazer express buses. Round trip it's 4445. Bucks Davies in key east Brent contract it's forty phone five bucks round yeah out. Pretty good deal rights brain DL 45 bucks round trip aviation keystone Winter Park fifty round trip to Brack sixty round trip. Vail Beaver Creek and again leaves its and I think it's Blake would they leave from. 6 o'clock in the morning and in the turnaround come back at 330. I could. And it and you're right the prices the price is great to. I admit I could see this being really worthwhile interim budget friendly. While hopefully it cuts down on traffic on I seventy because there's so all my Jeanette on weekends it's just crazy. And also we've all had that time that you're done skiing for the day. And you're just sell exhausted. Just a thought of driving yourself home is. The worst and you're willing to make an impulse decision to do is get whenever hotel and available Andretti there because you're so all its Haider. Yes not only that I agree with you there are also say. The from the position of having kids and adjust to this couple weeks ago with the girls. We went up to copper. Weeks needs to read gonna finish off the day and then something and lists to be a great time to have a big year. Well all right exactly I'm driving me you know back down I seventy. Who knows what the traffic's going to be like chick you know I've been so you can't do that so it also limits. Some of your possibilities in terms of what you may view as a complete skiing day so this also. What do you know I mean nothing new template for team because they get back on the bus but you don't have to worry about driving the -- is if you falsely. It's fine I am wondering if it well if table. EU like ski buses that you're familiar with the high school have played tech guys Blair I don't I am special I still out there and the people who are fun but boy is neat because you're resorting went on to get Maddon did your credit. The easy to make those pigs and these are the people drinking seats and yet there on the back of the bus yeah there'll all of the odds are released they were back and people are doing their home more current at least in the front I think Freddie. It's completely different thing. Snow staying February 11 of February 25. Side effects of Mike Casey include your bludgeoning in cranial Nome in the Mike JC mornings I 99 plus the mountain.