Mike Casey Podcast 1-23-2017

Monday, January 23rd

Sex distractions, Trump moths and college towns!


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His friends' column my cash we column that one guy calls. Variety it's the spice of life Jaycee mornings on the mountain according to signs there are three traits. That make a person attractive and not they don't mean just in the romantic sense just a potential mates. They mean these three traits would make you attractive to every one for romantic partners to coworkers to friends. You know on and on down the list I'd bat. Huge hype I couldn't be you deal definitely guess at least one of lying embody Hampshire all community to skip over that part until the up voluntary did you make a judge's guess the one that snubbed yet just this one you said yesterday. I I assume personality is too broad it is too broad sense of humor is that he brought a smile. No let's not too broad but that's not in here for good I didn't give you are probably didn't tell you this is like this tiny ask me where people go on for Rick and I I just got so confused parents are no OK so here the three. Confidence. Well with the most attractive quality of all right so okay confidence is sexy being self assured put other puts others at east that's number one number two. Probably also not surprising a positive attitude not surprisingly when you have positive outlook on life people wanna be around you. And number three this is one that I think would have been really hard to get because it's not the term makes sense but it's not a it's not terminology effort used before they're calling it. Balanced. Extra version. Right makes sense I've never heard it before but that. Evokes something in me that I am I can understand yet their saying extrovert serve but and people are drawn to experts because they tend to have bigger social networks. They tend to have a history of good relationships. And a willingness to try new things I think what they mean by the balanced parts. Is your not so extrovert they elect people like that can be a little. That high a bit much budgets you know from my own taste so I think that's where they're coming from the balance extra version thanks so that's really. That's it in a nutshell positive attitude confidence and balanced text or version and and will not only you know not only works. For a romantic partners but also coworkers and friends. See I think these three wait long term potentially work against you with romantic partners because these are three qualities that will draw people to you instantly that. That are attractive and in like a magnetic sense and that they'll bring people towards you for the work against. Well because if you are always very confident very extroverted sometimes they need downtime sometimes we need an introvert and sometimes we need. To be a little bit worst case scenario about things. Now I'm just trying to say. Now wanna be like you have none of these things. Senator Allen lunch CEO no I think I think what they're trying to say is in the broadest you could certainly have to people who. Look I think we probably don't know people perhaps even couples through like boy they're both total Debbie downers. But then they get along great because they're both like that you don't really. So I think what they're saying is these qualities would make you appealing. To a broader range of people you're going to be the most popular kid in school that kind of got. Did this survey that just came out actually put together by the American institute. For economic research they sound like they know what they're doing they've ranked the top twenty college towns. In the United States. United States based on things like. Youth unemployment numbers the cost of Brent arts and entertainment diversity bars and restaurants and innovation cure. The top ten college towns from that list at number ten Bloomington Illinois. Number nine Columbia Missouri Manhattan Kansas at number eight College Station, Texas number seven Bloomington Indiana number six. Iowa City, Iowa we have university of I was there on number five if the good New York. Home to not only is the company Cornell is is right there as well it because New York number four Flagstaff Arizona number three champagne. Urbana Illinois. And number one deem best college town in the United States as ranked by the American institute for economic research. Boulder, Colorado. Right up the road which and I'm not. I'm not taking any shots at boulder I think this is a really great thing for them I am a little bit surprised speak just because the cost of living. And ranch. Just because in boulder right is he's he gonna be inflated compared to a lot of these other you know Iowa City, Iowa in Bloomington Indiana. You would think that would maybe skew the balance but that I suppose. Just speaks even more highly about the other factors the folder you almost scored very highly in. In order to. Ling and that number one spot. OK so that list on the mound FaceBook page if that's a considering or maybe you like I mean you wanna make sure your kids. Go to a college that has like a really crappy town around it so nobody can have any fun spend any money. That's a different list but I can give you that list if you want that once in my hand. Donald Trump is now getting in on the action according to live science. The report is that C tiny moth. It if series muscle healing nine million millimeters across. This mark has been named. For president elect trump doctor vase Rick knew Zarryon. He is the one who discovered. The this particular moth. It's formal name its official name is Neil pop up. Donald Trump by. Now that you know that's its name he thinks that the white and yellow scales on the moths head. Resemble. Mr. Trump's distinctive hairdo so he named the he named in which she has the right to do since he discovered it he named the species after. After Donald Trump it lives this species does in Southern California and Baja. Doctrine is our hope is that. Draw that did naming this. Moth species after president elect trump will draw attention to the important need for conservation in North America. I don't O'Dell happen but I bet. I bet the Donald will be excited that it's you know you can put that I was I have a balked named after me and everybody can. Say that. Lives vicariously through himself Mike Casey mornings and 99 fudge the mountain. I think one of the eternal debate swung the eternal gender debates. Which gender matter women are better drivers and stereo typically it's you know men of course I think. Wholeheartedly believe that they are it turned that they are the better drivers it turns out according to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Women or involved in fewer fatal accidents than men it substantially fewer the study found that 71% of Kart accident casualties were men. While women only made up 29%. Of car accident casualties twice as many men. Dining car crashes between 1975. And 2015. Then women's show at least by this. Measuring stick which is it arming admittedly it's a pretty substantial one. Their conclusion at the into Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is that women are better drivers. And and I far be it for me to argue with statistics and at this is not a broad sweeping generalization. I would just say. That the the women that I have known in my life. Are not better drivers and I don't know it you know that's a pretty small sample size my theory on this is. I think. Women are really good at multitasking biting their wave better multitasking than men nor. To the point that I don't think women are as good at unit tasking. As men are. Generally speaking in my experience. That and of qualifiers. And so when you're driving a car yes your. Aware of what's going on around you and you're looking any Beers or where but essentially. Your unit tasking that's what you're doing. And I just it feels to me like I think may take more chances to make more bad decisions and end up being dangerous so you could certainly make the argument that. You know they're not to better drivers. I just think from a functional unit tasking standpoint. I've I've known more men that are better drivers than it. So any situation and I've been and where the discussion of who's better driver comes up or year giving and unnecessary advice or critique when you're just trying to get somewhere around seven. I find it that men are far more aggressive drivers than women are and dame would prefer that women also be aggressive drivers so a lot of your batting driving because your not making the same decision that I will come and play but it turns out statistically those decisions don't really work out. No and any other big argument and I've you know had this one with the with with the boys to. Bear bear this is their first experience of what they're considering reverse gender discrimination good why is our insurance is so high impairs your not good driver you have like because you're dangerous because you have testosterone raging through your body right now. And you generally make really bad decisions substantially worse than what it fat or lower or young women at this particular raid so there to at least two very. Important insurance benchmarks that suggest that. Women are better drivers or at least less dangerous. Kissing men as a whole truly and honestly believe that women are not good drivers went every statistic your insurance through all of this information is telling you that's not true. You decided to believe it is different and it's well here's the game and very inequality that is a beautiful little I can have a world. Mark your right and that's been that's when adults are taking it on that and that's true but I would say if you really break it down to its most basic elements. There there are differences between being a good driver. And being a driver that's less likely to get in accidents and how is that access. That there are I would say there are. Eleven let me give you one example this is one that is one of the only things that I that I sometimes give him a hard time about when she's driving the rare times that I actually let her truck issues. Drive. Yeah. OK guys I don't think there are 88 and V the left lane is the passing lane thing. She's she's the classic of completely oblivious to the fact is she's gone 64 in the fast lane and traffic is piling up behind her. Rape and I'm like you've got you here's the thing you have to move over you got to move overseas like speed limit 65 no 65 Mike. You are in the left lane you're in the passing lane. People behind you wanna go eighty if they wanna go lady you need to be move over because I drive aggressively they can figure out. No you have to move over because that's the rules of the road so visiting this is a good a good example now. Well that's I mean your example providing amnesty for draft standard view but in a lot of cases. That's that would be an example of where I think. You could be a driver who's less likely to get in an accident. A significant accident but still not necessarily be a better driver. The gender bias within driving is so strong that it's science facts statistics insurance rates. Just have no bearing. Women are worse 'cause you said sell and that's just exactly I feel did you finally I didn't really understand it and read I understand it style. You are well I think you summarize it perfectly to what the. Here's a rundown of the things that people think about most often. While they're here. Mean did engaged in into intimacy. Like let's say here's the things that people think about most often in the situation sports. Yeah you have to have the number one on the list sport. Work. TV. Horn. Which I'm not in higher early sure I get but. X.s your taxes. Which seems like a really dangerous thing to do and food those who did that dot six things that people think about. I don't know these are really on fire there's only two of those that arid. At least conducive to the to do what you're doing yeah there's like Carly distractions I do not lay it. That's what I'm thinking and I when I look at this I thought Miller must have liquor really limited brain capacity because if I Vegas. Three quarters of living at it I'm thinking about those that I'm nuts. I'm not this you know really there and Alec fully present and I can't really. I don't think there's any other than like sometimes were creeps in your mind when you don't necessarily mean for it to you but the other ones I mean I love sports but. Hey we back it can weigh. Maybe if you really labs are and it can be helpful. He can I don't know why this one sent out letters and Jeep dealer who think about TV show any interesting in their is there although studies out there that say the average American thinks about sex every ten seconds. But then when you're actually I mean I guess to think about. Researchers from the university of Javier in Italy since we don't be considered a god sent. We helped UN we'll print taken on some level even if you're listening your particular unit you're not the ones cheering me Gaza you know participating in your interest and when somebody's talking about what happened in this person's life may be a part has been conversation meaning you wanna know what happened and if it like they did and said blow. Guess I should pray it's it's a team like he used the information Ali Al creating I think a little. Well yeah I think this this studies did in some way supports that thinking in that I mean if if you're. The levels of the pleasure of promoting your body spike when you I mean clearly were like hard wired. In some way shape performed to respond to this kind information I don't know. Why that would be from an evolutionary standpoint but it's it's interesting to think about this very interest like there will be there were some survival skill builds and that I don't know maybe it's not evolutionary maybe it's something that. And you created over time. Well it's sure that's possibility to. I've but you never clarified how it is it's. Did I wanna blow up your spot oh OK I'm I'm doing the kind things OK let's say. Let's not pretend that we've never ever talked about true somebody who's not in the room current absolutely and the aspects of. Spoken yet it's so it if you wanna be honest with yourself I don't would make to you would have never knew what would it make you think I wanna be honest with you not know me at all. Shall yeah course I don't want him I wanna make you honest with yourself cells might as let's admit we all have done this before even though we know it's something that you should be better than. And a bit apparently you shouldn't feel bad either because everybody does it because you've it feels good your body so I got that shouldn't be like. A lot of added I don't know whatever airline 'cause I can tell us and I can't help me and writes just understand that there's a reason why. He marches to the beat of a different drummer for very hard of hearing imbalanced inner ear infection drummer. Mike JC mornings on the mountain.