Mike Casey Interviews Steve Porcaro of Toto 6/26/18

Tuesday, June 26th


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My guess some money out of five the mountain is Steve for Karl keyboard player founding member of the band Toto. There Hudson gardens on August 12. Steve your dad was a professional he was a studio musician he was a drummer I wonder if growing up in that kind of environment you felt like he gave you a real leg up when you've jumped into the music business not only UB your your Brothers Jeffrey and Mike is well. We have no it was great because we cannot talk or reality was as far as being here you know we want the peace session musicians like their brother just thought that it was about. You know like anyone else is eight jet that I would be working on their drum solos. Jeff what working on making sure yet ready to sign of the deep pocket and you know the things that's stating that sent it to Europe that was all we focus. That that kind of feel that normally had that great vantage point people see. You know the kind of musician you have to be to get work and students. And you and your Brothers Jeff and Mike and a couple the other guys that formed in Toto you you actually started as session musicians in my right up. We'll be especially you know David Page or my brother Jeff and their target they were being others as kind of public inspection team. Were very insignificant aspect they were so there's they're kind of doubt that that they would. Talk all that down and stop and try to put a band together Luke and I were starting to sections to just couldn't get there but those guys were there clue as. We going to start. So that's since Steve did you feel at all like it was a risk to to start Toto because you'd like east side you guys were all getting to be in demand session players as a fairly lucrative gig in and of itself Pailin on that start to bans it seems a little risky right. Yet what the big recruit those guys but some. You know we're always very lucky where we could do total when you're on the road total and then come home we still call from the producers like you know we. Real fortunate that there every time we got home all the from the bad well we're so liquidity. That's telling the best of both locals there isn't it Robert Robert herb. My guess and he notified the mountaineers Steve the Karl Rove founding member of the being towed so you guys for Toto you come out of the gates pretty strong hold the line big big hits in 1978. And then maybe it's what 445. Years to total four becomes a massive blockbuster album with rose in an Africa on it. You guys seen a lot in the music business by that point in time were you ready for that level of success or is that something that that swamps you no matter how ready you think York. You know we were our backs up against the wall we were you the first don't do real well. Effect and out of the north had a minor hit element but we got real indulgent that we got real cocky after the first and it's so well. One didn't do well at all and you're the record company will really start guilty you can record company it was kinda. But delivers something or Lou there was going to be a problem so we really can't talk about up against the wall and just try this partisan. It's just a bit of this version of ourselves. Well assay to say you succeeded on that record on total four did you have a sense when you're recording method that was a big album for you or maybe that's. That Africa are Rosanna are any of those songs did you think this is something different is going to be big. Yeah no Africa we thought was didn't look look look look and I didn't think Africa should be on the up. That's so Israel. What kind of wisdom we had it over and over the last cut on the L that was buried it's like oh you're a true first album cut its early number one hit chosen we knew. What about Rosanna did you have any sense about that as a single. They're excited no Rosetta was the first single up there and that was something we really all of us all into doubt. We were very excited about it it remains Lugar. And our manager at the timing is Clinton. What Lee. The public felt differently. So you see you guys in the bay and you guys were wrong on Africa your manager was problems on Roseanne. We're gradually become these two massive hits. That it sounds like nobody's are coming. No we don't weep. That title to go well he. It took Steve I realize the whole music industries has changed drastically since since you first started out and certainly since your dad. Was in the business is there one particular change in news the music business in the industry that really. Sticks out most to you or maybe even you know rubs you. Weigh in whatever you said yeah I've been. Or what's happened with streaming and all that. Look at the streamers that are the problems so much as you know 888 the record companies and then the band tapped hi attorneys all of that the record company and its. It's really not right to you know let's not try to way to treat advanced it completely lost their income streams that stadium we all the Pentagon and just. Personally think the artists and writers should be treated better. I know you've been doing it along time but do you still get a thrill out of the live gigs. I do I took a 27 year break so you know I've been back the last eight years she's so completely different dynamic in the band and they won't come out. Respect each other get beat so that they say to kind of do what they do. Maybe back in the day you were making records we're trying to please a record companies because of the open some. I'm guessing ourselves now we kind of I'm very comfortable with who we are and what it is we do exactly and looks well apologetic about it you know we just do we do. Less screaming congratulations on the continued success Steve for Karl keyboard player founding member of the band Toro will look forward senior Hudson gardens. Here in August thanks for your time compression group right here.